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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Singularity: Place of Chains

October 15, 2019

Singularity: Place of Chains

In a land where symphonic black metal and technical death metal meet comes Singularity and in tow with them the bring their devastating new addition to their line up titled Place of Chains. Featuring nine total tracks of ripping, technical symphonic blasting, Place of Chains is a true tour de force that rips your face from your skull before you know it. Not only does this record destroy and leave your head spinning, but it also envelopes you in grandiose atmosphere making your mind wander through corridor after corridor of fully fleshed out ambiance and atmosphere for some time to come. Place of Chains is a well rounded, cohesive and mind flaying effort, one that snaps your neck and scrambles your brain before you know it.

Singularity begins Place of Chains with a near three minute atmospheric intro that is incredibly tense and foreboding as it has you wander through cynical and darkened ambiance riddled corridors. Over half way through the intro titled Bellum, you become hit with rapid fire drum work, sharpened riffs and rumbling bass lines before Bellum fades directly into the second offering titled Victory or Death. This track is full fledged technical death metal onslaught that is fused with symphonic black metal that warps your mind as you become under siege by a pure metallic onslaught. This technical offering is what you can come to expect from the remainder of the seven tracks that follow. Each track is well executed, performed, constructed and perfectly wrapped in enough atmosphere making each cut damn near perfect.

All around, through and through, Place of Chains is excellent. There isn’t a track on this release that is lacking in any way what so ever. Each cut through this record here provides you with whiplash inducing technicality brought on by the technical death metal elements as well as sinister atmosphere and ambiance brought on by the symphonic black metal elements. Both genres work in sickening harmony here to provide you with an incredibly well thought out and cohesive sound that becomes all so addictive. One listen turns to many, and many turn in to so much more as you want to inject this record straight in to your veins.

Ever ripping, flesh flaying and mind warping, Singularity offers up a truly great record here with Place of Chains. You really can’t go wrong here with this offering as what you get within it are nine great tracks one right after the next. The song writing here is superb, the musicianship is perfect, the vocals are on point, atmosphere is perfectly sinister and so much more. This release is damn near perfect, if it isn’t actually perfect. Place of Chains isn’t a release that should be skipped over or over looked as it is truly remarkable.

Check out the track Ritual of Regret from Place of Chains below!

Place of Chains is out now through The Artisan Era.

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TripleMurder: Pre-Meditated

August 22, 2019

TripleMurder: Pre-Meditated

Never to be put in a box or pigeon holed, TripleMurder uses their heavy eclectic sound to produce variety and diversity. There is a lot that TripleMurder has to offer within their six track EP titled Pre-Meditated. From groove filled riffs, to heavy break downs, to searing solos, to varied vocals and more, TripleMurder packs this EP to the bursting point. Through six offerings, Pre-Meditated provides a wickedly heavy yet entirely memorable and entertaining listen. The one problem that you will run in to is that this EP is not nearly long enough, but that is a purely selfish complaint. Through the twenty plus minute run time you are treated to cohesive and very solid metal all the way through that will sure please the gnarled ears of death metal, deathcore and fans beyond those genres.

TripleMurder wastes zero time getting you acclimated and acquainted to their cohesive metallic sound as they set in immediately as soon as you press play. There is no intro to warm you up as TripleMurder thrusts you head first into their brand of head caving metal as they feed you chunky riffs that are backed by ripping grit filled vocals that pierce the wall of tumultuous drumming and shredding riffs. The meshing of death metal and deathcore works well here as TripleMurder sew the two heavy genres together to create an overall cohesive, groove filled and technical sound that is hard to deny. Each track is a well written storm of death that comes out swinging aiming to engulf you in all of its fury.

