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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Friendship: Undercurrent

June 2, 2019

Friendship: Undercurrent

Sewing the heads of sludge and hardcore together to create an intense aural assault is Friendship. Their upcoming record Undercurrent features ten ripping tracks of sludge infused hardcore insanity that will get you bruising your brain against your skull before you know it. In a little over twenty-two minutes, Friendship deliver and auditory assault that is not to be taken lightly. These face smashers roll from track one to track ten with the intent to bulldoze anything in their path leaving nothing but wreckage and carnage in their wake. Each of the ten offerings within this release are precise assaults that rampage from second one until the final second ticks off the clock.

Through Undercurrent you come face to face with oppressive track after oppressive track that leaves you beaten and bruised at the end of it all. There is no reprieve and you are gifted with no breaks in between tracks to catch your laboring breath. Friendship stomps from track to track delivering a battering ram of sound that is sure to leave you head spinning. Each track is a potent and powerful assault that comes at you from all angles with sharp technical riffs, ever battering drumming and vocals that yell out from behind the sonic wall of auditory torture. Undercurrent is a tearing and skull sanding release that makes its presence known from the very get go.

Friendship’s murky sound buzzes through your speakers, rattling your brain. Uncompromising and ceaseless, Friendship tears through each track, pummeling and battering you with a relentless sludge filled hardcore assault. As short as this release is, it packs quite the punch in its concise twenty-two minutes of run time. Not a second is wasted as each offering flies off the hinges immediately to greet you with a raucous and skin shredding sound that cannot be ignored. Friendship barrels forth through Undercurrent providing you with incredible amounts of energy and intensity that gets your neck bending and head banging.

Violent, technical and potent, Undercurrent has it all here as each offering is a well constructed metallic offense. Undercurrent is an auditory blitzkrieg that snaps your head back before you have time to prepare for the face smashing onslaught. Through and through, this release is an incredibly heavy and uncompromising one that sets out for destruction and greatly succeeds. These merchants of destruction have put out another great and memorable effort with Undercurrent.

Undercurrent will be released June 14 through Southern Lord.

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Hands of God: Blueprint For Self Destruction

May 20, 2019

Hands of God: Blueprint For Self Destruction

In true neck bending power and skull smashing fury, Hands of God unleash their new EP titled Blueprint For Self Destruction. This six track EP is the definition of head caving hardcore as each track bashes your skull open savagely and relentlessly. Each track harbored within the concrete walls of this title is a heavy, smashing offering that is as venomous and ceaseless as you would expect. Don’t expect punches to be pulled and don’t expect a break in the action as what you get are six unrelenting bone snapping tracks. The intro is the only track in which you get some amount of rest before being bludgeoned thoroughly by this sonic hardcore assault.

As in your face as this offering is, it is equally destructive and punishing as it ladles up an unrelenting assault for its entirety. Never gifting you time to breathe, Hands of God march forth with great intensity and savagery. Blueprint For Self Destruction is an unapologetically brain bruising effort that is brought to you by punishing riffs, chest cracking drumming and venomous vocals. With spine breaking break downs injected in to each track, you are treated to a pure all out bludgeoning assault. Once all is said and done you feel as though you have caught a sledgehammer up the side of your head.

In culmination of great intensity and savagery, Hands of God offer up something here that is undeniably heavy and memorable. Each track is a punchy, in your face effort that you will have a hard time forgetting as they will roll around in your head for some time. Blueprint For Self Destruction sinks its hooks in to you early never to let you leave the listen until you have been thoroughly battered and bruised.

Uncompromising and venomous, Blueprint For Self Destruction is a well rounded bone shattering effort from these hardcore head smashers. Once one track ends, another crops up in its place that is just as forceful and impactful. Overall, Blueprint For Self Destruction is a very solid outing one that will be stuck in your head for days to come.

Blueprint For Self Destruction is out now through Flatspot Records.

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Adrenaline: Adrenaline

May 10, 2019

Adrenaline: Adrenaline

If you are looking for something to sink your teeth in to, head bang to and rattle your brain around to, look no further than Adrenaline. These merchants of hardcore provide you with entertaining, highly memorable and infectious anthems of straight up hardcore that will rattle around in your brain for some time. Each of the six tracks that are present within this self titled release are solid; each one being a hardcore anthem that gets you up out of your seat and head banging before you know it.

