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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

As Flesh Decays: The Horror Of It All

April 8, 2018

the horror of it all.png

In pure old-school death metal and horror movie glory, As Flesh Decays offers up eleven brand new flesh gnawing tracks within their debut full length The Horror Of It All. Complete with artwork that looks like an ode to the classic movie The Thing, The Horror Of It All has it all. For eleven straight tracks you come face to face with grisly, gore and groove filled death metal that charges at you from the very beginning. In ever unrelenting fashion, As Flesh Decays pour their brand of bile and entrails soaked death metal out in sickening heaps supplying you with nothing but blood letting offering after blood letting offering.

The Horror Of It All begins with the appropriately titled intro And So It Begins which gives you just a little bit of a putrid taste as to what really is to come. Once the two minute opener concludes, As Flesh Decays pushes the knife deeper in to your flesh as they barrel forth with Descent Into Torment. From Descent Into Torment onward your face gets peeled back little by little by the ever blood spurting and gut ripping onslaught that As Flesh Decays supplies. Each track is a bombastic flesh carving ode to death and horror that snaps your head back with ease. These tracks are violent and relentless as they aim for your neck never to stop hacking away until your head is rolling in the dirt.

As a whole, The Horror Of It All is a powerful and monstrous release, one that is set on shedding blood and hoarding the corpses of anyone who listens. Filthy track seamlessly follows filthy track burying you under droves of sickness and rotting decay. As Flesh Decays does a great job of never giving you a moment to collect yourself as they swiftly shift from track to blood letting track suffocating you under a pile of putrid death. Mercilessly, As Flesh Decays hacks and slashes away, ripping you to pieces before everything is all said and done. Each of the murderous tracks within this offering are well crafted and well executed gifting you with a gnarled, blood thirsty and addicting listen.

The Horror Of It All is a highly entertaining and addicting record that is hard to get enough of. This is a solid debut release from these gore maniacs from down under as they supply you with eleven straight forward flesh masticating tracks that aim to maim and mutilate. Through and through The Horror Of It All impresses as it ladles heaping doses of vile death upon you relentlessly. Simply put, this twisted mass of death and decay is great.


Uuntar: Voorvaderverering

April 6, 2018


Primitive and melancholic in sound, Uuntar strike at the heart with their new offering Voorvaderverering. Through six tracks Uuntar tell tales of warriors, their traditions now long gone as well as their values in which they fought for. This record is as mentioned melancholic when needed, yet bombastic and blasting when called for and incredibly melodic all throughout providing you with a diverse, cold and captivating listen. It is hard not to get sucked in to this blackened offering as you fall deeper and deeper in to the music the longer and the more that you listen. From the atmospheric intro track onward, Uuntar march forth providing you with blackened track after blackened track that ultimately captivate your mind as they weave tales of warriors and a time long since passed.

Voorvaderverering is a wonderfully crafted record that takes you through cold and fog filled soundscapes from which you don’t want to come back from. With this offering, Uuntar have created a record that is easy to fall in to and get lost in as one listen turns to many. Each of the six tracks that appear through the mist on this record-including the intro-are well done and well woven together creating an overall cohesive and comprehensive listen that you ultimately don’t want to pull away from. With its melodious and atmospheric nature, Voorvaderverering pulls you in from the first note on only to have it take you through the ancient times when these warriors walked the land and fought for their beloved traditions and values.

From the beginning of Voorvaderverering you get swept away and planted firmly within the tales in which Uuntar tell. With each track supplying ample run times, it gives Uuntar plenty of time to unravel their tales and transport you back in time. The atmospheric qualities that run through the veins of this record are melancholic and bitter cold yet incredibly inviting and captivating. Once you begin listening you don’t feel inclined what so ever to leave and come back later as you sit and want to see in which direction Uuntar steer you next.

Voorvaderverering is a wonderfully crafted and wonderfully executed record, one that is certainly difficult to get out of your mind once you have listened. Through and through, Voorvaderverering is a very well put together, highly memorable and addictive release that is hard to get enough of. It’s time to take up your ax and march forth in to battle with Uuntar!

