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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Ovaryrot: Non-Flesh Scarring

April 21, 2019

Ovaryrot: Non-Flesh Scarring

Starting their careers off as a strictly goregrind outfit, Ovaryrot’s sound began to morph and include numerous genres in to the fold to create a sound that is all around nightmare inducing and brain splattering. With the additions of death metal, black metal, doom, power violence, noise and synth, Ovaryrot’s sound is ambitious and chaotic. Each track makes your head spin as you aren’t sure what you are supposed to be expecting from them next. As discordant and as non cohesive as you would expect their music to be, Ovaryrot make it all work to provide you with something that is well rounded and constructed.

Through Non-Flesh Scarring, Ovaryrot make their ravenous and ear bleeding style very known. From the drop of the first note you understand that you are about to come under attack from all angles. None of the seventeen tracks within this release cease their terrorizing assault as each one presses forth with bloodthirsty reckless abandon. Never are you really given a break from the sonic terror as Ovaryrot blasts from one track to the next, suffocating you under droves of chaotic metallic noise. Ovaryrot rips you to shreds from beginning to end, tearing at your psyche for the entirety of Non-Flesh Scarring.

With the addition of synths Ovaryrot adds just another element to their cacophony of twisted metal. Synths are a big focus throughout Non-Flesh Scarring as they are a feature on each track, and with them present that is what really creates an overall nightmarish atmosphere that is hard to shake. The synth elements are psychedelic, but in a way that makes you feel as though you are losing your mind. It adds a layer of an already diverse and varied sound that is hard to ignore and hard to forget.

As chaotic as each track is, there is no denying that they are flesh ripping offerings all the same. Each of the seventeen tracks that are present here are all terrorizing forces that come at you with ever skin shredding riffs, tumultuous drumming, vocals that are all together monstrous and synths that sink your mind in to a terrifying psychedelic coma. Non-Flesh Scarring is a blitzkrieg of noise and terror that twists your mind and bleeds your veins dry.

Non-Flesh Scarring is an all around destructive yet highly entertaining record. Each track is executed well and with as much as Ovaryrot packs in to each track, that is definitely saying something. This is a dense, diverse and well done record that’ll have your brain leaking from your ears before you know it. Ovaryrot has created a great record here, and if you are looking for something truly different, it would be a crime to look over Non-Flesh Scarring.

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Ovaryrot: Chemania

March 19, 2019

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Ovaryrot: Chemania

International death dealers Ovaryrot are getting set to unleash yet another corpse obsessed beast of a record. For now however, we are graced with a single titled Chemania. This track is just as brutish and grisly as you would imagine coming from Ovaryrot. Complete with jarring drumming and ever flesh ripping riffs that are only to be backed by blooded vocals, Chemania is a chaotic and skull smashing offering. This single is out for blood, hits fast and hits hard leaving you bleeding and struggling to grasp at what little light in your eyes that you have left. This is a sign of things to come from this international beast of a band, and signs all point to their new record being as sickening as you would hope for.

Check the new single Chemania out below!

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Vomit Spell: Demo 2019

January 10, 2019

Vomit Spell: Demo 2019

Meshing together the disgusting sounds of death metal and grindcore, Vomit Spell offer up a sickening and vile seven track demo. With viscera soaked riffs and ever cranium caving drumming along with rabid and ever bloodied vocals, Vomit Spell gnash at your flesh from beginning to end. There are no gimmicks and certainly no fluff as what you get is seven straight tracks of brutalizing metal. With no reprieve, no pause and no room to breathe in the stagnant vile air, Vomit Spell submerge you in grimy and crusted death grind from beginning to end.

Without so much as a warning, Vomit Spell set in immediately greeting you with nothing but a chaotic wall of blistering noise. From track one to track seven you become accosted on all fronts as Vomit Spell never ceases their relentless assault. They are unapologetic in approach and sound as Vomit Spell ushers forth one destructive brain melting cut after another. The neck twisting and flesh tearing never stops as these heathens stampede from track to sordid track, offering up sickening hymns of mutilation through and through.

With track times ranging from just over the one minute mark to the near five minute mark, you are treated to plenty of diversity and variety through each track. While each offering is as brain blistering as you would imagine them to be, you are also treated to more low and slow burning old-school death in the vein of Autopsy, Obituary and the like if only for brief moments. The lengthier tracks change the pace every so often, throwing you for a loop only to plunge you back in to your grave with more face melting and vein draining chaos. Not every single minute is filled with gut churning ferocity as Vomit Spell does slow it down to a manageable graveyard romp every now and then.

Each track is a well written offering showcasing both the grind and pure death metal elements from both genres. Both of these genres work hand in gnarled hand throughout this demo to provide you with a truly grisly, gnarled, death and disease ridden listen. There is not a track within this demo that will disappoint as each one is just as solid as the last. Vomit Spell keep it raw and visceral all throughout providing you with a completely viscera soaked and highly entertaining listen.

