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Crowhurst and Bandit: Bulldozer

February 24, 2020

Crowhurst and Bandit: Bulldozer

In concert with Delaware grinders Bandit, noise merchant Crowhurst offer up this seven track, ten minute EP titled Bulldozer. Bulldozer features seven tracks by Bandit that have been remixed by the entity known as Crowhurst. This ten minute EP is a pure assault on your ears as you become under siege by nothing other than brain melting noise. Each track will vibrate you brain having it leak through your ears once all has concluded. Bulldozer is a harsh and punishing EP that traps you inside a noise riddled coffin never for you to see the light again. Never are you safe from the utter onslaught of ear bleeding noise goodness as Crowhurst blitzes forth providing you with nothing other than equilibrium altering noise.

Bulldozer is pure madness in the best way possible. Each of the seven tracks that are present here are head spinning and ear drum bursting as each track is like an audible weapon. Once you press play, the cyclone of terror hits your ears never to cease as you become under siege from one track after the next. Of all seven of the tracks that fill this EP, each one is just as offensive and torturous as the last. Reckoning and assaulting, Bulldozer buries you under screeching, droning and ever assaulting noise from which you cannot escape.

This offering is a menacing and terrorizing one as you are presented with seven unfiltered, screeching, metallic noise cuts that seem to be utilized less like songs and more like weapons. Each of the pointed and jagged offerings here are as assaulting and punishing as you would come to expect and imagine. With no reprieve and with a cacophony of heart stopping noise, Bulldozer spins forth never to let you out from its noise riddled clutches. Murky, buzzing and ear drum bursting, the remixes of these Bandit tracks are unapologetic and unrepentant as you come face to face with seven excellent remixes brought to you by noise merchant Crowhurst.

Through and through, this EP is something to truly behold. Each track through Bulldozer is a wonderfully executed remix of the original tracks. They are heavy, brain melting and contorting and as offensive as they are you seem to always come back for more and more noise punishment.

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Gridfailure: When The Lights Go Out Vol.II

October 31, 2018

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Not as in your face, yet still nightmarish, Gridfailure presents When the Lights Go Out Vol. II. This release from the noise outfit isn’t as in your face noisy as its previous efforts have been, but with that being said this offering is an atmospheric mind bender none the less. Through each record, Gridfailure paints nightmarish soundscapes and atmospheres that cloud your mind and take it through darkened corridors until it has shrunk back in to the darkest of recesses. When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is sinister and haunting through and through as Gridfailure once again creates spectral ambiance and industrial noise that captivates yet horrifies.

Gridfailure begins their new offering with a slow burning offering that sets the overall skin crawling tone. The four plus minute opener floods your speakers with haunting sounds right off the bat, infecting your mind with darkened reveries and visions of horror creeping out of the shadows. The opener sets the tone for what is to come, and what is to come is even more sinister noise offerings that contort your mind and raise the hair on the back of your neck. Gridfailure does a great job of captivating you from the very beginning never to let your mind wander too far from the labyrinth of noise in which they create.

This noise monger paces this release very well as they start you off slowly, burning away at a four minute track before delving deeper in to the ever quickening darkness. From the opener onward, Gridfailure provides you with atmospheric blasphemy that stretches your imagination and brings you in to a world devoid of light. From beginning to end, Gridfailure paints grim and sinister paintings with a wide brush of industrial noise, haunting atmospherics and spectral voices among other elements to create an overall darkened and chilling sound.

Through the five eight tracks that are present within this release, Gridfailure leads you down darkened corridors never to be able to escape until the final spectral voice has called out through the void. Each track flows nicely together creating a cohesive mesh of nightmares. Overall, When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is a solid release through and through as Gridfailure provides you with eight solid tracks of nothing but haunting noise.

When the Lights Go Out Vol. II  will be released tomorrow October 31.

Lower Automation: Shoebox Companion

June 24, 2018


In all of their spastic and chaotic glory, Chicago dwellers Lower Automation is set to release their newest EP Shoebox Companion. Harbored beneath its title, Shoebox Companion offers up six tracks of wholly chaotic punk and math noise that make your head spin enough to the point where you think you’ve lost it. This fourteen minute release is a dizzying and brain bending one as your brain is going to have to do some mental acrobatics if it wants to keep up. Shoebox Companion is off kilter and the noise flies at you from all angles creating a sharpened vortex of calculated noise.

Shoebox Companion is a frenzied release as it throws you in to its cyclone of neck bending punk noise immediately. All of the elements and components that Lower Automation uses throughout each track mix well together creating an all together cohesive yet head spinning sound. Never are you able to escape the noise as one dizzying track begins once one ends burying you under droves of a well knit together metallic aural assault.

From beginning to end, Shoebox Companion is an excellent EP. Through it you are gifted to excellent musicianship and great highly memorable vocals. Each track within this EP are well crafted and well performed offerings of noise that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Shoebox Companion is an addicting and entirely engaging listen that draws you in from the very first minute onward. As noisy and chaotic as every track is, they are cohesive and as mentioned each component that Lower Automation has thrown in to their eclectic sound works well together to create a wholly unique and interesting sound.

Once Shoebox Companion concludes, you are left feeling as though you just got in a car crash. This is a whiplash inducing release through and through and it is entirely entertaining and memorable making this out to certainly be a mainstay on your rotation.

Shoebox Companion will be released July 27, 2018.

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Clawing: Spectral Estate

May 10, 2018

Spinning torturous tales of night terrors, child abuse, and a haunted house, Alabama’s own Clawing presents Spectral Estate. This drone/noise band tell harrowing story after harrowing story through their six track effort, putting you in a broken and darkened state of mind. As oppressive and dark as this release is, it is just as depressive and mind bending. These are not fun topics that Clawing spins stories about. Spectral Estate makes you feel unwelcome and unsettled right from the very beginning as it throws you in to horror after horror unapologetically so until you have sunken in to the darkest recesses of your mind never wanting to crawl back out to see the light of day.

Through each track you can hear a boy narrating portions of these tracks in unsettling and skin crawling fashion making each track just that much more sinister and twisted. More than that, you are treated to odd and distorted sounds that ebb and flow laying out a soundscape that is blisteringly dark and cold. Each track consumes you and throws you in to a never ending darkness from which you cannot see the light. Through each track you are presented with a toxic and venomous atmosphere that hangs over you like a noose waiting for your call.

Each track is foreboding and dread instilling making this out to be an uncomfortable listen. However, as uncomfortable as each track is, they are gripping and engaging in their own right as you continue to listen wondering where Clawing will take their twisted music next. Spectral Estate has a way of drawing you in to its darkness that unfurls with every nasty and blasphemous thought that you have until you no longer can see the end of said darkness.

Spectral Estate is one wonderfully crafted nightmare after another, presenting you with a harrowing and miasmal listen that will be reverberating through your skull for some time. This album’s gnarled sound gnashes at sanity and paints you grim and bleak soundscapes in which it walks you through until the final odd note plays through.

If you are in to drone or noise in general, Spectral Estate is certainly more than worth the listen. This release is gripping, dark, chilling, harrowing and well crafted making it to be a well rounded and overall solid release.

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