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Gygax: High Fantasy

June 19, 2019

Gygax: High Fantasy

Whisking your mind off to fantastical lands and wondrous soundscapes, Gygax comes flying in with a brand new effort titled High Fantasy. Soaked in influence from the likes of Dungeons & Dragons among other fantasy ideas and realms, Gygax provides you with a greatly melodious fantasy metal sound that is incredibly addictive and infectious. High Fantasy is a release that you will get hooked on immediately and continuously come back for more fantastical and wondrous adventures. This record is an easy one to fall in to and have it take you through great never ending soundscapes as it is entirely captivating and engaging.

Through High Fantasy, Gygax offers up great musicianship in the form of powerful riffs, a great drum performance and high flying vocals that you ultimately belt the lyrics out to. From beginning to end, High Fantasy is a well constructed offering that features nine great tracks that immediately make themselves at home in your mind as they get stuck there for some time to come. Ever energetic and wonderfully imaginative, Gygax unfold story after story through each of their nine offerings presenting you with plenty of variety and mystical metal to head bang to.

With great song writing ability, top notch musicianship, a great production and a fantastic cover to top everything off, High Fantasy truly is a remarkable and highly infectious record. You will not find a track here that disappoints as each one is just as good as the others. Sinking its hooks in to you early on, High Fantasy takes you on quite the journey from beginning to end, forever having your mind wander through each of the stories that unfold right before you.

From the great musicianship, to the incredibly infectious vocals and everything else in between, High Fantasy is a great record. Wondrous, fantastical and down right unbelievably memorable, this release is great from top to bottom. At the end of your listen you will be left wanting more which ultimately leads you to more and more repeat listens, and really it goes without saying that Gygax has rolled a nat 20 with High Fantasy.

High Fantasy will be released June 21 through Creator-Destructor Records.

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Chronoform: From the Void

May 31, 2019

Chronoform: From the Void

Hailing from Finland, Chronoform meshes together both traditional and modern metal to create an overall unique, heavy, progressive and groove filled sound. From the Void is the title of their debut full length in which you will come across nine tracks for a run time of thirty-five minutes. Through this release, Chronoform provides you with excellent tracks that get right under your skin and have you head banging before you realize it. Each of the nine tracks here are infectious and highly memorable as you will find them filling your mind for some time to come. From beginning to end, Chronoform gifts you with track after track of modern metal excellence that is hard to shake.

From the Void offers up an array of sounds; from the crushing straight forward assault, to the groove oriented passages, to the atmospheric elements to the progressive. Each track within this release offers up something different and unique that you may not have heard from previous offerings. Chronoform does a great job of switching their sound up frequently, ever shifting keeping you on your toes and engaged all throughout. With all of the elements that Chronoform utilizes through this release, the overall sound is cohesive and well structured making this a very well rounded offering.

There isn’t a track here that really has any weak points as Chronoform utilizes each element that they employ very well to provide you with an overall unique listen. Each track is just as good as the last as the musicianship is great as are the atmospheric elements and the gritty vocals. From the Void is an overall well constructed release that sinks its hooks in to you early on only for you to come back for more and more heavy metal goodness.

With memorable offerings that are neck bending heavy, atmospheric and more, Chronoform hits their debut full length right out of the park. From the Void is thirty-five minutes of great modern metal that you will have a hard time not listening to on repeat.

Check out the official music videos for Conquer and Veil below!

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Pythia: The Solace Of Ancient Earth

April 28, 2019

Pythia: The Solace Of Ancient Earth

Capturing your mind and imagination, Pythia offers up an incredibly bewitching and memorable sound in the name of symphonic metal. Through their upcoming offering The Solace of Ancient Earth, Pythia offer up ten incredible tracks of well executed and damn near perfect heavy metal. While riffs spill out of your speakers with great melody and enchanting clean sung vocals spin tales, Pythia capture your attention never to let it waver or wander for the duration of their release.

With ten wondrous and melodious offerings to its title, The Solace of Ancient Earth provides you with nothing but stellar symphonic heavy metal. Great ambiance is coupled with incredible clean sung vocals that are all joined by heavy and melodic riffs and solid drumming all to gift to you an all around well executed and cohesive sound. Each track within this offering is well performed and constructed providing you with one enchanting track after another.

The Solace of Ancient Earth is a spell binding and engaging effort. Weaving tales of sorrow, heroism and more it is easy to get sucked in to this release and be transported to worlds not yet known to you. This record has a great ability to draw you in to its world and keep you there for some time as one listen turns in to many. As each track bursts through your speakers providing you with wondrous atmosphere and majestic heavy metal, it is easy to get swept up in all of it and taken on a thrilling and engaging journey.