Deathgrave: So Real, It’s Now (Official Music Video)

December 20, 2018

Deathgrave: So Real, It’s Now

Deathgrind/punk stalwarts Deathgrave have unleashed a brand new video for their title track. The nightmare fuel video is great and adds even more punch to a track that is already brain bashing. Check out the official video for So Real, It’s Now below!

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Beaten To Death: Agronomicon

December 7, 2018

Beginning their skull grinding journey in 2010, Beaten To Death has been on a rampage ever since their inception. With three full length records under their belt they are on their way to presenting you with their fourth and equally face melting offering Agronomicon. This new twelve track offering is a skull grinding and blood boiling release that is just as chaotic and bone splintering as you would hope it to be and as you would imagine it to be. From beginning to end you are treated to a torrential down pour of chaotic grind that does its best to snap your neck and when it does the sound is deafening.

With their roots firmly planted in the murky swamps of grindcore, Beaten To Death offer up a unique and refreshing sound still. In a stagnant genre, these fiends offer up a sound that is wholly a breath of fresh air. Blending together grindcore, hardcore, punk and whatever else they have fit in to their finely tuned sound, Beaten To Death create something here that works cohesively and organically to provide you with a great overall sound that is hard to deny. Beaten To Death bring a lot of innovative and unique ideas to this crowded genre to stand apart from the crowd that ultimately brings you a highly memorable and addictive listen.

As blasting and head spinning as this release is, it is equally melodic and groove filled providing you with an ever twisting, ever shape shifting and ever varied and diverse listen. Beaten To Death does this all while each of their tracks are under two minutes save for just two. Within a short period of time, these fiends offer up an incredible amount of content and an incredible amount of diversity that you will be picking out through numerous listens. 

Agronomicon hits pointedly from all sides with incredibly shredding riffs and unbelievably blasting drums as well as thick bass lines and to top it all off you are screamed at by throat ripping vocals just for good measure. Really wrapping everything up nicely is the organic and solid production throughout that is brought to you by a complete live recording of every single track. Everything comes together nicely within each track which ultimately provides you with one hell of a listen and one hell of a great record. 

The twists that Beaten To Death add to their base of grindcore are welcome and surely a breath of fresh air as mentioned. You can’t find grind that is much better than this as Beaten To Death lay it all out here to present you with an overall top notch superb offering in the form of Agronomicon

Agronomicon will be released December 24, 2018 through Mas-Kina Recordings

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Lividity: Perverseverance

November 3, 2018


It has been twenty-four solid years since the disturbing inception of Lividity, and within those twenty plus years these heathens have been laying waste with their vicious and insidious brand of death grind. With numerous EPs, splits and demos under their skin stitched belt, Perverseverance is their fifth full length. Within this lobotomizing offering you are greeted with twelve offerings of perverse and insanely twisted metal that is sure to leave you covered in bile, viscera and copious amounts of smegma. You would come to expect nothing other than pure barbarity from Lividity and that is exactly what they deliver. From beginning to end you are treated to a skull grinding and gut slitting offering that is as relentless as you would want it to be and as you would imagine it to be.

Lividity begin their new offering with a crowd chanting, “No means yes, and yes means anal”, just to give you a little vile taste of what is to come. After the chant for anal subsides, Lividity gets in to the putrid meat of their record as they mash their pike through your skull presenting you with gut grinding metal. Chunky riffs, ever bone splintering drumming and unearthly blood stained vocals pour from your speakers one second after another as Lividity marches forth providing you with something foul and grotesque. As each minute passes you become buried further and further underneath copious amounts of gore and fetid viscera. Perverseverance is relentless from beginning to end as it gifts you with twelve straight gut churning tracks.

The slaughtering never ceases as Lividity rolls from track to track greeting you with nothing but sharpened track after sharpened track that is ready to gut. Never are you treated to reprieve, even when there is an occasional audio clip attached to the beginning of certain tracks as those are just as perverse as the rampaging grind that comes afterward. These tracks are perverse, wretched and down right putrid as Lividity offers up some of the most sickening death grind.

With great musicianship coupled with solid song writing and production, Lividity offer up their best record to date. Perverseverance is a well crafted offering that treats you to brutalizing grind around every corner, leaving you asking for more and having you reach for the play button as fast as you can. Each track is a well constructed lobotomizing machine that gets you bashing your brain against your skull and cranking your neck until your spine curves. This is a wicked and well done release by the masters of perverse death grind.

Perverseverance will be released November 30, 2018 through Metal Age Productions.

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Miscarriage: Homicidal Mania Trilogy

October 14, 2018

Can chaos be captured? Can music really shred your flesh? If you have any doubts about either question you only need to turn to Miscarriage. This death grind outfit is nothing short of savage and relentless as they peel your skin back and rip your tender flesh from bone. Homicidal Mania Trilogy is a compilation of Miscarriage’s Homicidal Mania series of records which in total brutalize you for thirty straight tracks for over an hour. Miscarriage is fucking relentless to say the least. Each track on this offering is a blood boiling and bowel bursting cut aims for the jugular immediately never to back off until your head has been severed from your shoulders.

