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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Cannibal Accident: Nekrokluster

January 24, 2021

Cannibal Accident: Nekrokluster

After forming in 2007, Finland’s own cannibals have been on an absolute spree as they have released numerous full lengths, EPs and splits leading up to this point. This year these fiendish skull grinders are back with their newest full length titled Nekrokluster. This offering features seventeen total tracks of nothing but pure, grisly, disgusting grind that mashes your brain to mere particles. Cannibal Accident are a tried and true, pure grind outfit that provides you with an overall assaulting and skin peeling sound. Ever unrelenting and ceaseless in their caustic assault, Cannibal Accident rips and tears through each of their seventeen cuts leaving you lacerated, bloodied and torn to shreds beyond recognition.

Refusing to give you much room to breathe, Cannibal Accident suffocates you underneath their droves of punishing riffs and bone shattering drum work. On top of all of that come utterly barbaric and savage vocals that are as unearthly and inhuman as you can come to expect. Each track is a ripping, grinding tour de force that barrels straight through your chest and caves your skull before you have any time to brace yourself. These juggernauts of grind usher forth one brain splattering offering after the next trapping you in a cyclone of pure bloodied terror.

With sprinkling in some groove filled death metal influences in the mix, Cannibal Accident add yet another fold into their overall devastating, bloodied and flesh tearing sound. As a whole, Nekrokluster is just a down right sickening, vile and twisted release that snaps your neck leaving it hanging on by just a thread. Cannibal Accident never lets up in their deadly grind filled charge as each track is just as razor sharp and whiplash inducing as the last. And as short as each offering is, they pack more than a punch as they sand down both your skull and your sanity.

Through and through, Nekrokluster is a menacing and dehumanizing all out aural assault. You don’t get much better than this in terms of a grind release, and with Nekrokluster, Cannibal Accident shows off their complete grinding capabilities. Overall, Nekrokluster is an excellent album, one that provides you with nothing but seventeen total tracks of blood boiling grind for your enjoyment.

Nekrokluster will be released February 26th through Time To Kill Records.

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Gravesend: Methods Of Human Disposal

January 18, 2021

Gravesend: Methods Of Human Disposal

Hacking to bits and pieces of death, black metal and some grindcore ultimately to sew them all together to create a wholly caustic and savage sound is Gravesend. Methods Of Human Disposal is the title of their upcoming offering that follows their equally barbaric demo from last year “Preparations For Human Disposal”. This grime filled release features fifteen annihilating tracks that aim to gut, maim and leave you as nothing more than a bloodied pulp on the side of the street. Each track that is present here is a ripping and skull sheering affair that will leave your head hanging by a mere tendon once all is said and done.

With Gravesend fusing elements of death metal, black metal and grind together, you get a truly blistering and overall assaulting sound that will leave you brain as nothing more than mush. Through this release, Gravesend never ceases their assault as they play each track at warp speeds ushering their vile assault forth with complete disregard to life. Each cut leaves nothing but carnage and pure bloodied wreckage behind as each one is just as blood boiling and head exploding as the last. As short as the majority of these tracks are, they more than make up for in barbarity and savagery. Methods Of Human Disposal is a whiplash inducing, brain damaging offering that is not to be taken lightly as you are nearly immediately whipped up into their caustic frenzy only to be chewed up and spit out the other side as a fleshless husk.

The tepid and foul stench of death and decay permeates throughout this release as Methods Of Human Disposal is as grotesque and vile as you would come to imagine. Filled with pure, eviscerating rage, this entire release is a blitzkrieg of madness, death and destruction. Forever relentless in their endeavor to claim lives, Gravesend offers you no escape and no reprieve from their overall blasting torrid assault. The only time that you get some sort of break is when a track crops up that is not a complete assault, but one that provides you some nightmarish atmosphere. That is the only time that you get some reprieve from an otherwise completely ripping, life expunging record.

Methods Of Human Disposal with its unyielding razor sharp assault and its overall disgusting, unsettling atmosphere is a record to behold. Through and through this is a sharp and well executed release that provides you with nothing but heavy, sinister and vile metal. This is a great release all the way through from track one to track fifteen, and it certainly isn’t one that you want to miss out on.

Methods Of Human Disposal will be released February 19th through 20 Buck Spin.

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Abominated: Decomposed

January 17, 2021

Abominated: Decomposed

Bubbling up from the rotting crust of the death metal underground comes Poland’s own, Abominated. Emerging from the soil with them comes their debut demo titled Decomposed. This release offers four tracks that total to a run time of a concise nine minutes. Abominated’s sound firmly flows through the elder vein of death metal where through this demo you come to hear a gritty and grime filled death metal sound. As tried and true as this sound is, Abominated still carve out their own signature death metal hymns that are particular to them. And as short as this offering is with it being a demo, Abominated more than make up for the length with pure, brutalizing and blood letting stampedes of death.

