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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Anthropophagous: Spoiled Marrow

March 4, 2020

Anthropophagous: Spoiled Marrow

Arriving on the scene grimy, gritty, evil, putrid and utterly rotten comes Anthropophagous and their upcoming debut EP titled Spoiled Marrow. Without frill or fluff, Anthropophagous treats you to four total tracks of gut churning, blood spilling death metal and nothing but. Without mercy and in true devastating fashion, Anthropophagous trample onward from track to track only to seize your husk of a form for their ever growing garden of corpses once all is said and done. Stripped to the bone, unfiltered and bleeding raw, Spoiled Marrow offers up something that is truly flesh peeling and vein draining.

Forever chipping away at your precious sanity with their ever relentless onslaught of bloodied death, Anthropophagous rumble forth from one track to the next aiming to rip you limb from limb. Each of the four offerings that are present here are just as potent and violent as each other making this entire release to be incredibly terrorizing and gutting. There are no gimmicks, no intros, no outros. The only thing that is present here is grisly, blood draining, flesh devouring death metal.

Barbaric and brutal, Spoiled Marrow slices straight to your bone and unapologetically so. There is absolutely no reprieve from the utterly evil onslaught as you become trapped among putrid death once you press play. Without warning the ceaseless death barrage begins never to stop until the fourth and final track has finally torn off your last remaining limb. Forever bone gnawing and shredding, Anthropophagous and their deadly brand of metal march forth signaling the end for you well before the final note rings through.

Through and through, Spoiled Marrow is a great EP. Each of the four tracks here are just as good as the last making this a well rounded and cohesive effort. This is pure, grisly death metal and nothing but and that is absolutely fantastic. There is nothing here that defiles the pure, raw and putrid sound that Anthropophagous emits as what you get is straight up and down face peeling death metal. This is an EP that you will regret not listening to if you are a fan of the genre.

Spoiled Marrow is to be released by Blood Harvest Records March 13th.

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Anthropophagous Bandcamp

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Cult Burial: Sorrow EP

March 1, 2020

Cult Burial: Sorrow

In sewing the heads of black metal, doom metal and death metal together, Cult Burial create a sound that is all together spine bending heavy and menacing as they offer up two complete tracks within their EP Sorrow. As soon as you lift your finger off of the play button, a wave of death and doom hits you square in the chest never to relent until you are fully buried underneath the droves of pummeling riff and drum work. Although there are only two tracks attached to this release, they are both massive walls of abyssal doom and death from which you get dragged in to from the drop of the first note.

Cult Burial waste no time with intros as they set in immediately offering up their unique, pummeling style of heavy metal. In their great amalgamation of death, doom and black metal, Cult Burial balances each of those genres through two tracks very well. These merchants of darkness offer up a cohesive and well rounded sound that is as heavy as you would imagine. The doom dirges drag you through abyss after abyss while the death metal passages rip you to shreds once they crop up from their rotted burial site. The black metal elements that appear offer you at times a haunting and chilling atmosphere that envelopes you in bitter darkness. Each of the genres have their own time to shine through each of the two tracks that are present here as Cult Burial does a great job of incorporating each in to the fold.

As short as this EP is, it more than makes up for that with the quality of the two tracks. Both of the offerings here are excellent as Cult Burial does a great job of incorporating all genres and morphing them to how they see fit. Both tracks are a great amalgamation of all three genres to create something that is spine severing heavy. With great instrumentation, monstrous vocals and an overall menacing atmosphere, Cult Burial offer up something that is truly outstanding. Neither of the tracks here display any sort of weakness as they both crawl out of your speakers with intent to bury you underneath slabs of grisly death riddled doom with elements of soul stealing black metal for good measure.

Overall, Sorrow is a great EP. As mentioned above, what this EP lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Through and through Cult Burial provide you with top notch metal and really there isn’t anything more that you can ask for.

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Cult Burial Bandcamp

Medium: S/T

February 29, 2020

Medium: S/T

Hailing from Argentina comes Medium with their adrenaline pumping, head banging self titled offering. Playing a furious and ferocious mixture of grind and crust, Medium offer up seven total tracks of nothing but ripping metal for your face to completely melt to. Without gimmick and with the absence of filler, this release treats you to seven straight tracks of raw, grinding goodness with some crust influence thrown in the mix for good measure. Undeniable and unforgettable, Medium make their sound completely their own as they provide you with a fresh and unique take on the grind infused with crust genre.

