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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Perversor: Umbravorous

February 15, 2019

Perversor: Umbravorous

Hailing from Santiago, Chile is the ever perverse and wicked Perversor and ascending from the depths of hell with them is their newest offering Umbravorous. In sickening harmony, Perversor blend black metal and thrash together to create an overall spine bending, neck snapping sound that is hard to tear yourself away from. Within Umbravorousyou are treated to ten ripping tracks that are relentless from beginning to end. You aren’t eased in to this record with an intro or any kind of lead in as Perversor mash the proverbial pedal through the floor to greet you with nothing but flesh melting metal from the moment you press play.

Filled with malevolence and malignancy, Umbravorous is a record that stabs at your throat over and over again with each passing minute until you are given numerous new cuts to breathe through. Each offering is as ceaseless and terrorizing as the last, and from track to track you are never given even a second before the next comes steamrolling through your speakers. This maelstrom of a record is just that as it provides you with thirty-one total minutes of detrimental, psychotic blackened thrash for your contorted enjoyment.

With vicious riffs spearing you through the side and machine gun drumming cracking your chest while hellish vocals are rattled off from the abyss, you become under siege from the very get go. Umbravorous is a hellfire baptized release, one that consumes you and envelopes you in an ever spinning blaze of perdition and terror. Never does Perversor slow or skip a beat as they rattle off track after track of razor sharp torment, battering your soul and sanity with each passing second.

This ghoulish offering is a twisted mass of metal, one that is executed very well and sewn together with expertise, providing you with a cohesive and well rounded offering. As thrashing mad as this release is, it is equally malevolent and blackened as each genre shows their truly wicked strengths through each offering. Umbravorous is a chaotic and mangling release, one that is sure to twist your head from your shoulders.

Umbravorous will be released March 15, 2019 through Pulverised Records.

Warfist: Grünberger

February 6, 2019

Warfist: Grünberger

Emerging from hell thrashing mad is Warfist and dragging up from the depths with them is their upcoming full length titled Grünberger. Packed with ten tracks, Grünberger offers up mayhem in the form of blackened thrash. From track to track you are presented with once face melting offering after another, never for Warfist to cease the maelstrom of blackened metal until the end. A ripper from beginning to end, Grünberger gets you head banging and your fist pumping early on only to keep you bashing your brain against your skull until the record has concluded.

There is no time to rest and no filler to provide you with any reprieve as Warfist rampage onward from track to track gifting you with nothing but sinister thrashing mad blackened metal through and through. From the drop of the first gnarled note you realize that you are in for quite the flesh melting treat as you become accosted on all sides by furious riffs that are coupled with ever blasting drumming, bloodied vocals and rumbling bass lines. Through and through, Grünberger is a straight storm of blackened thrash that aims to twist your neck never to cease until your head is screwed on backward.

Stampeding forth from one ripping track to the next, this ever relentless onslaught of malevolence is pure debauchery and sinister mayhem. With each cut running around the three to four minute mark it gives Warfist enough time to really pack a massive punch and have you mash your brain against your skull as you continuously head bang as though you wish your head to fall off your neck. This is an engaging, malevolent, wicked and highly entertaining record that grips you with the hand of death from beginning to end. Each track is a well constructed offering of blistering and blood boiling blackened thrash metal that is as punishing as they are entertaining.

Only scorched earth follows this record as it burns everything in its path aiming to maim and crush bones beneath it. This is well constructed and well sewn together offering that provides you with nothing but ten wicked blackened thrash tracks that are hard to forget and hard to deny. Each track is as memorable and damning as the last making this to be a well rounded and overall very solid offering from these heathens.

Grünberger will be released February 27, 2019 through Godz Ov War Productions.

Check out the official video for Death by the Cleansing Fire below!

