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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Délétère: Theovorator : Babelis Testamentum

May 24, 2019

Délétère: Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum

Emerging from the bitter darkness of the abyss, Délétère ushers forth their new title Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum; a three track blackened opus that is as raw, blasphemous and potent as you would expect. Swinging back in to full force after their 2018 offering De Horae Leprae, Délétère provide you with three great tracks of blasphemous black metal here once again. Raw, bitter, blasphemous, atmospheric and more, Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum has it all and then some as it offers up three slithering hymns of blackened metal.

Délétère is unapologetic and unwavering in their sonic assault as they usher forth a blistering and soul crushing sound that sinks its hooks deep in to you from the very beginning. Rampaging forth with riffs soaked in hell fire, drum work that leaves you chest cracked and vocals that shriek up from the bowels of hell, Délétère provide you with a well rounded and clinical blackened maelstrom. From beginning to end, Délétère provides you with a true and relentless blackened sound that ultimately drags you down to the depths of the abyss.

As blistering and accosting as each offering is, they are still melodious all the same. Blistering fury never gives way to more melodious moments and the inverse is true as well as Délétère strikes a great balance between the two. Each track is a palatable and memorable blackened storm that sinks its fangs in to you never to release until Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum has concluded. With biting savagery combined with memorable melody, Délétère offers up a sound that is unforgettable and undeniable.

Floating among the sonic torment is a great amount of atmosphere as well. Throughout this release, haunting atmospheres and soundscapes are ever present. As you succumb to the blasphemous blistering storm, the atmosphere is never far away only to loom over you like a poisonous cloud. The atmospheric tendencies all throughout this release add yet another wrinkle and fold in to the already varied and diverse sound that Délétère provides you. With everything combined you are treated to a truly cohesive and mesmerizing listen that you will not soon leave.

Through and through, Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum is a great release as Délétère out does themselves yet again. As short as this offering is in terms of track count, it more than makes up for in the quality. What you have here is three excellent tracks of blackened sorcery that is memorable as each track embeds themselves in your mind like a parasite never to leave. Délétère continues their reign of blasphemy with this release and nothing more can be said other than Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum is an excellent release.

Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum is out now through Sepulchral Productions.

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Pestis Inferos: Beyond The Veil Of Light

May 17, 2019

Pestis Inferos: Beyond The Veil Of Light

Hellfire, brimstone and unmatched fury brings forth Beyond The Veil Of Light, the upcoming EP from black metal blasphemers Pestis Inferos. Five total tracks make up this title, and within them you are treated to savagery and pure brute force punishment in the name of the dark lord. Unwavering in their tormenting assault, Pestis Inferos ushers forth track after track of scorn filled earth scorching blackened metal that sinks its fangs in to your flesh. Beyond The Veil Of Light is a twisted, dark and ever sinister release, never to relent until your soul has been consumed by blistering hellfire.

With a looming fetid atmosphere that is combined with the ever ripping musicianship you are presented with a raw and intense sound that you cannot shake. From beginning to end Pestis Inferos aims their sacrificial dagger at your throat pressing it ever deeper and deeper in to your flesh until the final note rings through the depths of hell. Each of the five tracks present here are tightly knit offerings of pestilence and blasphemy that march forth bringing tidings of destruction and malice.

No bullshit, no filler, just fury, torment and malevolence. Without batting an eye, Beyond The Veil Of Light continues on its battering rampage ushering forth wicked and punishing tracks one right after the next. Each track plunges you further and further in to the bowels of hell from where you will never enter the realm of the living again. This release is a straight forward blackened assault of intense and unsettling proportions all within a concise five tracks. Never once does Pestis Inferos lay off the onslaught as they barrel forth with conviction and malevolence to provide you with nothing but wicked skull sanding offerings.

In great culmination of all things unholy and wicked, Pestis Inferos offers up a great debut EP here with Beyond The Veil Of Light. Each track is just as good and well rounded as the last. This is a very solid, gnarled straight forward blackened release that will steal your soul.

Beyond The Veil Of Light will be released June 24.

Pre-orders are up right here!

Check out the official video for the track Invoking The Sigil from the upcoming release below!

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Daemoni: Black Tyrant

May 16, 2019

Daemoni: Black Tyrant

Blotting out the sun by raining down hellfire is Daemoni with their potent and hellish offering Black Tyrant. Filled with eight blackened incantations, Daemoni offer up primeval and earth scorching black metal in unsettling doses. With great fury and intensity, Daemoni roll from flesh consuming track to flesh consuming track without so much as a second thought to the destruction and decimation caused. Once you press play you become engulfed in a maelstrom of flames and damnation as each track is a blackened, unwavering onslaught of pure blackened metal. Through eight tracks, Black Tyrant offers up forty whole minutes of light eating and soul stealing metal that digs its hooks deep and early never letting you escape until the final gnarled note.

