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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Angerot: The Splendid Iniquity

March 16, 2018

The Splendid Iniquity.jpg

In pure gut ripping and entrails spilling savagery, Angerot present their debut full length The Splendid Iniquity. This barbaric and hellish release offers up ten tracks of pure devastation and destruction, that barrels forth from the first track onward on a conquest for nothing but spilling blood. Through and through, The Splendid Iniquity is a twisted, sinister and skin blistering offering that leaves you bloodied and riddled with lacerations once everything is all said and done. Within this record’s ten tracks you will not find frills of any kind of fluff whatsoever as Angerot rumble from one gritty track to the next hitting  you with a barrage of sickening and perverse death.

The Splendid Iniquity is a forty minute head caving and chest cracking offering that has a blatant disregard for life as it aims straight for your jugular from the drop of the first gnarled riff. In the transition from track to track you aren’t given much time to breathe as Angerot suffocates you under a relentless storm of bloodied and diseased death. These corpse hoarders swiftly move from track to track raining their lobotomizing brand of death down upon you in sickening waves of malevolence. With ever present flesh picking riffs as well as explosive drumming and inhuman growls, Angerot present you with a gnarled, ever blood soaked and malignant sound that is sure to twist your head off with ease.

Throughout The Splendid Iniquity you are greeted to a flesh consuming, raw and unrelenting sound that burrows its way under your skin never to be forgotten. Angerot provides you with a monstrous and ever menacing soundtrack to your ultimate and gruesome demise in ten majestically slaughtering tracks. From front to back you are accosted by lacerating and blood letting tunes that don’t stop storming forth with the intent to maim and mutilate. The Splendid Iniquity is a well crafted death machine that marches forth to the beat of the ceaseless blasting drums, leaving you to rot in a shallow and damp grave.

This is death in its purest and most menacing form. With their debut, Angerot present you with a masterful performance gifting you with ten tracks that are incredibly hard to shake. The Splendid Iniquity is a very well crafted death machine from beginning to end providing you with an entertaining yet deadly and blood thirsty listen.

The Splendid Iniquity will be released April 13, 2018 through Black Market Metal.

Links to follow:

Angerot Facebook

Black Market Metal Official Site


Forte Ruin: Rebuilding the Machinery

March 15, 2018

Forte Ruin_EP_COVER.jpg

Three years have passed since Forte Ruin’s initial step in to the melodic death metal echelon. Now, three years later Forte Ruin is back with a five track EP by the title Rebuilding the Machinery. Forte Ruin continues on where they left off three years ago with their self titled EP as they supply you with incredibly catchy, heavy, melodic and of course memorable tunes. Much like other melodic death metal bands, Forte Ruin balance both the heavy and the melodic to provide you with an overall smooth and incredibly palatable listen.

Each of the five offerings within Rebuilding the Machinery are undeniably catchy, undeniably melodic and undeniably heavy. This EP will be stuck in your head for some time to come never able to shake any one of the tracks that appear on this release. Forte Ruin does a great job of constructing tracks that are easy to listen to and never stop listening to. With very solid musicianship that is backed with both gritty roars as well as pure angelic clean sung vocals, you become entranced never wanting to leave your listen or pull away from your speakers. Backing everything in melodic and serene fashion are ever present synths that tack on to the already melodious nature of Forte Ruin. These synths propel each track further, pushing them in to an even more melodious and wondrous soundscape than before.

As melodic and light as these tracks on Rebuilding the Machinery can be, Forte Ruin certainly does not skip out on supplying you with heavy head banging offerings. With melodic and serene comes the heavy and punishing as Forte Ruin provide you with rapid fire crunching riff after riff that are backed by ever blasting, somersaulting drumming. Forte Ruin balances the melodic with the heavy very well to create a sound that is wondrous, very infectious and highly memorable.

Rebuilding the Machinery is an all around solid effort in which each of the five tracks are just as good as the others. The balance of melody and heavy handed death metal here works so well gifting you with a cohesive listen that is hard to forget. With heavy riffing paired with the ever melodious synths and with harsh gritty screams paired with wonderfully clean sung vocals you are treated to a well rounded and well constructed effort. This is another great step for Forte Ruin in the right direction and it will be exciting to see what they have to offer when a full length appears.

Take a look at the official video for Rebuilding the Machinery below!


Frost Giant: The Harlot Star

January 17, 2018

Frost Giant Cover.jpg

Storming out of the gates of Jotunheimr and stomping through your land is Frost Giant and their upcoming offering The Harlot Star. This effort is packed with eleven total tracks that combine the likes of folk metal, heavy metal, death metal and some hardcore elements to provide you with a unique and incredibly addicting sound. Frost Giant has an innate ability to suck you in to their album and captivate you for an eternity. Each of the eleven tracks that appear on this release are just as good as the others and just as memorable and intoxicating as the others as well. Even the interlude tracks are well done and help progress the album and sew everything together nicely.