It isn’t just the grooves, or the killer vocals or the solid drum work, but it is also the breakdowns that tie each track together well too. The breakdowns are used sparingly throughout Pre-Meditated making them have more impact on each track. Not only are they used sparingly, but they aren’t your typical chugging, unearthly down tuned break downs either. Each one is neck bending heavy of course, but they seem to have more substance to them and each one is different from the last making each one unique. This all adds to the variety and diversity that TripleMurder utilizes to their immense benefit.

Through and through, Pre-Meditated is a very solid release. One that brings the heavy in droves, but it also is incredibly memorable and entertaining. Each track is just as good as the last and TripleMurder really show off their song writing abilities through each track. The six offerings present here are unique, heavy, varied, well constructed and much more which ultimately creates an incredibly great listening experience. As mentioned above, the only complaint is that this isn’t long enough but that’s just purely selfish.

TripleMurder has created something here with their debut that is flat out great through and through and really nothing else needs to be said other than that.

Pre-Meditated will be released September 20. You can pre-order this EP here and here.

Check out the official music video for the track Cannibalistic below!

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Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

August 19, 2019

Warcrab: Damned In Endless Night

In a reign of utter devastation and bone crushing heavy, Warcrab offer up their upcoming release. Titled Damned In Endless Night, Warcrab usher forth a brand of heavy that meshes together death metal and a dose of sludge that is enough to clog your veins. Ten total tracks, ten total tracks of murky death that drag you asunder in to the murky darkness whether you are prepared or not. Damned In Endless Night is amazingly heavy as it is down right crushing from beginning to end. Without looking back, forever pushing onward, Warcrab stomps forth with their spine bending brand of sludge riddled death for your twisted enjoyment. One track after the next you come face to face with a perfect balance of sludge and coffin packing death and the more that you listen, the closer you march toward your murky grave.

After a near serene two minute intro titled Perpetua that lulls you in to a false sense of calm, Warcrab hits you with buzzing, sludge filled yet ripping death metal in the following track Halo of Flies. In great cohesion, Warcrab mix both sludge and death metal together to create an impactful and devastating sound, and with Halo of Flies that is shown right off the bat. Quickly you become buried underneath the droves of thick, murky sludge riddled death, and before you know it you sink lower and lower in to a cavernous abyss. Each track that follows Halo of Flies is just as heavy and deadly, making this to be a true venomous and bone rattling listen.

No matter whether Warcrab offers up a true death metal rampage, or if they offer up a slower trudging sludge sound, or combine the two to create a truly menacing sound, you can be sure that it is going to be heavy. Each track following Perpetua is a sonic slab of grisly metal that is as menacing and terrorizing as you would imagine. Forever punishing and decimating, Warcrab trudges forth gifting you with one incredible track after the next. Damned In Endless Night as a whole is monstrous as it sounds like a titan emerging from the great depths of below. Bone rattling, destroying, deadly and wicked, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold as it is all consuming and enveloping.

Damned In Endless Night is a gripping release, one that takes hold of you from the drop of the first note onward, forever plunging you in to depths in which light does not exist. This release is grisly, nasty and down right crushing. It never relents in its sonic assault as it shifts from track to track aiming to fully envelope you in its titanic sound. The balance between sludge and death metal here is great as both work in sickening concert to provide you with an incredible sound that is wholly unforgettable. As massive and destructive as “Damned In The Endless Night” is, it is just as captivating and memorable, making this to be a truly exceptional release.

Overall, Damned In Endless Night is a record to behold. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but top notch, unrepentant metal. In all of its murky and deadly glory, this release is incredible and certainly one of the top tier releases to come out this year.

Damned In Endless Night will be unleashed August 30 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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Enforced: At The Walls

July 18, 2019

Enforced: At The Walls

Volatile, explosive, destructive, head caving and many more descriptors can be used to describe hardcore/thrash crossover act Enforced. With unbridled intensity and fury, Enforced unleash a true metallic assault that is sure to snap your head back before you have any time to prepare. At The Walls features tracks from Enforced’s 2017 demo, Retaliation promo and not only that but two brand new tracks are present as well. With that said, through this release you are treated to nine incredibly heavy, bone shattering offerings that leave you bloodied and bruised at the end of it all. At The Walls begins with a ferocious onslaught and carries that intensity and explosiveness all the way through to the end leaving your face surely melted on the floor.

