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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Alienatör: Pariahs

August 24, 2019

Alienatör: Pariahs

In great murky noise and in a wicked culmination of sludge and noise rock, Alienatör gift us with their thirteen track record titled Pariahs. Within this release you are to find nothing else but abrasive in your face music that does a great job of snapping your head back before you realize what’s going on. From beginning to end Alienatör offers up a truly murky, chunky yet noise filled sound that tears at your ear drums, but in the best possible way. Each track is a madhouse of artery stopping, head banging sludge and noise rock that you cannot simply turn away from.

Once you hit play you hear a twenty second static filled intro complete with news clips regarding drug use, and you quickly realize what you have stumbled in to. As soon as the intro fades, you immediately become hit with buzzing murky riffs that are backed by hard hitting drums and manic vocals that are screamed at you from every angle. The first full track you come across titled “False Hope” is a hard hitting, in your face offering that hits you immediately and ultimately traps you within the vortex of chaos that Alienatör produces here. Each track that follows the intro is a chaotic sludge filled wall that storms at you from every direction never giving you a chance to escape the noisy, sludge filled blitzkrieg that Alienatör ushers forth.

Through and through Pariahs is a record that gets right underneath your skin from the very beginning. This record does a great job of manifesting itself in your brain from the get go having you thrash around and bang your head until your brain bruises. Each track is a force of sludge filled reckoning that is incredibly potent and explosive. These thirteen tracks are volatile and explosive as each one shoots straight out of your speakers to provide you with a truly whiplash inducing listen that you will not soon forget. Bombastic and neck bending from the beginning to the end, Pariahs never stops its noise riddled rampage until the final scorching note crosses the boundaries of your speakers.

With all of that said, each track really is great and something to behold. The musicianship is great, the vocals are varied and solid, the production is clean and the song writing is good as well and that all comes together to create something that is wholly entertaining and unforgettable. Each of the thirteen tracks that are harbored within the chaotic walls of Pariahs are great as each one is just as good as the last. If you are looking for something unique, new, heavy, entertaining and head banging, you don’t have to look much further than Pariahs.

Thra: Gardens Of Rot

February 24, 2019

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Thra: Gardens of Rot

Arising from the murky depths to present you with a sound that is overall anvil heavy and as filled with grime as you could possibly imagine is Thra. Within their new offering Gardens of Rot you can come to expect four tracks of nothing but buzzing sludge with hints of death metal here and there for complete flesh shredding misery. Ever mired in filth and sludge, Thra offer up four cohesive and well rounded tracks that come bulldozing through your speakers from the very first second onward. Thra marches forth at a plodding pace, ever dragging you asunder in to the depths.

Gardens of Rot is a sonic assault from beginning to end, never letting you rest or take breather as Thra seamlessly transition from one track to the next, forever burying you underneath their malicious murky sound. Riddled with malevolence, death and misery, Thra marches onward never to relent in their menacing assault. From one track to the next you come face to face with plodding sludge and when needed Thra greets you with frenetic death metal to gnaw and tear away at your flesh. Each of the four offerings within this release are as terrorizing and menacing as the last, making this effort to be an all out aural assault.

With buzzing riffs, bone cracking drumming and insane unearthly vocals that transition between throat shredding lows and raspy screams, you are treated to an accosting listen. Without so much as a second between tracks you quickly become submerged and trapped within the thunderous wall of sound that Thra emits. Never does the barrage end and never does it cease as each cut is just as shredding as the last.

As a whole, Gardens of Rot is a well put together, well constructed and well performed offering that treats you to four great tracks one right after the next. Without filler, without gimmicks, without fluff, Thra presents to you an excellent release, one that sticks to your ribs and infects your mind with the murkiest of sludge. This is a malevolent creation, one that brings forth death, disease and terror all within four great tracks.

Gardens of Rot will be released through Camo Pants Records March 15, 2019.

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