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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Anguis Dei: Ad Portas Serpentium

December 11, 2017

SVART113CD Anguis Dei copy.jpg

Sewn together with black magick, the unyielding darkness of the Dark Lord himself and of course the blackest of metals is Anguis Dei’s newest offering Ad Portas Serpentium. This hell fire baptized release offers up four blackened incantations in the vein of orchestral black metal. Each track on this release provides you with a sound that is wondrous, harsh, bitter, venomous and dare I even say majestic. For a band that hasn’t been around for that long of a time, Anguis Dei certainly presents themselves as if they have. Each of the four tracks on this debut EP from these black magick wielding heathens is wonderfully crafted and executed gifting to you a great and enthralling listen.

Through only four tracks Anguis Dei does a great job of drawing you in and keeping your attention all throughout only for you to wish that there were more tracks tacked on. Anguis Dei combines orchestral elements with their ripping brand of black metal to provide you with an unholy yet captivating and mesmerizing listen. They sew their orchestral elements together with their black metal elements beautifully and seamlessly spinning spectral, haunting and all together enchanting atmospheres and soundscapes. Once you begin listening it is truly incredibly difficult to want to stop. The orchestral elements enchant you all while the soul tearing black metal does just as it was described, rips your soul.

Anguis Dei also does a great job of balancing the more unrelenting blasting moments with more ethereal moments providing you with diversity among each and every track. With that being said, Anguis Dei shifts between these moments seamlessly and flawlessly never lurching from one to the other and back again. Each track is fluid even though they are ever changing in tempo and style as Anguis Dei executes these tracks with ease. Never are you subject to just a sonic assault and never are you just greeted with the angelic yet sometimes haunting orchestral moments as Anguis Dei balances everything through each track so well gifting to you a seamless and comprehensive listen.

The overall sound throughout Ad Portas Serpentium is pure as nothing but the blackest of metals courses through the veins of this entire release. Ad Portas Serpentium is satanic, dark, grim, haunting and light stealing, but most importantly it just is a great overall release. Each track works in harmony to bring to you a solid well rounded listen that is hard to forget and hard to not want to listen to. Ad Portas Serpentium is an alluring effort, one that mesmerizes and sweeps you off to shadowy soundscapes and provides you with a wonderfully dark atmosphere as well.

The combination of orchestral elements and barbaric black metal is a welcome one and Anguis Dei pull it off oh so well. Each track is just as well done as the others and this EP as a whole keeps you coming back for more and makes you want even more as four tracks just isn’t enough. The only gripe that I have about this release is simply the fact that it isn’t long enough and that’s just me being selfish. Other than that, Ad Portas Serpentium is a solid effort especially for a debut offering. This is an entertaining, captivating and all around heavy effort that is well worth numerous listens.


Grafvitnir: Keys to the Mysteries Beyond

December 6, 2017

Grafvitnir Keys to the Mysteries Beyond Cover Artwork.jpg

Emerging once again from the devilish shadows and bone chilling winds to grace us with their haunting and ever sinister presence is Grafvitnir. Once again, these heathens of the occult rear their collective ugly heads to gift to you another onslaught of chilling, fierce and shadowy black metal to sacrifice your soul to the great keeper of the damned. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is the title of Grafvitnir’s upcoming sonic satanic onslaught. This new record is packed with ten new incantations of devilish black magic that leads you down the corridors of the wicked and the damned. Each of the ten tracks on this release are just as slithering, venomous, cold and soul ripping as you would come to expect. Grafvitnir is prolific and masterful in their newest offering of blackened metal as they present to you ten new lurking and demonic tracks.

These ten blackened anthems of the wicked and damned pour out of your speakers like a hoard of wraiths coming to steal your life. Once you press play you become wrapped up in binding sinister magic that does its best to squeeze your last breath from your lungs. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is a stifling release as Grafvitnir pours their brand of malignant and malevolent black metal on thick never ceasing and ever unflinching. From track one to track ten you become shrouded in a dismal and ever darkening fog from which you cannot find your way out of.

The atmospheric presence that courses through the black blood of this release is one of pitch black darkness, haunting misery and bleakness. Throughout this entire release the atmosphere hangs over you like a reaper awaiting your final breath. The atmosphere that runs through Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is frigid chilling you down to your core. You can’t help but to feel unsettled at times and haunted at others. The atmospheric tendencies throughout this effort aren’t necessarily the focus or at the forefront all throughout, but instead it is worked in seamlessly with the bestial and blood curdling onslaught of blackened metal to create an overall sinister yet mesmerizing sound.

Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is an unrelenting and unforgiving release. Each track bears down upon you gnashing at your flesh and carving away at your bones. From track one to track ten, Grafvitnir provides you with a virulent, slithering, and light stealing listen. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond as a whole is a tempestuous and frost bitten record that makes you feel as though you have been stuck out in the freezing winds for some time.

Throughout this effort, Grafvitnir unleashes ten violent and malicious tracks that are hard to deny. Each track is just as good as the others and each track ties right in to the next creating a cohesive sound that is addicting and memorable. This is pure black metal and Graffvitnir is unwavering in their approach. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is a record that is surely hard to want to pass up on if you are a fan of black metal or extreme metal in general. Let the wicked frigid riffs wash over you and succumb to the never ending darkness.

Keys to the Mysteries Beyond will be released December 15, 2017 through Carnal Records.

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Hamvak: I

November 22, 2017

Emerging from an ever rotting tomb is Hamvak and slithering up through the abyss with them is their newest offering simply titled I. There is one lone wolf that is behind this barbaric project, and through three tracks he provides you with raw, savage and completely bloodied blackened death metal. It doesn’t take long before Hamvak gets right in to the thick of their onslaught, and once they do they rain hammering drums and dissonant sludge filled riffs for your filthy enjoyment.

There is a little intro at the beginning of the opening track Altars Of A Thousand Plagues, but once that subsides, Hamvak unleash their sonic assault. Hamvak does a good job of combining elements of death metal and black metal to gift you with one venomous and grim listen. There isn’t too much time for reprieve on this EP as Hamvak hammers away from track to track to track. The only true solace that you get is at the very beginning of the EP, other than that you are pummeled with dissonant riffs, rumbling bass lines, ever solid drumming and gritty demonic vocals that seep through the never ending sonic wall.

I is a solid EP through and through as it provides you with three tracks of entertaining and neck snapping blackened death metal. Each track is just as ripping as the last  and each of the three tracks flow nicely with one another creating a cohesive and well put together effort. While I isn’t a ground breaking release, and while we aren’t hearing something that is entirely new, it still is a solid effort nonetheless. From beginning to end, Hamvak provides you with blasting and pummeling blackened tunes that just don’t seem to quit hammering away at your soul until you are completely done listening.

It will be nice to see what Hamvak has in store next, whether it be in the form of an EP or a full length. For now however, we have this three track EP of twisted blackened death metal for our enjoyment.

Hamvak Bandcamp:


Vaultwraith: Death is Proof of Satan’s Power

November 2, 2017

vaultwraith - death cover.png

Taking what old-school horror metal did so well and contorting it to create their own brand of even more blood thirsty and malevolent sound is Vaultwraith. Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is the newest release from these Missouri hellions, and within this record you are subject to some gruesome, horrifying and hair raising tracks to lose your head to.  Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is truly undeniable, haunting, heavy and just down right sinister. From the first note on, you realize that you are in for a frightening and blood curdling listen.

Vaultwraith does a great job of capturing a truly horrifying atmosphere as you become acquainted with a massively devilish sound track after track. The atmosphere that you become shrouded in while listening is in a large part brought to you by the haunting keyboards that can be heard through each and every track. The keyboards work in harmony with the malicious metal to create an overall haunting, grim and overall chilling sound and atmosphere. The keyboard elements that are sewn in to this release are done so so seamlessly and so well. The ever present keyboard effects push each track further in to the netherworld and really bring not only each track, but the entire record together forming a cohesive damning listen.

Other than the swirling hair raising atmospheric elements that the keyboards provide, you are gifted with some neck twisting and brain bruising metal to go along with them of course. Each of the eleven tracks that are present on  Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is ripping and entirely memorable. There isn’t a track on this record that isn’t a fiery hell storm of black magic metallic goodness. Each track is just as good as the ones that came before it providing you with an overall entertaining and solid listen. Through and through  Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is a solid record with nothing but devilishly good songs to head bang to.

Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is a haunting, grim, atmospheric, heavy and well rounded release that will have you head banging and air guitaring along. These are the type of tracks that get stuck in your head for days and this is the type of record that you put on repeat for quite some time.