As mentioned, Enforced combines the likes of thrash and hardcore, and in doing so they present you with an overall bombastic and sharpened sound that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time. The sound that Enforced emits is one that is truly forceful and intense giving you no choice but to be all consumed by its potency and power. Each of the nine offerings within this title are as punishing and destructive as each other making the entire release foundation leveling and skull smashing.

Enforced provides you with no warnings, provides you with no filler or fluff as each track that they have here within this compilation is a vicious metallic onslaught of gargantuan proportions. With massive sharpened riffs that are wielded like weapons, drumming that shatters your bones and vocals that are incredibly intense, Enforced provides you with an overall sound that is caustic and down right face melting.

Each track that Enforced has compiled within At The Walls is a true heavy handed beat down that leaves you broken. One track right after the next of nothing but furious thrashing hardcore madness that gets your neck twisted and head banging immediately. These offerings are all volatile, pummeling and demolishing, and if you are looking for a great head caving release you don’t have to look further than what At The Walls offers.

At The Walls will be released July 19 through WAR Records.

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Unburnt: Arcane Evolution

July 14, 2019

Unburnt: Arcane Evolution

Formed underneath a swirling miasma of black metal and death, Unburnt is set to unleash their newest offering, a four track EP titled Arcane Evolution. While mixing both damning black metal and face shredding death metal, Unburnt offer up a truly cohesive and well rounded sound that is incredibly hard to deny. As punishing and unrelenting as their overall sound is, it is just as rhythmic and melodic. Through each of the four tracks that are present here you will come face to face with forceful driving riffs, ever charging drumming and monstrous vocals that switch between unearthly growls to a more mid toned black metal scream. Arcane Evolution is an scorching and down right neck snapping release that provides you with some incredibly heavy and down right memorable tunes all within four offerings.

Each track harbored within this title are all unique and varied. Never do you hear the same thing twice through each track or even within the same track. Unburnt does a great job of keeping you on your toes as they morph and shape their sound to how they see fit. Ever an eclectic and shape shifting sound, Unburnt offers up four great tracks that push forth to provide you a wicked overall blackened death metal sound that is sure to shred the flesh from your face.

Memorable, infectious, heavy, melodic and so much more, Unburnt has it all here within Arcane Evolution. There isn’t a track that is weak in any fashion as Unburnt hits the nail right on the head throughout this release. Each cut is greatly technical, melodic, rhythmic, gripping and engaging as each one worms their way into your head only to manifest themselves there for some time to come. Arcane Evolution is an undeniable release, one that provides you with four wicked tracks one right after the next that melt your face and have your head on a swivel once you neck has been surely snapped.

Through this release, Unburnt strikes a great balance between having an overall punishing sound and yet have it be so very melodic all the same. Unburnt has a great knack for grabbing you by the throat from the very get go, grabbing your attention making you their captive audience until the final track has ended. Through and through, Arcane Evolution is a down right ripper of a release that offers up four technical and incredibly heavy tracks that you will not be able to shake. For fans of black metal, death metal or extreme metal in general, there is something here for just about everyone as Unburnt creates an overall tight and cohesive sound.

Arcane Evolution will be unleashed August 16th.

You can find pre-orders now right here!

Check out the two singles Sorrow-Bearing Enemy and A Reason to Live from the upcoming release Arcane Evolution below!