In all of its melodious majesty and grandeur, The Solace of Ancient Earth is a great record. Each track is excellent with each one getting better and better as you listen. This is ten tracks of great symphonic heavy metal that provides you with great musicianship, incredible vocals, lyrics and production all coming together in cohesion to present you with a release that is down right superb. Everything within this offering is done so well making this to be a must listen and one of the best heavy metal releases so far this year.

The Solace of Ancient Earth will be released May 17 through Golden Axe.

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Pulver: Kings Under The Sand

April 11, 2019

Pulver: Kings Under The Sand

In a genre where tropes can get tired and stagnant, it is always a great breath of fresh air to find a band that keeps you entertained and engaged through their record. With their full length Kings Under The Sand, Pulver does exactly as described previously. This record is filled with eight gritty, entertaining and highly addictive tracks that you find yourself coming back to. From beginning to end, Pulver provides you with track after track of nothing but memorable heavy metal that will get stuck in your mind and rattle around for quite some time.

Each track present here within this title are just as top notch and quality as the one(s) that came before it. There is no shortage of entertainment through this entire record as Pulver does an excellent job of keeping you engaged through and through. Each minute is filled with heavy metal excellence that grips you from the very beginning holding your attention until the final note rings through.

With great musicianship complete with memorable riffs and scorching solos, solid drumming and great bass work, you are treated to nothing but top notch heavy metal. Top all of that off with infectious vocals that soar over the wicked musicianship, you have a recipe for an overall excellent record through and through. There is not a weak track within this release as each one is just as well constructed and performed as the last making this record to be an overall well rounded heavy metal journey.

You cannot go wrong with this release if you are fan of traditional heavy metal as this release has everything you would want and then some. Kings Under The Sand is a great example of classic heavy metal executed perfectly, and really not much more needs to be said than that. This offering is a great one, one that offers up eight incredible classic heavy metal cuts that are truly engaging, memorable and addictive.

Kings Under The Sand will be unleashed May 10th through Gates of Hell Records.

Check out the title track below!

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Booze Control: Forgotten Lands

January 9, 2019

Booze Control: Forgotten Lands

Upon seeing Booze Control’s name, one would assume that they are a more tongue in cheek booze propelled heavy metal band. While that was somewhat the case back when they first formed in 2009, Booze Control has since steered themselves in to the lane of more serious and comprehensive song writing starting back in 2013 with their release appropriately named Heavy Metal. Now, ten years after their inception, Booze Control is on the verge of ushering forth perhaps their most mature and well put together record titled Forgotten Lands. This release is packed with ten very well written and executed offerings of straight up heavy metal.

Bridging the gap between European heavy metal and American heavy metal, Booze Control offer up an addicting and wonderful old-school heavy metal sound that is incredibly infectious. Booze Control wastes little time before they get you perfectly acquainted with their overall head banging and fist pumping sound as they immediately set in with their opening track Forgotten Lands. From the opener onward, Booze Control stampedes forth with track after track of highly memorable and highly intoxicating heavy metal, the kind that will rattle around in your brain for quite some time.

Through this release you come to meet ever fiery, tightly knit riffs that are supplemented by solid drumming, great bass work and very solid vocals that can soar to upper echelons of piercing heavy metal vocals when needed. Each track within this release is a wonderfully crafted offering that provides you with great amounts of entertainment and just straight up incredibly solid heavy metal that gets you banging your head before you know it. Through and through, Forgotten Lands is a well written and well crafted offering, one that provides you with ten great tracks one right after another.

With much more mature song writing and plenty of charisma among many other attributes, Booze Control offers up their most compelling and infectious release with Forgotten Lands. This is a very good release, one that you can keep on repeat without tiring of it. With ten excellent tracks to its name Forgotten Lands is a very solid offering. This is the release to look for if you are looking for some new, clean, entertaining and memorable heavy metal.

Forgotten Lands will be released February 22, 2019 through Gates of Hell Records.

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Cerberon: S/T EP

December 5, 2018


Twisting in some blackened malevolence in to their otherwise heavy metal centered sound, Cerberon offers up a cynical and blasphemous sound that embeds itself in your brain whether you want it to or not. Through four tracks within their debut EP, Cerberon create a wholly memorable and infectious sound that is undeniable. From beginning to end you will be twisting your neck and yell along with the vocalist through each passing minute. This self titled release is a fist pumping and invigorating release that gets you moving before you know it. The overall dark and twisted tones are a welcome addition to the overall heavy metal centered sound making the release feel more sinister and blasphemous.