With blood soaked riffs and an overall entrails baptized sound, Miscarriage presents you with an unholy and twisted listen that you aren’t soon to forget. Each track is a chaotic mess of stagnant blood and festering remains that stab at you leaving you riddled with holes and lying lifeless in a ditch. These offerings are brutalizing as they charge forth with murderous and malicious intent aiming to spill blood and drain your veins of everything that they hold. Each track rolls right in to the next, suffocating you under a cyclone of rabid and beastial metal that bashes you over the head repeatedly until you can no longer be identified.

Each of the thirty cuts here are spewed forth with great intensity and great velocity snapping your head back and tearing your scalp from your skull. With ever vein slicing riffs, chaotic drums and putrid gurgling vocals, Miscarriage presents you with a sound that is all together sickening and vile. These tracks are morbid rampages of death that are unrelenting and ceaseless in their slaughter. This is ultra violence and insanity at its peak as Miscarriage pours on their brand of sickness thick burying you under a heaping dosage of violence and mania. From the onset you become battered and bruised, and when this release is all said and done you are pulverized beyond recognition.

This is pure death grind. It is uncompromising, deadly, throat slashing violence done to a tee. There is nothing here other than pure disgusting death grind that tramples you and disposes of you in the most vile way possible. Homicidal Mania Trilogy is insane, over the top, grotesque and so much more and dammit its glorious. This is death grind done just right as these sickos pour out thirty straight tracks of blistering homicidal sonic torture. You simply cannot go wrong with this release if you are a fan of grind, death metal or a combination of the two as this is simply top notch gore filled death grind.

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Miscarriage Official Bandcamp

Homicidal Mania Trilogy

Sociasylum: Crossroads

September 6, 2018

Hailing from Estonia is Sociasylum who recently released their debut full length titled Crossroads. This offering is filled with eleven tracks that fuse hardcore and grind together to create a wholly chaotic and in your face sound that gets your head nodding in no time. There are no fillers, no fluff and no bullshit as Sociasylum hits you hard and early on without so much as a warning. Crossroads begins with its opener Cramped, an all out aural grinding assault that hits you square between the eyes leaving you twisting your neck and bashing your brain against your skull.

From Cramped onward, you are treated to ten more tracks of nothing but hardcore and grind violence that leaves you feeling weathered and beaten. Each of the eleven tracks that are present within this release are no holds barred assaulting affairs that are don’t back down and don’t quit on their pure metallic rampage. Through and through, you are gifted with eleven tracks of heavy handed heavy metal that aims to cave your skull in and ask questions later.

In typical grind fashion, each of the eleven tracks that make an appearance are short and never cross the three minute mark making these tracks punchy and venomous. Through Crossroads, Sociasylum rolls right from one track to the next, never giving you a moment to rest as they continue their never ending metallic grinding onslaught. As mentioned, these tracks are short but they pack a massive punch and that punch can be felt long after you have finished listening.

This fast and punishing record is a well put together offering for a debut full length. Each track is well performed and crafted making the entire release cohesive and well rounded. There isn’t a weak track on Crossroads as each of the eleven are just as heavy, spine rattling and down right entertaining as the others. This is a nice grinding assault with a little bit of a hardcore twist and it works really well. The only thing that would have helped a little bit more is if more tracks were tacked on, but that is just a preference. Other than that, Crossroads is a very solid and very well executed debut offering.

Brutal Blues: BB

June 6, 2018


In mind numbing, chaotic and schizophrenic fashion, grind duo Brutal Blues offers up their newest release simply titled BB. Filled with ten tracks of nothing but ear drum gnashing metal, Brutal Blues intends to make your head spin and your brain buzz. From beginning to end you are accosted on all fronts by this aural assault as Brutal Blues dish out track after track of pure grinding madness. With odd effects added in the background to their harsh and punishing sound, BB is a disorienting and spine twisting listen to say the least. Brutal Blues leaves everything and then some out on the table through this ten track release to provide you with an altogether chaotic and head caving listen.

Brutal Blues set in immediately as they barrel forth with their first track. They don’t give you time to prepare yourself for the assault that you are about to witness as they bombard you with a furious metallic onslaught from the very beginning. This barrage of chaotic metal does not stop until the final song has concluded as Brutal Blues bulldozes from track to track. Never giving you enough time to breathe between each track, Brutal Blues suffocates you with their ear drum tearing and brain impaling sonic blitzkrieg.

From the very get go they make their horrid intentions known as they blast through your speakers with ever spastic drumming, throat blistering screams and schizophrenic riffs to make your head completely spin off of your shoulders. Each track is a maelstrom of burning grind that is sure to sheer your face clean off of your skull. Never once do Brutal Blues take their foot off of your throat as they ladle punishing sound after punishing sound until all is said and done, and even then these tracks will bounce around your head.

BB is an explosive and volatile record, one that snaps your head back as soon as you begin listening. This whiplash inducing release is just that. It is head caving grind done to a tee. BB is a noisy, bombastic and explosive record that will leave you riddled with scalding shrapnel at the end of it all, and that is exactly what a good grind record should do.

BB will be released June 22, 2018 through Give Praise Records.

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