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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Mansion: First Death of the Lutheran

December 6, 2018


Seemingly brewed in a light eating darkness, Mansion offers up their newest release First Death of the Lutheran. This five track record presents you with sinister, abyssal, spectral and highly unique doom for your insidious consumption. Each track within this release is a unique dirge of some of the most blasphemous doom to cross your speakers. The five tracks that are present here are slow burning chilling offerings that you won’t be able to shake no matter how much you try. First Death of the Lutheran is an ever twisting labyrinth of skin crawling metal that ultimately makes you feel as though you are being swallowed up by darkness and consumed by flames yourself.

With the ever spectral and sinister vocals and the ever present poisonous ambiance, you are treated to a sound that is wholly devilish and unforgettable. Once you press play you ultimately begin your decent in to hell along with the rest of the sinners that may stumble across this offering. Through and through, First Death of the Lutheran is a wicked and ever ceaseless record that envelopes you in murky darkness where you are never to return. From beginning to end you are treated to an unholy and soul stealing sound that is just as addictive as it is wicked.

The concept of this release is that the Lutheran hypocrites time has come on this earth only to pass on for them to ultimately be judged by Satan himself. This record unfolds telling this story, passage after passage, and with the passing of each minute the record becomes darker and more malevolent than before. Each track is an undeniable dirge of death and despair as you feel as though you yourself are sinking in to madness. These tracks are brilliant and play as one cohesive ode to Satan as when one track fades in to obscurity, the next rises from the pitch black darkness to present to you yet another wicked and wretched tune.

With the spectral and haunting ambiance play the way that it does and with the ever chilling vocals and the ritualistic musicianship, you are treated to a truly devilish affair. First Death of the Lutheran is a gripping and mesmerizing offering, one that keeps your attention throughout never to let you break from your listen no matter where you are within the record. Everything within this release is done so well. The atmospherics are superb, the vocals are incredible, the musicianship is great among much more to create an overall fluid, memorable and unique listen. Each track is crafted well and constructed wonderfully making you want to keep listening over and over again. First Death of the Lutheran is a great release, one that haunts you, one that makes your skin crawl and one that embeds itself deep in your mind for some time to come. If you are looking for some unique and truly haunting doom, you don’t need to look much further than Mansion and their offering First Death of the Lutheran.

First Death of the Lutheran will be released December 7, 2018 through I Hate Records.

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YATRA: Death Ritual

December 3, 2018

death rituals.jpg

With buzzing waves of sonic propulsion and ever raspy dissonant vocals as well as fuzzed out bass lines, YATRA creates an overall groove filled and melodic sound that is hard to shake. Death Ritual is the title of their upcoming offering in which this three piece has crammed eight doom-centric tracks in to for you skull numbing entertainment. This release is murky and sludge filled as it gifts you with a massive and overall brain rattling sound. Each track that is present within this record are slow burning offerings that wrap you up in neatly in a submerging darkness where you forever find yourself wandering.

Never does Death Ritual stop its slow march through the psychedelic fog as it slowly crawls forth through each track providing you with wicked track after wicked track. Each offering is stellar as they gift you with a head nodding and maddening fuzzed out sound that is sure to grip you never to let you go. From beginning to end YATRA provides you with hypnotic and mesmerizing dirges that have your mind wandering through corridors of solitude and darkness. These tracks are dark and as unrelenting as you could want them to be as they charge forth, trudging through murky mist and bitter darkness to provide you with an overall effort that is not easily forgotten.

Through and through, YATRA takes you on a perilous sonic journey that is forever gripping and undeniable. Much sooner rather than later you get wrapped up in each track never to escape until the entire record is through only to drop you back off at the beginning to have you reach for the play button again. Death Ritual is a well constructed and fluid offering, one that has you held tightly in its clutches for its entire run time. Each of the eight sludge laden tracks here are palatable and easy to listen to as well as lose yourself in. These slowly pull you in to the alluring darkness for you never to return even when all is said and done. Death Ritual is a well written record, one that presents to you some top notch doom through and through, never to let down and never to disappoint.