Through and through you can expect excellent musicianship and demonic vocals that will be stuck in your head for some time to come. With each skull crunching riff and vein popping bass line as well as ever pounding drumming, you are treated to an overall darkened, twisted and overall heavy release that you have no choice but to bash your brain against your skull to. Each track is a monster of a cut as you are greeted by an ever punishing metallic onslaught from beginning to end.

Cerberon stitches each track together appropriately to create a cohesive and fluidly monstrous sound that digs deep under your skin only for you to press play again and again to scratch that itch. This EP is wonderfully dark and that darkness exudes from each minute of each track and flows from track to track without so much as skipping a beat ultimately burying you underneath unbridled bitter darkness. Heavy metal this may be, but it is cruel and twisted none the less as each track is just as sinister and forsaken as the last.

Each of the four offerings within this release is covered in malevolence ever undulating darkness. This release is sinister and purely blasphemous as death lurks just beneath. Cerberon has created something that is venomous and wicked, something not to be trifled with yet  something that is addictive and memorable all the same. This is a great debut release for these heavy metal monsters.

This self titled debut will be released December 7, 2018.

Blade Killer: High Risk

November 8, 2018

Blade Killer_High Risk Cover.jpg

Riddled with infectious riffs and soaring vocals, Blade Killer’s newest offering High Risk is filled with eight tracks of head banging glory. Through eight tracks you are treated to heavy metal madness in its purest form. There is no fluff or filler here as Blade Killer mashes the pedal through the metal from the very beginning offering up eight memorable and solid tracks that you cannot deny. Each track is graced with memorable riffs that are supplemented by ever searing solos, great drumming and soaring vocals that invite you to belt the lyrics out yourself. This is pure heavy metal through and through, and through each track you feel compelled to bang your head and sing right along.

There are no intros or lead ins within this offering as Blade Killer rolls right along from track to track never gracing you with so much as a breather as they unleash their heavy metal attack. Each track is a ripping offering that gets your head nodding immediately whether you wanted to head bang or not. Each track is a well crafted offering providing you with a listen that is top notch and infectious. There isn’t a cut within this offering that is lacking as each record is solid and well executed. Through and through you are provided with twenty-nine minutes of head banging glory that has you reaching for the play button over and over again.

High Risk is engaging and highly entertaining from the drop of the first note onward. Never once do you want to skip a track and never once do you feel as though these offerings could provide you with more. Blade Killer has crafted a record here that is memorable and infectious all within a concise sub thirty minute run time. This is a ripper from the first note to the last note as each of the eight tracks that are harbored within the title are all very solid.

Overall, High Risk is a solid record as you are treated to heavy metal madness in its most raw and pure form. There is nothing here but infectious tunes one right after another, and this is sure to please the ears of heavy metal fans and then some.

High Risk will be released November 23, 2018 through M-Theory Audio.

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Triple Kill: Age of Rebellion

October 19, 2018

triple kill.jpg

Throwing their proverbial hat in to the thrash ring in 2016, Triple Kill got the ball rolling with their 2017 EP titled The First Kill, and at just a little over one year later these heavy metal maniacs unleashed their debut full length Age of Rebellion. Packed with nine tracks of nothing but metal madness, Age of Rebellion is one hell of a release as it gets your neck twisting from the drop of the first full track onward. After a brief sub one minute intro, Triple Kill dives straight in to the heart of their sound providing you with nothing but pure, raw and face melting tunes that are incredibly infectious and memorable.

With this release, Triple Kill swings for the fences and knocks it out of the park. Each track on this offering is incredibly solid all the way around from the song writing to the production to everything else in between. There isn’t a lack luster track within this beast as each one charges forth with neck snapping intent only to provide you with some top notch heaviness for your sinister enjoyment. This is an undeniably memorable and intoxicating record that you will have each track imprinted on your mind after everything is all said and done. From beginning to end Age of Rebellion is purely entertaining without a track skipping a beat or leaving you bored making you come back for more thrash goodness.

With some thrash influences thrown in to the mix, Triple Kill offer up a face melting and incredibly furious sound that leaves your face to be only a puddle on the floor. These tracks are played with great intensity with the intent to gift you with an incredibly heavy and intoxicating listen, and god dammit they succeed. With tight musicianship that is brought to you by ever scorching riffs and earth blazing solos that are only to be backed by rapid fire drumming and soaring vocals that are not to be forgotten, you are treated to an excellently performed and crafted record that is not to be skipped over.