Of Feather And Bone: Bestial Hymns of Perversion

April 5, 2018

of feather and bone.jpg

Stripped to the bone, raw and undeniably bloodthirsty, Of Feather And Bone offer up seven sickening and twisted tunes that gnaw at your flesh and tear your skin from your bone. No filler, no fancy instrumentation and certainly no fluff is to be seen within Bestial Hymns of Perversion as these flesh hoarders pour their sickness out in droves. Of Feather and Bone doesn’t fuck around as they immediately get you acquainted with their gritty and blood drenched sound with their opener Repulsive Obscurity. The blasting, flesh peeling and cranium impaling begins upon the drop of the first note and from then on you are greeted with nothing but waves upon waves of detrimental and diseased death.

There is no comfort to be found within Bestial Hymns of Perversion as Of Feather And Bone try to make you as uncomfortable as possible right from the get go. Filled with buzz saw riffs and ever tumultuous and blasting drumming that is only to be coupled with flesh devouring vocals, Of Feather And Bone provide you with a sound that is as heavy as it is sickening. With elements of grind thrown in to the blender you are greeted with an ever ceaseless chaotic onslaught of pure putrid death that aims to gut and behead. From track one to track seven Bestial Hymns of Perversion sands your skull down until it is nothing but dust only for your brain to finally be exposed to the relentless lobotomy.

Each track is just as morbid and twisted as you would like them to be as they cloak you in misery and a foul amount of decaying death. These sinister and gut ripping offerings accost you from all sides from the very first note never to let you out of their grasp until you have been maliciously dismembered. Each track blasts to life with the intent to slaughter. As a whole, Bestial Hymns of Perversion is a wonderfully grim and wonderfully crafted record that holds your life in its hands from the very beginning. Each track is executed very well and performed to deadly perfection to create an overall ugly and sinister sound that you aren’t able to get out of your head.

Overall, Bestial Hymns of Perversion is a great record; one that provides you with nothing but relentless death and nothing more. No frill is needed here as you get heaping doses of blasphemous and dangerous death metal that is sure to snap your neck.


Aborted Fetus: The Ancient Spirits of Decay

April 4, 2018

aborted fetus cover.jpg

Since their hideous inception in 2000, Aborted Fetus have been dismembering, maiming and mutilating at an ever steady pace. With their newest offering The Ancient Spirits of Decay, Aborted Fetus show no signs of slowing down as they supply you with thirteen brand new brain mashing tracks. From gnarled beginning to putrid end, Aborted Fetus rampage onward as they shovel heaps of nasty, vile and twisted death upon you in unhealthy proportions. With nothing but terrorizing and dehumanizing tracks to its name, The Ancient Spirits of Decay offers up blood soaked track after blood soaked track that leave you lobotomized and rotting.

Aborted Fetus begins their new onslaught of death with their foreboding and ominous opener The Wind of Agonizing Spirits, which is the perfect track to set you up for what is to come. The Wind of Agonizing Spirits gives you just a little taste of the mayhem and carnage that you are about to encounter by cracking your chest with ever hammering drums and rotted riffs. From here on out you are supplied with more of the same inhumane and slaughtering sound that leaves you quartered. Once The Wind of Agonizing Spirits dies down, Aborted Fetus jumps straight into their first flesh gnashing and blood letting offering that immediately grabs you by the jaw, and then you are off on a nasty and perverse trek through the land of death.

From beginning to end Aborted Fetus grind away at your skull exposing your brain. They shift from track to track like a serial killer lumbering toward their next victim providing you with detrimental and gut ripping track after gut ripping track. The Ancient Spirits of Decay is an oppressive and flesh masticating force to be reckoned with as it scalds your skin and boils your blood. From the onset, this unapologetic release rips, tears and hacks away at you until you are no more than bone. This grisly and monstrous release is an unrelenting force of terror that grips you by the throat never to let go until the final blood soaked note has rang out.

Through and through, The Ancient Spirits of Decay is nothing but decaying and putrid death, nothing more and nothing less. And what you get from this release is thirteen very solid and very heavy tracks that aim for you to have your neck snapped by the end of it all. This offering is a highly entertaining and highly sickening record that is sure to have your brains mashed and your flesh torn before all is said and done, and really what more could we ask for from these death stalwarts? Overall, “The Ancient Spirits of Decay” is a well put together and well performed record that will surely please the chewed up ears of death metal fans all over.

The Ancient Spirits of Decay will be released May 11, 2018 through Comatose Music.

Sepolcro: Undead Abyss

April 1, 2018


Rising from bloodied coffins in 2011, Sepolcro had released a demo in 2013 titled Festering Evocation, then in 2016 they released a split titled Horrendous Plasmation before splitting. Two years later-earlier this year-these mutilators reconvened to continue their rampage of sickness and death.

