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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

A Scar For The Wicked: The Unholy

June 20, 2018

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Set to unleash complete devastation and annihilation is A Scar For The Wicked with their new offering titled The Unholy. This blasphemous offering buries you underneath droves of unsettling death within seven tracks. Each track that appears within this release foreboding, twisted and dark, submerging you in nothing but cold and bitter death. From track one onward you become entombed in raw and punishing death never giving you a moment to breathe. A Scar For The Wicked set in without so much as a warning before they ladle their death filled assault upon you, ripping at your flesh and draining you of your crimson.

The Unholy is a tightly knit release, one that flows smoothly from track to track and from front to back. Each track plays right in to the next continuing a torturous and blasphemous assault. Reprieve does not come until  the final track has concluded, and even then you hit repeat to relive the sonic metallic attack all over again. Each track is unique in its own way yet each of them are just as menacing and malevolent as the last. Once A Scar For The Wicked sets in, they don’t lift their blade from your throat until their blistering release has finally ended.

This EP is a complete force of death as it ushers forth seven life draining and blood letting rituals. Through and through this is a monstrous and devastating record, one that piles you up among the rest of the cadavers once everything is all said and done. The Unholy is a savage and unhinged release that aims to drain your marrow from the very get go as it stampedes forth without warning pushing your life to the brink.

As aggressive and skin shredding as The Unholy is, it is equally as melodic and memorable. Each track within this release are done extremely well from the musicianship to the ever fear instilling lyrics to the production. The Unholy is a well rounded and brutalizing record that is sure to catch the attention of many. A Scar For The Wicked has put something together here that is top notch and should not be looked over if you are a fan of extreme metal and death metal.

The Unholy will be released June 29, 2018.

Check out the single Born From The Grave from the upcoming release below!

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Skullcrush: Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse

June 13, 2018

Skullcrush Cover Art.png

A culmination of death and disease brewed in a blackened sludge of stagnant blood and torn entrails, Skullcrush offer up four tracks of foul death. Combining the likes of old-school death metal with murky doom passages, Skullcrush provide you with an incredibly raw, punishing and sinister sound that is not to be forgotten. Each of the four tracks that are harbored within this release are skin stripping and flesh gnashing odes to death itself. These bloodied and gut ripping tracks are unrelenting in their bloodletting assault as they climb out of their crypt with a thirst for blood and mutilation right from the get go.

Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is the embodiment of death and death metal. There is nothing here to compromise the natural blood curdling sound that death metal has to offer. As soon as you press play on this release you are taken back thirty plus years to when death metal reigned supreme. From beginning to end you become entombed in a raw and filthy sound that is riddled with death and disease sending you to your own early grave. With each track being relatively lengthy-the longest being over seven minutes-it gives Skullcrush plenty of time to fully display their impressive death metal prowess.

There isn’t a track within this offering that is filler as what you get are four straight tracks of eviscerating death. Each of the four tracks are a wonderfully crafted onslaught of death that grip you right from the get go never to let you go until you have properly been mutilated and disposed of. Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is an impressive release as the instrumentation is as grisly and raw as you would hope and the vocals are as undead and skin crawling as you would like. Couple that and more with an incredibly unfiltered and raw sound, you are treated to one hell of a deadly and entertaining listen.

Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is a murky, drenched in entrails, foreboding and vile release that is sure to turn some heads. With only four tracks Skullcrush impresses and then some as they fully display their gnarled death metal chops.

Coldbound: The Gale

June 8, 2018

the gale.jpg

Brewed in death, majestic melody and sorrowful atmosphere, Coldbound presents their fourth full length record The Gale. This release features nine total tracks that run this release around an hour. That hour goes by quickly through as Coldbound has a great ability to draw you in, captivate and keep your attention all throughout. Each of the nine tracks within this release-including the intro-are well crafted dirges of melodious death metal that will ring true through your mind for some time to come. Coldbound balance melody with brutalizing death exceptionally well throughout this release making this to be a very well balanced, heavy and engaging release.

