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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Apatheia: Konstelacja Dziur

September 22, 2018


Calling out from the dank and dark depths of the netherworld with their debut record Konstelacja Dziur is Apatheia. These heathens have brewed and summoned eight wonderfully wicked black metal tracks for your sickening consumption. There is nothing here but blackened malevolence and malignancy as each track plays like a complete blitzkrieg, harvesting your soul before you realize it. With an overall relentless assault, Apatheia soak that in an oppressive atmosphere making each track undeniably potent and venomous. From beginning to end you are treated to a completely ruthless assault that does not stop for eight straight tracks as Apatheia rolls from one light stealing track to the next without hesitation.

It does not take Apatheia long before they confront you with their dissonant and hellish sound as they set off with the first track Odmetnia on their conquest for scorched earth. This pummeling and ever ceaseless track sets you up for what is left to come from the remaining seven tracks which is even more blackened savagery that cannot be denied. Each of the eight tracks that are harbored within the title Konstelacja Dziur are razor sharp and incredibly wicked as they lash out with malevolence. These tracks are wonderfully crafted blasphemies that grip you from the get go never to release your attention until the final track concludes.

Not only are each of the eight tracks pure onslaughts of death and despair, but they also grow more and more expansive as Konstelacja Dziur runs on. With lengthier run times attached to each track it allows Apatheia to capture your attention and captivate even more so. These longer tracks are lined even more so with a cynical and oppressive atmosphere than the shorter tracks and are even filled with even more soul impaling dissonant charges. The two lengthier tracks that top over ten minutes are more unique and dynamic than their counterparts making them even more engaging and intoxicating.

Konstelacja Dziur is an incredibly well done record especially for a debut release. Each of the eight tracks here are unique, incredibly heavy and riddled with underlying atmospheres that are sinister and entirely blackened. Through each track you are greeted with great diversity and variety never to hear the same thing twice as well as great musicianship and hellish vocals that are not to be forgotten. Konstelacja Dziur is one hell of a record placing near the top of my favorite black metal releases this year.

Konstelacja Dziur will be released October 1, 2018 through Godz Ov War Productions.

Ardormort: Exist for Nothing

September 16, 2018

With the convergence of gothic tendencies and black metal, new comers to the sonic soundscape Ardormort provide a lo-fi, darkened and melancholic sound to sink in to. Exist for Nothing is the debut EP by these black metal wielders which sports four tracks of blackened ambiance and an overall atmosphere of listlessness. Each track is steeped in a melancholic haze that has a knack for drawing you in and getting your mind lost in the fog.

The opener Carved in Silence opens slowly with an overall forlorn atmosphere that builds and builds until around the two and a half minute mark before Ardormort kicks things in to gear presenting you with an up tempo blackened assault. Carved in Silence hits you with fuzzed out lo-fi riffs that are paired with raspy gravel filled vocals as well as ever pulsing drumming and the ever prominent keys and synths that set an overall melancholic atmosphere. Carved in Silence is a great opener to this offering as it sets the pace and the mood for the remaining three tracks and gives you a nice six minute taste as to what is to come.

Each of the four tracks within this release combine both gothic, black metal and ambient elements together well to create an overall cohesive and full sound. Through each of the four tracks here within Exist for Nothing you get unique sounds throughout. Never once do you hear the same sound running through the veins of any one of these tracks as Ardormort does a great job of keeping things fresh and varied. Each track is a solid mix of gothic, ambient and black metal that works well creating an overall nice sound that is easy to sink your teeth in to.

The keys and synths are a very prominent feature that runs throughout each track as it provides you with the foggy and murky atmosphere that courses through the veins of this EP. The atmosphere provided by the keys is one that is melancholic and has an ability to draw you in, but not enough. If there is a new release to come about, I wish for the atmosphere to be more dense and prominent.

Overall, Exist for Nothing is a solid debut outing that could use some fine tuning here and there but is overall solid nonetheless. Each track is varied and diverse making this to be an entertaining release overall.

Sathanas: Necrohymns

September 10, 2018


Since their inception in 1988, Sathanas has been scorching the earth with their brand of blackened thrash with release after release. These hellions have been consistently putting out hellfire baptized metal for thirty years with no signs of slowing down or letting up what so ever, and they show that here with their newest record Necrohymns. This offering is filled with eight tracks of ripping and face melting metal that is sure to get your neck twisted and your flesh melting from your bone. From beginning to end Necrohymns is a ripper and without so much as a pause, Sathanas set in never to relent until the eighth and final track has rang through the halls of hell.

Sathanas begin this record with no warning as they shoot straight out of the gate with a flesh peeling offering that sets the tone for the remainder of the record. From At The Left Hand of Satan onward, Necrohymns is a demonic earth scorching offering. In no time you will notice that your neck is twisting and that you just can’t sit still as that just is not an option when listening. Necrohymns does a great job of infecting your mind and getting your head to bang uncontrollably whether you want it to or not. Necrohymns is a furious and relentless record from beginning to end as you are granted no reprieve from the demonic offerings of Sathanas.

