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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Absorb: Vision Apart

July 4, 2017

Vision Apart Cover Final .jpg

Hailing from Germany is Absorb, and their brand new march toward death is titled Vision Apart. These German death dealers stick to strictly death metal as you won’t find them lurking in any other genres for the most part. Vision Apart is filled with four tracks of blasting and pummeling death metal that you can bang your head to with ease and without really needing to think about it. Each track on this release gets your head nodding feverishly within the first couple seconds and the album as a whole keeps your head nodding and your neck snapping for its entirety.

Vision Apart begins with a track titled Perfect Whore, which is the shortest but one of the fastest tracks on the release. Perfect Whore blasts out of your speakers immediately with blasting drums, grizzly roars and slashing riffs, bashing your brain in for just under three minutes. Each track that follows Perfect Whore is just as grizzly and mauling as they seem to come at you knives drawn ready to let your blood.

Each of the four songs that are present on this release are pretty solid. Each track provides you with solid musicianship and vocals and the overall production is clean as well providing you with an overall enjoyable and head bang worthy listen. Absorb doesn’t take too much time messing around either as they get right in to the meat of each track nearly immediately gifting you with nothing but four straight heavy death metal songs that gets your neck cranking from the get go.

Vision Apart is a straight up death metal record. There aren’t any frills, no gimmicks and it isn’t over done either. While this release isn’t something that is ground breaking or mind blowing, it still is a rumbling death machine that is nothing about pure death and decimation. What Absorb does is play some great straight up death metal that is bound to get your head banging whether you want to or not. If you are a fan of death metal and like your death straight up and pummeling, Vision Apart is a release that would find its way to your collection.


Orbseven: Cosmos Out Of Chaos

July 2, 2017

orbseven cover.jpg

Pumped full of atmosphere and the unknown, Cosmos Out Of Chaos comes belting out of your speakers with five brand new tracks for you to get lost in. Combining the likes of death metal and black metal and of course plenty of atmosphere, Orbseven create a sound that is dark, sinister, forever twisting and yet it is so inviting. As harsh and punishing as Cosmos Out Of Chaos can be, it also invites you in to get lost among the stars with it, and you shall. The mixture of genres with the addition of plenty of ambiance work hand in hand to provide you with a unique and overall interesting listen.

Once you press play you are greeted by a track titled Chaotic Splendor, which carefully walks you into the cosmos with violins among other orchestral instruments. Sooner rather than later the orchestral instruments are met by an ominous hum in the background only for everything to be subdued by sharp guitars and pounding drums about half way into the track. At this time now Chaotic Splendor is in full swing, providing you with rumbling drums and slashing riffs that are only to be supplemented by swirling synths and haunting vocals. Chaotic Splendor is a great opener to Cosmos Out Of Chaos as it properly introduces you to Orbseven and gets you properly prepared for what you are going to hear within the rest of the four tracks.

Each of the four tracks that follow Chaotic Splendor follow in its footsteps providing you with wonderfully atmospheric and damning death tinged black metal. Through Cosmos Out Of Chaos you can expect a great balance of death and black metal with symphonies of atmosphere worked in for good measure. Each track on this release is just as solid and clean as the others, and as a matter of fact each track seems to get better and better as the album runs on. There isn’t a track on this release that is lacking in any way shape or form, and no matter which track it is that you tune in to before listening you know that you are going to be listening to something great.

The musicianship on this record is well done and on point, and mind you all of it-including the vocals-is done by one person. The riffs are striking, the drumming is blasting and the bass lines are solid. The vocals on this record are powerful and memorable as they seem to be growled from the great abyss that is space. The lone person that creates all of this switches vocal styles occasionally transitioning between otherworldly growls and a half sung half spoken word vocal that is also mixed in with ease. These sung/spoken word vocals are hypnotic and also have an other worldly feel to them making you feel as though you are being spoken to by cosmic beings.

Not only is the musicianship and vocals on point on this record, but the atmosphere that is provided is as well. Each of the five tracks are riddled with great soundscapes and atmospheres that take wrap your mind up and have it travel among the stars. The atmospheres that are provided are esoteric, vast and striking ultimately having you get lost within the album for numerous listens.

Cosmos Out Of Chaos does a great job of trapping you and having you listen over and over again. This is a tough record to put down and take out of your rotation of every day listens, and overall, this record is a solid one that keeps you coming back for more and more.

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Kylver: The Island

July 1, 2017

In mind bending, atmospheric and instrumental fashion, Kylver present a unique and story driven record that captivates your mind. The Island is a captivating and inviting record that you really don’t mind listening to over and over again. This release sports some lengthy run times, but even so it never feels as though it is a burden to listen all the way through nor does it feel as though The Island drags on for too long. This record has a great ability to take your mind and make it wander through all of the vast soundscapes and atmospheres that Kylver pump into it, making it an overall wondrous listen.

