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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Pious Levus: Beast of the Foulest Depths

June 12, 2018

pious levus.jpg

Joining one punishing sound with another, Pious Levus brings forth an aural assault all their own. Beast of the Foulest Depths is eleven straight tracks of church burning mayhem. Pious Levus end up entombing you under droves of malicious metal. One track rolls right in to the next never giving you room to move or breathe. From beginning to end, Beast of the Foulest Depths is an explosive and flesh stripping release. This release is forceful to say the least as it sets in immediately not letting you prepare for the unrelenting assault that you are about to witness.

No intros, no outros, no fluff or filler can be found here as what you get is an unrelenting and ever ceaseless metallic assault. Each of the eleven tracks within this record are not lengthy ones, but even so they pack an incredible and vicious punch. Beast of the Foulest Depths is a venomous and life threatening listen. From beginning to end you are subject to controlled chaos as Pious Levus ladles their most blistering and blackened brand of metal upon you.

Beast of the Foulest Depths is an unholy and violent release backed by scythe like riffs, larynx shredding screams and ever blistering and skull blasting drumming. These sinister tracks are just that as they disregard the listeners life to provide you with an incredibly violent and volatile listen. From the opening track Pious Levus firmly plant their blade against your throat never to lift it until the final track has concluded.

This is a ripping, tearing and soul harvesting release that isn’t to be trifled with. Each track is just as violent and life threatening as the last. These eleven blackened rituals are monstrous and aim to tear you limb from limb leaving you in a cold pool of blood. Beast of the Foulest Depths is raw, skin blistering, heavy, malicious and more creating an all around solid record from beginning to end.

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Nomura/Nulla+: Impronte/Lacrime

June 4, 2018


Loud, aggressive, in your face, rough around the edges and ultimately head caving is what you get when you listen to Impronte/Lacrime, the new split between Nomura and Nulla+. Each band’s foundation is in black metal but they combine elements of punk and hardcore in to their overall noisy blasphemous sound to provide you with a neck twisting and entirely ballistic sound. Within this split you become subject to five tracks that amount to only eighteen minutes, but within those short minutes you become accosted from all sides by a furious metallic onslaught.

First up to wear down the rest of your already gnarled ear drums is Nomura with two tracks titled Salice (Part I) and Salice (Part II). Nomura incorporates more hardcore than punk in to their otherwise blackened sound providing you with an overall sound that is equivalent to a punch in the mouth. Salice (Part I) starts off slowly and builds in to a noisy and punishing track that gets your head banging right out of the gate. With ever stomping drumming and ever blood curdling raspy screams, Nomura bombastically starts this split off. As Salice (Part I) progresses it descends in to blasting madness for nearly the remainder of its five minute run time before slowing things down once again only to lead you directly in to Salice (Part II).  Part one  bleeds directly in to the second part which begins much the same way. The second part of the track starts off slowly as the first did, slowly building with ominous guitar tones and vocals until finally blowing its lid off around the one and a half minute mark. Around this time Nomura treats you to a mid tempo romp that is heavy and neck bending as barreling drumming stomps through your speakers and those familiar raspy cries force their way through the metallic madness. This track continues its mid tempo onslaught until the final gnarled note has rang through. Each of the parts that Nomura offers to this split are well performed and crafted gifting you with an ultimately heavy opening for what is left to come.

The last three tracks of this split belong to Nulla+. Instead of hardcore, Nulla+ weaves punk in to their blackened foundation greeting you with an altogether in your face assault that does not back down until the split has concluded. Each of the three tracks by Nulla+ are savage yet short onslaughts that grate on your ear drums and get your spine and neck twisting in a hurry. The overall sound in which Nulla+ bombards you with is rough around the edges, unhinged and purely barbaric. These heathens don’t stop for a soul as they rampage onward through track after blistering track of punk infused black metal. From their first track on it is pure mayhem and carnage as each track is completely unhinged and pure sonic madness. With furiously yelled vocals that are coupled with ever spastic drumming and equally frantic riffing, you are treated to something that is heavy and head spinning all the same. From track one on, Nulla+ is unapologetically in your face as they ram their brand of blasphemous metal in to your brain. These three tracks are short but they are punchy, heavy and the embodiment of chaos making Nulla+’s three tracks entirely entertaining yet detrimental.

