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Uerberos: Stand Over Your Grave

July 4, 2020

Uerberos: Stand Over Your Grave

Undead, unrelenting and unyielding, Uerberos unleashes an impressive assault with their upcoming offering titled Stand Over Your Grave. This release is nothing but nine complete tracks of mayhem filled death metal that will sever your spine and drain its fluid. Each of the nine monstrous cuts present here throw fluff, filler and everything else to the wayside to provide you with down right bone stealing and flesh ripping tunes for your sickening enjoyment. One track after the next barrels through your speakers at insane blood boiling speed aiming to drag you beneath the cold earth.

Three years after their excellent debut full length Tormented by Faith, these Polish fiends come out aiming to maim and mutilate once again with their sophomore record. Through the forty minutes of run time you are treated to technical, mutilating death metal that will leave you ripped to shreds well beyond recognition once all is said and done. From beginning to end you become pummeled by ever blasting drum work, bone cutting riffs, vein collapsing bass lines and vocals that leave your blood frozen. Note one to the final note you become under a pure siege hellish death metal that aims to expunge you from the face of the earth leaving nothing behind, not even a stain.

Ever menacing and ferocious, Uerberos marches forth at a blistering pace never relenting and never letting you catch your breath for a single moment. Through and through, Stand Over Your Grave is a suffocating release as it buries you beneath droves of tormenting, life piercing death metal. Forever brutalizing and eviscerating, each of the nine tracks storm forth trapping you in their maelstrom of grisly and gnarled death never for you to escape until the final flesh peeling note rings through. There is not a moment of reprieve, not a single moment of solace and there is no light at the end of this listen as all there is left for you is death and despair.

This is pure death metal and nothing but, and it is fantastic. Ever twisting your neck and mangling you into a sickening human jigsaw puzzle, Stand Over Your Grave is a pure bludgeoning effort. Nothing can stand in the way of this bulldozing death machine as it rumbles forth, stamping out all life leaving nothing behind but a trail of hollowed carcasses and strewn viscera. Stand Over Your Grave is a remarkable record through and through, one that certainly not be looked over. Look out for these Polish death fiends and their new record as it truly is and will be a stand out death metal record for this year.

Stand Over Your Grave will be unleashed July 6 through Godz Ov War Productions.

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