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Mære: I

February 27, 2020

Mære: I

Obscure and at times haunting and spine chilling yet overall anvil heavy comes Mære from Germany with their six track EP simply titled I. Old-school in essence, Mære add their own twists and oddities to the punishing and deadly genre to come up with a truly complex and ever shape shifting sound. Never do you hear the same sounds more than once from Mære as their sound constantly shifts and morphs to how they see fit. Forever morphing and evolving with each passing second, each of the six tracks here lead you down winding, dissonant and ever daunting passages of death.

Though there are only six offerings attached to I, this EP more than makes up for the lack of quantity with quality as each cut here is superb. With as lengthy as each offering is as they clock in at over four and five minutes-save for the intro-you are treated to a true labyrinth of death metal noise. Never sticking to one sound or idea, Mære constantly shift and morph their sound, guiding you down one deadly passage after the next. Each track is just as unique, obscure and menacing as the last as Mære provides you with something that is simply intriguing and all together a different kind of heavy.

Forever devouring and engulfing, I wraps you in its pulsating and bitter darkness from which you cannot and will not see the light. As mentioned above, each track is haunting and all around spine chilling at times as the overall atmosphere of the EP itself is something all together to behold. Dissonant, darkened and all enveloping, I presses forth consuming you with the passing of each second as it loses you within the infinite folds and labyrinth like wrinkles of death. I isn’t a punishing release like a Cannibal Corpse record would be, but it is punishing in a different sense that is all its own.

From the instrumentation, to the monstrous vocals to the bitter and dark atmosphere to the unique shifts in tempo to everything in between, I certainly pushes the envelope. I is one of the more unique and intriguing death metal releases that I have heard, and changing the formula isn’t always something that works out in the favor of the band, but it certainly does here for Mære. Through and through, this six track EP is something to behold and gives you a little taste of what is hopefully to come from these death merchants.

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