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Hair Puller: Old Friend

December 2, 2019

Hair Puller: Old Friend

In a destructive amalgamation of sludge, hardcore and noise, Portland, Oregon’s own Hair Puller offer up their debut full length titled Old Friend. However, this release does not treat you as an old friend would as it decidedly tries to bury you beneath the concrete from the drop of the first note onward. Ever vicious and unrelenting, Hair Puller ushers forth a destructive and chaotic sound that will blow your ear drums out all while inducing whiplash among many other spinal and neck injuries. Blistering, chugging, explosive and much more, Hair Puller wraps Old Friend in all of it an delivers it in one volatile package of chaos and wreckage.

There is no reprieve and there is no way to escape the absolute destruction and mayhem that Hair Puller injects in to your veins speakers as they ladle the punishment on heavy and often. The sludge is murky, the hardcore elements appropriately spine snapping and brain bruising, the noise components dizzying and disorienting, and all of that comes together to create an overall symphony of chaos. Each of the ten tracks that are present within this release are all as steeped in mayhem and twisted metal as the last making this entire release to be a brain bruising and mind warping effort.

Old Friend makes you feel as though a bulldozer has crushed you underneath it once all is said and done. Running you over and spitting you out the other side, Old Friend breaks and punishes you from beginning to end. Trapping you in a cyclone of piercing and flesh slashing metal, Old Friend consumes and flattens all that is in its path. Without blinking an eye, each track rolls onward stomping down and trampling over anyone and anything that dares stand before it. Nothing can stop this release once it begins its neck breaking spree, and once all is said and done you are left as nothing more than a twisted mess.

Overall, Old Friend is a great release; one that mashes together numerous genres to create something all together head splitting and ear drum destroying. There isn’t a track within this metallic onslaught that doesn’t leave you bruised and battered as each one is as volatile and anvil heavy as the last. Yet with that said, you still will come back for more and more spine rupturing heaviness.

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