Unlike typical grind that is fueled by pure aggression and furiosity, Medium mixes in a great deal of melody all throughout the self titled offering among the ever charging blasting rhythms of grind. Cohesive, fluid and comprehensive, each of the seven tracks that are present here are constructed and written well as they offer up what you love about grind while also incorporating their own twist to create a sound all their own. Forever twisting their sound through each track, through each minute, Medium takes you down layered sounds with each passing second making this entire release a thrilling ride all the way through to the end.

Medium offer up true crust infused grind and execute it perfectly and in the way that they clearly wanted to. Full of energizing, head banging, heavy and at times melodious metal, Medium strike forth with one track after the next forever marching onward with their entirely addicting unique sound. Each track is unforgettable as they work their way in to your brain forever to remain there for some time to come. This self titled release is one that hooks you from the very get go never to let you go even long after the final note has been played as you reach for the play button over and over again.

Thrilling, enjoyable, addicting, heavy, melodic, blasting and many more words can be used to describe Medium and their self titled release, but one word sums it all up pretty well; and that word is excellent. Through and through you are treated to some seriously tight knit grind/crust excellence that is written, constructed and performed to near perfection. There isn’t a weak track among the seven as each one is just as solid, strong and memorable as the last. Overall, this self titled record is something to behold as Medium offers up a truly fantastic record.

Medium will be unleashed March 6th through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official video for El Gigante from the upcoming record below!

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Mære: I

February 27, 2020

Mære: I

Obscure and at times haunting and spine chilling yet overall anvil heavy comes Mære from Germany with their six track EP simply titled I. Old-school in essence, Mære add their own twists and oddities to the punishing and deadly genre to come up with a truly complex and ever shape shifting sound. Never do you hear the same sounds more than once from Mære as their sound constantly shifts and morphs to how they see fit. Forever morphing and evolving with each passing second, each of the six tracks here lead you down winding, dissonant and ever daunting passages of death.

Though there are only six offerings attached to I, this EP more than makes up for the lack of quantity with quality as each cut here is superb. With as lengthy as each offering is as they clock in at over four and five minutes-save for the intro-you are treated to a true labyrinth of death metal noise. Never sticking to one sound or idea, Mære constantly shift and morph their sound, guiding you down one deadly passage after the next. Each track is just as unique, obscure and menacing as the last as Mære provides you with something that is simply intriguing and all together a different kind of heavy.

Forever devouring and engulfing, I wraps you in its pulsating and bitter darkness from which you cannot and will not see the light. As mentioned above, each track is haunting and all around spine chilling at times as the overall atmosphere of the EP itself is something all together to behold. Dissonant, darkened and all enveloping, I presses forth consuming you with the passing of each second as it loses you within the infinite folds and labyrinth like wrinkles of death. I isn’t a punishing release like a Cannibal Corpse record would be, but it is punishing in a different sense that is all its own.

From the instrumentation, to the monstrous vocals to the bitter and dark atmosphere to the unique shifts in tempo to everything in between, I certainly pushes the envelope. I is one of the more unique and intriguing death metal releases that I have heard, and changing the formula isn’t always something that works out in the favor of the band, but it certainly does here for Mære. Through and through, this six track EP is something to behold and gives you a little taste of what is hopefully to come from these death merchants.

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Verano’s Dogs: Summoning The Hounds

February 26, 2020

Verano’s Dogs: Summoning The Hounds

In true face melting and flesh ripping fashion, death grind horde Verano’s Dogs offer up an ever entertaining, relentless and blood boiling brand of deathgrind. With each of the ten tracks within Summoning The Hounds being a twisted amalgamation of death and destruction, Verano’s Dogs provide you with nothing but vein bursting scalding metal for your twisted enjoyment. Each track is a true blitzkrieg of deathgrind that snaps your neck before you realize what happened. Without so much as a warning, Verano’s Dogs sets in with their wicked brand of metal having you come face to face with an ever potent and violent assault. Verano’s Dogs execute nothing but pure perfected deathgrind here, providing you with ten total tracks of earth scorching twisted metal.

