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Hieros: Triduum

July 5, 2020

Hieros; Triduum

Three tracks, clocking in at just under seventeen total minutes, and nothing but pure soul ripping, riff driven high tempo black metal executed oh so well is what American black metal band Hieros offers up with their EP Triduum. As mentioned, this release comes equipped with only three tracks, but as it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Each of the three tracks here are just as solid and well put together as the last making this to be a well rounded and well executed offering. There are no gimmicks to be heard here an certainly no fluff as what you get is three songs back to back to back of excellent black metal.

Interweaving themselves into the soul cleaving sound of black metal that Hieros exudes are hints of doom and sludge as well. As if the black metal tones weren’t heavy and crushing enough, the doom and sludge elements add even more twists and darkened flavor in the mix. Each of the genres work in blasphemous harmony to create an overall compelling, addictive and highly infectious and memorable sound. Once all is said and done you will be carrying these tracks around with you as they make a burning imprint on your mind for some time to come.

Each of the near seventeen minutes that is brought to you through the three hymns of darkness here are filled to the brim with excellent musicianship driven by ripping riffs and an overall mystical and enchanting atmosphere. There are a lot of elements and folds that Hieros incorporates in to each track and they make everything work seamlessly and make it seem so effortless to do so. From the production, to the musicianship, to the atmosphere to the blood freezing vocals to everything else in between, Triduum is excellent all the way through. Triduum snags your attention from the drop of the first note, holding you captive until the final note plays out only for you to reach back toward the play button to experience the full effects of the release once more.

Overall, Triduum is an outstanding offering. Through just three tracks, Hieros has created something here that is all together memorable, darkly enchanting and highly entertaining and infectious. Triduum is one hell of a debut EP and only marks what is more to come and what more excellent black metal devilry that we can come to expect in the future.

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