Black Tyrant is a very focused and tight release, one that provides you with nothing but incredibly well executed metal that is sure to shred you to pieces beyond recognition. With great musicianship that is brought on by blood letting riffs, ever tumultuous and charging drumming and great bass work, Daemoni offers up a sound here that is lacerating and skull shredding. Howling from beneath the ever pressing onslaught of sonic blasphemy are gritty shrieking vocals that pull it all together to create an accosting and down right blistering sound. Each offering is a well knit hymn of fury and demonic possession that leaves you yourself possessed when all is said and done.

Without reprieve, Daemoni storm forth from track to track trapping you within their savage assault from beginning to end. Deadly precision mixed with great song writing, Black Tyrant is a well rounded and cohesive effort that cannot be denied. This release immediately sinks its fangs straight in to your crimson flesh never to release you until you have been drained of your life. Black Tyrant is pure blackened savagery from beginning to end and unapologetically so. There is not a single moment of filler here as Daemoni only offers up one wicked hymn right after another never gifting you a moment of solace.

This is a black metal record not to be looked over. Black Tyrant is a blistering piece of work that only provides some of the most top notch black metal within its title. Undeniably wicked, potent, venomous and heavy, Black Tyrant has it all and so does Daemoni as this release is excellent. Not much more can be said other than Black Tyrant is one hell of a black metal record that should not be looked over.

Black Tyrant will be unleashed from the underworld June 6 through Goathorned Productions.

Check out the official lyric video for Moriens Pulsatio below!

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Ancient Torment: Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh

May 11, 2019

Ancient Torment: Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh

Howling through the void to grace us with pure, raw blackened metal is Ancient Torment with their debut offering Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh. Containing four tracks, Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh provides you with nothing but reaping and soul shredding black metal that submerges you in bitter cold shadows for its entirety. There is no filler, no gimmick and no fluff as what you get from beginning to end is an all out sonic blackened assault. With their sound firmly rooted in black metal of ancient, you are greeted by four tracks that are uncompromising, raw and punishing. One right after the next stampedes forth, scorching the earth and bringing you to your timely demise.

Ancient Torment forges their path of wickedness as soon as you press play. Immediately you come under siege by riffs baptized in brimstone and hellfire that are only to be backed by tumultuous drumming and vocals that echo and howl through from the netherworld. Not once does Ancient Torment let up in their demonic assault as they stampede from one track to the next. Forever barreling forth without a thought for life, Ancient Torment rips through one track after the next burying you under poisonous shadows. Each track is just as good as the last as each one is a wicked, straight forward blackened hymn that rips your flesh from bone.

With what this release lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh is a great, well rounded offering that provides you with thirty minutes of blasphemous, venomous tunes that will latch on to your mind like a leech. There is no escaping the blackened torment once you begin listening as you get trapped within the shadowy maelstrom of metal that Ancient Torment invokes here. Forever uncompromising and unwavering, each of the four tracks present are incredible offerings.

Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh is a great release front to back. No track here is lacking in any way as each one is just as great as the ones that came before it. This is straight up, raw and punishing black metal in its most pure form, and it is damn good. As great as this release is, it will be exciting to see what Ancient Torment has to offer in the future, but for now we are treated to this outstanding debut that would be unwise to pass up.

Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh is out now through Eternal Death.

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Ungoliantha: The Howl in the Waste

May 3, 2019

Ungoliantha: The Howl in the Waste

Hailing from a mystical realm comes Ungoliantha with a blistering and blasphemous EP by the title of The Howl in the Waste. This five track cretin is filled with nothing but raw and ever enveloping blackened metal. From beginning to end you are treated to a very solid release that supplies you with one track after the next of nothing but well rounded blackened metal. With a powerful and potent sound, Ungoliantha draws you in to their world where light fades and shadows dwell, only for you to remain and sink further in to the ever quickening darkness.

With great instrumentation that is coupled with an undulating veil of darkened atmosphere, Ungoliantha provide you with a greatly varied and diverse sound that cannot be ignored. Through this release Ungoliantha does a great job of keeping you on your toes as they shift and morph their sound to how they see fit. With each passing minute you are not to hear the same thing twice as these purveyors of blackness and malevolence push their sound to be something unique and unforgettable.

