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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Chud: Dead

February 17, 2019

Chud: Dead

Industrial meets death metal just doesn’t cut it with Chud. Their sound can be best described as sonic warfare. Dead is filled with twelve tracks of pure sonic torture and punishment, never relenting until you have been left faceless and lifeless. From beginning to end, the life threatening journey marches forth toward your inevitable demise. Each cut off of this release is monstrous as they barrel toward you at either mach ten or a steady marching pace like death marching toward its next soul to claim.

Dead is a ruinous piece of work, one that brings nothing but devastation and malice along with it. The dozen tracks harbored within this offering are face eating efforts, ones that feast on your flesh and gnash at your bones until you are nothing left other than a pile of skin and empty veins. Each track is a twisted mass of metallic fury that brings a wicked amount of malevolence and terror to the table. Ever savage and ever terrorizing, Chud never ceases in their onslaught as they forever push forth to provide you with twisted, destructive metal.

From the drop of the first metallic note, Chud instills a great sense of dread, fear and terror within you, never to back down until the final note has rang through. Dead is pure devastating noise, and it all comes at you in monstrous waves. With some of the heaviest drums I have ever heard, spine crunching riffs, thundering bass lines and disgusting vocals, Chud offers up a relentless assault. You become under siege from the very get go, forever trapped in their vortex of nightmares and sonic torture.

This is a very solid release from beginning to end. Chud provides you with a great harmony of death and industrial metal to present you with an overall chaotic and damning listen. Dead through and through is terror and malevolence dosed out in short to mid length tracks that keep on terrorizing you until you finally break. Once the skull splitting begins, it never ceases.

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Eggs of Gomorrh: Outpregnate

February 14, 2019

Eggs of Gomorrh: Outpregnate

In a disgusting and twisted three headed assault charged by black, death and war metal, Eggs of Gomorrh are set to unleash their newest offering Outpregnate. This release is pure malevolence and chaos from beginning to end, never gifting you a moment of silence as they shred forth scorching the earth behind them. Outpregnate has an overall sound that is hard to turn away from, a sound that is apocalyptic, one that is terrorizing and menacing all the way through. Each track within this release is vein draining savagery that masticates on your flesh until it has been stripped from bone completely.

Each harsh and foul cut are short and razor sharp, aiming for the jugular from the get go, never to stop the cutting until you are left drained and nothing more than a mere husk. Outpregnate leaves a wreckage of pure carnage and evisceration behind it, leaving nothing alive only to then torch everything that may still remain. In pure wickedness and malignancy, Eggs of Gomorrh offer up a release that is filthy, cynical and down right consuming. From beginning to end you are gripped by the clammy hand of death never to be released until the last bone shredding note has passed through your speakers.

Stripped down, bleeding raw and down right insane, each track offers up a furious and malicious sound that is hard to deny. With wicked riffs that lash out, machine gun drumming that crack skulls and hellish vocals, Eggs of Gomorrh present you with an overall sound that is pure chaos and destruction. Menacing and terrorizing from beginning to end, this release is something to behold. Within its six short tracks you are greeted by nothing but pure madness and mangling metal that is sure to leave your neck snapped and your marrow sapped.

Demonic and ever unrelenting, Outpregnate gifts you with an all around outstanding and life threatening listen. Once the near two minute unsettling intro fades, Eggs of Gomorrh never ceases in their demonic onslaught as they pour the disease and malevolence on thick through the remaining five offerings. Outpregnate is a record to behold, one that will turn heads and subsequently rip them off.

Outpregnate will be released March 18, 2019 through Krucyator Productions.

Check out the official track Prayeggrh from the upcoming release below!

The pre-order can be found on Bandcamp and the Krucyator shop.

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Ceremented/Malefic Levitation: Split

January 14, 2019

Summoned from beyond the catacombs are two nefarious entities that go by the names of Ceremented and Malefic Levitation. The upcoming split between these two ghoulish bands features seven total tracks; five belonging to Ceremented with the last two belonging to Malefic Levitation. The two bands play an equally dissonant, dark and twisted form of heavy metal, but both bands offer up their own unique sounds. Ceremented cruelly sews together death, doom and punk where as Malefic Levitation supplies you with a ceaseless onslaught of bestial blackened death. As one track turns to the next, you are sure to hear nothing but grisly, disgusting metal.