From the very first note that gets shot straight out of your speakers you quickly realize that each offering aims to trample, lay waste and destroy anyone and everything in its path. In true grinding fashion, each track is pretty short, but for what they lack in length they more than make up for in content. Each offering is a blistering assault of metal that gets your head violently banging back and forth until your neck finally gives and your head is found rolling on the floor. With one brutal assault after the next you are left with no room to breathe or take a breath as when one track ends the next immediately picks up right after it. Forever trapped in their cyclone of deathgrind terror, you come under siege from all sides from the very first note until the very last.

With slicing riffs paired with rapid fire drum work and dual vocals of the inhuman category, Verano’s Dogs creates something here that is vicious and volatile as well as entertaining. Every single second of Summoning The Hounds is an entertaining one as each track is a superb offering of pure, unfiltered deathgrind. Not a single track of the ten that are present here weak in any fashion nor do they lack in any single area as each one is just as good, heavy and head bangingly good as the last. The only thing that you wish for once the final note has rang through is that there were more than ten offerings throughout the release. With that said, that leads you to numerous listens until your ear drums just simply call it quits.

Through and through, Summoning The Hounds is a great release, one that provides you everything that you would want from a deathgrind record. Verano’s Dogs hit the nail on the head with this release as they offer up ten excellent tracks one right after the next with each one getting you bang your head until your brain fatally bruises. There’s nothing left that needs to be said other than Summoning The Hounds is absolutely excellent.

Crowhurst and Bandit: Bulldozer

February 24, 2020

Crowhurst and Bandit: Bulldozer

In concert with Delaware grinders Bandit, noise merchant Crowhurst offer up this seven track, ten minute EP titled Bulldozer. Bulldozer features seven tracks by Bandit that have been remixed by the entity known as Crowhurst. This ten minute EP is a pure assault on your ears as you become under siege by nothing other than brain melting noise. Each track will vibrate you brain having it leak through your ears once all has concluded. Bulldozer is a harsh and punishing EP that traps you inside a noise riddled coffin never for you to see the light again. Never are you safe from the utter onslaught of ear bleeding noise goodness as Crowhurst blitzes forth providing you with nothing other than equilibrium altering noise.

Bulldozer is pure madness in the best way possible. Each of the seven tracks that are present here are head spinning and ear drum bursting as each track is like an audible weapon. Once you press play, the cyclone of terror hits your ears never to cease as you become under siege from one track after the next. Of all seven of the tracks that fill this EP, each one is just as offensive and torturous as the last. Reckoning and assaulting, Bulldozer buries you under screeching, droning and ever assaulting noise from which you cannot escape.

This offering is a menacing and terrorizing one as you are presented with seven unfiltered, screeching, metallic noise cuts that seem to be utilized less like songs and more like weapons. Each of the pointed and jagged offerings here are as assaulting and punishing as you would come to expect and imagine. With no reprieve and with a cacophony of heart stopping noise, Bulldozer spins forth never to let you out from its noise riddled clutches. Murky, buzzing and ear drum bursting, the remixes of these Bandit tracks are unapologetic and unrepentant as you come face to face with seven excellent remixes brought to you by noise merchant Crowhurst.

Through and through, this EP is something to truly behold. Each track through Bulldozer is a wonderfully executed remix of the original tracks. They are heavy, brain melting and contorting and as offensive as they are you seem to always come back for more and more noise punishment.

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Brain Stem: Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2

February 21, 2020

Brain Stem: Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2

Hailing from Edmonton comes experimental death metal brain melters Brain Stem, and with them they tow along their four track EP titled Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2. Not to be pigeonholed in one specific death metal genre, Brain Stem morphs and melts the genre to how they see fit creating a unique and ever shape shifting sound. Each of the four tracks that are present within this title are all different from one another as you are never to hear the same sound twice. Groove filled, technical, down right heavy, you name it Brain Stem is that exactly.

Through both of the Symptoms of Annihilation EPs the overall theme is that of destruction, extinction and in general the fact that we will all perish. With that said, through the two EPs, the sheer brutality and spine breaking heaviness that is heard throughout perfectly encapsulates those themes. Brain Stem provides you with a no holds barred death metal assault from beginning to end, trapping you within a dizzying and destructive cyclone of death. Ceaseless and unrepentant, Brain Stem rolls from one track to the next offering up a pure onslaught of excellent experimental death metal.

