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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Gaerea: Unsettling Whispers

May 27, 2018

unsettling whispers

Straying from the typical black metal path, Gaerea blaze a path of destruction all their own. Incorporating elements from other genres in to their black metal foundation, Gaerea creates a unique, devilish and deadly sound that is not to be forgotten or looked over. This seven track release immediately puts a spell over you captivating and enchanting you until the final ritualistic note has been played. Unsettling Whispers certainly is unsettling and foreboding, but all at the same time you can’t stray from your speakers as Gaerea capture your attention never to let it go. This is an addictive release, one that you will keep coming back to for more and more blackened malevolence until you have had your fill.

Each track within Unsettling Whispers is an overpowering and relentless offering that pushes you in to the darkness in which light has been sealed. Gaerea usher forth unsettling track after unsettling track making your hair stand on end all while making your soul wither within the never ending treacherous darkness. From the very beginning Gaerea make their blasphemous intentions known as they summon forth track after track of soul devouring darkness that you just cannot escape from. As potent and powerful as these tracks are you can’t bring yourself to escape a listen as Gaerea captivate and enchant through and through their wicked release.

Unsettling Whispers is an immersive experience as it grabs a hold of you right from the very beginning never to let you out of its cold clawed grasp. Gaerea has created something here that ultimately worms its way in to your brain only to manifest itself there for some time to come. This release is highly addictive and potent making it out to be a deadly yet incredibly compelling listen. Unsettling Whispers shrouds you in venomous darkness for some time to come as it unleashes track after track of hell fire steeped madness to bring you an ever darkening, blasphemous yet completely riveting listen.

Not enough can be said about Unsettling Whispers as it is a completely well rounded and well executed record. Gaerea truly blaze a path all their own with this offering as they provide you with seven unique tracks that you will have a hard time shaking. This record is undeniably great as it is mesmerizing in its own twisted way, addicting, steeped in malevolent darkness and ultimately as heavy as it can get. You cannot get much better than this and the force of Gaerea is truly on full display all throughout Unsettling Whispers.

This perhaps will be one of the best black metal releases this year and we are not even half way through 2018. Unsettling Whispers is something to be reckoned with as it is a true blackened force. This is not a record to pass up on.

Unsettling Whispers will be released June 22, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity.

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Check out the official videos for Catharsis and Whispers from the upcoming record below!



Chanid: Lucifer

May 24, 2018

chanid cover.jpg

With a raw, punishing and ever soul crushing sound, Chanid deliver eight blasphemous tracks within their new offering appropriately titled Lucifer. With their sound firmly rooted in the nineties, Chanid provide you with a classic occult black metal sound that is visceral, punishing and ever soul destroying. Chanid drags you down through the bowels of hell with each passing track, finally submerging you in a boundless darkness from which you cannot see light. Chanid begins Lucifer with an ominous intro titled Introit Lucifer which begins to steep your soul in blistering hell fire before it bleeds in to the next ever blood blackening track Evocation of Lucifer.

Evocation of Lucifer is a blistering and blood boiling track that shreds and rips from the onset snapping your head back. This barbaric and blood letting offering sets you up for what is left to come for the remaining seven tracks and that is exactly more hellish neck twisting tracks. From Evocation of Lucifer onward, Chanid stampedes forth with even more hell fire as they roll out track after blasphemous track of nothing but savage and unrelenting black metal for your torture. As punishing and relentless as Chanid is throughout this release, they do slow down their tempo from time to time to let their venomous atmosphere leak through and shroud you in death.

Through and through, Lucifer is straight forward black metal. There isn’t anything here to stifle or change that black metal sound. Each track following the intro are ferocious and relentless blackened offerings that never let their blade up from your throat for a second. Chanid suffocate you with their assault as they roll out track after track of pure light stealing black metal. There isn’t a track within this release that is lacking in any way as each one is executed and performed well and coupling that with a bleeding raw production you have a well rounded and very solid effort.

Lucifer is a very solid record as it dishes out eight very well done tracks. If you are a black metal fan you cannot go wrong here with this release as Chanid ushers forth eight very intense, blood letting and heavy tracks that are sure to please your gnarled and scarred ears.


Blood Rites: Demo 1

May 12, 2018

blood rites.jpg

Firmly rooting their sound amidst black metal of the late eighties, Blood Rites usher forth three dissonant, cavernous, blasphemous and hell torching tracks. There are no frills to be found here, nothing is to be over done or over produced as Blood Rites keep it ancient and foul within their first demo. These hellions bring forth a raw, unbridled and terrorizing sound from within the darkest reaches of hell. Each track is a ripping ode the the Dark Lord himself as they spew forth blackened hell fire and unmatched fury providing you with a wicked and down right venomous listen that will make your skin crawl and your sanity burn in the scorched pits of the damned.