The likes of each of the genres that Frost Giant has sewn together work so well together all throughout this release. Never does a track stumble over itself and never does one particular genre or element take control as each genre works in harmony to provide you with a wonderfully crafted and unforgettable sound. Frost Giant balances each unique piece that they draw from each genre they incorporate in to their brand of heavy metal so well. Each track is a seamless sonic display of powerful and incredibly memorable heavy metal. Through and through, The Harlot Star is an album to behold as you are presented with eleven frost bitten tracks that stick to you much like frost bite.

As a whole, The Harlot Star is a melodic, catchy and highly memorable record that won’t soon leave your mind. Before you know it, each track is imprinted on your brain and before you realize it you will be singing along belting out each track as they roll along. Through each track the musicianship is on point and the vocals that transition between troll like growls and wonderful clean vocals are well, wonderful. The atmosphere that accompanies each track is frosty, inviting and oh so well incorporated providing you with an ambient, atmospheric and incredibly captivating listen. Once you press play you will have a hard time pulling yourself away from your speakers.

Even when Frost Giant wanders in to the longer passages at the end of their release, they never overstay their welcome and they never feel longer than they should be. Tracks eight, nine and ten are ten, six and eight minutes respectively, and throughout their run times you are mystified and captivated. Frost Giant weaves these tracks together so well never making you feel as though you are listening to lengthier tracks. For their run times all you can do is fall straight in to the songs and let Frost Giant take your mind on wondrous atmospheric trips through frost covered forests where giants roam and wander.

The Harlot Star is a great release, one that will please the ears of death metal and folk metal fans alike. Each track on this release is really solid and even if your listen count gets up in to the double digits, this album still holds fast and steady and never gets boring or old. This is a beast of a record, and a great one at that.

The Harlot Star will be released January 19. 2018 through Transcending Records.

Check out the official music video for Prisoner of the Past below!

Links to follow: 

Frost Giant Facebook

Frost Giant Bandcamp

Transcending Records Official Website

Darkreverie: Isis-Lupus-Brigit

June 1, 2017


Swiss blackened death metal act Darkreverie begin their brand new EP Isis-Lupus-Brigit with an ominous three an a half minute intro that is complete with a somewhat unsettling ritualistic sound. This intro is titled Reverie II and it is filled with non traditional metal wind and percussion instruments that are backed by a low yet jarring hum in the background. As mentioned, this lasts for about three minutes but soon subsides only to make way for the blasting and startling track titled Isis. Within Isis you are greeted with diseased, cutting riffs coupled with pounding drumming and hellish gravel filled vocals that soon get stuck in your head.

Each of the tracks after Isis-save for the closing track-follow in its footsteps providing you with a whirlwind of blackened death metal that swallows you whole only to spit your rotting corpse back out the other end. Each track on this EP is sinister, chaotic and unsettling putting you in a state of unrest and yet you still cannot stop listening. Isis-Lupus-Brigit is a down pour of scalding blackened death metal that traps you in its abyssal vortex for five straight songs never to let you go and only to drag you closer and closer to hell.

Darkreverie craft and execute each song very well providing you with damning and soul swallowing tunes. Combining swarms of riffs with howling vocals and an abysmal atmosphere you are greeted at every turn by death and despair. Darkreverie does a great job of sucking you into this release by grabbing you by the throat and keeping your attention all throughout. There isn’t a song on this release that is lacking in any way and there certainly isn’t one that you would want to turn away from as each song is just as potent and deadly as the rest.

Overall, Isis-Lupus-Brigit is a damning, interesting and unique listen that catches your attention immediately. If you are looking for something different, dark, dismal and ultimately heavy, then this EP is what you should look for.

Pre-orders for Isis-Lupus-Brigit

Deathcult: Tyrant Of All Tyrants

May 31, 2017

Final Cover

Bubbling up from underneath the streets of Chicago comes Deathcult and dragging along with them is their newest full length Tyrant Of All Tyrants, an eight track death and disease riddled release. These death metal heathens provide you with nothing but the deadly goods all throughout this release as they pack it full with nothing but death. You won’t find any filler or fluff within this record as Deathcult rumbles along rolling out track after track of filthy grime filled death metal. Tyrant Of All Tyrants begins with Revenge of the Trashman, a solid three minute opener telling the tale of the trashman that is quite frankly sick of everyone leaving their shit everywhere ultimately telling everyone that “you can stick your sorries right up your ass”.

