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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Skognatt: Ancient Wisdom (Full Length)

March 3, 2018

Skognatt is no stranger to the Cadaver Garden website as their Ancient Wisdom EP, Stargazer and Landscape of Ice releases have been reviewed here. Last September, Skognatt released their aforementioned Ancient Wisdom EP which consisted of only two tracks, and now this year they return with a full length of the same name, but this time this release comes complete with six total tracks. Skognatt’s MO through each of their releases is to present you with damning atmospheric black metal for you to brood and stew in, and with this full length they continue on that path. Through Ancient Wisdom’s six tracks you are greeted with ice cold, hypnotic black metal that draws you in to the side where there is no light.

Skognatt lures you in with the title track which begins with acoustic picking coupled with some atmospheric background before the track breaks in to heavy ominous riffing and raspy hellish vocals. This opening track trudges along at a slower menacing pace giving you just a taste of the darkness that lies within. Through Ancient Wisdom, you are sure to expect more of the same sound as Skognatt doesn’t necessarily blast away at sonic speeds at all times only to bring that element out when called for. Instead Skognatt seems to focus more on the atmospheric and ambient qualities that they have to offer.

Each of the six tracks that belong to this title are riddled with cold mystifying atmosphere that wraps you in an ever darkening fog. This atmosphere that Skognatt provides is heavy and always looming, lurking right around the corner. With the presence of the atmospheric qualities, each track is enchanting in a way and captivating. This release draws you in with its serene yet menacing atmosphere, welcoming you in to the dark world that it has created.

More than just the atmospheric tendencies, the musicianship on this record is spot on as well. Each track is tightly knit together with serpentine riffs, a solid drum performance, an ever present rumbling bass and vocals that shred and tear through the thick darkness. Ancient Wisdom is a release that is also filled with plenty of melody never to fly off the rails always keeping everything contained and tightly woven together. With superb musicianship that is married with the ever present atmosphere you are gifted with a great, melodic, enchanting yet heavy and damning listen that you aren’t soon to forget.

Ancient Wisdom is a cohesive and well strung together record that is oh so devilish and pleasing to listen to. For their very first full length, these black metal heathens hit the nail on the head.

You can find Ancient Wisdom on Skognatt’s Bandcamp

Gridfailure: Irritum

February 3, 2018

gridfailure cover.jpg

Gridfailure is a project that makes you feel as uncomfortable and as unnerved as any other, if not more than any other project. With discordant sounds, mind impaling noise, nightmarish atmosphere among many other descriptors, Gridfailure creates an overall sound that makes your flesh crawl and your mind delve in to the deepest recesses. Irritum is the title of Gridfailure’s newest offering, and within this slab of insanity comes thirteen brand new tracks of pure dementia and paranoia. Each track is maniacal, twisted and steeped in pure mind bending darkness and hysteria. Listening to Irritum front to back is like stepping in to the mind of the insane and witnessing first hand all of the discordant, schizophrenic thoughts that bounce around.

With all of the unique sounds that are used throughout Irritum, one would have to imagine that the overall sound would just be a mess, but that is far from the truth. Even with as many elements as Gridfailure pumps in to each track they all work together in sickening cohesion to bring to you something that is unique and all together unsettling. Each track is masterfully crafted to gift you with visions of a never ending void that are filled with every nightmare that you have dreamed up only for them to stare right back at you.

Once you press play, each track surges with intensity and purpose, and that purpose is to drive you toward the edge. These off kilter dirges of darkness and despair mesmerize and put you in a trance like state from which you cannot break out of. Even as dark and insane as each track truly is you cannot break away from your speakers even for a minute. Each minute of this fifty plus minute monolith of nightmare is filled with nothing but skin crawling and mind bending noise that ushers you through corridor after corridor of paranoia.

Irritum is a gripping, unwelcoming release that slowly invites you in to its domain of breathing obscurity. With each passing second you cannot help but to fall in to an even deeper trance never breaking out of it until the final dissonant note has sounded. Irritum is pure lunacy and that is what makes it so appealing and so enthralling. This unique mashing of noise works so well making for a unique and overall great listening experience. Once you begin listening, you feel uncomfortable and paranoia begins setting in as you are fading in and out of obscurity, and those feelings and thoughts that creep in to your head make this effort fascinating as well as devastating.

Even with a lengthier run time, Irritum never overstays its welcome and before you know it the entire release is over. This is a record that sucks you in, grabbing you by the throat never to release you until you have finished listening. Overall, this is a sinister, nightmarish release that is hard to stop listening to.

Irritum will be released February 23, 2018

Links to follow:

Gridfailure Facebook

Gridfailure Bandcamp


Wyrmwoods: Earth Made Flesh

January 16, 2018


Stylistically falling between progressive, atmospheric and ambient black metal is Finnish group Wyrmwoods. Earth Made Flesh is their debut full length record that clocks in at six total tracks that will take your mind on a vast and mesmerizing ride. Wyrmwoods does a great job of balancing elements they take from progressive, ambient and atmospheric black metal to create a full bodied and comprehensive listen. From beginning to end, Earth Made Flesh is an inviting yet punishing and harrowing listen that captures your attention only to keep it throughout the record.

Not only does Wyrmwoods do a great job of combining elements of different types of black metal, but they also do a great job of providing you with a balanced sound that mixes both harsh and serene passages. At certain points through each track, you will become under siege by dissonant pummeling drumming and razor sharp riffs, and the next moment you become surrounded by more ethereal and atmospheric sounds. Wyrmwoods sews their brand of atmospheric music together with blasting soul ripping blackened passages well to provide you with a varied ever shifting listen. Throughout Earth Made Flesh, Wyrmwoods has you guessing as to what you will be hearing next. Never once do you hear the same thing, and forever are you guessing what twist they might have up their wizard sleeves.

For only having six tracks to its name, Earth Made Flesh is a pretty lengthy album overall, however it never seems to overstay its welcome. Even though each track is pretty lengthy, you never feel as though you are trudging along through a murky mire of blackened noise. Each track on this effort moves along swiftly and expertly, never lurching and never making it feel like a burden to listen to. As a matter of fact, Earth Made Flesh does a good job of mesmerizing and enchanting you, keeping you listening and enthralled as to what you are going to hear next.

Each of the six tracks on this offering are put together well and executed well also. The atmospheric and ambient elements that Wyrmwoods pumps in to their brand of blackened debauchery takes your mind through harrowing, twisting and dark soundscapes all the while the face peeling blasting black metal snaps your head back with great force. Earth Made Flesh as whole provides the listener with so much variety and diversity, and the more that you listen the more that you will end up picking up on that you may not have before. This is certainly an ambitious record especially for a debut release, but it is one that works on all levels. Earth Made Flesh is a great listen and a great overall record.

Earth Made Flesh was released January 15, 2018 through Inverse Records.

Links to follow: 

Wyrmwoods Facebook

Wyrmwoods Bandcamp


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