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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Nightfear: Cryptasm

November 23, 2017

With a unique and interesting mash up of death metal, crossover, and hardcore, Nightfear bring to us their newest EP titled Cryptasm. Presented on this EP are five original tracks as well as a cover of The Misfits song We Bite. Each of the five original tracks are just as ripping and skull grinding as the last as Nightfear provides you with nothing but head banging and heavy tunes. The overall sound is very reminiscent of old-school death metal, but instead of entirely following in the footsteps of their death metal fore fathers, Nightfear add their own twist creating something that is entirely unique.

From the very first note on you are greeted with nothing but flesh tearing riffs that are only to be paired with bone cracking drumming as well as ghoulish blood curdling vocals. Each track is incredibly energized and hardly ever played at a slower tempo providing you with a chaotic and stampeding listen. Once one cut ends, another begins gifting you with a suffocating and life threatening listen. Of the four original tracks on this release, all five are face melting from beginning to end.

Nightfear never really lets you settle in to their new EP Cryptasm as they lay the hammer down right from the get go. As mentioned above, Nightfear never really slows their tempo down too much at all, so for five straight tracks you become under siege and pummeled within an inch of your life. Cryptasm is entirely menacing and powerful and no matter who you are, you will feel as though you have been chewed up and spit right back out after listening.

Cryptasm is a monster of an EP and in only five tracks you feel as though you have listened to a full length. Each track is fairly short with the two longest running at just over three minutes each. Even as short as this EP is however, you are provided with an incredibly intense and savage listen. Once you press play, Cryptasm hits you, and hits you hard. It attacks you from all sides without warning and continues its oppressive sonic assault until the final gnarled note has sounded off, and once the EP is all over with, you reach to listen again.

This release is pumped full of dangerous metallic goodness for your ever scarred ears. Cryptasm is an incredibly entertaining, heavy and memorable listen as well as a release that you will keep coming back to over and over again.

Nightfear Bandcamp:

The second cassette pressing will be out December 11, 2017 limited to 100 copies through Graven Earth Records.



Hamvak: I

November 22, 2017

Emerging from an ever rotting tomb is Hamvak and slithering up through the abyss with them is their newest offering simply titled I. There is one lone wolf that is behind this barbaric project, and through three tracks he provides you with raw, savage and completely bloodied blackened death metal. It doesn’t take long before Hamvak gets right in to the thick of their onslaught, and once they do they rain hammering drums and dissonant sludge filled riffs for your filthy enjoyment.

There is a little intro at the beginning of the opening track Altars Of A Thousand Plagues, but once that subsides, Hamvak unleash their sonic assault. Hamvak does a good job of combining elements of death metal and black metal to gift you with one venomous and grim listen. There isn’t too much time for reprieve on this EP as Hamvak hammers away from track to track to track. The only true solace that you get is at the very beginning of the EP, other than that you are pummeled with dissonant riffs, rumbling bass lines, ever solid drumming and gritty demonic vocals that seep through the never ending sonic wall.

I is a solid EP through and through as it provides you with three tracks of entertaining and neck snapping blackened death metal. Each track is just as ripping as the last  and each of the three tracks flow nicely with one another creating a cohesive and well put together effort. While I isn’t a ground breaking release, and while we aren’t hearing something that is entirely new, it still is a solid effort nonetheless. From beginning to end, Hamvak provides you with blasting and pummeling blackened tunes that just don’t seem to quit hammering away at your soul until you are completely done listening.

It will be nice to see what Hamvak has in store next, whether it be in the form of an EP or a full length. For now however, we have this three track EP of twisted blackened death metal for our enjoyment.

Hamvak Bandcamp:


Bloodshot Dawn: Reanimation

November 20, 2017

Bloodshot Dawn - Reanimation.jpg

A little over three years has passed since Demons came out and after a couple of lineup changes, Bloodshot Dawn is back at it again and set to release their newest death metal onslaught Reanimation early next year. Reanimation brings ten brand new tracks to the table, and in typical Bloodshot Dawn fashion, each track is just as melodic and captivating as they are heavy and  unrelenting. From beginning to end, Reanimation captures its audience as it provides them with technical, melodic and heavy death metal that is hard to forget.