Without filler and without gimmick, Adrenaline ushers forth one hardcore romp right after another. Each track is a short and punchy offering that gets you right in the gut before moving on only for you to be struck yet again. Adrenaline offers up explosive energy within each track that is infectious as each cut here gets your head nodding before you realize it. Adrenaline bring it all out here. Great groove filled riffs paired with pummeling drumming and infectious vocals yelled through the metallic hardcore storm. With this release being as short as it is, it surely brings the quality as it gifts to you six great hardcore tracks one right after the next.

From beginning to end, Adrenaline provides you with great entertainment through and through. Each of the six tracks here are just as good as the last making this a well rounded and cohesive offering. There is no bullshit here as Adrenaline keep it grounded and their sound true. This release leaves you wanting more punchy tracks from this new hardcore band and that in turn leads you to many more listens. This is a great debut, one that packs a punch, provides entertainment and memorable tracks that you surely are going to rattle around your skull for some time.

This self titled debut will be released May 24 through Flatspot Records.

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Fixation: Into The Pain

April 25, 2019

Fixation: Into The Pain

In under five minutes, Fixation provides you with fast, potent and highly aggressive hardcore that will leave you bones shaking for days to come. Each track within their upcoming offering Into The Pain is a furious and explosive offering that leaves little room to breathe. This release is a no holds barred offering that delivers four tracks of explosive hardcore one right after another without batting an eye. Into The Pain is a ripping, skull smashing effort that hits often and hits hard, leaving you bruised at the end of it all.

Fixation gives you no time to give a second thought to pressing play as when you do you immediately become under siege by nothing but metallic punishment for near five minutes. Ever ripping riffs become coupled with tumultuous drumming and savage gritty vocals all to provide you with an incredibly heavy and brain bruising offering. Once one track ends the next immediately crops up ushering forth more hardcore savagery leaving you beaten down and bruised.

As short as each track is, they are punchy offerings that hit hard and often. There is not a single moment of reprieve until the final note has rang through. Even under five minutes you feel as though you have been listening for an hour once all is said and done. Into The Pain is an anvil heavy, explosive offering that will get you bashing your brain against its skeletal cell.

Into The Pain is an undeniable and memorable release, one that dishes out four great hardcore tracks one after the next. Fixation delivers combative ever charging tracks that cannot be ignored. You can’t not like this release as it is straight up punishing hardcore in its most pure and unfiltered form. In short, Into The Pain is a great release, one that will please the chewed up ear drums of hardcore fans all over.

Into The Pain will be released May 10 by War Records.

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Fixation Bandcamp

War Records Official Site

Burn Victim: Panic

March 17, 2019

Burn Victim: Panic

With the foundation of their sound being rooted in hardcore, Burn Victim adds elements of death metal and thrash to obtain a truly heavy handed skull bashing sound. Through their second EP Panic, these bone crushers offer up five spine rattling tracks. Each of the five cuts here are short but they are punchy and demoralizing. Within their short run times, each offering cuts straight to the bone and smashes your teeth down your throat. Panic is a heavy, gnarled and savage offering, one that caves your skull in without a second thought.

After a brief intro, Burn Victim jumps straight in to heavy handed beat down with their first full track. Once the intro fades out and the remaining tracks take over, they bulldoze you straight in to the cement one anguishing minute after another. As each track marches forth, so does the clock as it counts down to your untimely demise. There isn’t a track here that takes a second off or that lets you take a breather as each one rampages forth with the intent to pummel you straight in to the dirt.

With massive, chugging riffs coupled with striking drumming, gnarled bass lines and gritty vocals, Burn Victim offers up a sound that is incredibly heavy and impaling. These heathens stomp from track to track, trampling over anyone who dares stand before them, burying them in a shallow unmarked grave when all is said and done. Each offering is just as barbaric as the last as each one offers up a true sledgehammer beating that leaves a crater in your skull before you know it.

The variety through Panic is great as Burn Victim switches up tempos with frequency providing you with a slower chugging tempo that caves your chest that can quickly turn to a full throttle thrash assault in the blink of an eye and back again. These are brutalizing and demoralizing offerings, one that aim to snap bones and bend spines and they truly succeed. Without so much as a moments reprieve, Burn Victim marches from track to anvil heavy track providing you with some wickedly heavy metal that you are sure to bash your brain against your skull to.

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Snake Tongue: No Escape-No Excuse

January 24, 2019

Snake Tongue: No Escape-No Excuse

In an amalgamation of heavy handed hardcore, crusty punk and bits here and there of grind, Snake Tongue set out with their upcoming four track offering titled No Escape-No Excuse. Unbridled, unrelenting and bleeding raw, the overall sound of this EP is not one to fuck with. In your face from beginning to end, this offering beats you down within an inch of your life within four short cuts. Striking you to the core and sanding your skull down to dust, No Escape-No Excuse is an all out no holds barred offering one that hits you from every angle while rolling out one savage track right after another.

