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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Putrid: Antichrist Above

March 5, 2020

Putrid: Antichrist Above

With a gripping and ripping combination of black metal and thrash, Peru’s own Putrid offer up ten blistering tracks all within their upcoming release Antichrist Above. Blackened to the bone and thrashing mad, Putrid unleash a true maelstrom of furious soul cleaving metal. Without so much as a warning, these heathens set in with their brand of devilish, neck twisting thrash never to cease until you are left as nothing more than a hollowed husk. Through and through Antichrist Above is chaos controlled as Putrid rolls through bone cutting offering after bone cutting offering. Forever trapping you in a relentless cyclone of scalding blackened thrash, you are gripped right from the drop of the first note only to be spit out the other side once the tenth and final track has concluded.

Antichrist Above is a pure, visceral and face melting assault that gives you no reprieve or solace among the sheer flesh tearing and soul devouring metal. At your throat as soon as your finger lifts off of the play button, Putrid marches forth with a blitzkrieg attack of nothing but pure unrelenting earth scorching metal. From beginning to end you come under siege by blood boiling riffs that are only to be paired with rapid fire drum work and manic vocals that seem to be screamed from the bowels of hell. All together, Antichrist Above is a great amalgamation of chaos and insanity as it offers up ten straight tracks of vein draining, neck snapping blackened thrash.

Forever tumultuous and relentless, Putrid never pauses for a single moment as they roll from one track to the next completely burying you underneath droves of assaulting metal. Antichrist Above is a down right face melting, brain scrambling effort that you continue to reach for the play button over and over again for. This is a vein exploding, soul cleaving effort that grips you by the throat never to release its grip. As chaotic and flesh shredding as this release is, it is just as addictive. Antichrist Above is an explosive, forever assaulting release in which each of the ten tracks here act less like songs and more like weapons.

Through and through, Antichrist Above is a great release. You really cannot go wrong here as what you get is ten straight offerings of nothing but pure blackened thrash metal. There are no gimmicks here and no filler and as soon as you begin listening, the Putrid experience is in full effect. Diabolical, malicious and down right heavy, Antichrist Above is excellent.

Antichrist Above will be released by Godz Ov War Productions on March 13th.

Anthropophagous: Spoiled Marrow

March 4, 2020

Anthropophagous: Spoiled Marrow

Arriving on the scene grimy, gritty, evil, putrid and utterly rotten comes Anthropophagous and their upcoming debut EP titled Spoiled Marrow. Without frill or fluff, Anthropophagous treats you to four total tracks of gut churning, blood spilling death metal and nothing but. Without mercy and in true devastating fashion, Anthropophagous trample onward from track to track only to seize your husk of a form for their ever growing garden of corpses once all is said and done. Stripped to the bone, unfiltered and bleeding raw, Spoiled Marrow offers up something that is truly flesh peeling and vein draining.

Forever chipping away at your precious sanity with their ever relentless onslaught of bloodied death, Anthropophagous rumble forth from one track to the next aiming to rip you limb from limb. Each of the four offerings that are present here are just as potent and violent as each other making this entire release to be incredibly terrorizing and gutting. There are no gimmicks, no intros, no outros. The only thing that is present here is grisly, blood draining, flesh devouring death metal.

Barbaric and brutal, Spoiled Marrow slices straight to your bone and unapologetically so. There is absolutely no reprieve from the utterly evil onslaught as you become trapped among putrid death once you press play. Without warning the ceaseless death barrage begins never to stop until the fourth and final track has finally torn off your last remaining limb. Forever bone gnawing and shredding, Anthropophagous and their deadly brand of metal march forth signaling the end for you well before the final note rings through.

Through and through, Spoiled Marrow is a great EP. Each of the four tracks here are just as good as the last making this a well rounded and cohesive effort. This is pure, grisly death metal and nothing but and that is absolutely fantastic. There is nothing here that defiles the pure, raw and putrid sound that Anthropophagous emits as what you get is straight up and down face peeling death metal. This is an EP that you will regret not listening to if you are a fan of the genre.

Spoiled Marrow is to be released by Blood Harvest Records March 13th.

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Cult Burial: Sorrow EP

March 1, 2020

Cult Burial: Sorrow

In sewing the heads of black metal, doom metal and death metal together, Cult Burial create a sound that is all together spine bending heavy and menacing as they offer up two complete tracks within their EP Sorrow. As soon as you lift your finger off of the play button, a wave of death and doom hits you square in the chest never to relent until you are fully buried underneath the droves of pummeling riff and drum work. Although there are only two tracks attached to this release, they are both massive walls of abyssal doom and death from which you get dragged in to from the drop of the first note.

Cult Burial waste no time with intros as they set in immediately offering up their unique, pummeling style of heavy metal. In their great amalgamation of death, doom and black metal, Cult Burial balances each of those genres through two tracks very well. These merchants of darkness offer up a cohesive and well rounded sound that is as heavy as you would imagine. The doom dirges drag you through abyss after abyss while the death metal passages rip you to shreds once they crop up from their rotted burial site. The black metal elements that appear offer you at times a haunting and chilling atmosphere that envelopes you in bitter darkness. Each of the genres have their own time to shine through each of the two tracks that are present here as Cult Burial does a great job of incorporating each in to the fold.

As short as this EP is, it more than makes up for that with the quality of the two tracks. Both of the offerings here are excellent as Cult Burial does a great job of incorporating all genres and morphing them to how they see fit. Both tracks are a great amalgamation of all three genres to create something that is spine severing heavy. With great instrumentation, monstrous vocals and an overall menacing atmosphere, Cult Burial offer up something that is truly outstanding. Neither of the tracks here display any sort of weakness as they both crawl out of your speakers with intent to bury you underneath slabs of grisly death riddled doom with elements of soul stealing black metal for good measure.

Overall, Sorrow is a great EP. As mentioned above, what this EP lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Through and through Cult Burial provide you with top notch metal and really there isn’t anything more that you can ask for.

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