Undead Abyss is the title of their upcoming offering which features three brand new tracks that are grisly and rotten to the core. Sepolcro begin Undead Abyss with the wonderfully titled “Bone Totem”, which begins with an ominous doom centered sound that creeps slowly and ominously through your speakers. Bone Totem is the “slowest” track on this demo as it trudges forth at a slow to mid tempo providing you with an appropriate taste of what is to come, and what is to come is sickening and perverse death in heaping doses.

From Bone Totem on you are greeted with two more lacerating and maiming tracks. Nothing here is filler or fluff as Sepolcro blast forth with murderous and malicious intent. With buzzing riffs, ever pummeling drumming and blood thirsty vocals, Sepolcro offer up nasty and stagnant death in droves. In three tracks Sepolcro provide you with unfiltered, raw and blood drenched death that is intent on severing your spine before things are all said and done. The remaining two tracks after the opener are more uptempo offerings that blast and chip away at your skull from the very beginning never to relent.

As short as Undead Abyss is it surely packs quite a punch. With only three tracks to its name, Undead Abyss offers up sick, twisted and gnarled death that that seems to have it out for anyone that wants to listen. This is a solid demo overall and it will be interesting to see where Sepolcro takes things from here, but for now we are left with three defiling and deadly tracks to snap our collective necks to.

Undead Abyss will be released May 15, 2018



Coffin Rot: S/T Demo

March 31, 2018

Image result for coffin rot band

Bursting through their caskets and soon after, your chest, Coffin Rot supply gritty, grime, gore and bile filled offerings that are wonderfully bloodied and rotten. There are four tracks to the self titled release from these Oregonian monsters that are riddled with disease and entrails soaked death that lacerate and mutilate from beginning to end. No frills, no filler, no unwanted anything can be found within this release as you get an unhealthy dose of nothing but putrid stagnant death. Coffin Rot certainly doesn’t wait around too long for you to get comfortable in your tomb as they barrel straight out of your speakers with the opener Incubation of Madness, and from then on you are at their malicious mercy.

From Incubation of Madness on you are greeted with the three remaining tracks that are just as putrid and corpse defiling. Each of the four tracks within this demo have an irresistibly rotten sound. From beginning to end each of the four tracks pour through your speakers like blood spilling over an operating table. The overall sound of this offering is that of the ancient as this demo sounds as though it has been festering for twenty plus years only to grace our gnarled and chewed up ear drums now.

Coffin Rot rip, gnash and shred through your flesh from beginning to end with an unrelenting onslaught of pure death. These gore filled tracks are just as addicting as they are entrails ripping as they lacerate your flesh and pulverize you in to an early grave. Each track is potent as they blast forth ceaselessly to provide you with an ever wicked and vile listen. These perverse offerings of death are very well done and very well executed as Coffin Rot supplies you with some very sinister yet memorable tunes to sever your head from your neck to.

After the drop of the first note Coffin Rot charge forth with malevolence and murderous intent never looking back at who they have claimed as their next victim. This entire demo is done very well as you are greeted with four excellent death metal tunes. This is a great step forth for these crypt dwellers as they have put forth a very solid demo here.

Links to follow:

Rotted Life Bandcamp

TYR Announce North American Tour With Orphaned Land, Ghost Ship Octavius and Aeternam

March 31, 2018

Tour Dates Can Be Seen Below!

TYR w/ Orphaned Land, Ghost Ship Octavius, Aeternam:
5/05/2018 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
5/06/2018 Alchemy – Providence, RI
5/07/2018 Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC
5/08/2018 Salle Multi – Quebec City, QC
5/09/2018 Velvet Underground – Toronto, ON
5/10/2018 Al Rosa Villa – Columbus, OH
5/11/2018 The Forge – Joliet, IL
5/12/2018 The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
5/13/2018 Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
5/15/2018 Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC
5/16/2018 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
5/17/2018 Hawthorne – Portland, OR
5/19/2018 Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA
5/20/2018 Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
5/21/2018 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
5/22/2018 Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix, AZ
5/24/2018 Gas Monkey Bar & Grill – Dallas, TX
5/25/2018 Come And Take It Live! – Austin, TX
5/27/2018 Haven Lounge – Orlando, FL
5/28/2018 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
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