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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Denim Casket: Demo

April 19, 2018

Not particularly abiding by genre rules, Denim Casket certainly don’t fit in to one genre or another. Pigeon holing these noise worshipers would only give you a headache. Driven by a double bass assault, Denim Casket offer up nasty murky noise that leaves your brain buzzing in your skull and your ear drums effectively shredded. Combining the likes of sludge, grind and punk among other genres, Denim Casket offers up a chaotic and terrifying sound that works its way under your skin whether you like it or not. The employment of the double bass assault leaves you with a jarring and bone rattling sound that is hard to shake.

Denim Casket opens their demo with a furious opener titled Reverse Egg which blasts and grinds for twenty seconds before fading in to obscurity only for the next equally jarring and grinding track Ham Is Hog Butt to take over. Much like Reverse Egg, Ham Is Hog Butt is a spastic and murky track that blasts your skull in to sand and asks questions later. The remaining four tracks deploy a similar sound although tracks such as Permanent Marker, Wrinkled Shirt and Vape Coffin trudge along low and slow only to sprinkle in elements of grind here and there to keep you on your toes. Each track employs both sludge and grind effectively, always transitioning between the two seamlessly to always provide you with variety.

Each of the six tracks within this demo are gnarled, vicious and nasty as they gnash away at your ear drums and your sanity. From beginning to end you become enveloped in a chaotic ever oppressive and buzzing sound that ultimately becomes your tomb. Never once does Denim Casket let up in their bludgeoning aural assault as they trudge right along from track to track greeting you at every turn with ever dread instilling noise. Each track punishes you with its sound that is devoid of any guitar only employing double basses, ever charging drumming and throat shredding screaming that rips through the enigmatic wall of noise.

My initial impression upon reading the name Denim Casket was that the overall sound was going to be that of thrash of some sort or some form of hard rock, but boy was I wrong. Denim Casket deploys a sound that is unique and bleedingly raw that takes you aback and effectively pummels you. As short as each of the six tracks are, they pack more than a harsh punch. This is heavy, oppressive, jarring and highly entertaining.

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The Human Race Is Filth: Liberate

April 17, 2018

liberate cover.jpg

Liberate is filthy, grimy and as in your face as it possibly can be as it ushers forth eight new grinding tracks tinged with murky sludge and blasphemous doom. The Human Race Is Filth move from track to track like a wrecking ball through each of their eight new tracks presenting you with an all out aural and startling assault. Never do you get a break from the immense amount of punishment that THRIF dishes out as they rattle off track after track of scorching and pummeling metal that is sure to twist your neck. Liberate is a short release but a potent and powerful one none the less as it packs a massive and bone shattering punch.

Once you lift your finger off of the play button, chaos ensues as THRIF hits you hard and fast with their opener Native Biological Warfare. This establishment burning track sets the tone for the rest of Liberate, and that tone is vicious, nasty and punishing. The tracks that follow Native Biological Warfare are just as detrimental and tempestuous as they ladle out heaping doses of sludge filled grind until you become buried under all of the carnage. Each track is a filthy and ripping offering that snaps your head back before you get a chance to fully appreciate all of the harsh metallic noise.

Though the base for their oppressive sound is grind, THRIF implements both doom and sludge elements in to their sound very well creating an overall gritty, destructive and gnarled sound that is hard to shake. Fueled by jarring riffs, ever charging drumming and vocals steeped in pure animosity, THRIF gift you with an overall head caving listen. The eight tracks within Liberate aren’t so subtle as they charge out of the gate immediately accosting you at every single twist and turn. Whether THRIF greets you with a blitzkrieg of grind or down tempo foundation shaking doom, you understand that you are about to receive a lethal dose of it.

Liberate is an ear drum disintegrating offering, one that is unapologetic and entirely unrelenting. This release is entertaining, heavy as fuck and down right filthy, what more could you want? Each track is crafted well as THRIF’s grind elements play hand in hand with its doom and sludge counterparts only to bring you madness, destruction and a complete neck twisting listen.

Liberate is out now!

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Upcoming Tour Dates:

4/21 Coplay, PA @ The Building
4/27 Baltimore, MD @ Sparta Inn
4/28 Stroudsburg, PA @ Bards
5/10 Toronto, Canada @ Coalition
5/11 Montreal Canada @ L1Entre Nous
5/12 Quebec City or NH TBA
5/13 NY TBA
6/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Century


Kaos Reign: Epiphany

March 20, 2018

Kaos Reign-Epiphany Album Cover.jpg

Manipulating the likes of thrash, death metal and elements of doom to create an overall in your face all out assault is Kaos Reign. With their new offering Epiphany, Kaos Reign offers up twelve brand new tracks that are incredibly diverse and pumped full of fist pumping rage for you to twist your noggin off to. Kaos Reign sews all elements that they employ together seamlessly greeting you with an overall cohesive and ultimately heavy and mind bending listen. Through its twelve tracks, Epiphany provides you with so much content and so much to listen and head bang to that with each listen you come up with something new that you may not have heard before.

Each of the twelve tracks on this release are intricately woven together providing you with a head spinning listen. These tracks are technical and incredibly well performed gifting you with one hell of a great brain bashing listen that you aren’t soon to forget. From the very beginning, Kaos Reign assaults you with savage face shredding riff after face shredding riff that are only to be backed by ever intricate bass lines and ever acrobatic and blasting drums that leave you chest caved and your neck twisted. Complete with yelled gritty vocals that storm through the metallic tempest, Kaos Reign supplies you with twelve very solid tracks that get your head banging and your fist pumping from the onset.

From the very beginning of Epiphany, Kaos Reign charges in never relenting or ceasing their ever bombarding metallic assault as they rumble on from track to track burying you under the massive amount of groove filled riffs that they supply. This record is an ever twisting and ever shape shifting sonic adventure that brings you through darkened doom laden passages, chaotic thrashing madhouses all the way to gritty blood thirsty death metal offerings and everything in between. Kaos Reign does a great job of keeping you guessing as to what you are about to come face to face with next making Epiphany out to be an adventurous and incredibly exciting record to listen to and absorb.

Epiphany is a very solid record that is incredibly diverse as it supplies you with numerous genres and twists and turns all throughout. This is a well put together record that is very well performed through and through supplying you with an overall addicting and heavy listen. With great musicianship, vocals and production, Kaos Reign knock this  record out of the park.

Epiphany will be released April 2, 2018

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