Black Blood Invocation: S/T

Black Blood Invocation joins the likes of black metal and death metal to create an unholy, bestial and dissonant sound, and all of that and more is what get and what you can expect within their four track self titled release. Black Blood Invocation begin their new release with an ominous and haunting two minute […]

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Ljosazabojstwa: Sychodžańnie

Combining death and black metal together seamlessly to create a unholy, grim and purely thrashing sound is Ljosazabojstwa. After releasing a demo two years ago, Ljosazabojstwa follows that up this year with a mighty EP titled Sychodžańnie. This brand new barbaric EP of theirs consists of six purely blackened, soul shredding and neck snapping death tinged black […]

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Prezir: Contempt

Concocted in a swirling cauldron of hate is blackened death metal fusion Prezir and bubbling up from the scalding sludge is their debut EP aptly titled Contempt. This demonic and purely bestial slab of metal contains six total tracks of nothing but flesh burning and soul searing metal. Contempt begins with How God Loves which is a […]

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