Not only does Ungoliantha unleash their potent, blistering offence but they strike a great balance in providing you with mid tempo romps through the caverns of hallowed souls as well. Ever shifting and morphing their sound, Ungoliantha does a great job of mixing each one of their tracks up, catching you off guard and giving you sounds that you have not yet heard in previous offerings. With each track breaking out in pointed assaults, each offering has their melodious moments that make you sink back in to comfort before you are blasted yet again with a true blackened sonic assault.

From track one to track five, The Howl in the Waste offers up nothing but incredible black metal. Great musicianship combined with orchestral elements, gritty hellish vocals, an overall haunting atmosphere and an overall raw production, you are gifted with an all around great release. At the end of it all you wish that there were more which ultimately makes you come back for more blackened excellence. Overall, The Howl in the Wasteis a great release, one that will please any black metal fan.

The Howl in the Waste will be released May 13.

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Bekmork: Incantations of the Frigid North

April 23, 2019

Bekmork: Incantations of the Frigid North

Hailing from the frozen north and emerging from the permafrost is black metal outfit Bekmork. Emerging from the frozen tomb with them is their debut record titled Incantations of the Frigid North. There are five tracks total that are harbored within the title of this release that are as raw and dissonant as you would imagine. Each track is a gnarled piece of blackened metal that doesn’t wait around too long before getting you completely acquainted with their venomous and frigid approach.

Incantations of the Frigid North is a pretty straight forward black metal record. Through this release, Bekmork plays a stripped down, bare bones style of black metal that utilizes dissonant fuzzed out riffs, hellish howls and tumultuous drumming to provide you with a straight forward shadow dwelling sound. There are no gimmicks here and certainly no fluff as Bekmork offers up pure unfiltered black metal for your blistered soul.

Coupled with bits of frozen ambiance here and there, Incantations of the Frigid North offers up track after track of bleeding raw sonic darkness. Bekmork seems to have stirred their cauldron just right to provide you with this blistering piece of blasphemy. These six tracks here when needed are blistering straight forward blasphemous odes to darkness, and when needed they slow to a mid tempo romp through the frost to deliver and drive home an impactful buzzing sound.

With everything being said, and while each track is put together well, it is the execution that needs a little work. When Bekmork speeds things up and provides you with a no holds barred, soul stripping blackened offering, that is when things sound great and complete. At other times the sound seems a little discombobulated and incomplete. If overall execution is tightened up a little more, Bekmork would have a cohesive, unholy and wicked pure black metal sound that will be hard to ignore.

Incantations of the Frigid North will be released April 26.

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Widower: Cataclysmic Sorcery

April 18, 2019

Widower: Cataclysmic Sorcery

With great sadistic intent, blackened scourge Widower blurs the lines between black metal and thrash to provide you with one truly wicked album that goes by the title of Cataclysmic Sorcery. This nine track scorcher is just that. It is a relentless, blood shedding offering of pure malevolence and malignancy that pries your soul from your lifeless body. With the two chaotic heads of thrash and black metal sewn together, what Widower has created is something unholy, blasphemous and down right vein draining.

Widower wastes no time getting you to be familiar with their overall blood thirsty sound as you are immediately placed within the belly of the beast. With no time to prepare for what you are about to witness, you become under siege by flesh ripping riffs that are only to be backed by machine gun drums and hellish tortured vocals that ring out from the depths of hell. Widower provides you no reprieve throughout Cataclysmic Sorcery as they provide you with one wicked track right after another suffocating you under droves of deadly, demonic blackened metal.

Cataclysmic Sorcery is an all together venomous and deadly album as it offers up nine sinister and down right nasty tracks that rip away at your soul. With great technicality and musicianship, Widower offers up nine very solid and life threatening cuts one right after the next. Each track is a ceaseless juggernaut of malice and malevolence aimed straight at your throat. Without reprieve you become battered and broken well before the final note has rang through the halls of the dead.

With everything stated above, Cataclysmic Sorcery is a very good record, one that provides you with ceaseless onslaughts of pure hellfire and brimstone. Not on a single track does Widower take a minute or second off as each one is just as furious and blood thirsty as the last. This release has everything you would hope it would have coming from a blackened thrash release and then some, making it to be a well rounded and cohesive offering that you should keep your eyes peeled for.

Cataclysmic Sorcery will be released May 24 through Black Market Metal.

Check out the officially released track Cosmic Holocaust from the up coming release below!