Ceremented come out swinging first with their demented and bone gnashing style of metal. Fusing death, doom and punk together to create a Frankenstein’s monster of ghoulish noise, Ceremented offer up five gnarled and nasty tracks through their side of the split. Never to ease you in to the overall ghoulish and sordid split, Ceremented set in immediately with their first offering that sets the twisted tone for the remainder of their offerings. The opening track hits you with buzzing bass lines that ultimately collide with sharpened riffs, tumultuous drumming and dissonant monstrous vocals that transition between unearthly gutturals, bloodied screams and the occasional guttural gurgling. Through each of their five tracks, Ceremented seamlessly incorporate each genre that they employ to create such a grimy and twisted sound. Ceremented break in to fast paced romps through desecrated tombs only to slow things to a crawl, dragging you in to the dark recesses of the abyss with devilish doom. Each of the five tracks that Ceremented present through this split are well written damning offerings that showcase their ability to provide you with a unique sounding and entirely vile onslaught. These tracks run on the shorter side, never to cross the three minute mark, but even so you are provided with intense and ghoulish sounding metal. No punches are pulled through these tracks as the vile, tumultuous and haunting aspects of death, doom and punk are on full display through each. From the beginning of their side to the end, Ceremented offer up truly terrorizing and foreboding assaults that never rest until you have been fully rotted and lowered in to a damp grave.

The second side of the split features the last two tracks by Malefic Levitation. Malefic Levitation plays a noticeably different style of sonic debauchery than that of Ceremented. Malefic Levitation incorporates the likes of death metal and black metal to create a truly chaotic and skull sanding sound that hard to deny. You have no more than a half second between the end of Ceremented’s side and the beginning of Malefic Levitation’s side before these heathens set in aiming to take your life within the first couple seconds. Malefic Levitation waste no time getting you acquainted with their dissonant, in your face and ever flesh ripping sound as the propel forth with blasting drums, blood letting riffs and gravel filled growls that make your blood curdle. Each of the two offerings that belong to Malefic Levitation are twisted abominations of the blackest of metals. Both tracks are ceaseless onslaughts of terrorizing metal that don’t never relent until you are truly slain. Malefic Levitation deploys track after track of demonic reckoning that pushes you in to the throes of blasphemous twisted darkness. Never leaving you a moment to breathe, Malefic Levitation bears down on you with each of their offerings, suffocating you underneath droves of vile and venomous metal.

This split between two truly nefarious and punishing bands is something to behold. Each band offers something unique and different gifting you with a diverse and varied listen. Both sides of this split are great and as a whole it provides you with seven excellent tracks that are not to be denied. This is a great effort, and a great showcasing of talents that both bands posses. This is not a split to look over or sleep on if you are a fan of any of the genres mentioned or extreme metal in general.

The split will be released January 18, 2019 through Caligari Records.

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Caligari Records Bandcamp

Split/Cross: Rise of Discontent

January 6, 2019

Split/Cross: Rise of Discontent

In a mad mashing of metallic noise that features genres like: grindcore, doom, punk, d-beat, sludge, death metal, hardcore and more, Split/Cross offers up an incredibly eclectic and unique sound within their newest offering Rise of Discontent. In eight tracks, never are you to get the same sound out of Split/Cross as they are constantly contorting and shifting their sound. The balance between the numerous genres that they deploy is great here as not one overshadows another and each work in cohesion to create an overall blasting and skull numbing sound.

Split/Cross wastes none of your time getting you acquainted with their overall harsh and punishing noise. From the very onset right after a little interlude, Split/Cross sets off splitting skulls. Track to track, Split/Cross never ceases in their unbridled onslaught gifting you with heaping doses of nothing but pure chaotic metal. Never does their roll slow even when their down tempo sludge filled doom dirges crop up as each track continues to push the envelope and continues to push the over powering metallic noise.

Forever shape shifting and contorting, each cut is as unique and diverse as the last. Rise of Discontent is a wild and chaotic ride from beginning to end, never letting you fully get comfortable as you are thrown for loop after loop. You can never expect one thing or another from Split/Cross as they constantly change their sound minute after minute and track after track making them a true Frankenstein’s monster of metallic noise.