This release is grim, gritty and purely hellish. From the drop of the first note Sathanas sets off on a torrid rampage from track to track gifting you with one hell of a listen. There are no frills and no filler here as what you get is eight straight tracks of demonic reckoning. From wicked sharp riffs that are combined with ever pummeling drumming and hellish ripping vocals, Sathanas offers up a sound that is as catchy as it is barbaric and savage. Each track is a well written rampage of metal that is ceaseless on its warpath, trampling over everything that dare stand before it.

Necrohymns is one hell of a release as it provides you with nothing but pure blackened metal for your twisted enjoyment. This offering is as heavy as can be and just as entertaining and deserves quite a lot of recognition.

Majestic Mass: Savage Empire of Death

September 7, 2018

In all of their glory and filth, Majestic Mass come storming out of hell cloaked in midnight black to present you with a sound that is so wonderfully filthy and grimy that you cannot possibly deny it. Savage Empire of Death is the name of their new record and it sports seven total tracks of nothing but blackened rock for your sinister and twisted enjoyment. As grimy and filth riddled as this release is, it is just as addicting, catchy and memorable as you will be nodding your head along with each track as you roll along from one listen straight in to the next. Once the intro Triumphos Manifestum recedes back in to the ever bitter darkness, Majestic Mass kicks into high gear filling your gnarled ear drums with ever buzzing riffs, pounding drumming and savage raspy vocals that are not to be forgotten.

Savage Empire of Death is as filthy as you could imagine and sordid as you would want any record to be. From front to back, Majestic Mass put on a display that is beautifully dark and sinister as they roll from one unapologetic track to the next. The raw just crawled up from the crypt sound is a welcome one as it gives Majestic Mass that air of stagnant blackened stench that works so well. Through and through, Savage Empire of Death is a head nodding and soul stealing listen as each track is just as unkempt and devilish as the last. There are no breaks between sordid romps as Majestic Mass keeps on rolling supplying you with droves of blackened noise to sit and lose your soul to.

Not a single track on this record is a weak one as each of the seven within this offering are well performed and executed providing you with an overall well rounded and well formed sound that infects your mind whether you want it to or not. Once you begin listening you cannot escape the devilish magic that Majestic Mass supplies. Savage Empire of Death has a great ability to draw you in and keep you listening over and over again, and before you know it you are continually reaching for that play button. Savage Empire of Death is an infectious and addicting record, one that wriggles its way under your skin to make a nice fleshy home for some time to come.

This release took me by surprise in the best way possible. Not knowing what to expect, Majestic Mass outdid themselves and then some as they supply you with nothing but top notch blackened rock for seven straight tracks. Savage Empire of Death is highly entertaining, highly addictive, highly memorable and certainly not a record that should be skipped out on. In all of its madness and devilry, Savage Empire of Death is a wonderful record, one that surprised the shit out of me and hopefully will do the same for you. Caligari does it yet again with another entirely unique and incredible release.

Bonehunter: Children of the Atom

August 25, 2018

children of the atom.jpeg

Flying the flag of their very own “devil metal punk” genre, Bonehunter unleash chaos and pure madness through their third full length titled Children of the Atom. This ten track release is a savage and rampaging one that takes what Bonehunter did best in their first two releases to create an unholy and overall triumphant release. Children of the Atom is a devilishly crafted offering that aims to smear you across the pavement before you know what happened. From beginning to end, Children of the Atom is a neck breaking, vertebrae inverting sonic assault that mashes the pedal through the floor never to relent until you are nothing but remnants of what you once were.

Children of the Atom begins with Initiate the Sequence, a one minute intro that quite literally is the only reprieve that you get before the pure blackened onslaught begins. Right after Initiate the Sequence fades in to the never ending abyss, Children of the Atom really kicks off for the remaining nine tracks never to stop its torrid pace until the final gnarled note has rang out through the halls of hell. The nine tracks that follow the opening track are chaotic and blasphemous offerings that are riddled with scythe like riffs, ever tumultuous drumming and frantic screamed larynx shredding vocals. Right after Initiate the Sequence you are jettisoned in to the never ending cyclone of terror that is Children of the Atom, and from then on you are treated to nine pure whiplash inducing tracks grind your skull down in to dust.

This is a nuclear assault that rampages forth, tearing everything and everyone apart that dares press play. Each track is a well constructed, unrelenting blitzkrieg that peels your face from your skull and skin from bone. Children of the Atom hits hard, hits often and relentlessly, creating a storm of scalding flesh searing metal that is not to be forgotten. Bonehunter has truly created a sound and style all their own, truly making their “devil metal punk” genre their own. Children of the Atom is unlike anything else as it is its own devilish entity. As brain bruising and chaotic as this release is, it is just as addictive and hard to stop listening to. Children of the Atom is a record to behold as it helps Bonehunter carve their own piece of history and slice in to the heavy metal echelon.

