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Pet Weapon: Brute Mirth Fetish

December 4, 2019

Pet Weapon: Brute Mirth Fetish

With a sound that embodies what a crash test for genres might sound like, Pet Weapon fuse the bone breaking elements of hardcore, the grime of sludge, and the ear bleeding tendencies of noise rock. This amalgamation of metal melts together to create something wholly chaotic yet well put together to provide you with a well rounded yet brain bashing sound. Through this release titled Brute Mirth Fetish, you are treated to five offerings that mix all of the aforementioned genres forcing you to bang you head and bash your brain against its skeletal cage.

Forever shifting and morphing their sound, you never really are sure what you are about to hear from Pet Weapon. With the passing of each second comes a new sound, one that is just as jarring and heavy as the last making you twist your neck as aural punishment gets ladled out in heaping doses. Each track is an unrelenting explosion of metallic fury that rattles your spine and makes your ear drums ooze down your ear canal. One might think that the twisting of each of the genres listed above might create a sound that is unrecognizable, but the opposite is quite true. Pet Weapon take each genre that they employ and incorporate it into the fold very well to create a cohesive and well rounded sound that will rattle your brain straight out of your nose.

Brute Mirth Fetish truly is something to behold as it is a no holds barred kind of release that throws absolutely everything at you from beginning to end never to relent until the final sludge steeped note rings through your skull. Each track is just as explosive and unrelenting as the last as you are never to get any sort of reprieve from the bombastic noise prison in which you become trapped in. Potent, powerful, heavy and much more, Pet Weapon provide you with something unique here with Brute Mirth Fetish.

You had better brace yourself and hold on to something before you press play while listening to this release as it is quite the wild ride from start to finish. Without so much as a warning, Pet Weapon scorches out of the gate to offer you their twisted brand of metal. Whiplash inducing, heart stopping metal is what you come to greet here one track right after the next. Overall, Brute Mirth Fetish is a solid release, one that is unique and quite different from any thing else that you may listen to. If you are in search of something unique, frantic and down right brain buzzing you don’t have to look much further than Brute Mirth Fetish.

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