Rise of Discontentis sharp, venomous, punishing and brain rattling through and through, never gifting reprieve as you become suffocated under the droves of heavy forward charging metal. Complete with anvil heavy riffs, frantic vocals, tumultuous drumming, spine rattling bass lines and lyrics shouting out against injustices, Split/Cross feeds you heaping doses of monstrously heavy metal that is incredibly hard to ignore and deny. Forever in your face and forever venomous, each offering within Rise of Discontent is a record to behold. It is unique, captivating in its own way and highly entertaining.

The writing on this release is great, the musicianship is excellent and the overall sound of this record is superb. This is a release you cannot go wrong with.

Rise of Discontent will be released January 31, 2019.

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Disconnect: Tragic Doom

December 30, 2018

Disconnect: Tragic Doom

In a wicked culmination of numerous genres, Disconnect presents their newest five track offering Tragic Doom. Sewing together the likes of death metal, black metal, doom and some elements of sludge, Disconnect offers up an eclectic and unique sound. Through each of the five tracks that are present here you are greeted by every genre; not just one, not two, but every genre that Disconnect utilizes. As chaotic as that may sound, Disconnect sew each genre together wonderfully to create a cohesive and multi layered sound.

Once you feel as though you have a track figured out, Disconnect switches gears guiding you down a completely different path. These heathens switch seamlessly from genre to genre, forever contorting them to how they see fit. From pushing you forth toward the throes of death to dragging you asunder to the darkened abyss with doom and striking all the way back to venomous black metal, Disconnect deploys it all to create a sonic assault that is undeniable. Disconnect molds and shapes each track in such a way where each genre that they dabble in has a place in their cacophony of metallic noise.

Tragic Doom is a multi layered and multifaceted release, never to greet you with the same sounds twice as it ushers you through a complete labyrinth of sounds one minute after the next. This EP guides your mind through ever winding and twisting darkened corridors through each track and through each minute. Never once does Disconnect give you time to reflect on what you just heard as they are already ushering forth a new and unique sound.

It is easy to get wrapped up within this offering as it takes you on quite the sonic journey. From beginning to end you get wrapped up in the ever mesmerizing maze of sounds. Disconnect weaves in and out of genres with ease as they take you on break neck journeys with black and death metal, only to slow things down to a murky devilish crawl with their doom and sludge elements. Every now and then they break to present you with clean vocals and near serene sounds only to drag you back in to their ever punishing and wicked tone.

Tragic Doom is a cynical and dark EP, one that doesn’t take too much time to get you acquainted with its overall unique and forever shape shifting tone. Each track is a dark enchantment of black metal, doom, death, sludge and more to provide you with something truly striking and different. Overall, Tragic Doom is a very solid release through and through. Disconnect plays around and experiments with things that may not have been heard in their previous releases, and it all works so well.

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Disconnect Bandcamp

Ardormort: S/T

December 10, 2018

Ardormort is a newer band with its inception coming about earlier this year and their debut EP Exist For Nothing… only coming about a few months ago. Fast forward to the present and this one man band has unleashed yet another offering that is self titled. Immediately you can tell the difference between the EP and this self titled release as the musicianship is tighter as is the song writing as a whole. Within the seven tracks that are presented within this release you are treated to a menagerie of genres as Ardormort sews black metal, doom, synth, atmospheric tendencies and much more together to create a unique and intriguing sound.

This murky release shape shifts constantly, ever providing you with diversity and variety, never for you to hear the same sound twice. Ardormort does a great job of mixing and matching genres creating an all together fluid and cohesive sound. Never once do other genres trip over each other as each one works together pretty seamlessly. With all of the genres that are within this release listed above, you may seem to think that the sound would be jumbled and chaotic, but it is quite the opposite. This self titled release is a fluid and comprehensive from beginning to end.

There is no denying that the overall sound is odd, that much you cannot fight, but all at the same time it is compelling and unique. More than just black metal and doom, the most interesting aspects of this release are the synth oddities and strange atmospheres that work in coalescence with the black metal and doom genes. The synth elements work well within this offering as it provides you with a dark undertone and atmosphere that is hard to ignore. 

With all of its oddities and with all of the genres that are worked in here, this self titled release is a nice step up from the debut EP. Everything comes together nicely here and nothing feels out of place as each element finds its right place among the blackened noise. 