Children of the Atom proves once again that Bonehunter isn’t a band to be trifled with or forgotten. This release is filthy, raw, grimy and just simply incredible. As mentioned above, Bonehunter took what they did best between their two previous releases and combined them to create a cohesive and even more well rounded sound than they had before. Not enough can be said about this offering as this certainly is one of the best records to be released this year and Children of the Atom is not a record to pass up.

Children of the Atom will be released September 28, 2018 through Hells Headbangers.

Check out the track Sex Messiah Android from the upcoming release below!

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Yovel: Hɪðəˈtu

August 23, 2018


Hailing from Greece comes Yovel, and up from the underworld with them they come dragging their debut full length record Hɪðəˈtu. This release is a seven chapter offering that dives in to oppressiveness and in general is a record about the path from trauma to triumph. Each of the seven slabs of bubbling black metal within this release are harsh, atmospheric, captivating and as razor sharp as you would like them to be. With almost no time to breathe within each track, Yovel provides you with and entirely engaging, atmospheric and ever buzzing assault that captures your mind and takes it through the ever winding record that Yovel presents.

The first track within Hɪðəˈtu is titled Trauma, which is a two and half minute instrumental is filled with spoken word and picked guitar hymns, ultimately setting you up for the sonic assault that you are about to witness. Once Trauma fades back in to obscurity, Hɪðəˈtu really starts as Yovel ushers you in to their madness with dissonant riffs and ever raspy hellish growls. Hɪðəˈtu as a whole is dark and twisting record, one that takes you down harrowing corridors through seven tracks.

Each track is a well crafted offering that transition between full blown blackened assaults, and more near serene atmospheric moments that draw your attention in more and more. The balance that Yovel strikes between the two is great as each track provides you with both moments without lurching from one to another. The transitions are smooth, and with both the ever blasting and blaring sonic deafening and the more calm atmospheric moments, Yovel provides you with plenty of diversity through each track and throughout the entire record.

This is a release that certainly can captivate and have your mind wander through the chapters of its story over and over again. There is a lot of content packed within the seven tracks of this release and even so, Yovel execute to a tee. Hɪðəˈtu as a whole is a very solid debut outing for these Greek metal worshippers as each track is concise and never overstay their welcome, they are constructed and sewn together very well, the instrumentation is on point and the raspy steeped in malevolence vocals are strong and menacing. Packed all within forty minutes, you are provided with seven excellent tracks that are hard to deny.

Loputon Suo: Portti uuteen

August 16, 2018

Seething underneath the undulating darkness that is black metal are touches of death metal throughout Loputon Suo’s new offering Portti uuteen. Through four tracks you are greeted with sinister tones, darkened atmospheres and a pure blistering listen that is sure to creep your mind back in to the darkest of recesses. After the ominous and atmospheric intro Polku, Loputon Suo set you off properly through darkened corridors with Ääni Jään Alta, a proper rampaging opener that sets you up for the sonic torment that is to come. Ääni Jään Alta much like the two tracks that follow it is a wonderful mix of black and death metal, providing you with a proper atmospheric quality as well as a pure neck twisting sound.

The four tracks that are harbored within Portii uuteen are dark and sinister. They forever twist and tighten their grip around your neck, seeping their venom into your mind as you listen over and over again. Within this release, Loputon Suo find the right balance through four tracks with their assault of blackened death metal. They combine both genres together well to create an overall unholy and flesh searing sound that is hard to forget.

As one track fades in to the never ending darkness of the abyss, another begins to rain its malevolent intent down upon you. Through and through, Loputon Suo has created something here that is wholly devilish and poisonous. Each track is a memorable offering that provides you with undulating bass lines, forever charging drums, scythe like riffs and vocals that occasionally transition between unearthly growls and banshee like screeches. The three full tracks that follow the intro Polku are malevolent as they gift you with bleak atmospheres and completely ripping blackened metal.

Portti uuteen impresses with only four tracks as it is a cohesive and well put together effort that fully displays what Loputon Suo is capable of. This is a very solid release overall that is sure to please the ears of many.

Chaoshorde: Hordes Arising

August 9, 2018


Combining the likes of neck twisting speed metal and blasphemous black metal, Chaoshorde provide you with four darkened and purely skin blistering tracks within their debut EP Hordes  Arising. These speed worshiping maniacs play their brand of scalp peeling metal in the collapsed vein of the old, keeping the overall sound bleedingly raw and unkempt. This four track blitzkrieg of terrorizing metal is just that as from beginning to end Chaoshorde provide you with nothing but face melting and spine twisting metal. You don’t get an intro, you don’t get any fluff or filler, what you get is pure, unfiltered blasphemous blackened speed metal to crank to eleven.