Once Revenge of the Trashman has concluded, Nectar of the Gods begins which is another entertaining track that is drug and booze filled this time. “I can’t help it but when I wake up, I just want to get really fucked up”, is the opening line to this track and from then on the rest of the track is just as booze and drug filled. These are just two examples from the opening two tracks, but you can get the gist that Deathcult don’t really take themselves all too seriously which ultimately makes for one hell of a fun listen. Each track on this release is just as  entertaining and head banging as the last and you won’t have any problem putting this record on repeat to listen over and over again head banging away until your head rolls off of your shoulders.

As fun and entertaining as this record is, it still is death metal and Deathcult does provide you with a deadly and diseased sound. Each track is raw and unfiltered providing you a sound that seems as though it was dug up from a damp and dark grave. Throughout Tyrant Of All Tyrants you are gifted with buzzing sharp riffs that are coupled by grizzly blood thirsty vocals as well as solid drumming providing you with a brain bruising listen. Each of the eight songs on this release rumble on shoveling as much filth and grime as they can on top of you until you are completely covered up.

You can’t go wrong with listening to this record as it not only provides you with eight deadly songs, but it provides you with eight tracks that are purely entertaining as well. So, you can get your fix of death metal but also have a humorous time doing so as well. Overall, Tyrant Of All Tyrants is a great listen.

Tyrant Of All Tyrants will be out through Do Or Die Records June 8, 2017.

Do Or Die Records’ Bandcamp.

Marche Funebre: Into The Arms Of Darkness

May 30, 2017


Into the Arms of Darkness is the title of the newest record by blackened doom metalers Marche Funebre and this new release is fit with six sinister, dark, twisting and melancholic tracks for your mind to sink into. Marche Funebre begin this record with Deprived (Into Darkness) which begins as a melancholic doom laden track that incorporates black metal elements around the three minute mark breaking up the slow burning trudging doom.  The main focus of Marche Funebre is doom however, as they quickly switch back to dirges of abysmal gloom dragging you asunder into the utter darkness, not just in Deprived (Into Darkness) but all throughout the release as well.

Marche Funebre does a good job of mixing both black metal and doom together to create a diverse and interesting sound. As mentioned above, their main focus seems to be doom as the majority of the songs are played at a slower crawling tempo. But, with that being said, Marche Funebre shows that they can pick the tempo up when needed to provide you with damning black metal as well. Throughout Into the Arms of Darkness, Marche Funebre does a great job of sewing both of these wicked genres together creating a cohesive and full sound without lurching back and forth between black metal and doom. Instead of two completely separate sounds, Marche Funebre combine the two very well providing you with a complete, organic and abyssal sound that pulls you closer and closer to the ever darkening abyss.

With Into the Arms of Darkness, Marche Funebre provides you with a soul sucking and melancholic listening experience. And even so, you become sucked in unwilling to leave the listen as the hypnotizing dirges of doom capture your attention while the black metal elements do their best to shred your soul when they appear. And with lengthy run times, Marche Funebre has all the time in the world between the six songs that are present on this record to make you sink and recede into the darkest reaches of your mind. Into the Arms of Darkness is devoid of light and the further that you get into the record, all light disappears and what you are left with is harrowing, twisting and dismal obscurity.

Overall, Into the Arms of Darkness is a solid listen that provides you with plenty of content. Through this release you are treated to six solid blackened doom tracks that get your head banging and capture your mind only to plunge it into the bitter and cold darkness. Into the Arms of Darkness is an all around solid listen.

Onryō: Mūto

May 28, 2017


In complete mind bending fashion, Italian mathcore/deathgrinders Onryo are on the verge of releasing their brand new EP Muto. Four tracks of spine severing and brain melting tracks is what Onryo provides for you within their brand new EP, and from the drop of the first note you know that you are in for one hell of a ride. Once your finger has lifted from the play button the pure madness and chaos begins in the form of a song titled Oni. Onryo doesn’t hold anything back with Oni or with any other track on this release for that matter as they all come blasting right out of your speaker aimed right at your jugular. Each of the four tracks within this release are pure chaos and will have your head spinning withing seconds. You cannot escape the maelstrom of sharp, calculated and twisted grind even if you tried.

Each track on this release is so sharp and on point it’s dizzying and it leaves your brain in a constant state of dysfunction until your listen is over. As chaotic as Muto is and as discordant as it seems, this release is put together very well and each song is executed excellently providing you with a cohesive and bone grinding listen. Being an EP, Muto is a short listen but within its short time it packs one fuck of a massive punch. Muto just doesn’t stop coming at you with mind boggling riffs, inhuman drumming and monstrous vocals until you look as though you have been ten rounds in the ring. This release from these death mongers is a brain bending, chest caving and down right pummeling release that twists your neck and gets you head banging whether you feel like it or not.