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Hammerhands: Model Citizen

July 10, 2019

Image may contain: text that says 'MODEL CITIZEN'
Hammerhands: Model Citizen

Blurring the lines between doom, sludge, stoner rock, noise rock and even more, Hammerhands offers up a truly eclectic, unique and incredibly heavy sound. Within their new upcoming record Model Citizen, you are treated to nine total tracks of unrelenting, fuzzed out, monstrous offerings one right after the next. Never does Hammerhands slow their roll as they march onward from offering to offering burying you under the sheer weight of the wall of noise that they produce. With their overall monstrous sound comes bone rattling and the shaking of foundations and the more that you listen the more that your brain rattles in its skeletal domain.

From the very beginning Hammerhands captivates as they offer up a truly unrelenting and pummeling sound immediately. No intros are to be heard here as Hammerhands gets you acquainted with their brand of punishing noisy metal from the get go. Each of the nine tracks within this release are massively heavy and spine bending as they never cease in their murky, fuzz drenched assault. Each offering is a true wall of punishing noise that aims to bury you underneath their sheer weight, and they succeed. You are gifted no real reprieve or solace from the skull numbing noise that Hammerhands produces as they lumber from one bone shattering effort to the next submerging you in a murky sludge filled sound.

The amalgamation of numerous genres here works wonderfully as each genre has its place. One would imagine that incorporating so many unique genres would sound like a mess, but that is quite far from the truth here. Each of the nine tracks harbored within Model Citizen is a cohesive and comprehensive effort that is well written and constructed to provide you with a unique and overall crushing sound. Hammerhands has worked out a formula that works oh so well ultimately providing you with a gripping and all consuming sound that is truly undeniable.

Throughout, Hammerhands consistently switches tempos and tones forever shifting soundscapes and bending them to their mighty will. Never are you to hear the same sound come from Hammerhands as they constantly change gears to keep you on your toes and guessing as to what you are to hear next. Each track is holds a different sound, different soundscape and different tempo ultimately providing you with something unique through each second and each minute that passes.

With fuzz drenched riffs, thunderous bass lines, pounding drumming, a wide range of vocals and more, Hammerhands offers up a highly entertaining, well constructed and entirely spine snapping heavy effort. Through and through, Model Citizen is something to behold as it is monolithic and monstrous. With this being their third release, Hammerhands continues to push the envelope to create music that is refreshing to listen to as it is always something that has not yet been heard. Overall, Model Citizen is a fantastic record.

Model Citizen will be unleashed July 19.

Radien: Aste

July 8, 2019

Radien: Aste

In murky sludge and bitter black metal, Radien joins the two at the head to create a wall of reverberating noise sure to shake foundations. Within their newest offering Aste, Radien features two new tracks that sew the aforementioned genres together to create something entirely damning, dark and down right punishing. Ever engaging and gripping, Radien reaches out with the cold hand of death pulling you ever further in to the dark reaches of their soundscapes in which they weave. As heavy and bone crumbling as this release is, it is just as mesmerizing and captivating all the same. Through each of the two tracks you are greeted by not only brain rattling sludge and soul claiming black metal, but an atmosphere that is grim and foreboding. With this atmosphere lurking among the wall of murky noise, you are treated to something entirely sinister yet gripping all the same.

Foreboding is the operative word to use here as both tracks loom large and present you with an overall sound that makes you feel as though your life is to be claimed at any second. Radien begins Aste with the opener Tuune that begins with a low buzzing sound accompanied by wailing ghostly singing. This lead in fades around the four minute mark where Radien begins to kick things off by greeting you with a reverberating wall of crushing riffs and primal hellish screams. Through this track Radien trudges forth offering up a truly murky sound submerging you underneath its sheer weight and grimy sludge. The riffs are massive, the bass lines are bone rattling, the drumming precise and the vocals banshee like. Tuune is a rumbling force that ever marches forth for its twelve and a half minute run time. Tuune lurches forth with intent to bury you underneath the heaping droves of trudging riffs, forever keeping that foreboding atmosphere undulating underneath the massive wall of blistering noise. Radien doesn’t waste any time with Tuune as they set in with the intent to grip and grab your attention from the start, and doing an excellent job of just that. For its entirety, you are its captive audience as it marches forth until it fades into obscurity to make way for the second and final track Haudat.

