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Brain Stem: Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2

February 21, 2020

Brain Stem: Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2

Hailing from Edmonton comes experimental death metal brain melters Brain Stem, and with them they tow along their four track EP titled Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2. Not to be pigeonholed in one specific death metal genre, Brain Stem morphs and melts the genre to how they see fit creating a unique and ever shape shifting sound. Each of the four tracks that are present within this title are all different from one another as you are never to hear the same sound twice. Groove filled, technical, down right heavy, you name it Brain Stem is that exactly.

Through both of the Symptoms of Annihilation EPs the overall theme is that of destruction, extinction and in general the fact that we will all perish. With that said, through the two EPs, the sheer brutality and spine breaking heaviness that is heard throughout perfectly encapsulates those themes. Brain Stem provides you with a no holds barred death metal assault from beginning to end, trapping you within a dizzying and destructive cyclone of death. Ceaseless and unrepentant, Brain Stem rolls from one track to the next offering up a pure onslaught of excellent experimental death metal.

Brain Stem showcases great technical ability as well as groove oriented passages of death and everything else in between through the four cuts that are provided here. Each track is just as well sewn together, performed and executed as the last making the entire offering cohesive and fluid. Ever twisting and morphing their sound to how they see fit, Brain Stem bends your mind to their will as they take you down corridor after corridor of unrepentant death. Brain Stem does a great job of shifting their sound through each track forever keeping you on your toes all while melting your brain in the process.

Overall, Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2 is a great release. Brain Stem showcases great technical and song writing ability among much more ultimately creating something that is down right heavy and addictive to listen to. Each of the four tracks here are excellent and will have you coming back for more brain melting experimental death metal excellence.

Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2 will be released March 20th.

Check out the track Dawn of Rot from the upcoming EP below!

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