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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Possession/Spite: Passio Christi Part I/ (Beyond The) Witch’s Spell

November 24, 2019

In a sickening summoning of all things damned and wicked, up from the cauldron of hate comes flesh peelers and soul destroyers Possession and Spite. Each playing a twisted brand of black metal, they merge their powers of venomous rage and destruction within this five track EP. Through and through, Passio Christi Part I/(Beyond The) Witch’s Spell is a blasphemous, venomous, potent and entirely life cleaving effort that leaves your soul to be consumed by the reaper once all is said and done. Without reprieve, without solace, Possession and Spite eat the light from the world as darkness collapses around you leaving you in a cold and bitter darkness as each second ticks off the run time.

The first three offerings within this split belong to Possession. Possession begins their half of the split with a two and a half minute haunting reverie before dragging you into their brand of shredding blackened death. Following the intro, Possession hits you with an eight minute blackened opus of destruction and despair. With flesh flaying riffs, ever tumultuous drumming, hellish demonic vocals and an undulating blasphemous atmosphere, Possession creates a sound that is all together piercing and life threatening. Through the three tracks that they provide for you within this split, each one is just as caustic, malevolent and malicious as the last as you are provided with top notch death tinged black metal through and through. Each offering is a summoning of malevolence and wicked spite that shreds through your soul and pierces your life leaving you as nothing more than a soulless husk once all is said and done. With their half of the split, Possession treats you to incredibly potent, venomous and damning metal that consumes and drags you asunder to where light does not reach.

Following in the scorched tracks where Possession leaves off comes Spite’s two tracks to round out the entire EP. Spite much like Possession plays a wicked and bleeding raw brand of black metal that is tinged by gnarled death. The two cuts that Spite provide here for this split are slicing maelstroms of black metal that trap you within their blackened vortex never for you to escape. Devoid of light and packed with malevolence and black magik, Spite treats you to two tracks here that tear straight through you only to lead you to an early grave. Ritualistic and soul cleaving, Spite rolls from one track to the next, conjuring up hymns of black magik and demonic essence. Each of the two tracks that Spite summons here come complete with razor sharp riffs that are supplemented by skull cracking drum work and hellish grit filled vocals that seem to have been summoned from the abyss. Both tracks are possessed, blood boiling rituals of damnation and destruction. Ever unrepentant and unrelenting, Spite ushers forth one track after the next of malice fueled black magik that sets out to consume your life, and once all is said and done, that is exactly how you will feel.

Through and through, this split is a wicked and heavy one that features two top notch bands at the apex of their genre. All five conjurations here are as wicked as the last as you are presented with nothing but five offerings of pure malevolence and darkness. This is a very solid split that features two incredible bands making this an EP that should not be passed up and looked over.

Passio Christi Part I/(Beyond The) Witch’s Spell will be unleashed November 29 through Invictus Productions.

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Stomachal Corrosion: Stomachal Corrosion

October 16, 2019

Stomachal Corrosion: Stomachal Corrosion

After thirteen long years, Brazilian death grinders Stomachal Corrosion make their triumphant return with the summoning of their newest self titled full length. Complete with twenty-two cuts of raw, unrelenting death grind, this self titled is as barbaric and savage as you would come to expect from Stomachal Corrosion. Without fluff, without filler and without any gimmick, Stomachal Corrosion offer up straight forward skull sanding death grind from beginning to end. There is no reprieve, only death, mayhem and destruction once you press play as you get trapped within the warped walls chaos.

You will find no solace within this release as you become under siege from beginning to end. From track one to track twenty-two, you become accosted by raw, ever buzzing and flesh ripping riffs that are only to be supplemented by chest cracking drum work and vocals that are as inhuman as you would come to expect. Each track is a short yet entirely punchy and in your face effort that gets you bashing your brain against your skull in no time. As short as this entire record is in terms of run time, it more than makes up for in the quality of death grind that is provided. Each track is a well constructed albeit short and ripping affair that tries to send you to an early grave.

While certainly taking ques from their grind and death metal forefathers, Stomachal Corrosion makes this sound that they have developed all their own. Their unique death grind sound is raw, punishing and potent, making each of the twenty-two tracks here as volatile and wicked as possible. The overall raw and unfiltered production quality brings everything together making this entire release tie together in a sickening cohesion of death and grinding metal. Ever skull sheering and face melting, Stomachal Corrosion ladle out death and mayhem fueled grind one track after the next.