Death Is Proof of Satan’s Power is out now through Hells Headbangers!

You can find this record right on the Hells Headbangers Bandcamp!

Zifir: Kingdom of Nothingness

October 30, 2017

zifir -front.jpg

With their third full length release, Zifir presents you with what seems to be a pretty linear and straight forward approach to black metal. While that certainly is true, the true devilish magic of Kingdom Of Nothingness is what lies beneath the surface. Beyond the sinister sounds of blasting black metal, you are also provided with a hypnotic, enchanting and overall haunting atmosphere and overall sound that is hair raising and skin crawling. Each of the thirteen tracks that are presented on this record are ominous, damning and highly atmospheric.

As mentioned, at first glance, Kingdom Of Nothingness certainly doesn’t seem to be a record that amounts to all that much but in fact it does. Kingdom Of Nothingness is quite a lengthy record as it contains thirteen total tracks of nothing but soul darkening tracks that shroud you in a poisonous and dank fog. As mentioned above, this record certainly does have a certain hypnotic quality about it but that effect doesn’t seem to completely take a hold of you until you get a little deeper in to the record.

The atmosphere that swirls through this release is ritualistic, cold, grim, twisted and all together trance like. As noted above, it takes Zifir some time for them to completely pull you in to their dark and dismal atmosphere, but once they do you sit in a catatonic state listening never wanting to leave your dread filled state of mined. The longer that you listen, you end up getting pulled in deeper and deeper in to the ever growing, never ending darkness that Zifir provides for you.

Other than the bitter atmosphere, you are presented with sharpened riffs and quite frankly one dimensional drumming that is paired with diverse vocals that transition between wicked screams, demonic spoken word and often used chanting vocals. With everything combined from the haunting, soul possessing atmosphere, to the swirling wall of black metallic noise, you are presented with a dark and foreboding record that ultimately is a great listen.

Overall, Kingdom Of Nothingness is a solid release to say the least. This is a lengthy, cohesive and well crafted record that provides you with more than your fair share of death and despair.

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Mandragora Malevola: Awakening the Impvre

October 27, 2017

Every now and then you get lucky and stumble upon an absolute gem, and that is exactly what we have here with Awakening the Impvre by Mandragora Malevola. Awakening the Impvre is a greatly captivating, heavy, atmospheric and immersive record that once you begin listening you have no other choice but to continue on listening until the end and then listening all over again. Right from the foreboding and atmospheric intro you become hooked and want to hear the entire record out. Immediately Mandragora Malevola grabs your unwavering attention and holds you as their audience for the entirety of the record.

The mixture of black and death metal on this record is clear. The combination of the two genres provides you with a maelstrom of blackened death that you don’t want to cower from but embrace. While there are parts of this record that are completely blasting and unrelenting, Mandragora Malevola balance that with plenty of melody as well providing you with a great ebb and flow of sounds and tempo changes. Never once does Mandragora Malevola lurch from their more blasting tempos to their slower more serene tempos as each track is crafted seamlessly and executed so well.

Every track on this release is so smooth and performed so well that when Mandragora Malevola does change tempo it doesn’t snap your spine in half. Instead they ease in to tempo changes providing you with a diverse listen that is never chaotic and is instead very smooth and easy to listen to. On top of all of the tempo changes, the blasting and the more melodic slower tempos is the atmosphere that Mandragora Malevola provides. The way in which these guys provide this ever shifting and swirling atmosphere is by incorporating keyboards and acoustic moments all throughout this release.

The atmosphere that Mandragora Malevola produces all throughout is incredibly hypnotic and captivating. Not only does the sharpened blackened death metal pull you in to this record, but the atmosphere does more so. Through track after track you become shrouded in a thick, mesmerizing atmosphere from which you cannot see your way out of. The interplay between the atmospheric qualities of each track and the harsh blasting of metallic fury works so well together. They feed off of each other so well only to provide you with an entirely cohesive and compelling listen that just makes you want to listen more and more.

Awakening the Impvre is a very well done record, and for it being the debut full length release it makes it just that much more impressive. This is a well crafted record from start to finish as it is a smooth release in which each of the eleven tracks flow well together, you are provided with plenty of harrowing atmosphere, well executed instrumentation and savage shrieking vocals to top everything off.  As mentioned above, this is a gem of a record, and it certainly should not be passed up on.

This record can be found right on the Throats Productions Bandcamp



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