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Sotz’: Popol Vuh

January 3, 2021

Sotz’: Popol Vuh

Hailing from Portugal comes death metal legion Sotz’ with their unique brand of death metal. Since their formation in 2008, their official releases include one EP from 2017 and the full length you see above Popol Vuh near the end of last year. As mentioned, Sotz’ provides a unique brand of death metal into the deadly foray that is the genre as they focus on Mayan civilization. All while the theme that runs throughout this release is unique powerful all its own, Sotz’ unleashes a unique sound that accompanies that as well. With great technical skill, Sotz’ incorporates plenty of melody, groove and some progressive tendencies as well.

Popol Vuh is an overall well rounded and well constructed release that pulls you in from the first few seconds of the one minute intro. This release keeps you engaged throughout each of the ten tracks that are present within it. Each offering is as different and unique as the others forever keeping you on your toes and guessing as to what Sotz’ is about to bring to the table next. The songwriting throughout Popol Vuh is superb as each track is an unbelievably well constructed death metal hymn that also offers up a well crafted story for you to sink your teeth into.

With everything said above, Sotz’ also blast you to smithereens with their out right assaults of pure death. With flesh flaying riffs that are only to be coupled with ever chest rupturing drum work and vocals that just cannot be human, these death fiends offer up one heavy fucking sound. No matter the theme and the melody, the overall sound that Sotz’ provides is monstrous and spine rattling. Through and through you are treated to top notch skull sheering death metal. The pure, sinister death metal sound that Sotz’ ushers through your speakers is something entirely to behold.

Popol Vuh is an excellent album all the way through, from track one to track ten. Each offering is a complete and cohesive rampage that you cannot help but head bang to until you lose your head. Popol Vuh is engaging, entertaining, gripping, heavy and so much more and if you haven’t picked this up yet, that quite frankly is criminal.

Popol Vuh is out now!

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