You better brace yourself before Stomachal Corrosion takes off as they mash the proverbial pedal through the floor never to look back once they begin their twisted metal barrage. From the drop of the first gnarled note onward you become under attack from all sides, ever to be pummeled as Stomachal Corrosion induces whiplash until your head falls from your shoulders. This is a very solid release from beginning to end with each track being as good as the last and as unrelenting as you would imagine.

This self titled release is out now through Greyhaze Records.

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Reptilium: Conspiranoic

August 4, 2019

Reptilium: Conspiranoic

In pummeling and cruel brutality, Reptilium descend from their home world to present their brand new release Conspiranoic. This EP features only four tracks, but within those tracks what you are provided with is slamming, flesh tearing brutality. Never to relent and never to skimp out on the ever chest caving slamming excellence, Reptilium provide you with neck bending metal one track right after the next. Without warning and without reprieve, Reptilium smash through one cut after the next bringing the proverbial sledgehammer down on your head with the passing of each second. Pummeling, punishing and savage, Conspiranoic captures all of that within four short tracks.

Reptilium begin their new EP with a very short lead in before hitting you square in the chest with rapid fire drumming, tearing riffs and inhuman vocals. The features listed above are what you can come to expect throughout the entirety of the release as one unrelenting offering crops up after the next fades away. Gnashing, bone crushing and head caving, Conspiranoic rampages from track to track hitting you as hard as they can leaving you beaten and bruised when all is said and done. With addition of some ominous atmosphere here and there, you are treated to a devastating, harrowing and down right spine bending listen.

Through only four tracks, Reptilium lays it on pretty thick here, giving you a healthy dose of savagery and pure chest smashing metal. Each track is as wicked and anvil heavy as the last, leaving you crushed to smithereens once the final metallic note calls out. Of course Reptilium sews in devastating slams throughout the offering and through each track, truly pummeling you straight in to the earth. The slams throughout are spaced out enough to not make the entire release feel like one long and slow slamming beat down. Each one is utilized for maximum destruction, and they sure do their job.

Conspiranoic through and through is a solid release, one that offers up punishing riffs, brain splattering drumming, spine rattling bass lines and vocals that are as unearthly as you could imagine. Each track is a well constructed destructive machine that hits and hits hard, leaving you broken and bloodied. Overall, Conspiranoic is a good release that will have you coming back for more barbaric brutality over and over again.

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Reptilium Bandcamp

Stench Of Profit: Human Discount

June 8, 2019

Stench Of Profit: Human Discount

Unhinged, violent and ever flesh shredding, Stench Of Profit offer up their new EP titled Human Discount. Within this release you are to find four tracks of nothing but bone crushing grindcore from start to finish. Without room to breathe, Stench Of Profit blitzes from one track to the next offering up a true maelstrom of scalding grinding metal for your torture. There is no reprieve as the ceaseless onslaught begins from the drop of the first note all the way through until the final note rings through.

As short as this EP is with four tracks to its title, it packs more than a furious punch as each track is a skin flaying and flesh ripping offering from beginning to end. With riffs wielded as weapons, drums that crack bones and manic vocals that are screamed out through the wall of torturous noise, Stench Of Profit offer up a caustic and brain bruising sound. Without compromise and without bullshit, Stench Of Profit stampede from one track to the next providing you with a neck twisting listen.

From track one to track four, you are greeted face to face with nothing but a pure maelstrom of scalding, grinding metal. There is no reprieve as Stench Of Profit rip from one track to the next without batting an eye at the pure destruction and mayhem they leave behind. Human Discount is an ever gnashing and gnarled release that chews you up and spits you out the other end bruised and bloodied.

Overall, Human Discount is a solid release start to finish as you are presented with four great grind tracks to bash your brain against your skull to. Each offering is just as pummeling and punishing as each other making this to be a wholly terrorizing and bulldozing offering with only four tracks. This is pure grind and nothing but and it surely will please the gnarled ears of grind fiends the world over.

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Stench Of Profit Facebook

Lethal Scissor Records Official Site

Evil Brain Taste: I Am Evil Brain Taste

June 4, 2019

Evil Brain Taste - I Am Evil Brain Taste
Evil Brain Taste: I Am Evil Brain Taste

In an amalgamation of thrash, death metal and elements of black metal, Evil Brain Taste is back with their brand of zombified metal. I Am Evil Brain Taste is the title of their latest release in which you are to find six offerings of flesh ripping metal. With a raw sound, Evil Brain Taste marches forth with the intent to reanimate corpses to do their evil bidding all in an effort to unleash the Ultimate Zombie. Aiming to make you a part of their diseased horde, Evil Brain Taste ushers forth a raw and bleeding metallic sound that is intent of feasting upon your brain.