Haudat begins with an unearthly low buzzing and atmospheric guitar work only to make way for a incredibly thunderous bass lines around two minutes in. The bass is notable here as it has enough potency to level a building. Around the three minute mark, that bass melts in to harsh and punishing noise that comes from massive riffs and those hellish throat cutting vocals. Haudat is a massive track that steamrolls you for ten and a half minutes giving you no reprieve as you suffocate underneath this track’s sheer weight. Once you become accustomed to the sinister wall of noise, Radien switches gears once again to present you with a sound not all too familiar until now. Near the four minute mark Radien breaks out what sounds like a saxophone to greet you with a wonderful and easing tone. The incorporation of the saxophone (if that’s what it is) is great and the inclusion is done so well that it really fits with the rest of the track. The serene sounds of the instrument don’t last however as once it fades in to the ever quickening abyss you come face to face with an eclectic ambient sound of jarring noises. For the remainder of the three plus minutes you come subject to these noises until they too fade out and leave your head spinning. Haudat is a great closing track as it offers up some of the same trudging, black metal infused sludge as you would expect plus something entirely unique.

Overall, Aste is a very solid effort as it provides you with two well constructed, written and executed offerings. Each of the two tracks within this EP are twisting, dark, murky and spine bending heavy. Aste is an all consuming effort that engulfs you from the very beginning only to spit you out the other side once the final note rings through. Through and through, Aste is a great EP, and not much more needs to be said than that now.

Aste is out now through Bunkkeri Records.

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Saturno: Live Session

June 29, 2019

Saturno: Death on Hold

Shifting and shaping numerous genres in to a spine bending heavy mold is Saturno. By combining the likes of death metal, doom and elements of black metal you can come to expect a sound that is murky yet flesh tearing all the same. The track is titled Death on Hold and it is down right monstrous. Through this track, Saturno does a great job of mixing up tempos as they trudge forth with their foundation of murky sludge filled doom only to change gears and tear in to you with their devastating death metal assault. Through this eight minute offering you will hear Saturno shape shift their sound at numerous times presenting you with plenty of variety and an overall bone shattering sound.

Never to lurch from one sound to the next, Saturno is seamless in their transitions between murky doom and their all out aural death metal barrage. With riffs steeped in sludge, they drag you through soundscapes that are dense and all consuming only to switch to rampaging, ripping riffs through the death metal pieces. Combined with the ever caustic riffing are pounding drums and bone shaking bass lines only to be complimented by unearthly vocals. The musicianship through Death on Hold is great as are the vocals that rip through your ear drums. As each second ticks off of the run time, you get drawn further and further in to the dark and murky soundscape that Saturno unfolds right before you.

Each element to this offering is done so well never to make anything feel out of place. Death on Hold is a well constructed wall of bulldozing metal that is sure to bury you underneath cold soil before all is said and done. The mixture of death metal, doom and elements of black metal here work so well in cohesion to provide you with an entirely varied and diverse sound that is hard to deny. The second track on this live demo starts off differently as it is a complete barbaric death metal offering that comes complete with flesh tearing riffs, tumultuous drumming and vocals that are just as savage as they were on the track Death on Hold.

This second offering is an uptempo rampage through fields of murky death for the majority of the eight and a half minute run time. A little over half way through this track titled Fire in the Sky, Saturno switches gears to provide you with even more sludge filled, captivating doom. From the second half of the track onward, Saturno marches forth with their brand of darkened yet entirely gripping style of doom metal that captivates your mind and has it wander through passages of near ethereal doom. Near the end of Fire in the Sky, Saturno once again changes gears offering up another minute of blistering death metal to end the track, leaving you buried.