Through each stoned offering you are treated to excellent musicianship and gritty blackened vocals that are howled from the grey mist. Never does YATRA let up in their glacial slow march as they pour out excellent track after track getting you lost in their fog filled soundscapes. Death Ritual is a great record from beginning to end as YATRA displays great song writing and musicianship through eight tracks. This is a fuzzed out, entirely heavy and entertaining record, one that is excellent through and through and one that will kick the new year off properly.

Death Ritual will be released January 4, 2019 through Grimoire Records.

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Fauna Timbre: Altering Echoes

November 2, 2018

altering echoes.jpg

Mixing in strains of doom, noise rock and sludge, mesmerizing psychedelic outfit Fauna Timbre present their debut offering Altering Echoes. This release is filled with five tracks that are wholly captivating and mystifying. Each track that is present here encompasses the mind in a hazy fog, having it twist and wind down wondrous and psychedelic corridors. Altering Echoes is a slow burning offering from beginning to end that has a great ability to capture your attention and your mind, leaving you in a sedated state until the final fuzzed out note rings through. These tracks are buzzing, engaging, mesmerizing and entirely memorable as Fauna Timbre presents you with something that is wholly captivating.

With ever marching buzzing riffs, doom laden drums, serene vocals and psychedelic synths thrown in to the mix, you get a sound that is hard to forget. Each track is well composed and performed gifting you with one hell of an intriguing and unique offering. Altering Echoes is gripping from beginning to end as each track is a well written piece through and through. Never once does your attention sway as you become transfixed on the melodious buzzing riffs and the wonderful vocals that pour through your speakers. With each passing minute you fall further and further in to the wondrous soundscapes in which Fauna Timbre paints only to make you want to keep coming back once the end arises.

Altering Echoes is groove filled, melodic, serene, melodic and so much more. This is a release that grabs a hold of you from the very beginning, leaving you enchanted and mystified. These tracks are spellbinding and ever captivating as each tack whisks you away. Fauna Timbre mixes numerous genres together with ease, incorporating each seamlessly to create an overall sound that is impeccable and near perfect. The musicianship is solid, the psychedelic synths add to an already dream like atmosphere and the vocals are perfect, and all of that combined creates a serene and hypnotic sound that is hard to pull yourself away from.

This release is unique and something to behold. Altering Echoes is a great release, and within five tracks you get nothing but solid music through and through. There isn’t a track here that is lacking in any way what so ever as each and every track is performed and executed excellently. This is a release that should not be passed up on.

Altering Echoes is out now though Red Orchard Records.

Ennui: End Of The Circle

October 7, 2018

end of the circle.jpg

Reaching forth with the cold withering hand of death, Ennui offer their latest End of the Circle, a three track dirge of death riddled doom that drag you across the dark recesses of the abyss. The three tracks that are present within this release along with their lengthy run times provide you with nothing short of intense, atmospheric and mind bending metal for your consumption. Each of these tracks are so well constructed and all consuming that you just have no choice but to get lost within it all. From beginning to end, Ennui provide you with top notch doom metal that has a great knack for stealing your mind away and having it wander through all of the winding and darkened corridors that Ennui lay out before you.

End of the Circle is an intense and incredibly captivating listen to say the least. This release is monolithic as each track runs over twenty to thirty minutes in length. Each of the three offerings here are epics that swallow you whole, consuming you for their entirety until the final forlorn note has rang through the halls of the long forgotten. Ennui begin their release with the title track, a thirty plus minute opus of doom that trudges forth at glacial speed, hitting you with forlorn notes and melancholic atmospheres that wrap you mind in a dismal fog. Ennui only breaks the cycle of cold and bitter doom to provide you with stints of ever crushing death metal that leave you leveled only to reign things back in cycling back to their ever crushing dirge of doom.