Omgeving: Wijde Wijdte

November 18, 2018

Boiling down numerous genres to create something all together atmospheric, heavy and gripping is Omgeving. This experimental band incorporates the likes of doom, sludge, rock, black metal and ambient to provide you with a compelling and enveloping sound. Wijde Wijdte is an instrumental record that comes complete with eight tracks of gripping and mind warping metal. From beginning to end you fall deeper and deeper in to the darkened recesses of the atmosphere that is provided here for you. As soon as the first note hits your ears you are compelled and gripped, never wanting to leave the listen until you have heard the final note call out through the void.

Wijde Wijdte is wholly striking and intriguing and Omgeving seamlessly sews numerous genres together to create an overall unique sound. Never once do you hear the same sound twice as Omgeving does a great job of mixing things up through each track. Wijde Wijdte is a labyrinth of sounds as it is forever changing and forever leading your mind around twisting and contorting corridors for its entirety. Wijde Wijdte has a knack for pulling you in and submerging you under its ever compelling and hypnotizing atmospheres never to let you leave until your mind has been completely filled with darkened reveries and dirges of doom.

Omgeving presents you with a sound that is grand, fluid and ever shifting never keeping the same shape as it contorts and twists its way through numerous genres only to provide you with a cohesive and comprehensive listen.The smattering of genres within this release is on full display as each and every track provides you with little elements of each genre that work hand in hand to create an overall inviting yet sinister sound. As each minute passes through these dirges of darkness, you fall further and further in to the abyssal soundscapes that are provided for you. Wijde Wijdte is hypnotic in its own way and gripping, ever drawing you further and further in to where the light does not reach.

Wijde Wijdte is a solid record to say the least as it offers up just about everything you could want coming from an experimental project. You are treated to ever foreboding atmospheres, slow burning doom passages, black metal cynicism and more as Omgeving pushes the boundaries of each genre to present you with something unique. Each of the eight tracks on this release are fulfilling and well constructed creating a fluid sound that you have a hard time breaking away from. This release warrants many listens not only to pick up on things that you may not have heard in previous listens, but because it is a solid and compelling record through and through.

Wijde Wijdte will be released December 6, 2018 through Hypnotic Dirge Records.

1914: The Blind Leading the Blind

November 4, 2018

the blind leading the blind.jpg

While there are plenty of bands that focus on the atrocities of WWII, 1914 decided to take a different direction and aim their focus on WWI instead. 1914 tell tales of hopelessness, fear and death, making this release to be relentless yet melancholic at times and gripping all the way through. Through each track, 1914 weaves tales of atrocities and death leading your mind through war torn battle fields and bloodied corridors leaving you feeling shell shocked and grim. The Blind Leading the Blind is a unique and ever twisting offering that presents you with eleven straight tracks of wonderfully crafted metal that grips you from beginning to end. Never once does 1914 let up in their assault as they press onward with the combination of death, doom and touches of sludge to present you with an all together incredibly heavy and memorable sound.

1914 leads their march with their opener War In,  which seems to sample a musical number from the time period before really getting you acquainted with their punishing and twisted sound. Right after War In concludes, 1914 barrels forth straight in to the next track without so much as a breather in between. These commandos march forth from track to track spinning tales of war and death that hit you square between the eyes. Just as punishing of a sound as 1914 gives off, it is just as engaging and mesmerizing in its own right as you become gripped by the cold hand of death from the very beginning never to leave until all has been concluded.

The overall sound of The Blind Leading the Blind is incredibly massive and monolithic. You can feel the weight of each kick of the drum and you can feel the strum of each riff rattle your bones. The musicianship is intricate and stellar as the vocals are just as savage and vibrant as they force their way through the cacophony of murky sludge filled noise. Each track is a cohesive offering that sews death and doom together and at points black metal to create an overall spine bending heavy and memorable sound. Each track is a labyrinth of intricacies as each track is forever changing and shifting shape, never to present you with the same sound twice, forever keeping you on your toes.

This is a well crafted record from beginning to end. The musicianship is top notch, the vocals are incredible, the over hanging dismal atmosphere is great and the tales woven of the first world war are all gripping. The Blind Leading the Blind is a great release, one that should not be over looked. This is a hell of a sophomore effort from these Ukrainian bulldozers, one that will stand atop with some of the best releases this year.