The Gale begins with a near three minute intro that wonderfully sets the tone for the rest of the record. This intro begins with a thunderstorm that is backed by a near mournful atmosphere that is eventually coupled with blasting drums and scythe like riffs half way through. The intro fades in to darkness giving way to the second track The Invocation. The Invocation plays as described above. It is a melodious, atmospheric, foreboding and ultimately heavy and darkened offering that gets your head nodding right from the get go. If you weren’t sucked in to this record from the intro, you surely will once “The Invocation” hits your ears.

The remaining seven tracks play much the same way as The Invocation. Each offering is a melodious dirge of wonderful death as Coldbound offer up melancholic atmospheres, bleak soundscapes and the unrelenting sound of bitter cold death. As each track rumbles along, you get sucked in to the darkness more and more as Coldbound grip you with the cold hand of death making you stay for the entirety of their record. The Gale is a captivating release through and through, and as lengthy as these tracks are they never over stay their welcome and their never get stale. Each one is unique and twisted in its own way making for a unique and devilishly enchanting listen.

Each of the nine tracks that appear through the obscure darkness on The Gale are wonderfully crafted and executed as they gift you with superb musicianship and hellish vocals that are hard to forget. These tracks are thunderous, memorable, heavy, captivating and so many more descriptors making The Gale to be one excellent release by these death dealers. You get droves of heavy death and melody all throughout that is brought to you by excellent musicianship, darkened atmospheres and a clean production as this is a well rounded offering that will be hard to pass up and should not be passed up.

The Gale will be released June 10, 2018.

Caveman Cult: Supremacia Primordial

June 3, 2018

supremacia primordial.jpg

Primitive, stripped to the bone and incredibly chaotic, Caveman Cult dishes out punishment in the purest of forms within Supremacia Primordial. Through four tracks you are greeted by an all out aural assault of nothing but life threatening war metal that is bound to smash your skull in. This is just unhinged chaos in its greatest and most bare bones form. From the very onset, Caveman Cult makes you feel unwelcome as they stomp forth with precision and murderous intent and continue to do so until the entire release has concluded.

These war machines roll from one track to the next aiming to let your blood and break your bones until you can hardly be recognized. Supremacia Primordial is merciless in its assault as it lays waste to anyone that dares stand before it. This offering is potent and incredibly volatile as it unleashes four tracks of pure chaos and destruction. There isn’t much that is quite as barbaric and punishing as Caveman Cult and they surely make their presence known all throughout this release as they unleash unbridled rage and anger upon you in heaping and detrimental doses.

Supremacia Primordial is a release to behold and not one to be looked over either. This offering sports four excellent tracks of some of the best war metal. With incredible precision, Caveman Cult lobotomizes and hacks you in to pieces before you know it. Each track is a bombastic and explosive offering that knocks your head clean off of your shoulders. Supremacia Primordial is a startling and unsettling release as it ushers forth four furious tracks that assault you from all angles until you have been left in the dirt lifeless.

Caveman Cult never fails to impress and improve upon their sound and this release is no exception. Through and through you are treated to some of the most barbaric and savage metal that you could come across and it is nothing short of excellent. Once again these fiends knock it out of the park and then some.

Supremacia Primordial will be released June 6, 2018 through Larval Productions.

Check out the track Impaled Humanity Ablaze from the upcoming EP below!

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Down Among The Dead Men: …And You Will Obey Me

May 29, 2018

and you will obey me.jpg

Nothing over the top, no frills, no fluff, just pure straight forward skin blistering death metal is exactly what Down Among The Dead Men offer within their release …And You Will Obey Me. This ten track release is powerful, potent and incredibly deadly. Down Among The Dead Men begin their rampage through rigor mortis bodies immediately as they hit you right in the jaw with their opener Destroy The Infinite. Destroy The Infinite is a neck snapping tune that gets you prepared for the remaining nine tracks as each one is just as savage and flesh ripping.

From the opener onward, Down Among The Dead Men provide you with nine more tracks that are sure contort your spine and bruise your brain. Their onslaught of pure repulsive death does not stop until the final note has rang through. Each track within this barbaric offering is blood letting and bone splintering. Without pause, Down Among The Dead Men rip and tear through track after venomous track gifting you with an incredibly deadly and life threatening listen.