As mentioned above, this release is purely instrumental and even though it is without lyrics, Kylver weave a great tale for you to get lost in and really soak up. The Island is about a ship that sets sail in search of an island that apparently holds a portal to another dimension. A couple of days after leaving port the ship wrecks, losing all crew members but one that ends up being washed ashore on the island that the ship set sail to find anyway. The sole survivor treks the island and runs into these people that are called The Great Race. After meeting these mysterious people, the lone survivor begs for The Great Race to send him back to his home, and after The Great Race agrees they wipe his mind clean of his memories of the island and of The Great Race. Eventually The Great Race sends him back to his home just a day before his ship is suppose to launch, but without any recollection of the events that transpired from the mythical island. So he sets sail again with his crew only for the same thing to happen again and again.

The tale mentioned above is a harrowing one and Kylver tell it oh so well within the five tracks that are present within The Island. Kylver weaves doom, progressive rock and sludge among others to create an atmospheric and unforgettable sound that has you coming back for more and more. As mentioned above, the run times on this release are lengthy but it never really feels as though they are. You can sit and listen to this album front to back numerous times without tiring of it and without wanting to listen to much else. This is a wondrous and adventurous album that certainly does take you on a wild adventure, and from the very beginning of the record until the end you feel as though you are right with the lone survivor of the wrecked ship traversing through the island of legend.

Riff upon riff unfold before your eyes as they paint great soundscapes and atmospheres. The guitars are on point and so clean and solid that you have no choice but to nod your head right along with them. The drumming is acrobatic and pin point and it makes you wonder if the drummer has eight arms or just two. As far as the bass work goes, it is just as solid as the rest of the instruments are providing each song with a little more rumbling flavor. Each instrument on this record is executed very well and they all work hand in hand to provide you with one hell of a great listening experience. Not to mention, the way in which Kylver shifts from genre to genre without you really realizing it is just another thing among many that they do oh so well. They never lurch or careen towards genre after genre, instead they weave each and every genre together very well creating a whole and cohesive sound.

On top of all of the swirling musicianship are the pulsating synths that you hear in the background. These synths push the soundscapes and atmospheres further and further creating an even more wondrous and atmospheric listen. “The Island” would already be a wondrous listen without them, but with the addition of the synths it adds yet another element to the music that ultimately captivates your mind and makes it wander. These synths are melodic and enchanting and at times it makes you feel as though they are coming from the mystical island that the lone survivor eventually washes up on. These synths are woven in to each song carefully and are just as well crafted as the rest of the instruments and they ultimately push each track as well as the record to a new level.

The Island is an exceptional release there is no denying that at all. There isn’t much more to be said other than this is a great album, one that you can get lost in and explore such wondrous atmospheres that Kylver so carefully weave and construct. Well done Kylver, this certainly is one of the finest instrumental metal pieces to date.

The Island was originally released on October 6, 2016 and will be getting a re-release on tape through Graven Earth Records July 6, 2017.

You can find this release in its entirety on Bandcamp.

Mortuary Science: 3 Song Sampler

June 30, 2017

Mortuary Science.jpg

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma is Mortuary Science and with their three track sampler off of Meathook Records they probably hope to bring you gore, destruction, evisceration and ultimately a heavy and skull grinding sound, and that is just what they do. Within this three track sampler you are provided with nothing but pure viscera and disgusting brutal death metal. Of course it is only three tracks, but Mortuary Science provide you with no bullshit and no filler brutal death that tries its best to cull the weak and hack anyone down to bite size chunks.

Mortuary Science begins this sampler blasting away almost immediately. They begin this release with Screams In The Crematorium which begins with a little ominous intro before it pile drives you with blasting drums and heavy gutting riffs. From here on out these gore fiends provide you with nothing but gut ripping and brutalizing death for you to revel in. Each of the three tracks on this release are just as sick and perverse as the others and once you press play you become entombed in eviscerated corpses and stagnant blood.

This sampler chugs on and on with vile vocals that spew out of your speakers as well as the aforementioned heavy gutting riffs that are only to be coupled by bone breaking blasting drums. Each track seems to aim for the jugular and if your jugular isn’t cut by the end of the listen, Mortuary Science doesn’t seem to mind for settling with breaking your neck instead. Each of these three tracks induce whiplash as they get you to headbang until you are brain dead. There certainly is no denying that these tracks are incredibly heavy and life threatening, and if you come out of the listen alive, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Overall, this is a great sampler that Meathook Records as well as Mortuary Science has put together. It shows what Mortuary Science is capable of, and what they are capable of is providing the listener with an utterly sickening and perverse sound that sticks with you. Through three tracks you are provided with nothing but terrorizing death and malice, and that is what brutal death metal is all about.

Pulvis Et Umbra: Atmosfear

June 28, 2017


Pulvis Et Umbra describe themselves and their particular genre as “100% No Poser Italian Metal”, and I have to say that that is completely appropriate. Pulvis Et Umbra aren’t posers nor do they mess around with any fluff, frills or anything of that nature. Atmosfear is the name of their brand new release that was launched February of this year and this release holds ten tracks to its name. Atmosfear isn’t a release that you can pigeonhole in to a single genre either as they fuse numerous genres together to create an organic and unique sound that is hard to shake once you are done listening.