The title track is a well knit and well put together offering that is technical, precise, atmospheric, dark, intense, melodic and so much more and that can be said for the two tracks that follow as well. The remaining two tracks are just as hypnotic and captivating as they provide you with the same intensity and same mind bending atmospheric tendencies. These three compositions are something to behold as they are simply incredible. End of the Circle is an addictive listen, one that takes you on quite a sonic journey from beginning to end, and as lengthy as each track is you never feel that run time. Ennui has crafted each track here so well that they draw you in to their dark and death filled world forever making you want to stay and witness each funeral dirge over and over again.

End of the Circle is a great work of doom, and through three tracks Ennui showcases their abilities through and through. They are proficient and technical masters of doom and all of that is shown through the three incredible tracks that are harbored within the title.

End of the Circle is out now!

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UN: Sentiment

September 24, 2018


With the coming of their sophomore effort Sentiment, doom wizards UN wield four outstanding tracks that are gripping, compelling, emotive and down right captivating. This is a monolithic effort, one that tops over fifty minutes and each one of those minutes is packed with heavy, slow burning doom that is as potent as it is epic. The four brooding tracks harbored within the title are thunderous and undeniably powerful. From beginning to end you become gripped never to want to leave the listen even when everything is all said and done. Sentiment is a release to behold as it presents you with nothing but some of the most top notch doom to come out since Bell Witch’s Mirror Reaper.

Sentiment is immersive from beginning to end, forever drawing you in more and more as it rumbles along. With great songwriting, monstrous riffs and ever unearthly growls, UN create an overall sound that is wholly intoxicating and undeniable. Much sooner rather than later you get completely wrapped up within Sentiment, never to leave until the final earth shaking note has rang out. This release has a great ability to draw you in and make you want to stay for more and more listens. Never once does this release tire you out or make you want to leave and come back to it. Through and through, Sentiment is a captivating and mesmerizing listen that grabs a hold of you forever making your mind wander through the wondrous soundscapes and thunderous atmospheres that it has to offer.

Sentiment is soulful, emotional, potent, thought provoking and so many more descriptors that just don’t do it justice. This is just an incredibly well rounded and cohesive record, one that immerses you and speaks to you directly as the listener. Everything about this release is superb, from the songwriting, to the musicianship, to the production, to the atmosphere and so much more. UN has created something special here with Sentiment. This monolithic record is truly a doom masterpiece and has vaulted UN to the top of the doom echelon with the likes of Bell Witch, Pallbearer and the like. Not enough can be said about this release as it just is something to behold and something that will truly take the doom world by storm.

Sentiment will be released through Translation Lost Records September 28, 2018.

Pre-order Sentiment here!

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Dark Is The Water: Weight of the Sea

July 21, 2018

Two years ago Dark is the Water emerged from the swells of the ocean with Heavy the Sky and now two years later they are back to grace us with a brand new full length titled Weight of the Sea. Weight of the Sea is a wonderful mixture of calming serene doom passages and weighty, ever crushing dirges. The six tracks that are present within this release are performed and executed damn near perfect as each track is cohesive, heavy, melodic, memorable and down right intoxicating. Weight of the Sea flows perfectly together from track to track gifting you with a well rounded and comprehensive listen that draws you in never to let you back to shore until you have listened through and through.

Dark is the Water starts you off with their opener Sunless, a wonderfully melodic and serene track that grips you right from the very beginning. Through the first minute you hear waves crashing before angelic riffs pour through your speakers pulling you out to sea. This near twelve minute track is something to behold as it takes you in and has tidal waves of melodic and atmospheric sound wash over you ever taking your mind and having it wander through the vast and open ocean. Around the four minute mark is where things begin to kick up slightly as buzzing and fuzzed out riffs join the otherwise peaceful fray, only for those to die back down giving way to the complete serene sounds that you heard before. Sunless ebbs and flows perfectly, ever drawing you in more and more, captivating you and pulling you in to the remaining five tracks.

Sunless is followed by five more wonderful tracks that are equally melodic and enchanting. The second track titled Marching on Sand much like Sunless is an instrumental, but this time this track has a little more grit to it from the very beginning while still retaining that serene and melodic sound. Through these two tracks you can come to expect more of the same from Dark is the Water as the remaining three tracks are just as superb and captivating. With the coming of the third track The Shallows also come the implementation of vocals. Dark is the Water utilize both angelic cleans and unearthly growls through the remaining tracks. The cleans are beautiful and highly intoxicating while the growls are powerful and menacing adding plenty of variety to each track. Each of these tracks has an immense and clean sound that is incredibly hard to deny.