Evil Brain Taste sets in immediately on this new effort, never to relent as they bury you under their cynical death infused thrash metal. Burying you under droves of their reanimated corpses, Evil Brain Taste rips through one track after the next aiming to complete their goal of adding as many cadavers to their flesh army as they can. As quirky and tongue in cheek as Evil Brain Taste is, they supply the heaviness in heaping droves. Each offering is riddled with ripping riffs, tumultuous drumming and vocals that are as bloodied as the corpses in which Evil Brain Taste possess.

Through this release, Evil Brain Taste does a great job of making things entertaining, memorable, heavy, tongue in cheek and at times ominous. I Am Evil Brain Taste is a great follow up release to the 2015 full length Dead Dead Bad. Much like their previous effort, this release is filled with tracks that will get under your skin and infect your brain for some time to come. I Am Evil Brain Taste is a highly infectious and memorable offering that is enjoyable to listen to and you will continue to reach the play button for.

If you are looking for an entertaining listen, that supplies ripping death infused thrash, tales of flesh devouring zombies and more, this is for you. Evil Brain Taste reanimates after four years and delivers only to try to drag you in to the grave only to possess your brain to have you become part of their sinister horde of brain devouring flesh puppets. I Am Evil Brain Taste is a solid effort once again from these corpse fiends.

Gridfailure: Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I

January 27, 2019

Gridfailure: Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I

Weaving tales of nature’s provoked decimating wrath, Gridfailure offers up their first album in a five album stretch titled Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I. Within this release you come face to face with eight offerings that top over fifty-two minutes of dementia inducing, mind altering noise. The lone multi-instrumentalist behind this act once again out does himself as he puts forth an effort that is truly outstanding, and one not to be forgotten. This release is harrowing, nightmarish, mind bending and filled with eerie atmosphere that pushes your mind to the brink of its own destruction.

Forever pushing the envelope and forever ushering forth noise of the utmost quality, Gridfailure offers perhaps their most ambitious album yet. Through the fifty plus minutes of run time, each track traps you in a world that is and has been ravaged by nature’s unbridled decimating wrath that ultimately leaves humanity on the brink of utter destruction. Without light, without hope and with plenty of harrowing minutes that tick off the clock, Gridfailure provides you with a record that is truly striking and perception altering.

Through and through you are treated to nothing but mind numbing noise that pushes you to the brink of humanity collapsing. Each of the eight cuts here are ceaseless onslaughts of nightmarish noise that infect your mind and crawl underneath your skin for the entirety of the release. Never are you to escape the harrowing noise as it all collapses around you leaving you in a state of broken despair.

There are no breaks in the noise and there is no reprieve as this nightmarish offering crashes over you like the terrorizing noise tidal wave that it is. From beginning to end you are greeted by a harsh cacophony of noise and despair, never for it to relent until the final screeching note has rang through. Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I is a punishing offering and a perfect one to kick off the five album concept that the twisted mind behind Gridfailure has in mind. Forever warped, forever punishing and forever terrorizing, Gridfailure never fails to impress.

Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I will be released February 15, 2019 through Nefarious Industries.

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Gridfailure Facebook

Gridfailure Bandcamp

Transilvania: The Night of Nights

January 17, 2019

Transilvania: The Night of Nights

As the blackened blood of the ancients flows through their veins, Transilvania offers up a sinister and venomous style of old-school black metal with their upcoming offering The Night of Nights. This eleven track release envelopes you in cold bitter darkness for its entirety, never to release you from its icy grasp until the final dissonant note has rang through the halls of the damned. Frigid riffs paired with ever blasting drumming and howling vocals from the bitter void, Transilvania offer up a truly wicked and enchanting sound.

Beginning their record with a short atmospheric intro, Transilvania set the tone for the remainder of their record. The remaining ten tracks are pure rippers from hell as they accost you from all angles, never relenting and never ceasing their blood thirsty charge. From beginning to end, The Night of Nights is a blistering and razor sharp record as each track continues to desecrate graves aiming to lower you in to your own damp final resting place.

Injecting an at times melancholic yet always foreboding atmosphere, Transilvania create a truly darkened and wicked sound as everything comes together in an amalgamation of pure blackness. The longer and the more that you listen, the further you plunge in to the frigid ambiance that Transilvania provides you. Each track is just as lashing and wicked as the last as each one rolls on to the next blackened offering, never really greeting you with a chance to escape from their icy grasp.

Through and through The Night of Nights, each track is just as light eating as the last, truly to submerge you in a never ending abyss. This record is a pure and raw black metal offering, one that is uncompromising and unrelenting as it ushers forth eleven very solid and well written tracks of nothing but pure venom and malevolence. Each track is just as solid as the last, making this to be a cohesive and highly entertaining offering.

