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Entry: Detriment

July 17, 2020

Entry: Detriment

Hailing from Los Angeles, California comes hardcore punk act Entry. Their debut full length titled Detriment features nine total tracks of short, yet punchy and in your face hardcore punk that you cannot look away from. Each track is a stomping and furious one that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time. With as short as this release is, it more than makes up for in pure quality. Each track is a straight forward, hardcore punk heavy hitter that gut checks you from the drop of the first note and has you thrashing about from then onward.

Throughout Detriment, Entry creates a powerful and venomous sound that leaves your ears ringing as well as an imprint straight on your frontal lobe. Of the nine tracks here, all nine are a furious metallic hardcore punk onslaught that cannot be stopped once started. The tracks are short and neck breaking and they have a great tendency to get right underneath your skin as well. These aren’t tracks that you can sit still to as the pure energy and intensity is incredibly palpable and powerful.

The unhinged, raw and pure power of punk can be felt all throughout Detriment. Entry doesn’t take a track off as they stomp through each one providing you with a high octane, intense and incredibly head spinning punk sound that leaves you wanting more. It is clear that Entry embodies the power of punk and hardcore down to their very bones and that can be heard all throughout this nine track offering. Detriment is pure, underground, intense hardcore punk that is undeniably heavy and entertaining.

Entry knock it clear out of the park and into the stratosphere with Detriment. There is no way you can go wrong with picking this release up if you are a hardcore fan of hardcore punk, or even a more casual fan of the genre(s). What is exciting almost even more so than this release is that this is just a sliver of what is to come, and after listening to this, it will be exciting to see what they have to offer in the future.

Detriment will be released July 17th through Southern Lord Recordings.

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