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Crowhurst and Bandit: Bulldozer

February 24, 2020

Crowhurst and Bandit: Bulldozer

In concert with Delaware grinders Bandit, noise merchant Crowhurst offer up this seven track, ten minute EP titled Bulldozer. Bulldozer features seven tracks by Bandit that have been remixed by the entity known as Crowhurst. This ten minute EP is a pure assault on your ears as you become under siege by nothing other than brain melting noise. Each track will vibrate you brain having it leak through your ears once all has concluded. Bulldozer is a harsh and punishing EP that traps you inside a noise riddled coffin never for you to see the light again. Never are you safe from the utter onslaught of ear bleeding noise goodness as Crowhurst blitzes forth providing you with nothing other than equilibrium altering noise.

Bulldozer is pure madness in the best way possible. Each of the seven tracks that are present here are head spinning and ear drum bursting as each track is like an audible weapon. Once you press play, the cyclone of terror hits your ears never to cease as you become under siege from one track after the next. Of all seven of the tracks that fill this EP, each one is just as offensive and torturous as the last. Reckoning and assaulting, Bulldozer buries you under screeching, droning and ever assaulting noise from which you cannot escape.

This offering is a menacing and terrorizing one as you are presented with seven unfiltered, screeching, metallic noise cuts that seem to be utilized less like songs and more like weapons. Each of the pointed and jagged offerings here are as assaulting and punishing as you would come to expect and imagine. With no reprieve and with a cacophony of heart stopping noise, Bulldozer spins forth never to let you out from its noise riddled clutches. Murky, buzzing and ear drum bursting, the remixes of these Bandit tracks are unapologetic and unrepentant as you come face to face with seven excellent remixes brought to you by noise merchant Crowhurst.

Through and through, this EP is something to truly behold. Each track through Bulldozer is a wonderfully executed remix of the original tracks. They are heavy, brain melting and contorting and as offensive as they are you seem to always come back for more and more noise punishment.

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