Brain Stem showcases great technical ability as well as groove oriented passages of death and everything else in between through the four cuts that are provided here. Each track is just as well sewn together, performed and executed as the last making the entire offering cohesive and fluid. Ever twisting and morphing their sound to how they see fit, Brain Stem bends your mind to their will as they take you down corridor after corridor of unrepentant death. Brain Stem does a great job of shifting their sound through each track forever keeping you on your toes all while melting your brain in the process.

Overall, Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2 is a great release. Brain Stem showcases great technical and song writing ability among much more ultimately creating something that is down right heavy and addictive to listen to. Each of the four tracks here are excellent and will have you coming back for more brain melting experimental death metal excellence.

Symptoms of Annihilation-Stage 2 will be released March 20th.

Check out the track Dawn of Rot from the upcoming EP below!

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Fleshwolf: S/T

February 18, 2020

Fleshwolf: S/T

Stampeding forth like a true maelstrom of death, destruction and disease comes Fleshwolf with their upcoming self titled full length. This one man death metal outfit strings together eight total tracks of malice and mayhem throughout this self titled release. Never gifting you a moment of solace, Fleshwolf stomps forth with the intent to maim and mutilate. Fleshwolf bludgeons and smashes your face in beyond recognition before all is said and done. Each of the eight offerings that are present here are just as vile and flesh tearing as the last making this release to be truly gut bursting and entrails spilling.

You won’t be greeted by any intros, interludes or outros in this release as Fleshwolf presses the proverbial blade to your throat from the drop of the first note, only to keep slicing into your flesh deeper and deeper as the record runs on. This self titled release is a deadly assault, one that hammers and chips away at your skull until you finally drop. Each of the eight tracks are on the lengthy side as they cross the three, four and nearly five minute mark giving Fleshwolf enough time to trap you within their labyrinth of death.

With ever flesh peeling riffs and machine gun fire drum work that are only to be paired by larynx shredding vocals, Fleshwolf offers up a true, bleeding raw and down right filthy brand of death metal. This is unfiltered death that comes for your life from the drop of the first gnarled note, never to cease its pure onslaught until the last and final note has played out. From the get go, Fleshwolf ushers forth one desecrating death metal dirge right after the next. Granting you not a single moment to catch your breath, Fleshwolf barrels straight through to the next offering trapping you within a deadly vortex of scalding death metal.

Through and through, this self titled release is very solid and very well executed as it offers up eight tracks of nothing but raw death metal. Without a doubt, this release will get you bashing your brain against your skull in violent head banging fervor from the very get go. Each track is an infectious offering. There isn’t a weak track within this release as each one stands tall providing you with ever ripping death metal that is not to be denied.

Fleshwolf will be released May 1. Pre-orders are to open April 3.

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ITUS: Primordial

February 16, 2020

ITUS: Primordial

Hailing from Ontario, Canada comes doom merchants ITUS and in tow with them their debut EP titled Primordial. This five track EP has just about a little bit of everything in it. Each of the five tracks that are present here are unlike the ones that came before it. ITUS has a great, unique and eclectic doom metal sound that is hard to shake once you listen. Each track is its own entity and has its own unique folds to create an overall interesting and ever twisting and turning sound that keeps you guessing. From stoner metal elements, to down right unfiltered crushing doom, to a more calm and thoughtful sound, ITUS provides it all here with Primordial.

As mentioned above, ITUS has an eclectic and unique sound to them and that is made apparent with the very first track titled Cloud Reader. With elements of stoner metal thrown in to the fold along with odd and strange sound effects that pepper the track, Cloud Reader is a spacey and engaging offering. This fuzzed out track hits you with a heavy barrage of buzzing riffs from the get go all while light clean sung vocals fly through the wall of buzzing sound. Cloud Reader is an entertaining track that grips you immediately, pulling you ever more in to the labyrinth of sound that ITUS provides you with the remaining four tracks.