Each of the three tracks lead in with an ominous and unsettling intro to set you up for the soul tearing that is about to crash down upon you. These intros never tend to last too long before Blood Rites kicks everything up to an adrenaline pumping pace that is enough to make your head spin. These are furious romps through the dark plains of hell as they hack and slash at you with hellish cutting riffs and battering drumming that break down the walls of your sanity. To follow the ever blistering and blackened sonic torment are savage and blood curdling vocals that spew forth enchantments of the wicked and damned. Blood Rites never lets up in their manic onslaught-save for the brief intros-as they pour out their bubbling mass of twisted satanic metal.

This demo is relentless and skull carving as it offers up three sickening and morbid tracks that consume you in blistering fire and fetid disease. Blood Rites in all of their sinister glory shift from track to track, presenting you with one ritualistic slaughtering track after another making this to be an oppressive, dark, incredibly grim and heavy listen. With the coming of each new track, Blood Rites plunges you further in to oblivion, tearing away at your soul and your flesh.

This is a strong demo for these heathens as they stampede three very excellent and very well crafted tracks through your speakers. This is pure black metal. No frills, no tricks, nothing but blackened metal glory.

This demo will be released June 9, 2018 through Caverna Abismal Records.

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Woechanter: S/T

May 9, 2018

Underneath a bubbling black sky Woechanter formed combining the likes of black metal, death metal and elements of doom to create a sinister and oppressive sound. Their self titled EP features four tracks that are filled to the brim with blackened malevolence and malice, providing you with a damning and flesh gnashing listen. Woechanter begin their trek through the cutting darkness with Iron Tide. This track opens up with near serene guitar picking before harsh doom laden riffs and ever pulsing drumming cuts in. Iron Tide takes on more doom elements than the other three tracks as it trudges forth until it hits the one and a half minute mark where rapid fire drums, harsh riffs and bellowing growls from the never ending abyss appear. Through this track, Woechanter transitions between their abyssal doom sound and their ever oppressive blackened death assault with ease gifting you with one hell of a ripping and enticing opener.

The three tracks that follow Iron Tide implement assaults that are less doom oriented and more focused on death and black metal. These three tracks are soul tearing hellions that storm through black clouds of death with malice and blood curdling madness. These offerings writhe and twist providing you with a sonic darkness that soon consumes your soul. With ever cutting riffs that are supplemented by bone cracking drumming and hellish vocals, you come face to face with a deadly and poisonous track one right after another. Never does Woechanter let their blade from your throat as they storm forth providing you with an ever engaging and ever soul tearing listen.

Behind the sonic torment you can hear wonderfully clean sung vocals that add even more diversity, variety and atmosphere all throughout. The atmosphere that is present throughout this release hangs over you like a blackened cloud of dread and death, never to let you go from its grip. With wonderfully dark lyrics that add to the already gritty and grim sound, the atmosphere that runs through this record is complete, presenting you with an overall venomous and light stealing sound.

Each of the four blasphemous enchantments that appear on this release are wonderfully crafted and performed. Riffs are tight, the drumming is excellent, the clean sung almost angelic vocals are a great touch, and the unearthly demonic growls are unsettling yet very clear and easy to understand. From Iron Tide all the way through to the final cut Cold Hyperborea you are entertained and want to continue listening once the final note has rang out. These tracks are monstrous and unforgiving as they aim to drag you straight in to the darkest pits of hell.

This is an impressive opening salvo from a band that sounds like they have a lot of promise moving forth. Woechanter is a band to keep your eyes on, and this release isn’t to be looked over.

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Acid Cross / Kriegg / Hellripper: Three Way Split

May 3, 2018

Image result for acid cross kriegg hellripper split

Defiling grave sites and summoning the wicked all under one split is Acid Cross, Kriegg and Hellripper. This three way split was released through Contaminated Tones Productions in late 2015 and features six cross burning tracks to get your adrenaline pumping and your soul torn in half. Each of the three bands here play a similar style of thrash infused black metal that is sure to rip your scalp straight off of your skull. Each track is just as venomous and dangerous as the last as each barrel straight through your speakers piercing your gnarled ears and eventually manifesting themselves among your brain.

The first band to crawl up out of the crypt on this three way split is Acid Cross. Acid Cross offer up two tracks on this release titled Technological Demise and Midnight Queen. Each of these tracks are dissonant terrors that rip and tear their way through your flesh spilling out your crimson. Acid Cross terrorizes with ever poisonous riffs that are only to be paired with ever blasting drumming and gravel filled screeches that howl through the sonic torment. While these two tracks that Acid Cross present aren’t as up-tempo as the two tracks from Kriegg or Hellripper, these tracks pack more than a jaw breaking punch. From the onset Acid Cross meets you with malevolence and maliciousness and continue to pour their sickening sound through your speakers for two straight tracks.

Kriegg takes up the middle section of this three way split with tracks three and four titled Nekyia and the aptly titled Grave Rape. These two grave defiling offerings are a little more up-tempo than the earlier tracks from Acid Cross, offering up a neck snapping, dissonant and gnarled sound that isn’t to be forgotten. Right from the drop of the first blasphemous note, Kriegg takes off like a demon spawned from hell to provide you with two face melting and flesh gnashing tracks that get your neck twisting. Slashing riffs are paired with ever hammering drumming and vocals that seem to be howled out from a long forgotten tomb. With these two tracks, Kriegg offer up a malicious, devilish and blackened sound rips and tears its way through your ear drums. These two tracks compared to the earlier tracks of Acid Cross are fused with a little more thrash influence providing you with a thrash heavy yet blackened sound that tears in to your soul.