From the drop of the first note, Hordes Arising is exactly what is described above. This release is hellish non-stop scorching metal that doesn’t stop the pummeling until your skin has been peeled back from your flesh. Each track is a ripping and damning offering that supplies you with a hellish amount of blasting drumming and scythe like riffs that are only to be coupled with rumbling bass lines all throughout. Hordes Arising induces whiplash nearly immediately as it sets off like a bat straight out of hell never to stop its twisting mayhem until the final bloodied note has rang through.

This is pure intensity captured within only four tracks. Right from the get go you get hit right between the eyes with a ceaseless onslaught pummeling you straight in to the afterlife. You get no time to breathe really as one track rolls almost immediately in to the next creating a damning vortex of shredding metal that just cannot be denied. Hordes Arising is a gritty and intense release, one that terrorizes you from front to back never to release you from its steely clutches.

Hordes Arising is a solid debut outing as it supplies you with four straight excellently crafted tracks that get your brain bashing against your skull in no time. Each track is a face melting ode to the blackened speed metal bands of old and yet Chaoshorde makes it their own. This is a very solid EP, and if you are looking for some new blackened speed metal, look no further.

Eriphion: Hossana

July 14, 2018

Hailing from Athens, Greece is Eriphion and just unleashed is their debut EP Hossana. This four track EP isn’t something that you would expect a debut anything to sound like as it is well rounded, well constructed, performed and much more. Through four tracks you are greeted with nothing but top notch black metal that is sure to sink your soul into a bitter abyss. From beginning to end, Eriphion provides you with track after track of atmospheric light stealing black metal for your darkened enjoyment. I certainly was surprised by what Eriphion has to offer within Hossana as it is certainly a blackened gem of a release.

Eriphion doesn’t wait long before getting you acquainted with their unholy sound as they pour the darkness on thick beginning with the title track. Eriphion immediately greets you with slicing riffs and ever tumultuous drumming before spectral vocals pour in through your speakers haunting your mind. The opening track is a good taste of what is to come and what Eriphion has to offer, and what they have to offer is even more superb atmospheric devilish tunes. From the opener onward, Eriphion shift wraith like from track to track presenting you with a blackened assault through and through.

Each of the four tracks that are presented here are not just pure blackened sonic assaults as each track is riddled with plenty of atmosphere. These tracks have a great ability to steal away your mind and submerge it in the bitter darkness in which Eriphion provides. Hossana is steeped in malevolence and damnation and through the ambiance that is sewn in to each track that is very palpable. As sinister and harrowing as each track is, they are just as captivating and mesmerizing in their own twisted way.

Through and through, Hossana is an excellent EP. This release sounds as though Eriphion are seasoned veterans of the genre as this is a well constructed and highly intoxicating release.

Destroyer Attack: Solve Et Coagula

July 11, 2018

solve et coagula.jpg

In all of their dismal death glory, Destroyer Attack come storming out of the gates of hell with Solve Et Coagula. This twelve track release is a sinister skin peeling offering that rampages forth from one track to the next with complete disdain and disregard for life. From beginning to end, Solve Et Coagula is a ripping and barbaric release that never gives you time to breathe as it ushers forth blistering punishment from the very first second onward. Upon pressing play you become entrapped in a cyclone of blackened torment never to be released until the final gnarled note has rang out.

The first twisted track to grace your scarred ears is Communion of the Black Pest, a track that punches you in the mouth right from the get go never to relent until your teeth have successfully hit the floor. Communion of the Black Pest rips you open with jagged riffs and ever tumultuous drumming that ultimately is backed by savage blood curdling vocals that seem as though they are ringing through the bowels of hell. The remaining eleven tracks are much the same. The barbarity doesn’t stop with the first track as Destroyer Attack bulldozes from track to track supplying you with sickening tune after sickening tune.

Each of these tracks are bleedingly raw and savage offerings to the dark lord as they rip and tear into your flesh. Solve Et Coagula is a ceaseless bombardment of blackened death. Each of these tracks are relatively short, but even so they pack more than an explosive punch. Through twelve tracks you are treated to incredibly sinister light stealing metal. This is an abrasive offering, one that attacks without warning and is relentless until you are lying face down lifeless.

Through and through, Solve Et Coagula is a menacing and monstrous offering from beginning to end. There is no fluff, no filler and nothing here that will compromise the otherwise savage and blood letting sound. This is an engaging and chaotic record, one that is steeped in malevolent and malignant darkness that feeds you droves of  hellish metal that is not to be taken lightly. This mashing of death and black metal is fearsome and should not be over looked.

Solve Et Coagula will be released July 13, 2018 through Morbid Skulls Records.

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