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Plague Weaver: S/T EP

April 14, 2019

Plague Weaver: S/T

Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario is aptly named Plague Weaver with their brand new two track self titled EP. As short as this offering is, it does provide you with raw, dissonant, foreboding black metal that keeps you coming back for more shadowy malevolence. Within only two tracks, this self titled EP grips you tightly, ever slowly dragging you where sunlight does not reach. This self titled release is a compelling and engaging offering, one that supplies you with two great blackened offerings one right after the next.

Plague Weaver begin their devilry with their opening track titled Condemned To Worship. This track begins with a foreboding intro that comes complete with an eerie piano entry that is backed by shadowy whispers of the damned. Once that intro subsides, Plague Weaver hits you with unsettling mid tempo riffs and palpable drumming that is only to be backed by ever wicked, venomous and dissonant vocals that ring through the halls of the damned. This is a very well executed track that will get stuck in your head for quite some time in part due to the ritualistic chanting vocal delivery of the chorus. This track grips you right off the bat with the cold dead hand of the reaper, keeping you engaged and enchanted by the blackened malevolence that Plague Weaver exudes. Condemned To Worship is a solid track opening track that sets you up for the rest of the malevolence that is about to be ushered forth.

Once the mid tempo ritualism of Condemned To Worship subsides, the second and final track YHWH appears from the darkened abyss. YHWH is a more up tempo blackened assault than that of Condemned To Worship. This track is a short yet grave desecrating cut complete with scythe like riffs, raspy hellish vocals and tumultuous drumming. Even though this offering is more up tempo than that of its predecessor, it still very much so is melodic and engaging all the same. YHWH keeps you on the edge of your proverbial seat as it shifts tempos quite often from up tempo to mid tempo all the way back to its shrine desecrating up tempo pace. This track is and feels more gnarled and punishing than the opening track is it rips forth out of the gates never to look back with soul cleaving riffs and ever jarring drumming. This track is a great compliment to the opener as it offers up some of the same characteristics as the first track, yet veers off a path all its own to provide you with variety and an overall well rounded blackened sound that is hard to forget.

This is a very solid EP from Plague Weaver as they gift you with two exceptional black metal tracks that each have something different and unique to offer. With more melody than that of purely traditional black metal, each of the two tracks here are highly memorable and infectious as you will have a hard time getting them dislodged from your memory. With great song writing and great musicianship, Plague Weaver offers up two great tracks that keep you coming back and wanting more.

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NONE: Damp Chill of Life

April 2, 2019

NONE: Damp Chill of Life

In complete spirit crushing fashion, NONE is set to unleash their third full length release titled Damp Chill of Life. After their self titled debut and last years record Life Has Gone On Long Enough, you can come to expect great depressive atmospheric black metal from these shadow lurkers. Destroying optimism, stealing light and replacing it with bitter shadow, NONE offers up seven brand new tracks that are sure to leave you in a pale depressive state. With their oppressive and bleak atmosphere, NONE buries you once more underneath the permafrost leaving you to be chilled to the bone, bitter and alone.

Through these seven long tracks, NONE moves forth wraith like, ever flowing and shifting from one depressive tone to the next. Each track picks apart your psyche leaving you in a dark and bitter place from which you cannot crawl out of. Each track flows well together as when one ends the next picks up right where the previous track left off shrouding you in pure misery and anguish for the entire run time. With each track being as lengthy as they are, NONE takes their time to unravel and unfold their depressive soundscape trapping you in their ever mesmerizing yet bleak ambiance.

As wicked and solemn as the ambiance and atmosphere is throughout this release is, the musicianship plays just as big of a part. Not very often is it that you hear NONE break in to a complete bone rattling blitzkrieg as the majority of the time you are treated to a more down tempo, melodic and melancholic sound. The instrumentation and the atmospherics throughout this record work greatly hand in hand to present to you an overall incredibly depressive yet hypnotic sound that is hard to shake. Each track within this record is a well sewn together piece of work that enchants and invites you in only for you to freeze to the bone and lie under the frost covered soundscapes lifeless.

Every aspect of this record is so well executed. From the instrumentation, to the icy atmospherics to the dissonant pained vocals to the overall great production, this record is a great one. Damp Chill of Life is a wicked record, one that grips you from beginning to end with the frigid hand of death. Each track is a haunting reverie that invites you to die alone among the shadows and the frost and you don’t have much choice but to abide. Damp Chill of Life is an excellently crafted record, one that grabs your attention and keeps you coming back for more and more. Not enough can be said regarding this record. The only thing left to say is that this will be quite simply one of the best depressive black metal and black metal releases in general this year.

Damp Chill of Life will be released April 11 through Hypnotic Dirge Records.

You can order the record now right here.

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