Funeral Hearse: In Devotion Of…

February 3, 2019

Funeral Hearse: In Devotion Of…

In striking blasphemy and devotion to the lord of hell comes Funeral Hearse with their blistering, soul ripping debut full length In Devotion of…. From the very beginning, Funeral Hearse traps you within their vortex of blackened malevolence only letting you leave once you have been stripped of all flesh and marrow. Each of the six offerings that are present here are incredibly wicked and punishing, none of them ceasing their devilish onslaught, forever pressing forth, forever ushering forth more sonic death and disease. There isn’t a moment of reprieve within this release for the most part as Funeral Hearse rampages onward, gifting you with furious and pure disgusting black metal.

In Devotion of… flows wonderfully as one malignant track flows right in to the next, forever suffocating you underneath brimstone and stagnant death. These tracks are purely wicked and malicious, aiming to claim your soul and all the flesh that surrounds it. With scythe like riffs, machine gun drumming, dissonant vocals howled from below and an overall oppressive and forever blistering atmosphere, Funeral Hearse provides you with a threatening and incredibly malicious offering. Each cut here is damning, raw and pure sonic torment as each one thunders forth sucking out the life from your eyes with each passing minute.

This release is a pure onslaught of detrimental proportions. With the lengthy run times of each one it provides Funeral Hearse enough time to fully engulf you in blackened hell fire. From beginning to end you are treated to ever twisting, ever blasting and ever blood boiling black metal, never gifting you a moment of solace as each track bears down upon you. This raw form of malignancy is something to behold and the formula here in which Funeral Hearse employs is quite something. As malicious and ripping as each offering is, each one is just as infected with a soul stealing ambiance that is hard to ignore. In Devotion of… assaults you on all fronts, never to relent.

In Devotion of… is gripping and menacing from beginning to end, gifting you with a truly terrorizing form of black metal that is hard to deny. Each of the six tracks here are wonderfully crafted and wonderfully sewn together to provide you with an all around well executed and cohesive offering. One track bleeds straight in to the next dissonant affair, gifting you with nothing but a maelstrom of scalding black metal. This is an outstanding debut full length that stands atop the black metal mountain.

In Devotion of… will be released March 1, 2019 through Spy Satellite Records.

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Witchgoat: Egregors of the Black Faith

January 18, 2019

Witchgoat: Egregors of the Black Faith

Filled with enough blackened malevolence to sink your soul in to the abyss and filled with enough thrashing madness to tear your face from your skull, Witchgoat offers up nine vicious tracks within their upcoming offering Egregors of the Black Faith. Save for the foreboding intro, each track that follows is a ripper, never ceasing or slowing their onslaught no matter how many souls have been claimed. Meshing two chaotic genres together such as this, creates an unholy and chaotic sound that leaves your neck twisted and your face properly melted. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but pure chaos and debauchery caught all within nine ferocious cuts.

One right after another, Witchgoat ushers forth punishment in heaping three to six minute doses. Each track is just as venomous and wicked as the last as Witchgoat tears you limb from limb with their slicing riffs that are only to be backed by explosive drumming and dissonant wretched vocals. Track one to track nine you become enveloped in a blackened storm of chaos and malevolence. Never does Witchgoat relent in their onslaught as they mash their blade through your throat only to stop once the final track has concluded. These offerings are relentless from beginning to end, never gifting you a moment of solace as you ultimately become suffocated in the storm of blackened thrashing madness.

Witchgoat strikes a great balance between thrash and black metal all throughout, never to favor one over the other and instead having each work hand in vile hand to create a true maelstrom of flesh tearing metal. Each track gnashes at the flesh and cuts down to the bone with their overall wicked and malignant sound. Witchgoat has crafted a record here that is hard to deny and hard not to bash your brains in to oblivion to. From start to finish, you are greeted by nine excellent tracks that offer up top notch blackened thrash that has your neck twisted and your flesh melting in no time.

With technicality, blackened malevolence, and just a sheer onslaught of menacing metal, Witchgoat makes Egregors of the Black Faith a highly volatile, wicked and entertaining offering. Each track is just as solid and well put together as the last never to have a weak track that is lacking in any sort of way. Through and through, Egregors of the Black Faith is a very solid record, one that will please many a gnarled ear drums.

Egregors of the Black Faith will be released February 13, 2019 through Morbid Skull Records and Hell Productions.