These heathens roll out track after track never really giving you a moments reprieve from the all around aural assault. Through each track you become accosted by rapid fire drumming that is only to be paired with gut ripping riffs as blood drenched vocals spew forth through all of the sonic carnage. …And You Will Obey Me is a monstrous and unrelenting release that shovels nothing but rancid death upon you suffocating you until your final breath.

...And You Will Obey Me is a devastating record as Down Among The Dead Men roll out ten nasty and vicious tracks without so much of a second thought about leaving you alive at the end of it all. With as deadly and vicious as this release is, it is equally entertaining and addictive. This is certainly a release that you can and will listen to over and over again without tiring of it. This is an expertly crafted release from beginning to end as it provides you with non stop death metal mayhem for your complete enjoyment.

…And You Will Obey Me will be released though Transcending Obscurity June 15, 2018.

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Check out the official video for the title track below!


Disowning: Battle of Neverness

May 28, 2018

battle of neverness.jpg

With an overall incredibly sinister tone, a lobotomizing approach to death metal and brutal death, Disowning offer up five tracks of gut ripping death within their new release Battle of Neverness. This release comes complete with the title track as well as four other demo tracks from 2015 that aim to mutilate and maim. Disowning doesn’t let you get comfortable before entering Battle of Neverness as they immediately set in with the rampaging and gutting title track. Right from the onset Disowning lets their presence be known as they stampede through your speakers with mutilating and murderous intent.

Each track on this release is a deadly and vicious offering that aims to let your blood before you really can sink your teeth in to this release. Five of the five tracks here are unrelenting offerings that suffocate you under their sheer desire to pick you apart limb from limb. Never do any of these tracks let up on their assault as they storm forth without so much of a thought about your life. One deadly and diseased track rolls right in to the next providing you with a chaotic and bloodied listen. As soon as you press play your death is imminent as you cannot escape the bludgeoning that Disowning dishes out.

With machine gun fire drumming paired with vein bursting riffs and bone rattling bass lines, Disowning offer you something that is monstrous and blood curdling. Each track is just as deadly as the last as they never give you the time to take a breath as they submerge you under copious amounts of viscera and stagnant blood. This is straight forward blood letting death metal. There are no frills here and certainly no fluff as Disowning dish out onslaught after onslaught of treacherous death metal.

Battle of Neverness is a potent and powerful release that immediately makes its intentions known. This is death metal done to a tee. Each track is executed and performed to blood letting excellence providing you with a deadly and highly entertaining listen.

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Mutilate: All Life Ends

May 15, 2018


Hailing from mold riddled tombs and crypts long festering and forgotten, Mutilate offer up a sound that is ancient, disease ridden and drenched in putrefaction. With their upcoming release All Life Ends, these corpse hoarders provide you with three flesh consuming and blood draining tracks. There is nothing here but rotted blood curdling death that does its best to add you to an ever growing pile of festering corpses. Each track is a rumbling and terrorizing offering aiming to spill your entrails right from the onset. Mutilate waits for no one as they immediately begin their savage and brutalizing offering only to march forth through track after track of bloodied and vile death.

There are no frills here and certainly no fluff as what you get for three straight tracks is archaic death in its purest form. Mutilate rampage through three tracks with bone cutting riffs that are supplemented by ever charging drumming and skin crawling zombie like vocals. All Life Ends is a truly vile and twisted release that pours its sickening brand of death on thick burying you under droves of stagnant flesh and botflies. This is a gnarled and bone gnashing effort that gets your head twisting and your innards scrambling right from the drop of the first cadaverous note.

Mutilate roll onward through three tracks trampling the deceased and gutting the living. This hideous release is just that, it is hideous in the best possible of ways. Each track here is wonderfully grim as they drip in bile and putrefaction making it to be a sickening and twisted listen that you aren’t soon to forget. Through three tracks, Mutilate provide you with some of the most sickening death metal that you can’t help but to come back to for more sonic torment. From the very first track, Mutilate rears their ugly head only to gut and mutilate you for three straight tracks leaving you by the way side to rot and fester.

All Life Ends is a very solid release, one that will please death metal fans all over. Covered in rot and buckets of blood, All Life Ends is a great release as each of the three tracks that are present within it are solid and well constructed offerings of death and disease. Keep your eyes peeled.

All Life Ends will be up for pre-order June 1 through Camo Pants Records and Metal Swarm.

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