All in all, Impronte/Lacrime is an entertaining split as Nomura and Nulla+ offer up five tracks of pure entertaining, blasphemous and head splitting metal.

Gaerea: Unsettling Whispers

May 27, 2018

unsettling whispers

Straying from the typical black metal path, Gaerea blaze a path of destruction all their own. Incorporating elements from other genres in to their black metal foundation, Gaerea creates a unique, devilish and deadly sound that is not to be forgotten or looked over. This seven track release immediately puts a spell over you captivating and enchanting you until the final ritualistic note has been played. Unsettling Whispers certainly is unsettling and foreboding, but all at the same time you can’t stray from your speakers as Gaerea capture your attention never to let it go. This is an addictive release, one that you will keep coming back to for more and more blackened malevolence until you have had your fill.

Each track within Unsettling Whispers is an overpowering and relentless offering that pushes you in to the darkness in which light has been sealed. Gaerea usher forth unsettling track after unsettling track making your hair stand on end all while making your soul wither within the never ending treacherous darkness. From the very beginning Gaerea make their blasphemous intentions known as they summon forth track after track of soul devouring darkness that you just cannot escape from. As potent and powerful as these tracks are you can’t bring yourself to escape a listen as Gaerea captivate and enchant through and through their wicked release.

Unsettling Whispers is an immersive experience as it grabs a hold of you right from the very beginning never to let you out of its cold clawed grasp. Gaerea has created something here that ultimately worms its way in to your brain only to manifest itself there for some time to come. This release is highly addictive and potent making it out to be a deadly yet incredibly compelling listen. Unsettling Whispers shrouds you in venomous darkness for some time to come as it unleashes track after track of hell fire steeped madness to bring you an ever darkening, blasphemous yet completely riveting listen.

Not enough can be said about Unsettling Whispers as it is a completely well rounded and well executed record. Gaerea truly blaze a path all their own with this offering as they provide you with seven unique tracks that you will have a hard time shaking. This record is undeniably great as it is mesmerizing in its own twisted way, addicting, steeped in malevolent darkness and ultimately as heavy as it can get. You cannot get much better than this and the force of Gaerea is truly on full display all throughout Unsettling Whispers.

This perhaps will be one of the best black metal releases this year and we are not even half way through 2018. Unsettling Whispers is something to be reckoned with as it is a true blackened force. This is not a record to pass up on.

Unsettling Whispers will be released June 22, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity.

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Check out the official videos for Catharsis and Whispers from the upcoming record below!


Chanid: Lucifer

May 24, 2018

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With a raw, punishing and ever soul crushing sound, Chanid deliver eight blasphemous tracks within their new offering appropriately titled Lucifer. With their sound firmly rooted in the nineties, Chanid provide you with a classic occult black metal sound that is visceral, punishing and ever soul destroying. Chanid drags you down through the bowels of hell with each passing track, finally submerging you in a boundless darkness from which you cannot see light. Chanid begins Lucifer with an ominous intro titled Introit Lucifer which begins to steep your soul in blistering hell fire before it bleeds in to the next ever blood blackening track Evocation of Lucifer.

Evocation of Lucifer is a blistering and blood boiling track that shreds and rips from the onset snapping your head back. This barbaric and blood letting offering sets you up for what is left to come for the remaining seven tracks and that is exactly more hellish neck twisting tracks. From Evocation of Lucifer onward, Chanid stampedes forth with even more hell fire as they roll out track after blasphemous track of nothing but savage and unrelenting black metal for your torture. As punishing and relentless as Chanid is throughout this release, they do slow down their tempo from time to time to let their venomous atmosphere leak through and shroud you in death.

