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Phobos Monolith: When The Light Will Fade

July 2, 2020

Phobos Monolith: When The Light Will Fade

Emerging from the cosmos comes new comers Phobos Monolith with their debut EP titled When The Light Will Fade. Consisting of five total tracks, this band hailing from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas combines the likes of melodic death metal and doom to create an overall well rounded, melancholic, melodious and all together expansive and heavy sound. Each track is accented by dazzling keyboards that dance in the background ultimately making you feel and understand the full scope of the vastness of the cosmos. With their lyrical content themed around time, space, multiverses and more, Phobos Monolith appropriately categorize themselves as cosmic melodic death metal and all throughout this EP the weight of the cosmos can be felt.

Phobos Monolith doesn’t lead you in with any fancy intros or anything of the like as they jump right in, jettisoning you off into their ever expansive sound immediately. From the first moment that you hear the rapid fire drum work and the melodious yet heavy riffs you become wrapped up in the release. When The Light Will Fade grabs your full attention immediately having you stargazing through our galaxy and beyond. When The Light Will Fade is a captivating effort from the very first note onward as it never lets your attention waver until the final note rings through.

Of the five tracks that are present within this release, each one is a tightly knit and well constructed vessel of metallic prowess that perfectly combines elements of death metal and doom. It takes no time at all for Phobos Monolith to leave a lasting impression and imprint with you as you will be taking these tracks with you long after you have stopped listening to this release. When The Light Will Fade is an ever expansive and unfolding journey that leaves your mind wandering through star riddled corridor after corridor.

When The Light Will Fade is an exceptional debut EP as it is incredibly well rounded. Everything here is well executed from the production to the musicianship to the great themes that are presented to everything else in between. This is a release that will please the ears of both melodic death metal and doom metal fans alike as it has something here for just about everyone that is a fan of one of or both of the aforementioned genres. This is a great debut EP, one that should not be missed and will not be missed as it is a damn near perfect introduction to what Phobos Monolith is capable of.

When The Light Will Fade was released June 29 through Pest Records.

Check out the official lyric video for the track Oktober (Lunar Eclipse) below!

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