Pulvis Et Umbra does a great job of combining progressive, death and technical death metal-among others-to create their sound. It would seem as though with all of these different genres that they incorporate into their music their overall sound would be clouded, but that certainly is not the case. These metal heathens combine each of these genres together seamlessly to gift you a cohesive, heavy and overall enjoyable listen. Each of these genres work hand in hand to provide you with a unique listening experience that keeps you coming back for more metallic madness.

From the very beginning of this record, Pulvis Et Umbra hits you with twisted and gnarled riffs that are coupled with pin point drumming and rumbling bass lines. Over top of the precise musicianship are the hellish vocals that transition between monstrous growls to high pitched banshee screeches that make your hair stand on end and curdle your blood. Each element, from the guitars to the vocals and beyond are executed very well providing you with a technical madhouse of melted metal. As each song runs along you can’t help but to bang your head into oblivion and beyond.

Not only does Pulvis Et Umbra provide you with some sickening neck snapping tunes, but they also incorporate synths into their music as well providing you with dark and twisted atmosphere for you to get lost in. There is an overall tone that this record has already and that tone is a dark and grim one, but with the addition of the synths in the majority of the tracks on this record, that dark and grim tone gets pushed further into an area that is devoid of light.

Overall, Atmosfear is a great record and one that is certainly well worth numerous listens. Each element in this record is executed very well including the raw and unfiltered production. In conclusion, Atmosfear is a damn good record.

Ohtar: Euthanasia of Existence

June 27, 2017

Ohtar - Euthanasia Of Existence.jpg

There are albums that are terrorizing or haunting or just down right pummeling, and Euthanasia of Existence is all of the above. Coming from black metal heathens Ohtar, Euthanasia of Existence is a six track atmospheric and hellish album that is devoid of all light and filled with death, disease, hate and more to provide you with a twisted and completely blackened listen. Once you begin listening you become trapped in the hell fire soaked soundscapes that Ohtar present never to escape without relinquishing your soul first. As bombastic and soul tearing as this release is, it still is inviting and enchanting in its own way as it does a great job of sucking you in and keeping your attention all throughout.

Each of the six tracks that make an appearance on this record are expansive with run times over the six minute and seven minute mark, but even so it never feels as though it is a burden to get all the way through the record. Ohtar weave grim tales and orchestrate their blackened assault very well to captivate your mind and have it wander through isolated corridors and bitter soundscapes. Not a single track on this release is lacking in any way, shape or form as each song presents you with a damning and cohesive sound.

Through Euthanasia of Existence, Ohtar present you with blasting and flesh tearing elements that are paired with more mid tempo atmospheric elements to create an expansive and soul sucking listen. However, no matter which sound you are presented with at the time, you can be sure that you are in for a harrowing and ever blackening listen all the same. Euthanasia of Existence is an unforgiving and bitter release that grabs you by the throat from note one only to hold on all throughout.

With its bitter and isolating atmospheres as well as its biting and slashing musicianship and raw production, Euthanasia of Existence is a raw and unfiltered record that won’t soon leave your mind. Once you begin listening, this release festers in your mind for some time to come and before you know it, one listen turns into many. As twisted and harrowing as this record is it is memorable and heavy all the same. In conclusion, Euthanasia of Existence is a black metal record that all black metal fans should be listening to.

Terrorhammer: Under The Unholy Command

June 26, 2017

Terrörhammer cover.jpg

With frantic riffs, chaotic drumming and vocals that sound as though they are being belched from hell itself, Terrorhammer blasts and shreds their way through your speakers to provide you with a flesh ripping and life threatening listen. Under The Unholy Command is the name of Terrorhammer’s newest release and it is filled with nine hellish and demonic tracks that aim to not only get your head banging to rip it right off of your shoulders as well. Terrorhammer begin Under The Unholy Command with an ominous intro that is riddled with sounds that sound as though they have been captured from the bowels of hell to set the tone.

Straight after the two minute intro has concluded, Terrorhammer roll out eight more poisonous and hell fire baptized tracks that do their best to steal your soul. Terrorhammer gives you no time at all to brace yourself for the demonic impact as they push out track after track providing you with a suffocating listen of nothing but blackened speed metal. As a whole, Under The Unholy Command is a violent and ruthless record that has a complete disregard for life as it aims for your throat the second that you lift your finger off of the play button.

Each track is just as twisted, sinister and submerged in pure and utter chaos as the ones that came before it, and once you begin listening you become trapped in Terrorhammer’s own hell that they have created. Under The Unholy Command is a devilish and ripping record that doesn’t let you out of its grasp even if you wanted to be released. Terrorhammer comes at you with their knives branded from the very first note aiming to let the blood of you and anyone and everything else that dares to oppose them, and if you do, an early grave awaits.

This high octane, no bullshit record is something to behold. There aren’t any fillers, no frills, no fluff and no bullshit, just pure, barbaric blackened speed metal to bash your brains in to. Overall, Under The Unholy Command is one hell of a great thrashing record that gets stuck in your head and gets stuck in rotation for some time to come.

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