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ITUS: Primordial

February 16, 2020

ITUS: Primordial

Hailing from Ontario, Canada comes doom merchants ITUS and in tow with them their debut EP titled Primordial. This five track EP has just about a little bit of everything in it. Each of the five tracks that are present here are unlike the ones that came before it. ITUS has a great, unique and eclectic doom metal sound that is hard to shake once you listen. Each track is its own entity and has its own unique folds to create an overall interesting and ever twisting and turning sound that keeps you guessing. From stoner metal elements, to down right unfiltered crushing doom, to a more calm and thoughtful sound, ITUS provides it all here with Primordial.

As mentioned above, ITUS has an eclectic and unique sound to them and that is made apparent with the very first track titled Cloud Reader. With elements of stoner metal thrown in to the fold along with odd and strange sound effects that pepper the track, Cloud Reader is a spacey and engaging offering. This fuzzed out track hits you with a heavy barrage of buzzing riffs from the get go all while light clean sung vocals fly through the wall of buzzing sound. Cloud Reader is an entertaining track that grips you immediately, pulling you ever more in to the labyrinth of sound that ITUS provides you with the remaining four tracks.

The following two tracks Question Everything and Primordial are two of the heaviest track on this release. The former is a grim and dark track that drags you asunder to places where light does not reach. Question Everything drags you through labyrinths of darkness and destruction all complete with crushing buzzing riffs that are only to be accompanied by spine rattling bass lines and vocals that are as monstrous and inhuman as you can imagine. Question Everything buries you in bitter cold darkness never for you to escape to see light again. This track is grim and twisted, perfectly setting you up for the title track.

Coming up right after Question Everything is the title track Primordial which is easily the most aggressive and destructive offering within this EP. Primordial is a four minute slab of grisly doom that pulls you even further to the darkest reaches of the abyss. With aggressive riffs that bury you underneath their sheer weight, the atmosphere and the overall tone of this track is something to behold as well. Primordial is an apocalyptically heavy offering that even has some touches of death metal thrown in the mix as well just for an extra dosage of bone crumbling heavy. Primordial takes no prisoners as it heaps dirges of darkened doom upon you until you are no more than one with the soil.

If you can outlast the former two tracks you come across the fourth track titled This Can’t Be. This Can’t Be is a cut that isn’t nearly as aggressive or destructive as the ones that came before it are. It is a nice break in the action; a nice break from being buried underneath the heavy bone crumbling riffs of the previous two dirges of doom. This offering has a more serene and calming feel to it that brings you back down to earth, letting you regroup from Question Everything and Primordial. With melodious riffs and great clean sung vocals, this offering is a haven, a zone of relative comfort from the grim and doom that preceded this offering.

Rounding this release out is the fifth and final track The Chaplain. This is the most unique offering from this release as well as the most straight forward doom track. The Chaplain drones and marches onward providing you with savage riffs that pummel you straight in to the earth. This is a great and heavy offering to close the release out as it offers up something unique and devilishly wicked. Forever crushing and bone crumbling, The Chaplain rumbles forth never providing you with a moment of reprieve until the final note rings through your speakers.

Overall, Primordial is a great release as it treats you to five unique tracks. Never once do you hear the same thing as ITUS truly does a great job of keeping you on your toes and guessing as to what you are about to hear next. Through and through this is a well crafted and cohesive effort that you would be unwise to skip over.

Primordial will be unleashed March 13.

Check out the official music video for the title track below!

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  1. Wickedness at it’s purest form.
    ITUS you quake the rock in rock brother’s.

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