Never to skimp on the brutality and the sheer foundation leveling, Snake Tongue jets off immediately never to give you a second to take a breath before pummeling you in to the cold ground. From beginning to end, No Escape-No Excuse is a savage and punishing metallic onslaught that never ceases until you have been broken. As in your face and challenging as hardcore, punk and grind can be, this EP is exactly that. It is harsh, punishing, in your face and it challenges you with every second that ticks off of the run time.

This is a rough and filthy offering that dishes out four incredible offerings one right after another. Complete with seismic riffs, ever jarring drumming and a great vocal delivery, Snake Tongue offers up a release that is hard to shake and hard to ignore. As this EP belts off cut after another, you find yourself enveloped in a cacophony of heavy handed metallic madness. Forever savage, and forever pushing the metallic envelope, Snake Tongue hits you and hits you hard with each of the four cuts that are harbored within the title of this offering gifting you with a truly unrelenting aural assault.

No Escape-No Excuse is anvil heavy, uncompromising, bleeding raw and down right wicked. Each track present is a well crafted brain bruising affair that is sure to get your neck cranking. This EP is not to be ignored or looked over as it is incredibly solid and incredibly infectious in its own punishing way.

No Escape-No Excuse will be unleashed February 15, 2019 through The Sign Records.

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Sudestada: Yo soy el mar

November 30, 2018

With the sewing together of hardcore, punk and post hardcore, Sudestada creates a sound that is equal parts heavy handed, atmospheric and melodic. Yo soy el mar is the title of their newest offering, and within this piece of work you come to greet ten full tracks of ballistic hardcore madness. Nearly from the jump you become enveloped in a romping heavy sound that is sure to get your neck bending. The eight tracks that are sandwiched between the intro and the outro are well performed and written, creating a cohesive, fluid and well  rounded offering that you are sure to come back to.

Sudestada lulls you in to a false sense of security by providing you with a somewhat atmospheric intro before really diving in to the meat of their record. After the short intro passes, Sudestada hits you with a barrage of hardcore sickness, one right after another. Each track plays well together creating an overall cohesive sound that keeps you head banging and your neck cranking. There hardly are any pauses between cuts as Sudestada keeps the hardcore train rolling from one track to the next never really gifting you with a break in the action. The only real breaks that your neck gets are with the intro, outro and when Sudestada decides to slow things down for a beat in the middle of some of their tracks before they pick back up again.

Among their heavy handed style of hardcore, there is an underlying atmosphere that seeps through each track providing you with a darker sound than what you might normally hear. The atmospherics that steeped within each track are great additions as they add something unique as well as more diversity and variation through each track. The balance that Sudestada strikes between their brain bruising hardcore approach and the atmospherics that are injected to each track is a good one as it provides you with ten well constructed and well written tracks that are wholly memorable.

Overall, Yo soy el mar is a very solid record as it provides you with great variation and diversity through each track. The combination of numerous genres as well as the atmospherics create an overall sound that is organic and all together easy to listen to. Yo soy el mar is a solid record through and through, one that you will not find a weak track in what so ever.

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Check out the official video for the track Pompeya below!

偏執症者 (Paranoid): Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!

October 17, 2018


Displaying truly raw power, 偏執症者 (Paranoid) combines the likes of d-beat, punk and hardcore to create a raw, dissonant and unrelenting sound. Through twelve tracks you are greeted by a gritty and destructive sound that takes no prisoners. With ever buzzing riffs, searing solos, ever pounding drumming and vocals that are as hellish as you would like, 偏執症者 (Paranoid) provides you with a ripping and overall head banging listen that is hard to deny. Each track is an infectious and deadly romp that throws you back to the sound of the ancients as they gift you with a gritty and filthy sound that gets embedded in your mind for some time.

Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! blasts the dust off of your speakers right from the get go as they lay in with their opening scorching track never to look back as scorched earth lays in their wake. This release is a no holds barred barrage of sonic dissonance from beginning to end. Each track is an in your face assault, and as the page turns from one track to the next you are greeted with a similar uncompromising filthy sound that just sticks to your ribs. Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! is a blasphemous and unrelenting release as it is riddled with track after track of nothing but hellish metal.