Abominated begin their demo with a short yet haunting intro that sets the stage for the remaining three tracks that are to follow. Each track that comes after the intro is a blistering, skin peeling and blood boiling death metal march. Through this demo you come across nothing but pure death metal as there are no other sounds that Abominated incorporate that could muddy the traditional sound. Each track-save for the intro-is as nasty and neck snapping as you would imagine and want it to be. Abominated don’t hold anything back here with Decomposed as the entire offering is a bloodied, gnarled and life straining effort that does its best to leave you cleaved in two before all is said and done.

With gut slicing riffs, skull caving drum work and hellish vocals, Abominated provide you with an overall caustic and face melting sound. After the intro, Abominated barrels through your speakers at a whiplash and heart attack inducing rate. Never does this death horde relent or cease their aural assault until your ear drums have finally burst. This offering is straight up, pure, raw and savage death metal that gets your head banging nearly immediately until it severs from your spine.

Overall, Decomposed is a very solid demo as it offers up a complete and destructive sound that is undeniable. Abominated hits the nail on the head here with this release and from here on it will be great to see what they have to offer in the future.

Devotion: The Harrowing

January 11, 2021

Devotion: The Harrowing

Something evil, something sinister and haunting has been lurking among the shadows of Spain, and now five years after their debut full length the shadow dwellers Devotion emerge once more to present us with their sophomore full length titled The Harrowing. Hidden for years until their debut Necrophiliac Cults appeared and ravaged the death metal lands, Devotion disappeared only to emerge in 2021 to decimate, haunt and spread despair across the land once more. Appropriately titled, The Harrowing features thirteen total tracks of pure, unfiltered grim death metal. Devotion does not belong to any sort of old-school or new age category, nor do they abide by any trend as they have crafted their own devilish sound. What you get throughout The Harrowing is thirteen dirges of death that are all consuming and soul devouring.

The Harrowing really is a record that consumes you. It wraps you up in a haunting and dismal fog from the get go never to let you see the light of day again until the final note has been played. As heavy and grim as this release is, it is equally as enchanting, mesmerizing and memorable. Devotion has done a great job here crafting each song to be as captivating as they are, wrapping you up in their overall haunting and mesmerizing atmosphere. Each track does a great job of drawing you in further and further until you can no longer escape. Sprinkled into the record are short and chilling interludes that add to the labyrinth of sound that Devotion emits that ultimately captivates and captures you even more.

Striking above the atmosphere is the pure deadly death metal assault that Devotion ladles upon you. Within each track you are treated to bone rattling drum work, riffs that carve you until you’re hollow, bass work that is brain jarring and vocals that are as sinister and demonic as you could imagine. The instrumentation all throughout is superb, never will you come across a track where Devotion is lacking in any shape or form. Each track is as deadly as the last, cutting through your flesh straight to your bone bleeding you veins and drying your marrow. The potency of The Harrowing is undeniable.

This is a masterfully crafted effort that is cohesive and very well rounded. Of all the different elements that Devotion uses, they all fit perfectly together to create an overall marvelous sound. Devotion hits on every single note throughout The Harrowing whether it be the atmosphere, the down right pure death metal savagery or the incredible production. Nothing is out of place here as this release is as close to perfect as you could get. The Harrowing is an undeniable tour de force, one that provides you with just about anything and everything that you could ask for in a death metal record.

You cannot get much better than this. We don’t give out rankings here on Cadaver Garden, but for this release we will. It’s a 10/10, period, and so far this is my favorite record of 2021. The Harrowing has everything going for it and so does Devotion. This is just a straight up fantastic record through and through. Devotion deserves all of the praise that they will get and then some.

The Harrowing will be released January 25 through Memento Mori.

Check out the track God Forlorn below!

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Infected Humans: Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

January 10, 2021

Infected Humans: Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

Emerging from rotting tombs and fetid remains from Ecuador’s own Infected Humans and in tow with them comes their debut full length record Unexpected Traumatic Experiences. Infected Humans plays a pretty straight forward yet brutalizing brand of brutal death metal, and throughout the eleven tracks that are present within this release that is exactly what you get. There is no barbarity or savagery spared here as Infected Humans cut right down to the bone nearly from the get go. Save for the intro, outro and some audio samples of certain serial killers, you have a true punishing and bulldozing offering from the drop of the first note.

With ever blasting drum work and riffs that splice your veins, Infected Humans aims to hollow you out before the final note rings through your speakers. Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is a blitzkrieg of brutal death metal, one that traps you in an entirely deadly listening experience only to leave you bloodied once all is said and done. Forever blasting and pummeling, Infected Humans marches forth from one track to the next never really giving you a moment to soak in what you have heard previously. Each track suffocates you underneath a drove of blasting drum work and slicing riffs as well as inhuman vocals making each offering a true wall of barbaric sound.

