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Ergodic: S/T

February 20, 2020

Ergodic: S/T

With great technical ability and a great knack for shredding your face until it is no more than mere meat chunks comes tech-death shredders Ergodic. Hailing from North Carolina, these death metal monsters are on the verge of unleashing their three track self titled debut EP. Through each offering, you are treated to technical death metal done damn near perfectly. Each of the three tracks that are present within this EP are executed and performed expertly providing you with nothing but incredibly top notch death metal. There isn’t a weak track among the three as each one is just as powerful, heavy, well constructed and down right skull sanding as the last.

Without so much as a warning, Ergodic sets in with their brand of surgically precise death metal that is sure to make your head spin leaving it hanging on by just a thread once all is said and done. The onslaught begins once you press play, and once you do you become trapped in a vortex of ever ceaseless shredding metal that melts your face clean off your skeleton. From the drop of the first note their technical prowess is known. With ever shredding riffs and soaring solos that are coupled with spine rattling bass lines, precision drum work and vocals that range from gritty mids to unearthly lows, Ergodic has it all here.

Each of the three tracks that are harbored within this self titled release are all excellent. Of the three, all three are wonderfully crafted, executed, tight, technical and heavy. As mentioned, Ergodic has it all here. Not a single track here falls short in any sense of the word as each one is just as good as the last. From the get go, Ergodic will have you banging your head right along until your neck finally gives out. Forever relentless, Ergodic lays the pressure on as soon as your finger lifts off of the play button engulfing you in great technical death metal for you to lose your head and your mind to.

For their debut EP, Ergodic definitely has crafted something to behold here. Through and through, this self titled EP is spectacular. From the musicianship, to the vocals, to the production and everything else in between, it all is superb. This release will have you craving more from these death fiends once the final note rings through having you hit the play button over and over again.

This offering will be unleashed March 9th.

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