偏執症者 (Paranoid) shifts from track to track quickly never to provide you with ample time to take any kind of breath. Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! suffocates you under its torrid pace as it rolls from track to track like a bulldozer over the dead. These twelve tracks are furious offerings that pepper you with hellish notes over and over again making you bang your head and twist your already crooked neck until it pops off. This is a highly entertaining and engaging listen from front to back as it has you holding your attention never to break it until you have to reach for the play button once more.

This gritty grave stomping release is just that. It is gritty, hellish and dark, but most importantly it is heavy and intoxicating. From beginning to end 偏執症者 (Paranoid) provides you with a great sound that is brought to you by sewing together punk, hardcore and d-beat to create an overall dissonant yet powerful sound that gets mashed deeply inside of your head. Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! is a memorable and engaging release that will surely please fans of each genre mentioned and then some.

Woorms/A Hanging Split

June 14, 2018


In a complete murky mixture of sludge and punk noise, Woorms storms out of the gate with the first track of four within the new split release with A Hanging. The Math Says Yes is the title of the track and it is engaging and hypnotic right out of the gate. Woorms subtly leads you in to their noisy brand of murky punk until they finally hit you in the jaw with their full fledged sludge punk fusion. The Math Says Yes is a heavy easy to head bang to track that grips you right from the get go only to take you on an incredibly entertaining and heavy sonic exhibition. This track is addicting and certainly leaves an imprint on your mind as you will have this track rattling around in your head for some time. Over the course of the five minutes in which this track plays, you become submerged in grimy riffs that are backed by a solid drum performance and yelled vocals that bounce off the walls of your skull. The Math Says Yes is a noisy and engaging offering that is easy to get in to and it works as the perfect first track to this four track split.

The remaining three tracks of this split belong to A Hanging who fuse thrash and hardcore together to create an all together chaotic and furious sound. A Hanging start you off with their first track Graft, which is a neck snapper of an opener for their half of the split. Graft rampages on propelled by intensity and a pure ferocity. The remaining two tracks that follow in the footsteps of Graft are just as neck bending and furious as they provide you with a raw and chaotic sound that is hard to shake. Each of the three tracks that A Hanging provides for this split fuse hardcore and thrash elements perfectly to create an overall explosive and bombastic sound that snaps your head back without warning. A Hanging is relentless in their sonic assault as they mash the pedal through the floor and take you on a wild metallic life endangering ride. With sharp riffs and ever punishing drumming that are backed by furiously yelled vocals, you are provided with something that is sure to sear itself in your brain and give you gnarly whiplash.

Overall, this split between these two noise merchants is highly entertaining and explosive. Each band offer something unique and ultimately neck bending heavy making this to be a well rounded and well executed split between both bands.

This split will be released June 16, 2018 through HOSPITAL and Paranoize Records.

You can pre-order this split here and here.

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The Noble: Abolitionism

March 16, 2018


Hailing from the great city of Boston is hardcore act The Noble. Abolitionism is the title of their upcoming EP in which you will find five purely aggressive and in your face tracks that you have no choice but to listen to. The Noble puts a bit of a spin on the hardcore sound by offering up positive tunes for you to head bang and bash your brain against your skull to. Each track offers up positive messages about equality, standing up for what is right and respect among others. With their aggressive sound, The Noble fleshes out messages of positivity and hope which is a nice and fresh take on an ultimately destructive and bone shattering sound.

As positive as the messages are throughout Abolitionism, The Noble certainly still takes a no holds barred approach to their sound as they blast off right away with Somethin Ta Say. This track is a trudging and heavy handed offering that grips you by the jaw right off the bat only to shovel copious amounts of hammering drums, manic screamed vocals and massively bone rattling riffs upon you. From this opener onward the intensity doesn’t let up what so ever as The Noble takes you on a savage sonic ride that very quickly sears each track in to your head.

Once one track fades out the next quickly appears confronting you with a massively heavy and in your face sound that is hard to forget. The Noble doesn’t give you rest in between tracks either as they stomp straight in to the next providing you with even more heavy handed and jaw gripping hardcore for you to bang your head to. Each of the six tracks on this release are pumped full of fist pumping energy that gets you involved right from the start as you shout along with each lyric. Abolitionism is a memorable and well put together record that hits the nail right on the head.

With Abolitionism, The Noble have put together a positive yet undeniably heavy and bone rattling sound that is easy to get in to and easy to want to continue listening to. Through this EP you are treated to six really solid tracks that never get old even after listening plenty of times and when you are done they stick to you and rattle around in your head for time to come.

Abolitionism will  be released April 20, 2018

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