Overall, this EP is a release to behold. It is crafted excellently and performed expertly providing you with one hell of a great listen. If you are into death metal, grind or mathcore, you really should not skip out on listening to Onryo and their upcoming release Muto.

Muto will  be released through Everlasting Spew June 20, 2017.

Facebook for Onryo:

Everlasting Spew Website:

Everlasting Spew Facebook:

Scalpel: Methods To Delusion

May 27, 2017


If pure madness and chaos could be captured and put on to a record, then Scalpel certainly has done so. With their fourth deadly full length installment Methods To Delusion, Scalpel provides you with ten organ rupturing and face melting death metal tracks for you to lose your fucking mind to. From the first note on Scalpel pushes twisted and disgusting track after track upon you until you have been completely run over. It doesn’t seem as though Scalpel knows how to play at a slower tempo as each song is played at a flesh flaying and neck breaking speed, and quite frankly if they slowed anything down it just wouldn’t be the same. Scalpel blast out of your speakers with The Cleaner to start things off and set the chaotic tone for the rest of the record. The Cleaner-much like the other nine songs on this release-is a jarring and brain mashing tune that gets you twisting and bending your neck immediately.

From The Cleaner on, Scalpel doesn’t let their foot off of the gas as they push more and more schizophrenic death metal upon you until you are no longer. Methods To Delusion is a record that just does not sit still as it jumps all over the place at warp speed providing you with a detrimental and completely head spinning listen. Scalpel gives you no time at all to prepare for the all out assault that they have packaged up nice and neat in their new record, and as soon as the first note drops your head snaps back and you are forced back into your seat. The only reprieve that you get is from a track that is titled Interlude, and even that is pure madness in a less abrasive but more psychedelic and mental way. Other than that little break you are on your own for the remainder of the record as Scalpel suffocates you beneath all of the razor sharp riffs and blasting drums.

Methods To Delusion is utter madness and discord and much more captured all within ten songs. This cyclone of death does a great job of steamrolling anyone that dares to defy or stand in its way as it leaves you beaten and bloodied after listening. There is something about this release that is filled with such an incredible intensity that you just have no choice but to be sucked in to the record completely, and you will find yourself coming back for more and more punishment. Even though this record does a great job of turning your brain in to soup and completely rupturing your organs, you still feel more than inclined to press play over and over again.

This new release by Scalpel is something to behold. It is grizzly, grim, disgusting, twisted, heavy and just a straight up great listen. The only thing left to be said is that, you simply cannot go wrong with Methods To Delusion.

Methods To Delusion will be out July 25, 2017.

Check Scalpel out on: BandcampFacebook and Instagram.

Pig’s Blood: S/T

May 26, 2017


With song titles such as: Rats(This World Is A Sewer), Taste The Fucking Poison and more, one can imagine that Pig’s Blood is one of those death metal bands that doesn’t loathe the human race right? Within Pig’s Blood’s new full self titled full length you find everything that is the complete opposite of friendly and everything that is brain bashing and flesh ripping. You are provided with ten bestial death metal tunes that come barreling out from your speakers from the first note on never relenting until your throat has been slashed and you have been completely drained of your blood. Pig’s Blood doesn’t start you off easy either as they sand your skull with Misanthrope Absolute to begin with. From the very first note of this opening track you quickly realize what a devastating and incredibly punishing listen you are in for.

Pig’s Blood doesn’t seem to hold anything back on this record as they come out right from the get go ready to behead and bury anyone that gets in their way. This new record of theirs rolls on for ten straight disgusting, twisted, vile and malignant tracks that get your head banging from the first note. Pig’s Blood is exactly as they describe themselves, “bestial death murderers”, and really it can’t be much more spot on than that. Never once does Pig’s Blood let their foot off of your throat for a second on this record as they roll out track after track of fetid blood soaked death metal. There isn’t much time within this release to escape for so much as a breath as Pig’s Blood shovels more and more frothing filth upon you until you suffocate.

This self titled release is an all out assault and it seems to have as complete disregard for human life as it beats you over the head only to leave you bloodied in a shallow ditch. This record is raw and dehumanizing as it provides you with ten bowel bursting tracks. With its unkempt energy, thirst for blood and complete lack of any other emotion other than anger, this release makes for one hell of a detrimental and killer listen. Even as barbaric and abominable as it is, you still feel compelled to come back for more and more of this delightfully slaughtering music. Each component on this record from the musicianship to the gore filled vocals all the way to the raw production and everything else in between, this self titled record is a well put together and great listen.

Overall, this record certainly is death murder metal and that just about sums it up. Pig’s Blood is vile, malevolent and gruesome, and with that combined you are treated to a sickening and very heavy listen.


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