As a whole, Reanimation is a tightly knit and well executed record that provides you with some of the most technical and melodic death metal for you to crank your necks to. From beginning to end you become under siege by seamless guitar work that is supplemented by scorching solos, storming blasting drum work as well as varied vocals that range from unearthly growls to gritty gravel filled screams. If you ignore everything else that this record has to offer, the musicianship wizardry alone is enough to captivate you and make you want to listen over and over again.

Each track is well constructed, and each track flows well in to the next providing you with a cohesive and well rounded listen. Bloodshot Dawn does a great job of mixing together their more melodic elements with their more blasting and punishing elements to create a sound that is unpredictable and mesmerizing at the same time. This record has a great knack for hammering itself straight in to your brain only to live there for quite some time. Each track on this release is entirely memorable and incredibly entertaining. There isn’t a cut on Reanimation that feels as though it doesn’t belong, and there certainly isn’t a track on this album that you would feel the need to skip. Each of the ten tracks on this record are solid, well put together and addicting to listen to.

Once you press play and the blasting drums and face melting riffs pour from your speakers, you have no other choice but to head bang along and hope that your head is still intact after the album has concluded. After some lineup changes after Demons was released, Bloodshot Dawn seem to have come back better than ever and show that off entirely with Reanimation. This is a solid, cohesive and well put together release that is highly memorable and addicting to listen to.

If you are a fan of technical melodic death metal you just simply cannot go wrong with Reanimation. From beginning to end you find yourself lost within the world that Bloodshot Dawn has created within this record, and once you finish listening you feel a massive need to listen again and again.

Reanimation will be out January 18, 2017 through Hostile Media.

Reanimation UK/Ireland Live Dates
17/01/18 – Black Heart, London
18/01/18 – Green Door Store, Brighton
19/01/18 – Boiler Room, Guildford
20/01/18 – The Underground, Plymouth
21/01/18 – Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff
22/01/18 – The Flapper, Birmingham
23/01/18 – Audio, Glasgow
24/01/18 – The Fulford Arms, York
25/01/18 – The Peer Hat, Manchester
26/01/18 – An Spailpin Fanach, Cork
27/01/18 – Limelight, Belfast
28/01/18 – On The Rox, Dublin

Links to follow:

Bloodshot Dawn Facebook:

Hostile Media Website:

Drug Honkey: Cloak Of Skies

November 18, 2017

Drug Honkey.JPG

Like a nightmare unfurling before you in sonic fashion, Cloak of Skies treats you to a wonderfully demented and dark listen. As twisted as this record is, it is like heroin for your ears. Cloak of Skies is an addicting record from beginning to end as you press play over and over again, submerging yourself in sludge filled doom bliss. Cloak of Skies is an oppressive record that provides you with an apocalyptic atmosphere that you have a hard time escaping from. This entire record is nightmarish and at the same time it is so very captivating. Among the nightmare inducing tones are traces of psychedelic elements as well providing you with vast ever shifting and twisting soundscapes.

From the very beginning of Cloak of Skies, you understand what a monster the record is going to be. The murky riffs dripping with sludge that is paired with the ever buzzing bass, heavy drumming and dissonant gnarled vocals pull you in and keep you along for a very harrowing and trippy listen. Cloak of Skies is a disturbing and hair raising listen, but even so you have a hard time pulling yourself away from it. From the massive and intense opener Pool of Failure on, Cloak of Skies retains that intensity and that immense sound throughout. Each track is just as dense and monstrous as the first as Drug Honkey buries you under waves of certain doom and despair.

Cloak of Skies is almost like an acid trip gone sideways. Drug Honkey pairs their psychedelic elements with their dream eating brand of sludge filled doom expertly to create a massively bone chilling sound. Each of the tracks on this record are done very well as they are all cohesive and roll together very well creating an entirely murky and ghastly sound that you can’t get enough of. This odd yet mesmerizing record grabs a hold of you from the first note dragging you along with it through a murky never ending abyss.