Unexpected Traumatic Experiences does come equipped with eleven offerings and even so this release does conclude on the shorter side. With that said however, there is more than enough content packed within each track to keep you coming back for more. As straight forward as this release is the majority of the time, Infected Humans does inject some unexpected and unique twists to keep you guessing, to keep things interesting and to keep the release as a whole unique. Infected Humans has done a great job crafting and weaving each track together to provide you with an overall cohesive, interesting and down right brutal sound.

Overall, Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is a solid release. Through and through you are treated to quality brutal death metal that is as unrelenting as you would imagine and hope for it to be. If you are a fan of brutal death metal then Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is a record that you should keep your eyes open for.

Unexpected Traumatic Experiences will be unleashed January 15 through Gore House Productions.

Check out the track Killing Perservately Depressed below!

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Rancorous: Vultures Will Gather

January 4, 2021

Rancorous: Vultures Will Gather

Popping up from the savaged lands of death riddled thrash metal comes Rancorous with their newest offering released at the end of last year titled Vultures Will Gather. This is a short offering as it features only three tracks with the longest one clocking in at a little over four minutes. However, with that said and how short this is, it more than makes up for with complete face melting, flesh ripping tunes for you to lose your head over. With Rancorous you won’t find any sort of gimmick here as they provide you with straight forward gutting death infused thrash metal that will leave your head hanging on by a tendon.

With Vultures Will Gather, Rancorous gets straight down to business ripping and tearing straight into and through your flesh. From the drop of the first gnarled riff you come to understand quickly that you are in for quite the life threatening ride. As mentioned, there are no gimmicks here, fluff, filler or what have you as Rancorous rips straight through from track one to track three. You don’t have much time to breathe as these heathens swiftly move from one track to the next sweeping you up in a storm of blood boiling death tinged thrash metal. The assault here is quick and outright deadly leaving you bloodied and bruised by the end of it all.

Through and through, the musicianship and production is great. Wild whiplash inducing riffs fly at you from every angle, the drum work is skull cracking, the bass is as meaty as you would want it to be and the vocals are sinister and larynx shredding. Top all of that off with a nice gritty sounding production and you have an incredibly solid sound that is hard to shake. Vultures Will Gather as a whole is a well rounded, head bang inducing, bloodied and down right heavy release. The aggression is palpable, the musicianship cutting and savage, the vocals potent, and all of that is wrapped up nicely in a three track bow.

Overall, Vultures Will Gather is a very solid release and it will be great to see what Rancorous does with a full length once that does appear. But, for now we are treated to this savagery that is well worth hitting play for over and over again until your ear drums finally burst.

Vultures Will Gather is out now!

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Sotz’: Popol Vuh

January 3, 2021

Sotz’: Popol Vuh

Hailing from Portugal comes death metal legion Sotz’ with their unique brand of death metal. Since their formation in 2008, their official releases include one EP from 2017 and the full length you see above Popol Vuh near the end of last year. As mentioned, Sotz’ provides a unique brand of death metal into the deadly foray that is the genre as they focus on Mayan civilization. All while the theme that runs throughout this release is unique powerful all its own, Sotz’ unleashes a unique sound that accompanies that as well. With great technical skill, Sotz’ incorporates plenty of melody, groove and some progressive tendencies as well.

Popol Vuh is an overall well rounded and well constructed release that pulls you in from the first few seconds of the one minute intro. This release keeps you engaged throughout each of the ten tracks that are present within it. Each offering is as different and unique as the others forever keeping you on your toes and guessing as to what Sotz’ is about to bring to the table next. The songwriting throughout Popol Vuh is superb as each track is an unbelievably well constructed death metal hymn that also offers up a well crafted story for you to sink your teeth into.

With everything said above, Sotz’ also blast you to smithereens with their out right assaults of pure death. With flesh flaying riffs that are only to be coupled with ever chest rupturing drum work and vocals that just cannot be human, these death fiends offer up one heavy fucking sound. No matter the theme and the melody, the overall sound that Sotz’ provides is monstrous and spine rattling. Through and through you are treated to top notch skull sheering death metal. The pure, sinister death metal sound that Sotz’ ushers through your speakers is something entirely to behold.

Popol Vuh is an excellent album all the way through, from track one to track ten. Each offering is a complete and cohesive rampage that you cannot help but head bang to until you lose your head. Popol Vuh is engaging, entertaining, gripping, heavy and so much more and if you haven’t picked this up yet, that quite frankly is criminal.

Popol Vuh is out now!

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