The band to bring everything home on this split is Hellripper with their tracks Full Moon Witchery and Nekroslut. Much like Kriegg’s two offerings, these final two tracks from these heathens are up-tempo and ripping. With more speed metal and thrash influence, Hellripper’s tracks fly right out of hell offering up two furious and venomous tracks that get your fist and adrenaline pumping. These sinister offerings are just as dissonant and raw sounding as the four that came before them providing you with a welcome gritty and rough around the edges sound. Hellripper blast through the abyss with tight riffing, ever charging drumming and vocals that shred through the blackened noise only to make the overall sound even more deadly. These are two great tracks to nicely tie everything together on an overall great split between three excellent blasphemous bands.

Funeral Art: Cuivië

April 23, 2018

In mystical ambiance and magical majesty, Funeral Art offer up seven enchanting reveries within Cuivië. As they have done many times before, Funeral Art bring you a very atmospheric, ambient and overall dark sound that ultimately consumes you. From beginning to end, Funeral Art does a great job of captivating and mystifying, keeping you listening and enthralled. Combining the likes of funeral doom, ambient black metal and with additions from synths, keyboards and piano work, the overall sound is full and cohesive.

The atmospheric components within Cuivië are vast and grim as they greet you at every twist and turn, reminding you that you are fully submerged in never ending darkness. Synths, keyboards and piano play dance devilishly through each track granting you with an engaging and emotional atmosphere that is hard to deny or shy away from. The ambient sound through Cuivië is a featured fixture through each of the seven tracks that make their spectral appearance, giving off a haunting and overall chilling sound as it encompasses you.

More than the vast amounts of ambiance and atmosphere, Funeral Art sew a gritty style of black metal together with sinister doom passages with ease. Never does one genre take precedence over another as they work wickedly hand in hand to provide you with an overall devilish and sinister sound. Each of the seven tracks within this offering are very well put together and performed very well, offering up solid well executed track after track. Other than the great musicianship and the wonderfully emotional and dark atmosphere, the vocals themselves take up a lot of the spot light. Piercing howls are accompanied by wonderful operatic like cleans and when they appear together you are treated to a vicious yet wondrous vocal performance.

From front to back, Cuivië is a great release. The musicianship is spot on, the vocals as mentioned are great, and the atmosphere is wonderfully devilish. This is a well put together, engaging, theatrical and atmospheric record that shouldn’t be looked over.

You can find Cuivië on the Funeral Art Bandcamp

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Sect Pig: Crooked Backs

April 19, 2018

crooked backs.jpg

From well beyond the black veil of obscurity Sect Pig appear before us again to present us with yet another enigmatic and twisted piece of music. Much like their other releases, Crooked Backs is just as hellish and strange. This release certainly isn’t meant to make you feel comfortable with what you are listening to as Crooked Backs is intentionally jarring, dissociative and disorienting. Crooked Backs writhes through your speakers, twisting and contorting providing you with a sound that is certainly not of this world. Through the sixteen minute track Crooked Backs you are greeted nearly immediately by angular unwarranted riffs, hallucinatory sound effects and wretched vocals that are barked, snarled and growled through the ever darkening and twisting blasphemous noise.

As mentioned before, Crooked Backs is a record that evokes hallucinations and disorients the listener, bending their mind until it finally gives and breaks. From the very beginning, Crooked Backs submerges you in its twisted and sinister sound, drowning you with harsh and incredibly punishing onslaughts of pure madness. The only thing that breaks all of the mind breaking noise up are the audio clips of eugenics experiments being recapped, but that in itself brings another sadistic and dark element to the fold. Crooked Backs is a relentless sanity eating release, one that worms its way in to your mind never to be forgotten.

Crooked Backs pulls your mind in numerous directions, effectively making your head spin leaving you disoriented. This is a chaotic and mind bending release, one that is captivating in its own twisted way. It is hard to break away from Crooked Backs once you have started listening as you want to know here Sect Pig will take things and where they will drop you off along the spectrum of your ever shrinking sanity. From beginning to end, Crooked Backs gnashes away at your ear drums, contorting your sanity and bending your mind with ease as Sect Pig takes you on their chaotic rampage.

Crooked Backs is an interesting and wholly unique record, one that doesn’t sound like anything other than itself. The unorthodox, schizophrenic and entirely chaotic sound that Sect Pig brings to the table is something that is refreshing and very much welcomed. This is a well put together release, one that tests the sanity of the listener before completely shattering said sanity. Crooked Backs is an uncomfortable listen that tests the listener right out of the gate, but as uncomfortable as it is, it is a solid and intriguing listen. Crooked Backs is Sect Pig’s best effort to date.

Crooked Backs will be released through Nuclear War Now! Productions May 15, 2018

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