The longer that you listen and the longer that Cloak of Skies trudges along, the more and more that you end up sinking in to it. This nasty and ugly record is something to behold as Drug Honkey provides you with something unique and ultimately heavy. Drug Honkey incorporates sludge, doom and the excellent use of synths to gift you with an ill-fated, massive and soul blackening listen. The odd sounds that seep through your speakers are irresistible and you ultimately keep coming back for more and more.

This dissonant cloaked in apocalyptic gloom release is one solid and damning piece of metal. Cloak of Skies is a undeniable record that is hard to pass up on and one that should’t be passed up on.

Jupiterian: Terraforming

November 16, 2017


Shrouded in mystery and covering themselves in ritualistic garments making themselves look like proper wraiths is Jupiterian. They stand out from the crowd already visually, but does their music follow suite? Yes. Yes it does. Terraforming is a unique, earth moving, murky and dissonant release that is hard to forget. This release does a great job of cloaking you in a thick murky fog for its entirety as well as providing you with dense chilling atmospheres. Terraforming’s atmosphere lurks and stalks all throughout this release and acts as an entity almost all its own.

As a matter of fact, the atmosphere that shifts and slithers its way through the sonic doom madness often seems to be larger and more grand than the weighty sludge filled riffs themselves. With that being said, the atmosphere that is presented within this record compliments the droning, ever murky and dissonant riffs and eccentric drumming perfectly. Every element that is in this record comes together perfectly to create a swirling mass of sonic doom madness. Terraforming is a cohesive well constructed record that transports you from the comfort of your own home to a soundscape that is dark, ghastly and all together nightmarish.

Each track is striking and enveloping as they each pull you in to a chasm of utter darkness. Terraforming is a mystifying and captivating release that is entirely hard to not want to listen to. As the record plays on, each track just gets better and better. There isn’t a cut on Terraforming that you would want to exclude from your listen or from the album in general. Everything flows together so nicely creating a wonderfully dark and venomous soundscape.

These gloomy tracks in which Terraforming harbors evoke feelings of dread and despair and stab right at the heart of the listener for the entirety of the record. These spectral and haunting tracks are sure to stick with you for some time to come as this release does a good job of getting right under your skin. Terraforming is an oppressive and monolithic record, one that makes you succumb to its sheer weight. Sooner rather than later you become buried under all of the murky riffs, dissonant drumming, chilling vocals and ever shifting dense atmosphere.

The musicianship on this record is perfect and versatile and throughout this release, Jupiterian really shows what they are made of. Each track is so well done and each element that is sewn in to this record works so well with one another ultimately providing you with one hell of a memorable listen. From the earth moving riffs to the pounding drumming to the harrowing vocals to the acoustic and synthesizer touches, Jupiterian mixes it all together so well to create a world of their own.

This is a dense, unique, interesting and incredibly captivating record that you just shouldn’t be missing out on. Not enough can be said about this release and I may not even be doing it justice, but I can say that this is a great album not only for the doom genre but for metal in general. Jupiterian doesn’t seem afraid to try new things and expand their sound and branch out and because of that, we have an excellent record to listen to. Terraforming is a work of art, one that will be remembered for quite some time to come.

Check out Matriarch below!


Limbsplitter: Chloroform Cocktail

November 15, 2017


Limbsplitter has been around since 2011 having released a demo in 2013 and now four years later they release their first full length record titled Chloroform Cocktail. Limbsplitter of course revels in gore, the sick and the twisted as well as the nauseating, and with Chloroform Cocktail they bring all of that and more to the operating table. This release is shocking, disgusting and purely putrid and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Through eight tracks, Limbsplitter provides you with nothing but skull bursting and bowel boiling brutal death metal for you to revel in and snap your neck to.