Weight of the Sea is an easy record to fall in to and dragged out to sea by. This record has a great ability to captivate your mind and have it follow along through the barren seas. Filled with rumbling bass lines, at times crunching riffs and at other times serene melodic riffs, angelic cleans, menacing growls and an overall wondrous atmosphere, Weight of the Sea has it all. This record is beautifully done and undeniably intoxicating. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Aislacion: Minor Chants

July 21, 2018

Aislacion began their descent into murky sludge filled darkness in 2016, and two years later their demo Minor Chants was brought out from the abyss. This demo features four tracks that merge doom and sludge together to create an overall murky, buzzing and head nodding sound. As soon as you hit play you become trapped in a rumbling and fuzzed out vortex of doom never to escape until Minor Chants has played out entirely. Each track is a head nodding and bone rattling ode to sludge and doom that gets your head nodding before you know it. Minor Chants is an aggressive and all together in your face demo that pours its molten sludge on thick from beginning to end.

Minor Chants is Aislacion’s first foray into the doom and sludge world and it is a good first foot forward. Each track within this murky offering are well done and well constructed providing you with an all around solid and highly entertaining listen. There isn’t any fluff or filler here as Aislacion hits you nearly immediately with rumbling bass lines and heavy dark riffs that are hard to get out of your head. From the first track forward, Aislacion presents you with an overall heavy and memorable sound that will keep you coming back for more murky madness.

Through this release, Aislacion provides you with heavy handed face melting passages that are only to be crossed with low, slow and melting doom laden sounds when needed. None of the four tracks that are harbored within this release sound anything alike providing you with plenty of diversity and variety through only four tracks. Aislacion does a great job of mixing their sound up not only from track to track but within the same track as well. You won’t be hearing the same sound twice all throughout this release giving it plenty of character.

Overall, Minor Chants is a solid release especially for a debut. Through and through this is an entertaining and memorable demo, one that you can keep coming back to.

RIPIS: Shadow Dies in Morning Light

July 6, 2018

There are times that when you hit play on a record you almost immediately know that it is going to be something special and Shadow Dies In Morning Light certainly is. This four track release is captivating, weighty, mesmerizing and many more descriptors that can establish just how well done this record is. Upon pressing play, you immediately begin to get drawn in and enchanted by the melancholic sludge filled sounds that pour through your speakers. From one song to the next you are greeted with incredibly powerful and potent doom laden sounds that hook you right from the very beginning never to let your attention deviate.

Each of the four tracks that are present within Shadow Dies In Morning Light are wonderfully crafted murky offerings of top notch doom. You can’t help but to be drawn in and captivated by the foggy buzzing sounds that RIPIS provides. Each track is solid from beginning to end providing you with a well rounded, cohesive and all together impressive sound.

These tracks are weighty and you can feel them hit you one by one like waves crashing over you. Shadow Dies In Morning Light is weighty for more than just the fact that the music itself is heavy, but because of the lyrics as well. The lyrics within this release are vulnerable and striking making connections with whomever it is that listens. The lyrics much like the musicianship are well crafted and beautiful, ultimately drawing you in more and more to stay for more and more listens.

Shadow Dies In Morning Light is a wondrous release, one that you can melt in to and really sit down and listen to over and over again. You never feel the length of these tracks as you end up being entirely enchanted by what RIPIS has to offer, and ultimately one listen turns to many. This is an incredibly well done record as it is engaging, thoughtful, vulnerable and much more. Shadow Dies In Morning Light is an absolute triumph for RIPIS as this is a fantastic release through and through.

Check out the official video for the title track below!