The Night of Nights will be released January 31, 2019 through Into Dungeons Records.

Check out the official video for Circle from the upcoming release below!

Angerot: The Splendid Iniquity

March 16, 2018

The Splendid Iniquity.jpg

In pure gut ripping and entrails spilling savagery, Angerot present their debut full length The Splendid Iniquity. This barbaric and hellish release offers up ten tracks of pure devastation and destruction, that barrels forth from the first track onward on a conquest for nothing but spilling blood. Through and through, The Splendid Iniquity is a twisted, sinister and skin blistering offering that leaves you bloodied and riddled with lacerations once everything is all said and done. Within this record’s ten tracks you will not find frills of any kind of fluff whatsoever as Angerot rumble from one gritty track to the next hitting  you with a barrage of sickening and perverse death.

The Splendid Iniquity is a forty minute head caving and chest cracking offering that has a blatant disregard for life as it aims straight for your jugular from the drop of the first gnarled riff. In the transition from track to track you aren’t given much time to breathe as Angerot suffocates you under a relentless storm of bloodied and diseased death. These corpse hoarders swiftly move from track to track raining their lobotomizing brand of death down upon you in sickening waves of malevolence. With ever present flesh picking riffs as well as explosive drumming and inhuman growls, Angerot present you with a gnarled, ever blood soaked and malignant sound that is sure to twist your head off with ease.

Throughout The Splendid Iniquity you are greeted to a flesh consuming, raw and unrelenting sound that burrows its way under your skin never to be forgotten. Angerot provides you with a monstrous and ever menacing soundtrack to your ultimate and gruesome demise in ten majestically slaughtering tracks. From front to back you are accosted by lacerating and blood letting tunes that don’t stop storming forth with the intent to maim and mutilate. The Splendid Iniquity is a well crafted death machine that marches forth to the beat of the ceaseless blasting drums, leaving you to rot in a shallow and damp grave.

This is death in its purest and most menacing form. With their debut, Angerot present you with a masterful performance gifting you with ten tracks that are incredibly hard to shake. The Splendid Iniquity is a very well crafted death machine from beginning to end providing you with an entertaining yet deadly and blood thirsty listen.

The Splendid Iniquity will be released April 13, 2018 through Black Market Metal.

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Angerot Facebook

Black Market Metal Official Site


Forte Ruin: Rebuilding the Machinery

March 15, 2018

Forte Ruin_EP_COVER.jpg

Three years have passed since Forte Ruin’s initial step in to the melodic death metal echelon. Now, three years later Forte Ruin is back with a five track EP by the title Rebuilding the Machinery. Forte Ruin continues on where they left off three years ago with their self titled EP as they supply you with incredibly catchy, heavy, melodic and of course memorable tunes. Much like other melodic death metal bands, Forte Ruin balance both the heavy and the melodic to provide you with an overall smooth and incredibly palatable listen.

Each of the five offerings within Rebuilding the Machinery are undeniably catchy, undeniably melodic and undeniably heavy. This EP will be stuck in your head for some time to come never able to shake any one of the tracks that appear on this release. Forte Ruin does a great job of constructing tracks that are easy to listen to and never stop listening to. With very solid musicianship that is backed with both gritty roars as well as pure angelic clean sung vocals, you become entranced never wanting to leave your listen or pull away from your speakers. Backing everything in melodic and serene fashion are ever present synths that tack on to the already melodious nature of Forte Ruin. These synths propel each track further, pushing them in to an even more melodious and wondrous soundscape than before.

As melodic and light as these tracks on Rebuilding the Machinery can be, Forte Ruin certainly does not skip out on supplying you with heavy head banging offerings. With melodic and serene comes the heavy and punishing as Forte Ruin provide you with rapid fire crunching riff after riff that are backed by ever blasting, somersaulting drumming. Forte Ruin balances the melodic with the heavy very well to create a sound that is wondrous, very infectious and highly memorable.

Rebuilding the Machinery is an all around solid effort in which each of the five tracks are just as good as the others. The balance of melody and heavy handed death metal here works so well gifting you with a cohesive listen that is hard to forget. With heavy riffing paired with the ever melodious synths and with harsh gritty screams paired with wonderfully clean sung vocals you are treated to a well rounded and well constructed effort. This is another great step for Forte Ruin in the right direction and it will be exciting to see what they have to offer when a full length appears.

Take a look at the official video for Rebuilding the Machinery below!


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