After a brief monologue about a guy screwing a girl until she nearly dies, Limbsplitter gets right in to the thick of things as they blast away with machine gun drumming, slashing riffs and throat shredding vocals. The pace and the tone that they set with the first track holds up throughout the rest of the record. After the monologue at the beginning of the first track Bound for Defilement, Limbsplitter holds a brain bashing and sonic tempo for the rest of the record never letting up for even a minute. Chloroform Cocktail is a suffocating release that hardly gives you any time at all to catch your breath as they move from one track to the next providing you with entrail ripping tunes after entrail ripping tunes.

From the very beginning Limbsplitter mashes the pedal through the floor and the buzzsaw through your skull. They seem to take a nonsensical approach to their music as they come at you knives branded paired with plenty of acid to dissolve anyone they need to. Chloroform Cocktail is an emulsifying and brain mashing listen, one that hits you hard and repeatedly hits you with a lead pipe until you are no more. Each track is an oppressive and ghastly listen that bulldozes straight through you leaving you to the vermin.

The musicianship on this release is tight and technical and the vocals are spot on as they rip and tear at your ear drums just as much as the blasting drums and ripping riffs do. With the combination of some elements of grind and certain elements of thrash, you are gifted with one chaotic and life threatening listen that you will not soon forget. Chloroform Cocktail is an unrelenting, gruesome and flesh gnashing release that grabs your attention immediately and keeps it all throughout this hellacious record. There doesn’t seem to be a way to listen to this record and come out of it in one piece as Limbsplitter hack away at your flesh and chip away at your bones from beginning to end.

This is an intense listen to say the least, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. From front to back you are provided with some delicious death metal to crank your neck to and piss your neighbors off with. Chloroform Cocktail is an all around solid and well constructed record that is sure to get right under your skin and imprint itself in your mind for quite some time.



Gutslit: Amputheater

November 14, 2017



It has been a solid four years since Gutslit’s last release Skewered in the Sewer and now these twisted bastards offer up a brand new slab of bone crushing death metal titled Amputheatre. Amputheatre is a complete step up from Skewered in the Sewer as Gutslit have honed their craft all together to create something even more cohesive, well constructed and completely brain bashing. This new record is a blistering assault from front to back never giving you enough time to take a breath and accept your untimely death. Gutslit move from track to track never losing momentum as they do so. Each track is just as savage and ear drum shredding as the ones that came before it and before you know it your brain is boiling and your bones have been reduced to dust.

After the brief intro Amputheatre, Gutslit mashes the proverbial pedal through the floor as they play neck breaking track after neck breaking track never stopping as your cries of mercy fall on their deaf ears. Each of the eight tracks that come after the intro are technical and bludgeoning slabs of rotten death metal that aim to make you a part of Gutslit’s ever growing horde of cadavers. Gutslit seem to have left everything on the table with this new record as they don’t pull punches or fill time with fillers and fluff as they only gift you with nothing but life threatening death metal.

Gutslit’s combination of both grind and brutal death metal makes for one frenzied and blood curdling listen. As technical and precise as these tracks are, they are just as chaotic. From the start of each song Gutslit will have you banging your head until your brain ends up leaking out of your ears. Each track is undeniable in technicality and brutality and before you know it your head is split wide open. Gutslit barrels through these tracks with no remorse and no second thought as to how much carnage they have spread. Once Gutslit takes off they don’t stop the terror as they roll effortlessly from track to track providing you with nothing short of a bombastic and thundering listen.

Amputheatre hits you so hard and so quick that it leaves you utterly exposed caught in right in the line of fire. With frenzied riffs that are paired with drums that act as a fully automatic assault riffle, you come under siege from the very first couple of minutes on. At the end of the listen Gutslit leaves you bloodied, bruised and incredibly helpless. Amputheatre is a twisting mass of death, carnage and destruction and at the end of the record you want to put yourself through it all over again. This is an addicting listen, one that is well worth the unholy punishment.

Amputheatre is a face shredding, skull grinding and emaciating release that leaves you in a state of complete despair. This is a demented and incredibly heavy record that you have a hard time tearing yourself away from. Amputheatre is a great follow up to “Skewered in the Sewer” as Gutslit shows how far they have progressed and how they really have honed their craft to create such a fiendish and blood boiling record. Overall, Amputheatre is one hell of a death metal record.

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