Through and through, Lucifer is straight forward black metal. There isn’t anything here to stifle or change that black metal sound. Each track following the intro are ferocious and relentless blackened offerings that never let their blade up from your throat for a second. Chanid suffocate you with their assault as they roll out track after track of pure light stealing black metal. There isn’t a track within this release that is lacking in any way as each one is executed and performed well and coupling that with a bleeding raw production you have a well rounded and very solid effort.

Lucifer is a very solid record as it dishes out eight very well done tracks. If you are a black metal fan you cannot go wrong here with this release as Chanid ushers forth eight very intense, blood letting and heavy tracks that are sure to please your gnarled and scarred ears.


TRUCHŁO STRZYGI To Release Debut Full Length Pora Umierać Through Godz Ov War

May 23, 2018

Check out what Godz Ov War has to say about this release below!

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Pora Umierać – a debut full-length album from the Poland’s old school black’n’heavy metallers TRUCHŁO STRZYGI.

The commando, comprising still pretty young yet experienced musicians, have delivered 40 plus minutes of uncompromising and relentless, aggressive yet pretty melodic (the good way) black heavy metal with a punky vibe, drawing on the masterpieces of the old gods!

Eight tracks recorded at Bestial Sound Studio and Na Batorego, in collaboration with Golgotha Studio, mixed by Tomasz W. and P., and mastered by Tomasz W., will be released on CD pn June 1, 2018. Artworks by Julia Yousif.”

To pre-order:

Godz Ov War Official Site

Godz Ov War Bandcamp

Lykhaeon To Release EP Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls Through Godz Ov War Productions

May 23, 2018

Check out what Godz Ov War has to say about this release below!

“Chthonic sounds of torment from below are about to devastate your senses again as LYKHAEON, the three-piece black metal act from Switzerland, are about to have their EP titled Ominous Eradication of Anguished Souls released on June 1, 2018 through Godz Ov War Productions.

This time, LYKHAEON, a band affiliated with the Helvetic Underground Committee, have recorded only two tracks, but nearly half an hour of murky and ghastly, cavernous and crushing black metal, all wrapped up in excellent cover art by S.”

To pre-order:

Godz ov War Official Site

Godz Ov War Bandcamp

Blood Rites: Demo 1

May 12, 2018

blood rites.jpg

Firmly rooting their sound amidst black metal of the late eighties, Blood Rites usher forth three dissonant, cavernous, blasphemous and hell torching tracks. There are no frills to be found here, nothing is to be over done or over produced as Blood Rites keep it ancient and foul within their first demo. These hellions bring forth a raw, unbridled and terrorizing sound from within the darkest reaches of hell. Each track is a ripping ode the the Dark Lord himself as they spew forth blackened hell fire and unmatched fury providing you with a wicked and down right venomous listen that will make your skin crawl and your sanity burn in the scorched pits of the damned.

Each of the three tracks lead in with an ominous and unsettling intro to set you up for the soul tearing that is about to crash down upon you. These intros never tend to last too long before Blood Rites kicks everything up to an adrenaline pumping pace that is enough to make your head spin. These are furious romps through the dark plains of hell as they hack and slash at you with hellish cutting riffs and battering drumming that break down the walls of your sanity. To follow the ever blistering and blackened sonic torment are savage and blood curdling vocals that spew forth enchantments of the wicked and damned. Blood Rites never lets up in their manic onslaught-save for the brief intros-as they pour out their bubbling mass of twisted satanic metal.

This demo is relentless and skull carving as it offers up three sickening and morbid tracks that consume you in blistering fire and fetid disease. Blood Rites in all of their sinister glory shift from track to track, presenting you with one ritualistic slaughtering track after another making this to be an oppressive, dark, incredibly grim and heavy listen. With the coming of each new track, Blood Rites plunges you further in to oblivion, tearing away at your soul and your flesh.

This is a strong demo for these heathens as they stampede three very excellent and very well crafted tracks through your speakers. This is pure black metal. No frills, no tricks, nothing but blackened metal glory.

This demo will be released June 9, 2018 through Caverna Abismal Records.

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