Each track on Age of Rebellion is a treat making you reach for the play button over and over again. Age of Rebellion is a stampede of heavy metal as Triple Kill rolls from one track to the next presenting you with stellar track after stellar track. There isn’t a weak point within this record as each of the nine tracks that are present here are so well done. This is a strong debut to say the least as Triple Kill really has knocked it out of the park with this record.


Haunt: Burst Into Flame

July 2, 2018

burst into flame.jpg

After striking a major chord with many one year ago with Luminous Eyes, Haunt is back this year with their debut full length Burst Into Flame. Through nine tracks and a concise thirty-eight minutes, Haunt provides you with some top notch heavy metal that is all together infectious, memorable and down right addicting. Each of the nine tracks that are present within this release are just as solid as one another gifting you with a well rounded and overall very excellent listen. Burst Into Flame will be rattling around in your head for some time to come once you listen, of that I am sure.

Burst Into Flame is captivating and bewitching and from the drop of the first note you are engaged. This release is exciting and pumped full of energy that is incredibly infectious and welcoming as you nod your head along with each and every track. You will have a hard time not belting the lyrics out right along with the vocalists and air guitaring right along with the scorching solos and all together tightly knit riffs. From beginning to end, you are provided with nothing but pure entertainment and heavy metal that is not to be looked over.

Each of the nine tracks within Burst Into Flame are well crafted offerings that grab your attention immediately and keep it all throughout. This addictive listen is just that, addictive. Once the final song has concluded you feel compelled to press play over and over again just to get that dose of sweet heavy metal. From beginning to end the instrumentation is excellent, the production is clean and the vocals are powerful and potent. Through and through, Burst Into Flame is a very well rounded and very well performed and executed record.

Luminous Eyes was a small taste as to what Haunt has to offer, and with this full length Haunt shows exactly what they are capable of and more. Burst Into Flame is an excellent record, one that provides you with non-stop entertainment and non-stop pure heavy metal. This debut full length is one to behold as Haunt has knocked it clear out of the park and made one hell of a record.

Burst Into Flame will be released August 10, 2018 through  Shadow Kingdom Records!

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Blissful Stream: Dead Religious

March 13, 2018

With an overall eclectic and diverse sound, Blissful Stream sew doom, sludge, heavy metal and hard rock together to create an overall head nodding and unique listen. Through this one man band’s newest offering Dead Religious, you are presented with four new tracks that take all of the aforementioned genres and stitch them together neatly through each track to provide you with a varied sound.

Dead Religious kicks off with the doom laden track Downfall which offers up a slow burning, murky and fuzzed out sound that submerges you in sludge filled ever trudging riffs. Downfall is the most murky and somber offering on this release as it takes you through crumbling corridors of buzzing riffs and pounding drumming for four minutes before turning you over to the more heavy metal and hard rock sounding tracks Into the Abyss and Dead Religious. Both of these tracks utilize their hard rock and heavy metal components to gift you with a faster paced, head nodding and memorable sound. Both of these tracks greet you with intensely buzzing riffs that are paired with ever rumbling bass lines and crisp ever gritty and blackened vocals. Downfall  and Dead Religious get your head nodding and brain buzzing before you descend to the fourth and final track Black Ships.

The final track Black Ships is all around the best and most well put together track on this release. This offering utilizes each of the genres that Blissful Stream sews in to his work, and this song utilizes them well. You get hints of heavy metal, hard rock and certainly hints of doom, and they all come together in miserable harmony to create a cohesive, smooth sounding track that is hard to shake. Black Ships is a very memorable, very intoxicating track that is certainly the perfect track to end Dead Religious with. Black Ships rocks with mid tempos and it slows down to a glacial pace with its doom offerings to present you with a gloom filled ever darkening sound that is hard to not love. This somber yet captivating track is a well rounded and very well  performed track that as mentioned before, is the perfect ending to an all around solid offering in Dead Religious.

This is a short release and yet it comes complete with plenty of variety and plenty of entertainment. Through four tracks you are greeted with a heavy dosing of heavy metal, hard rock as well as doom and sludge sprinkled in there for good measure. In my opinion, the tracks that focus more on the doom elements are the best tracks on the release as Blissful Stream hits them right out of the park. The middle two where hard rock and heavy metal are the focus are good solid tracks as well that get your head nodding and get you engaged. And with four total songs that are all around solid offerings, Dead Religious is an all around very good release that is highly entertaining, gloomy and memorable.

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