Through both tracks, Saturno shows off what they truly are capable of. Each offering utilizes each genre to its fullest extent never to have any of the genres feel out of place or in the way of the overall tone. Each track is a well done and well constructed offering that is to surely please the fans of death, doom and black metal. No matter if you are a fan of just one of the genres in which they employ, you will find something here for you. Saturno hit the nail on the head with each of these tracks, making them to be incredibly memorable as you will continue to play them on repeat.

Cold Curse: Violent Measure

June 18, 2019

Cold Curse: Violent Measure

In a violent mashing of hardcore and death metal, Cold Curse is set to unleash a brand new offering titled Violent Measure. Taking ques of course from hardcore, death metal and even thrash, Cold Curse emits a foundation leveling and neck folding sound. There are four tracks attached to Violent Measure, each one of them as intense and volatile as each other. This spine ruining offering is just that as Cold Curse bulldoze from one track to the next, shattering your bones with their anvil heavy and unrelenting sound.

Right out of the gate, Cold Curse hits you hard with their opening track Clandestine. This rampaging offering lights you up from the drop of the first note already leaving you bloodied and your brain bruised well before it is over. Clandestine is a great tone setter for what is left to come, as the remaining three tracks that follow fall in line with its skull shattering assault. Never are you given a moment to breathe through the four offerings within this title as Cold Curse rampage from track to track leaving you battered and broken from their caustic death tinged metallic hardcore assault.

Undeniably potent and venomous, Violent Measure steamrolls you in to your own six foot deep hole. As short as each track is, they are incredibly destructive and leveling. Battering you from the first second onward, Cold Curse never relent as they keep their torrid pace all throughout catching you up in a pure cyclone of mayhem. Undeniably wicked and spine bending, Cold Curse provide you with something here that will definitely get you head banging and mashing your brain against your skull in no time.

Through and through, Violent Measure is a great release. This is a very entertaining and heavy release that will have you coming back for more destruction and mayhem.

Violent Measure will be released July 12 through Creator-Destructor Records.

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Cold Curse Bandcamp

Creator-Destructor Official Site

Dysemblem: Autotomy

June 12, 2019

Dysemblem: Autotomy

Gut ripping death in concert with murky doom to create an overall spine bending heavy sound is Dysemblem. Three years after their debut full length Strength of Giants, Dysemblem are set to unleash their sophomore full length Autotomy. This offering features nine total tracks of doom riddled death metal that drags you through murky, ever darkening soundscapes. Throughout this release, Dysemblem does a great job of balancing the two genres to create an overall cohesive and entirely damning sound. There is not a single moment through this release that is filler as what you get is nine straight offerings of all consuming doom filled death metal.

Never to come at you with the same sound twice, Dysemblem morphs and shape shifts their sound through each offering. Not only are you provided with excellent offerings that provide you with a great balance of both genres, but you are provided with offerings that focus on one more so than the other. Through this release you will find tracks that rip you to shreds in shorter bursts of flesh tearing death metal as well as offerings that focus on dragging you through ever buzzing and murky soundscapes that doom metal provides. From track to track you will find something new as Dysemblem twists and morphs their sound through each offering keeping you on your toes at all times.

No matter whether you are faced with trudging doom or flesh peeling death metal, it goes without saying that each offering present within this record is heavy as an anvil. Ceaseless in their foreboding assault, Dysemblem march forth from offering to offering providing you with nothing but incredibly heavy tunes that get your neck bending before you know it. Autotomy is an all enveloping record that grips you with its skeletal hand of death from the get go, never to release you until all is said and done. This is an engaging and gripping release from start to finish as it offers up nine great tracks one right after the next.

Overall, Autotomy is a great record. From the joining of doom and death metal, to stand alone tracks that are one or the other, to the great musicianship and the hellish vocals, everything is done well throughout this release. Autotomy is a great follow up to Strength of Giants as Dysemblem continue their darkened doom addled death storm with this record. You simply cannot go wrong with this release if you are a fan of doom metal, death metal or just heavy fucking metal in general. Dysemblem continues to impress.

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