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Oakenform: Agony of the Human World

June 15, 2019

Oakenform: Agony of the Human World

Hailing from Russia comes deathcore machine Oakenform with their debut slab of grisly down tempo deathcore debauchery. Through Agony of the Human World, Oakenform offers you six total tracks of crushing, skull bashing deathcore. As mentioned, Oakenform plays a down tempo brand of deathcore only kicking up the tempo when needed. As down tempo as these tracks are, you really can feel the weight of them bearing down upon you, crushing your bones before you know it. Not only is each track anvil heavy, but Oakenform incorporates a foredboding atmosphere that makes you feel like death stalks oh so closely.

Without intros and fluff, Oakenform shove you head first in to their brand of shattering deathcore. Ever unrelenting in their murky assault, Oakenform bulldozes from one cut to the next burying you under slabs of grisly deathcore. Through Agony of the Human World, each of its six tracks are slower burning making your butchery a slow torture. This release hits hard and each riff and kick of the drums can be felt. Forever bearing down on you, these offerings are massive sonic walls of death and destruction as they hammer you down in to the earth six feet.

As down tempo as each track is, the breakdowns that riddle these offerings are that much more heavy and menacing. The already skull caving sound that Oakenform emits becomes that much more deadly and powerful once a breakdown does hit. As a whole, Agony of the Human World is an incredibly heavy and spine breaking release. Through and through you are provided with offerings that aim to mash you to pieces until you are left as nothing more than strewn viscera.

Agony of the Human World is a very solid and well constructed debut offering from this new deathcore machine. The musicianship is tight and crushing, the vocals are menacing and hellish and the overall production is clean and tight as well. This is a stomping and unrelenting release that marches forth with six foundation shaking tracks that get you bruising your brain in no time at all. Agony of the Human World is a great release that will surely delight deathcore fans all over.

Agony of the Human World is out now!

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ExitWounds: Visions

February 8, 2019

ExitWounds: Visions

Since their inception in 2018 it hasn’t taken ExitWounds long to gain recognition and kick their careers in to gear. ExitWounds comes out swinging early this year with their EP titled Visions which harbors six tracks within its title that feature crunching riffs, monstrous growls, hellish screams, great cleans, break neck break downs, massive bass lines and ever bone rattling drumming. Through this release you are greeted by six well put together and constructed offerings that will get your head banging before you know it.

As a whole, Visions is an incredibly infectious and memorable offering as each track is just as solid and well put together as the last. Each track here hits hard and rattles around in your brain for some time to come. From the musicianship to the great cleans that are present throughout to the clean production, Vision has it all here. The six tracks that are present here are as heavy as you would wish them to be and as memorable as you could imagine as they make an imprint on you from the first listen making you come back for more.

This is a solid effort through and through that presents you with one solid track right after another. Never are you hear the same thing twice and never are you to get bored of this EP as ExitWounds offers up plenty of variety through each of the six tracks that are present. When needed, each track is as heavy as an anvil especially when the neck breaking break downs hit, and when needed each offering throws in some melodious breaks here and there.

Overall, Visions is a great EP through and through. Everything within this release works well making this a cohesive and well rounded offering. You won’t get bored, or tired of this effort as it has you coming back for more and leaves each track rattling around your brain. Each track is infectious and highly memorable, and this is a great kick off for 2019 for ExitWounds.

Visions will be released February 22, 2019 through SharpTone Records.

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Neptunus: Alien Conspiracy

October 25, 2018

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Crashing down from the cosmos is Neptunus and crashing down from the stars with them is their debut EP titled Alien Conspiracy. This offering features five tracks of technical deathcore for your neck breaking enjoyment. Each track is a spine bending offering that treats you to technicality, cosmic filled horrors and of course a heaping dosage of heavy. From beginning to end these Indonesian destroyers provide you with an unrelenting sound that is meant for bending your neck and mashing your brain against your skull. Neptunus sets in to their EP with Extraterrestrial, a bombastic and ever shredding opener that sets the frenetic and mayhem filled pace in which Alien Conspiracy is filled. This offering presents you with a clean and sharp sound that ultimately courses through each of the tracks that follow.

With Extraterrestrial Neptunus immediately showcases their technical ability as they sling forth technical riffs and pin point drumming. In between ripping death metal rampages, Neptunus incorporates smatterings of break downs that are just as heavy as you would like them to be. Each break down is spaced out well enough so that entire tracks don’t feel and sound like one long break down after another. Extraterrestrial is a great opening track to jettison you in to the cosmos preparing you for the remaining four savage tracks.

Each track that follows the opener plays much the same way. Each offering is a technical and heavy tour de force that offers up a brain bruising and ultimately heavy sound. Alien Conspiracy is a relentless onslaught of deathcore that rampages forth from beginning to end never gifting you with a moments reprieve. Once one track concludes the next begins ushering in the next wave of suffocating death. Neptunus rolls from track to track greeting you with the same intensity that came the track before. Each track is an intense and technical cut that leaves your head spinning at times and at other times leaves you cranking your neck to heavy handed break downs.

Across the board Alien Conspiracy is a solid release as it provides you with calculated break downs, technical musicianship, great unearthly vocals and solid production. Each track is a well written and constructed offering leaving this EP as a whole to be cohesive and fluid. This is a solid debut to say the least.

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The Senate: Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

November 4, 2017

In a galaxy far, far away, two guys decided to pair Star Wars with deathcore to create The Senate and ultimately provide you with galaxy shattering tunes in the form of a full length titled Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away. This brand new record contains eight tracks of spine breaking deathcore for you to bruise your brains and crank your necks to. Through and through, Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away is an entirely entertaining and enjoyable listen whether you are a fan of Star Wars or not.

Through eight tracks you are gifted with face peeling tunes that blast and chip away at your skull until the final note has sounded off. From the very first track on, The Senate blasts off at light speed providing you with some sickeningly heavy and bone crushing tunes. This onslaught doesn’t last for too long however as this record is pretty short in length, but what it lacks in longevity it more than makes up for in entertainment and quality. Each track on this record is well done as The Senate provides you with a cohesive and unrelenting cosmic pummeling.

Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away is down tuned deathcore madness done oh so well. This wall of pure maniacal slaughtering is incredibly heavy. The Senate hardly gives you time to prepare for an utterly bone splintering listen as they nearly immediately bury you under droves of blast beats and menacingly heavy riffs. The breakdowns that they incorporate in each track just about bury you under the earth and really give you no other option other than to head bang until your neck completely snaps. The vocals that shear their way through the wall of sonic madness are rabid and blood thirsty as they switch between throat shredding gutturals and just as grisly and gritty screams as well as the occasional pig squeal.

Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away is a completely unrelenting and unapologetic listen. Each track is just as heavy and deadly as the ones that came before it and for eight straight songs you are pummeled within an inch of your life. The marriage between Star Wars and deathcore is a good one here and it really does seem as though these guys are having nothing but fun with this and that just makes this release that much more enjoyable to listen to.

This is a solid listen for just deathcore fans as well as fans of both deathcore and Star Wars. If you are looking for some brutalizing tunes that are just purely entertaining to listen to, Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away certainly is the record for you.

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