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Morbid Skull Records Bandcamp

Morbid Skull Records Official Site

Witchgoat Facebook

Black Goat: Magia Posthuma

January 15, 2019

Black Goat: Magia Posthuma

The first incarnation of Black Goat offered up a sound that follows in the foot steps of blackened death. Over the years, Black Goat’s sound has changed evolving to obscure and cryptic black metal. Magia Posthuma is the title of their newest effort, and within its title is harbored eight tracks that are atmospheric, obscure, punishing, unique and much more. These tracks are diverse and varied as you are never to hear the same thing twice through eight tracks. Magia Posthumais a gripping and ever compelling offering, forever pulling you toward the alluring darkness.

To begin their new record, Black Goat offers a foreboding two minute intro that sets the tone, and signifies your crossing in to a truly sinister and darkened atmosphere. Throughout the release, keeps their music poisonous and wicked as they unleash droves of wicked black metal that is only be broken up by thick, foreboding atmospheric passages. Never is one too far from the other as Black Goat balances the punishing onslaught of lashing black metal with the ever dense fog of cryptic atmosphere.

The atmosphere throughout this record is as wicked and good as it gets, but when you cannot hide in the thick atmospheric reveries, you are subject to unholy ripping black metal. Gnashing at your sanity are terrorizing dissonant riffs that are propelled by constant blasting drumming and rancid gravel filled screams and growls from beyond. As atmospheric as this record is, it is just as venomous and biting as the majority of tracks are pure onslaughts of raw vampiric black metal. These tracks are biting, sordid and malevolent and stampede out of the gate aiming to drag you under.

Each of the eight tracks here are ripping, hellish and atmospheric onslaughts of blistering blackness that take aim at you never to release you with their icy dead hands until you have rejected the light and faded away in to the never ending darkness. Magia Posthuma is a compelling, interesting and unique offering, one that holds your attention through and through never to let it waver or wander. This is a very solid record from beginning to end and is sure to please the ears of black metal fans all over.

Ceremented/Malefic Levitation: Split

January 14, 2019

Summoned from beyond the catacombs are two nefarious entities that go by the names of Ceremented and Malefic Levitation. The upcoming split between these two ghoulish bands features seven total tracks; five belonging to Ceremented with the last two belonging to Malefic Levitation. The two bands play an equally dissonant, dark and twisted form of heavy metal, but both bands offer up their own unique sounds. Ceremented cruelly sews together death, doom and punk where as Malefic Levitation supplies you with a ceaseless onslaught of bestial blackened death. As one track turns to the next, you are sure to hear nothing but grisly, disgusting metal.

Ceremented come out swinging first with their demented and bone gnashing style of metal. Fusing death, doom and punk together to create a Frankenstein’s monster of ghoulish noise, Ceremented offer up five gnarled and nasty tracks through their side of the split. Never to ease you in to the overall ghoulish and sordid split, Ceremented set in immediately with their first offering that sets the twisted tone for the remainder of their offerings. The opening track hits you with buzzing bass lines that ultimately collide with sharpened riffs, tumultuous drumming and dissonant monstrous vocals that transition between unearthly gutturals, bloodied screams and the occasional guttural gurgling. Through each of their five tracks, Ceremented seamlessly incorporate each genre that they employ to create such a grimy and twisted sound. Ceremented break in to fast paced romps through desecrated tombs only to slow things to a crawl, dragging you in to the dark recesses of the abyss with devilish doom. Each of the five tracks that Ceremented present through this split are well written damning offerings that showcase their ability to provide you with a unique sounding and entirely vile onslaught. These tracks run on the shorter side, never to cross the three minute mark, but even so you are provided with intense and ghoulish sounding metal. No punches are pulled through these tracks as the vile, tumultuous and haunting aspects of death, doom and punk are on full display through each. From the beginning of their side to the end, Ceremented offer up truly terrorizing and foreboding assaults that never rest until you have been fully rotted and lowered in to a damp grave.