The following two tracks Question Everything and Primordial are two of the heaviest track on this release. The former is a grim and dark track that drags you asunder to places where light does not reach. Question Everything drags you through labyrinths of darkness and destruction all complete with crushing buzzing riffs that are only to be accompanied by spine rattling bass lines and vocals that are as monstrous and inhuman as you can imagine. Question Everything buries you in bitter cold darkness never for you to escape to see light again. This track is grim and twisted, perfectly setting you up for the title track.

Coming up right after Question Everything is the title track Primordial which is easily the most aggressive and destructive offering within this EP. Primordial is a four minute slab of grisly doom that pulls you even further to the darkest reaches of the abyss. With aggressive riffs that bury you underneath their sheer weight, the atmosphere and the overall tone of this track is something to behold as well. Primordial is an apocalyptically heavy offering that even has some touches of death metal thrown in the mix as well just for an extra dosage of bone crumbling heavy. Primordial takes no prisoners as it heaps dirges of darkened doom upon you until you are no more than one with the soil.

If you can outlast the former two tracks you come across the fourth track titled This Can’t Be. This Can’t Be is a cut that isn’t nearly as aggressive or destructive as the ones that came before it are. It is a nice break in the action; a nice break from being buried underneath the heavy bone crumbling riffs of the previous two dirges of doom. This offering has a more serene and calming feel to it that brings you back down to earth, letting you regroup from Question Everything and Primordial. With melodious riffs and great clean sung vocals, this offering is a haven, a zone of relative comfort from the grim and doom that preceded this offering.

Rounding this release out is the fifth and final track The Chaplain. This is the most unique offering from this release as well as the most straight forward doom track. The Chaplain drones and marches onward providing you with savage riffs that pummel you straight in to the earth. This is a great and heavy offering to close the release out as it offers up something unique and devilishly wicked. Forever crushing and bone crumbling, The Chaplain rumbles forth never providing you with a moment of reprieve until the final note rings through your speakers.

Overall, Primordial is a great release as it treats you to five unique tracks. Never once do you hear the same thing as ITUS truly does a great job of keeping you on your toes and guessing as to what you are about to hear next. Through and through this is a well crafted and cohesive effort that you would be unwise to skip over.

Primordial will be unleashed March 13.

Check out the official music video for the title track below!

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Witchcrawl: World Without End

February 14, 2020

Witchcrawl: World Without End

Bewitching, epic, entertaining and memorable are only some of the descriptors that can be used to describe Witchcrawl’s debut mini album World Without End. Playing in the vein of traditional heavy metal all while adding their own twist to the genre, Witchcrawl offers up five head banging offerings within this release. World Without End is an infectious and down right head banging and entertaining listen, one that gets your fist pumping and your head nodding nearly immediately. Each track here is a heavy metal epic that unfolds before you, taking you through labyrinths of nothing but heavy metal glory.

Withcrawl begin World Without End with a one and half minute intro that is complete with a man condemning a witch to burn at the stake. This theatrical intro sets the tone and the stage for the remaining four tracks that are to follow. After the intro you are treated to the four remaining tracks that are potent, powerful and at times haunting which is only appropriate for a band named Witchcrawl. Each track is lengthy as each one clocks in at over four, six and seven minutes. With each burning heavy metal hymn being as lengthy as they are, they never over stay their welcome. They all draw you in to their clutches never to let you go until the final seven minute opus finally concludes.

Throughout each cut within this release you are to find excellent headbang worthy riffs, scorching solos, solid drum work and vocals that range from powerful cleans to gritty gravel filled near growls. From the great instrumentation to the vocals to the overall great atmosphere of World Without End, you are treated to an overall well rounded and very solid release that finds its way in to your mind only to stay there for some time to come. World Without End is highly entertaining and an addictive release that you can come back to again and again without tiring of it. There isn’t a fall off anywhere through the five tracks that are present here as each one is just as good and well rounded as the last.

Overall, World Without End is a great release. It is striking, entertaining, memorable and definitely heavy as it gets your head banging within the first few seconds of you pressing the play button. This is pure, traditional heavy metal done excellently, and if you are a fan of the traditional heavy metal genre you definitely should not look this release over.

World Without End will be released February 21 through Katoptron IX Records.

Check out the official lyric video for the title track below!

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