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Colosso: Apocalypse

February 9, 2020

Colosso: Apocalypse

After forming in 2011, Portuguese death metal stalwarts Colosso have been working themselves to the bitter bone providing you with nothing but menacing and down right slaughtering death metal. With one demo, four full length releases and two EP’s, Colosso ushers forth their new era of destruction and mayhem with a brand new upcoming EP appropriately titled Apocalypse. This EP features four tracks that are as bludgeoning and skull destroying as you would come to expect from these corpse hoarders. Monstrous and lobotomizing, Colosso presents you with a sound that is utterly spine severing and brain mashing. However, as destructive as Apocalypse is, it is just as diverse. Apocalypse twists and turns offering up a new deadly sound one track right after the next forever keeping you on your toes as you await the next brutal hammering of death.

Colosso begins their new EP with an eight minute buzzing wall of putrid death titled Pestilence. This track is a slow burning death machine that churns and chugs along, dragging you down slowly through pits of despair and grisly torment. With the sound of flies buzzing behind the pure wall of gutting riffs and chest cracking drum work, you know that the end is nigh for you. Pestilence is a massive track, one that buries you underneath a wall of stagnant death and destruction until you are left as no more than a bitter pile of flesh and crumbled bone.

Following the ever destructive opening track, comes a potent juggernaut titled War. Unlike Pestilence, War is a rapid fire skull smashing death metal offering that aims for your throat from the drop of the first note. With machine gun drum work, riffs that cleave your head clean off your shoulders and vocals that are incredibly monstrous, War treats you to a blitzkrieg of lobotomizing metal. Never does this track cease or relent as it presses onward, trampling over anything and everyone in its path, leaving nothing but wreckage, mayhem and bloodied corpses in its wake. War is a razor sharp unrepentant track that tears you apart leaving you unrecognizable in a pool of your own viscera.

After War’s rampage comes to a close, Death crops up in its wake presenting you with something truly unique and different. Death is the most “subdued” track of the four as you are greeted with cleanly almost angelic vocals. Death is a definite break from the two bone crumbling and flesh flaying offerings that came before it. This track truly shows the diversity of Colosso as they present you with an entirely different sound than that of what you had come to expect by just hearing the first two tracks. Death has a more progressive sound to it which is refreshing and welcoming after experiencing the artery bursting tracks that came before it.

Rounding the EP out comes the fourth member of the apocalypse, Famine. Famine comes at you with yet another different sound that what you have heard through the first three tracks. With that said, this offering is another offering that leaves you bloodied and eviscerated. Famine has a terrifying foreboding atmosphere about it that leaves you with chills and nightmares to come for some time. Forever destructive and tormenting, Famine leaves you cleaved in two once the final note has rang through. Famine is the final nail in your coffin as you are finally dragged asunder to your final resting place.

Overall, Apocalypse is a great EP. It is diverse and refreshing as Colosso offers up something unique within each of the four tracks that they provide for you. Each offering has its own identity and twists making them incredibly memorable. Apocalypse leaves you wanting more and more as Colosso provides you with something here that is a truly great and monolithic EP.

Apocalypse will be unleashed February 14 through Transcending Obscurity Records

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