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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Best Of Bandcamp: Vasculitis: A Monument To Violence

May 1, 2018

Slam by nature is supposed to be depraved, dehumanizing and down right skull crushing. One of slam’s newest family members Vasculitis hits the nail on the head with their debut EP A Monument To Violence. With five tracks to its name, A Monument To Violence sets out to slaughter and brutalize, and from the onset that is exactly what it does. Save for short audio samples at the very beginning and at the very end of this EP, you are subjected to nothing but terrorizing and gut ripping tracks one right after another. Vasculitis let your blood quickly and crudely as they ladle track after track of dehumanizing filth upon you quickly burying you under droves of stiff corpses.

Through this release, Vasculitis supply you with an ample amount of gut churning riffs and ever blasting drumming that does its best to cave your chest in. Making their way through the ever bloodied and entrails soaked noise are the vocals that transition between mid-range screams and blood drenched unearthly lows. From beginning to end you are accosted on all fronts by a savage and relentless assault. From the drop of the first gnarled note, Vasculitis grips you by the throat, only to mangle and mutilate as the tracks roll along.

As is the nature of slam, Vasculitis pummel and rip you apart as each track is just as dehumanizing and lethal as the others. Never are you given a moment to breath as Vasculitis shovel copious amounts of stagnant death upon you until you become one with the pile of cadavers that has amassed. A Monument To Violence is a cohesive barbaric and savage effort that aims only to let your blood and to let your innards hang from your husk.

While there isn’t something here that is new to slam, A Monument To Violence is a well crafted and executed EP that gifts you with five tracks of pure brutality and depravity. As short as this release is it packs a massive punch. This is a solid debut EP for these bile spewers from Australia.

You can find A Monument To Violence right on Vasculitis’ Bandcamp

Best Of Bandcamp: Enforced: Retaliation

April 23, 2018

Blurring the lines between thrash, death metal and elements of hardcore, Enforced bring you a stomping sound that surely will kick your teeth down your throat. Retaliation is the name of their three track demo, and nearly immediately they bring the pain and punishment with the opener Born Lost. Born Lost, much like its two counterparts is a powerful and thrashing mad anthem that gets your brain bashing against your skull in no time. Each track is a blasting force to be reckoned with as they each storm through your speakers to slash and gnash away at your ear drums. As short as this demo is with only three tracks to its name, it packs more than a punch as it leaves you breathless and bloodied at the end of it all.

Enforced stomps you in to submission with their no holds barred approach. From track one to track three you are greeted by gritty and ever pressing thrash noise that leaves your head spinning and your neck snapped. From the drop of the first gnarled note, Enforced barrels through your speakers greeting you with an all out vicious assault. With filthy riffs backed by bombastic ever charging drumming and vocals that are shouted from every which direction, Enforced dish out a thorough and complete beating. Each track flows well in to the next never really giving you enough time to catch your breath.

Retaliation is a potent, relentless and menacing demo that barrels toward you at mach speed for three straight tracks only stopping once you are laying broken. This is the type of sound that thrash needs more of. This unpolished, unbridled and maniacal sound is hard to stop listening to. Retaliation is a very solid outing for these thrash maniacs as they supply you with nothing but purely punishing and unrelenting death tinged thrash to twist your neck to.

You can find Retaliation on Enforced’s Bandcamp

Best of Bandcamp: Now Everything Fades: Suicide Theatre

April 15, 2018

Through Suicide Theatre, each track is cloaked in a vast amount of anguish, misery and pain, and all of that billows through your speakers slowly but surely only to entomb you in your own sorrows. Now Everything Fades plays an incredibly harrowing brand of depressive blackened doom metal that really presents an atmosphere that is devoid of hope, ultimately providing you with a grim and somber listen. Nowhere throughout this release can light be found as Now Everything Fades slowly drags you down in to a never ending abyss.

Each track creeps along presenting you with haunting and incredibly bleak sounds that put you in a complete depressive state. Suicide Theatre is very effective in shrouding you with an atmosphere that is comprised of utter misery and anguish. This release is oppressive, not so much because it is an aural assault, but because it weighs you down until your bones crumble with a bleak, thick and ever present life taking ambiance. With the majority of the tracks within this release hitting around the five and a half minute mark, it really gives Now Everything Fades enough time to effectively infect your mind with some incredibly sinister and depressive tones that you will have a hard time forgetting.

This certainly isn’t meant to make you feel comfortable or welcome as it is established early that your soul will be draining from the very beginning. Complete with anguished cries and weeping riffs, Now Everything Fades presents you with a tortured and entirely pained sound that will haunt you. As Suicide Theatre trudges along you become submerged in their ever harrowing and dream haunting sound only to suffocate under the incredibly oppressive melancholic atmospheric qualities. As depressive as this release is though, it does a great job of sucking you in and having you stay for its entirety.

Suicide Theatre is an emotionally punishing record as it pushes you further and further in to dementia and desperation. You can’t escape this listen without coming out of it feeling bogged down and empty. The wailing cries will keep you up at night as the objectively bleak atmosphere will push your sanity to the darkest recesses of your mind. This is an all around solid record as each track is well put together and performed to provide you with a harrowing and overall sinister sound that is hard to forget.

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