The Blind Leading the Blind will be released November 11, 2018 through Redefining Darkness for North America and Archaic Sound for Europe.

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1914 Facebook

1914 Bandcamp


Ye Goat-Herd Gods: Ashes Shall Be Made of Them

October 10, 2018

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Classifying themselves as just metal might be appropriate since Ye Goat-Herd Gods doesn’t quite fit in one single genre or another, and that is what makes them unique, incredibly memorable, diverse and varied. Incorporating numerous genres in to their sound, Ye Goat-Herd Gods creates a sound that is potent and highly addictive as you find yourself coming back for more listens. As punishing and blackened as their tracks can be, they are just as melodic and memorable as they infect your mind like a disease never to leave. From beginning to end, Ye Goat-Herd Gods provides you with ten straight tracks of nothing but melodic, atmospheric and punishing metal that drives you deep in to a seemingly endless darkness.

These purveyors of death don’t wait around to grace you with their blackened metal as they immediately set in with Ribspreader. This sickening track provides you with everything that Ye Goat-Herd Gods has to offer. It is dark, melodic and as heavy as you could want it providing you with the perfect neck twisting opener to an album that will surely make you bruise your brain against your skull many times over. From this opening track you can immediately tell that Ye Goat-Herd Gods has built off of their sound from their debut Becoming Flesh, as they are even more tightly knit and proficient.

From Ribspreader onward, you are treated to nine more tracks that play much the same way. Each of the following tracks are cohesive atmospheric and melodic marches toward death that ultimately burrow themselves deep in your brain never to vacate. Each track on this offering is so well performed and so well crafted that you almost have no other choice but to listen over and over again. Ashes Shall Be Made of Them is a well put together record, one that has great fluidity throughout making you stay for the entirety of the record and then some. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but top notch metal.

Ashes Shall Be Made of Them has just about everything you could want. It is packed with melody, atmosphere, great musicianship, powerful shredding vocals, solid production and overall well constructed intense tracks one right after another. This is a certain step up from their last effort as this is an overall well rounded offering that just cannot be denied. Fans of black metal, death metal or just metal in general will find something here for them as this is just purely ten tracks of outstanding metal.

Ashes Shall Be Made of Them will be released October 31, 2018.

Clawing: Labour

September 30, 2018

Album Artwork.jpg

Totaling near thirty minutes, Labour is a track that is separated in to parts by spoken word that spin a harrowing tale of drug addiction and that the only thing that brings this person in the story any happiness is digging a hole. Labour is consuming, enveloping, atmospheric, ambient, harrowing, melancholy, gripping and so many more descriptors that could not do the weight of the music justice. Clawing has a great ability to draw you in to their music, gripping you tightly and bringing you along for the tale that they weave. This track is broken down exceptionally giving plenty of time to tell the tale as well as completely encompass you in the dark and melancholic ambiance that they provide.

As Labour swells up from out of the darkness, it begins with ambient noises of dirt being dug accompanied by melancholic guitar tones that comes complete with one striking line, “will you put me out to pasture?”. From here on, Labour creeps along at a slow burning pace, ever filling you with darkness and ever encompassing you in bitter, cold and mind breaking atmospheres and ambiance. This ambiance is filled with hopelessness, devoid of all light and humanity. As Labour marches forth, it guides you down darkened corridors, ever pressing your mind back in to the shadows, ever needling at your emotions, making you feel unsettled and uneasy.

Labour brings everything down to earth, as it spins a tale that hits close to home not only for me, but for many others out there. The overall sound of this release is one that represents a lot of emotion that goes along with dealing with addiction. It is dark, twisted, grounded, melancholic and terrifying all in the same. Clawing has presented something here that evokes a lot of the emotions that their track is trying to portray. Every note can be felt and the ambiance hangs over you like a darkened cloud never to fade until the final note has receded back into obscurity.

This is a great release, one that is grounded in reality and one that can hit home for a lot of people. The music overall is great, the noise elements, the ambiance, everything about it is well done. Mix that in with a story that hits you like a ton of bricks, and one that really evokes emotions that you may not have wanted to touch on, you get a release that really draws you in. Overall, Labour is a very solid release, one that should be heard.

Labour will be released October 31, 2018.

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