The second side of the split features the last two tracks by Malefic Levitation. Malefic Levitation plays a noticeably different style of sonic debauchery than that of Ceremented. Malefic Levitation incorporates the likes of death metal and black metal to create a truly chaotic and skull sanding sound that hard to deny. You have no more than a half second between the end of Ceremented’s side and the beginning of Malefic Levitation’s side before these heathens set in aiming to take your life within the first couple seconds. Malefic Levitation waste no time getting you acquainted with their dissonant, in your face and ever flesh ripping sound as the propel forth with blasting drums, blood letting riffs and gravel filled growls that make your blood curdle. Each of the two offerings that belong to Malefic Levitation are twisted abominations of the blackest of metals. Both tracks are ceaseless onslaughts of terrorizing metal that don’t never relent until you are truly slain. Malefic Levitation deploys track after track of demonic reckoning that pushes you in to the throes of blasphemous twisted darkness. Never leaving you a moment to breathe, Malefic Levitation bears down on you with each of their offerings, suffocating you underneath droves of vile and venomous metal.

This split between two truly nefarious and punishing bands is something to behold. Each band offers something unique and different gifting you with a diverse and varied listen. Both sides of this split are great and as a whole it provides you with seven excellent tracks that are not to be denied. This is a great effort, and a great showcasing of talents that both bands posses. This is not a split to look over or sleep on if you are a fan of any of the genres mentioned or extreme metal in general.

The split will be released January 18, 2019 through Caligari Records.

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Azator: Horrors From Aeons Past

January 5, 2019

Azator: Horrors From Aeons Past

Unleashing darkness unto the earth are blackened thrashers Azator. Hailing from Argentina, these heathens unleash their new EP Horrors From Aeons Past. Azator balances both thrash and black metal to create an unholy and sinister sound. Through this release you are greeted by five new tracks that are followed up by two tracks from their 2008 demo gifting you seven total tracks of blackened blasphemy. Each offer is just as wicked and sinister as the last as each offering provides you with the sinister foreboding nature of black metal and the overall face melting riffage of thrash metal.

It has been near eleven full years since the release of their demo, and with this EP, Azator come back strong with a malevolent vengeance to provide you with venomous tracks one right after another. Azator waits for no one and for nothing before they shove you straight in to the throes of their blackened malevolence. Beginning their new EP with As A Sacrifice, these heathens immediately hit you with thrashing riffs that are coupled with gravel toned dissonant vocals and rapid fire drumming. Within this track you really get a sense of what is left to come and a great balance between both thrash and black metal as each genre works in cohesion to provide you with a face melting yet soul stealing sound.

From As A Sacrifice onward Azator stampedes, gifting you with the same great balance between the two chaotic genres as they did in the opening track. As Horrors From Aeons Past progresses you can hear more and more black metal seeping through as the later tracks offer a more black metal centered sound than the cuts previous. With more black metal creeping through their overall vicious sound you are treated to more wicked atmospheres and soundscapes than you are in previous tracks. With that said, Azator still strikes a great balance of the two genres through and through, providing you with track after track of stampeding cynicism.

Each track is well written and constructed as there is not a weak track within this EP. Through and through you are treated to pure thrashing black metal poison, one track right after the next. Complete with scythe like riffs, searing solos, ever rampaging drumming and hoarse vocals screamed from the abyss, this offering is a solid one. Never does a track here lack in any area as each one is just as good as the last.

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Azator Bandcamp

Fornace: Deep Melancholic Wrath

December 27, 2018

Fornace: Deep Melancholic Wrath

In one of the most expansive, enveloping and mesmerizing black metal releases this year, Fornace creates an incredibly wicked, forlorn, hypnotic and incredibly atmospheric sound that is hard to shake. Through their newest full length Deep Melancholic Wrath, you are greeted by six all encompassing tracks that drag you in to their icy and ever frigid soundscapes minute by minute. This is pure, raw black metal to the nth degree. No gimmicks are needed here, no fads, no fluff, nothing of the sort as Deep Melancholic Wrath is pure black metal through and through. Through six incredible tracks you are treated to one hell of a listen that grips you from beginning to end, never letting your attention waver as you slowly become enveloped in the ever blackened and iced over abyss that Fornace creates.