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Diseased Oblivion: A Blackened Harvest Of Decomposure

May 4, 2018

Diseased Oblivion - A Blackened Harvest of Decomposure

Dark, ambient and forever hidden behind the black veil of obscurity, Diseased Oblivion offer up hallucinatory noise that aims to break your mind and drag your soul in to a never ending darkness. A Blackened Harvest of Decomposure is a compilation of eight tracks that span between the years 2009 and 2011, and within these eight tracks you are treated to funeral dirges of doom that instill dread, fear and the ever ominous presence of death upon you. These ambient and atmospheric tracks wrap their diseased tendrils around you never to let you escape from the forlorn and depressive soundscape that Diseased Oblivion creates. Each of the eight tracks that are present within this release are just as mind numbing and spirit breaking as the last creating an unwelcome and all around sinister sound.

Through each track, Diseased Oblivion crawls forth at glacial speed tormenting you with down tuned grave rattling riffs that are paired with demonic cavernous vocals and an atmosphere that is all together poisonous and malicious. The longer that you listen, the further that Diseased Oblivion drag you in to the recesses of darkness never for you to climb out. Through this release, Diseased Oblivion greet you twisted and harrowing tracks that hang over you like a reaper waiting to claim its next soul.

You can’t escape this darkness once you have pressed play as you become surrounded by dark clouds of disease and death. This soul tearing and dissonant release is riddled with dark yet gripping atmosphere and ambiance that have you near enchanted from the get go. As sinister as the atmosphere is throughout this release, it has an innate ability to pull you in and keep you intrigued and listening all throughout. The overall blasphemous atmosphere is aided by odd ambient noise that contorts the mind and has it delving deeper in to its darkest recesses. The atmosphere and ambiance is disorienting, hallucinatory and yet it is gripping and enticing all the same.

Each of the eight tracks that appear here within A Blackened Harvest of Decomposure are expansive, allowing Diseased Oblivion time to take your mind through depressive and bizarre soundscapes from which you do not want to return. As expansive and lengthy as these tracks are, Diseased Oblivion does a great job of keeping your attention all throughout as they have you traverse through diseased and death riddled atmospheres and soundscapes. Overall, this release is cohesive, damning, heavy, incredibly atmospheric and engaging, making it out to be a very solid listen.

Assumption: Absconditus

May 1, 2018


Never to neatly fit in to one genre or another, Assumption combine the likes of doom and death metal to create a unique, abstract and ever mind expanding sound. Three tracks make up the entirety of Absconditus and through these three tracks you are treated to vast soundscapes, isolating cosmic atmosphere and extremely weighty down-tempo riffs that aren’t to be trifled with. These dirges of dark, death riddled doom metal are all consuming and ever expanding, warping your mind minute by minute. With psychedelic touches through each of the three tracks, Absconditus is an effort that provokes obscure hallucinations which ultimately break your mind completely.

From the very beginning, Assumption drag you in to the outer reaches of the cosmos. With a frigid and oppressive atmosphere to couple with the ever slow burning, crushing doom passages, Assumption grip you never to release you back in to reality. Absconditus is a massive and all consuming record all within three tracks. From beginning to end, Assumption holds your attention never to let it waver until everything has concluded. Assumption does a great job of  sucking you right in to this record, keeping you entertained and keeping you guessing as to what oppressive force you are about to bear witness to.

Through each of these three immense offerings, Assumption hits you with numerous looks, keeping you guessing as to what lethal sounds you are about to hear next. Assumption shift from glacial dirges to venomous blasting death on a dime and back again. These tracks wear you down, making  you buckle under their sheer weight as monstrous down-tempo riffs billow from your speakers as unearthly growls bellow from the ever darkening void. These tracks are colossal and their weight can certainly be felt from the very beginning all the way to end. As immense and powerful as “Absconditus” is as a whole, it is hard to turn away as this unique dirge of sickening death doom is incredibly captivating and alluring.

This is a masterfully crafted record, one that is complete with immense down-tempo riffs, unearthly blood curdling growls, hallucinatory ambiance and a smattering of skull sheering death metal. “Absconditus” is a monolithic effort, one that stands tall among the many doom releases that have billowed out of obscurity this year.



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