Each track within this offering are vast and lengthy labyrinths bone cutting and soul tearing blackened metal. Before you know it you become lost within this release as Fornace captures your mind and has it wander through each of their expansive tracks. Through each offering you are faced with unexpected turns and ever twisting, haunting and isolating melodies.

These are ever isolating tracks that thrust you in to the throes of despair and melancholy, forever freezing your soul and reaching in to the darkest recesses of your bitter mind. Each of the six tracks that are present here are cutting and wicked as they make you feel uncomfortable as you begin your disparaging descent in to loneliness and madness.

Deep Melancholic Wrath is a record that is injected with pure black metal savagery that is coupled with atmospheres that are riddled with hopelessness and forlorn feelings. Each offering is just as potent and unforgiving as the rest making the entire record something to behold. Among the pummeling and soul cleaving blackened assault is a frozen and immense atmosphere that wraps you up in a dismal and darkened fog never for you to find your way out.

This record is damn near perfect and one of the best black metal offerings the genre has to offer this year. Fornace has created something here that is truly incredible, without gimmick, without fads, this is purely about the music and purely black metal. Every aspect of this record is done perfectly to create an overall incredibly impressive record. I may not have done this record justice, but this is an offering that cannot be passed up and should not be over looked as Fornace has created something of a masterpiece here with Deep Melancholic Wrath.

Deep Melancholic Wrath is out now through Paragon Records.

Hiss From The Moat: The Harrier (Official Lyric Video)

December 23, 2018

Hiss From The Moat: The Harrier

To stoke the flames for their release, Hiss From The Moat has unleashed a lyric video for the title track. This track is wicked and incredibly savage. Without hesitation, Hiss From The Moat sets in with bone cracking blast beats that are coupled with scythe like riffs and monstrous growls. This follows through the entire offering making this to be an incredibly devilish and flesh tearing track. This is just a taste of what is left to come, and if this is any indication, The Harrier is going to be one hell of a record.

Check out the official lyric video below!

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Der Rote Milan: Moritat

December 17, 2018

Finding a striking balance between blasting sonic blasphemy, catchy melodious offerings, and serene calm, Der Rote Milan create an overall gripping sound. Before you know it you are completely captivated by Moritat and its six excellently crafted and executed tracks. Each of the six offerings that you will find here are unique and compelling, and as lengthy as the majority of the tracks here can be they never over stay their welcome or feel as though they are drawn out. Moritatas a whole has an innate ability to draw you in with its leathery hand never to let you leave until the last gnarled note has called through the blackened abyss.

Moritat is a very diverse and varied record as Der Rote Milan forever twist its tracks in to new and different directions with each passing minute. Never once will you hear the same thing as Der Rote Milan seamlessly transition between one unique sound after another and back again without so much as skipping a beat. One minute will be filled with blasphemous traditional black metal cynicism and the next you are being enveloped in an other worldly fog filled atmosphere. Sprinkled in to the mix are near serene and calm moments that break both the spell of the atmosphere and the otherwise punishing traditional black metal. Der Rote Milan sew each of these components and more together to create a mesmerizing and ever entrancing sound.

Among the great musicianship and the wonderfully dark ambiance and atmosphere is a story based off of the events of the Thirty Years’ War. Not only does Der Rote Milan capture your attention with their superb musicianship, but with their great story telling as they unfold stories from a period in time that was one of the most destructive periods in human history. Overall, with their potent blackened assault that is interspersed with a poisonous atmosphere and with their wicked lyrics depicting the violent atrocities of the Thirty Years’ War, these blasphemers unleash a truly wicked and venomous sonic assault.

Moritat is a excellently crafted offering, one that features six great tracks one right after another. This is a complete and cohesive record from beginning to end and with each passing minute you become more and more gripped and engrossed in this release. This is outstanding black metal and an outstanding record overall as Der Rote Milan provide you with a record that surely should not be passed over. This will surely stand as one of the better black metal releases to come out next year.

Moritat will be released February 1, 2019 through Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork.

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