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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Wendigo: Hymnes D’Outre-Tombe

February 21, 2018


With the culmination of a remastered version of the debut demo as well as two bonus tracks comes Hymnes D’Outre-Tombe, a five track blackened assault. Wendigo’s overall sound seems to have been brewed in nothing but pure blackened essence and utter malevolence as they bring forth a gnarled and soul peeling sound. These Canadian blasphemers are vicious and venomous in their attack as they ladle their brand of blackened metal upon you in heaping sickening doses. From the very first track and from the very first note Wendigo you realize that you are in for an abyssal blackened treat that tears at your ear drums.

Through Hymnes D’Outre-Tombe, you are presented with five tracks that are bleedingly raw, uncompromising, dissonant and damning. Wendigo discharge their first spell of malignancy on to you with Degenerescence and from then on you become confronted with nothing but blasting black metal. From track one to track five, Wendigo gift you with ever skin blistering and blood draining tunes never relenting until you have been properly laid to rest.

Each of the five tracks on this release are dark, twisting masses of sonic poison that rattle their way in to your brain. Never once does Wendigo relent to give you any time at all to catch your breath and take a break from the all out punishing assault that they dish out from track to track. Once one track ends the next begins providing you with a hellish listen charged with the utmost disregard for life and the purest of malevolence.

With Hymnes D’Outre Tombe, Wendigo bring to you over twenty minutes of solid, well executed cyclonic black metal that you are surely not to forget. Even though Wendigo hasn’t been the most active of bands over the past decade, this offering show cases why they are a powerful blackened force to be reckoned with. There is nothing on this release but uncompromising black metal that is oh so devilishly crafted to infect your mind and poison your soul, and really what more could you ask for?



Ancst: Ghosts of the Timeless Void

February 21, 2018


With a surge from the very beginning of destructive blackened hardcore, Ancst never looks back as they press on bashing your brain and twisting your neck from track one to eleven. The convergence of black metal and hardcore throughout Ghosts of the Timeless Void creates an overall sound that is abrasive, sharp and incredibly unrelenting. With their politically charged lyrics that add even more fuel to the already intensely burning fire, Ancst provide you with an angry, ever ceaseless sound that has a great knack for burrowing itself deep inside of your skin so that you are sure to not forget.

Ghosts of the Timeless Void is an ever charging furious record that is spearheaded by hyper speed blast beats that are only to be complimented by venomous, sharp riffs. Supplementing the frenzied sound even further and fleshing themselves out through the wall of mayhem filled blackened noise are the vocal chord straining vocals that are ever present and appropriately intense. Each instrument-including the vocals-come together in dissonant harmony to create an overall sound that is undeniably heavy and unforgettable. Each track is tightly woven together providing you with a seamless and cohesive spine twisting and unholy face melting offering that you have no problems wanting to listen to again.

With great cyclonic energy, Ancst properly tears through your speakers to gift you with a terrorizing force of blackened hardcore malevolence. While this offering can be destructive it has its moments of melodic clarity as well. Ghosts of the Timeless Void is a varied record that gives you plenty of looks and plenty of different sounds throughout its run time. Never once does Ancst repeat what they have already played as each track is as unique as the ones that stormed through your gnarled ear drums before it.

With Ghosts of the Timeless Void, Ancst creates something that stands apart from the crowd. This eleven track offering is something to behold and something that you will surely spend hours listening to. This is a well put together record with eleven really solid and well done tracks that are all undeniably great to listen to.

Ghosts of the Timeless Void will be released March 2, 2018

Gnaw Their Tongues: Genocidal Majesty

February 11, 2018

genocidal majesty.jpg

Eternally descending in to mind eating madness, ever contorting and forever blurring lines between sanity and insanity is Gnaw Their Tongues’ newest oppressive force Genocidal Majesty. This nine track offering is the stuff of eternal nightmares in musical form. As brutal and degrading as this release is, it is just as compelling, gripping and memorable in its own right. This experimental project that not so crudely sews black metal and perhaps some elements of sludge and doom in to the mix-among many other elements-to create and all together cohesive and wonderfully terrifying sound. Genocidal Majesty grips you right from the beginning, and through out the release you find it hard to pull away from your speakers. This is the type of record that grabs your attention immediately and violently only to pull you in to the dark depths of dementia and hysteria along with it.

The amalgamation of numerous musical influences would very well seem to create nothing but a muddled mess, but you will find within this record that that is not the case. Each element plays its own part in this mind warping musical venture to create a sound that is all together cohesive and brain numbing. From the first track on you become pelted with violent and incredibly filthy noise that rings through your ears only to infect your mind driving you deeper and deeper in to a state of quickening madness. Genocidal Majesty is an ever shifting, ever darkening record that very quickly thrusts you in to the throes of insanity with a massively oppressive force, never to let you escape the utter mania until that final gnarled note crosses through your speakers.

There have not been too many records-that I am aware of at least-that make you feel as though you are actually losing your mind. With the ever present life draining noise that is coupled with the constant howling, haunting and demonic vocals that appear and disappear like apparitions, you feel as though your mind is breaking. In every track it is the vocals that make it seem as though there are voices inside of your head calling out to you only to continue rattling around in your mind constantly reminding you that you are going insane. The way in which Gnaw Their Tongues grasps you by the throat never to let you go and then drive you mad within its run time is something spectacular.

Genocidal Majesty is wonderfully grim and twisted, and from the very first note on you become hooked. This sonic wall of mind deteriorating madness is something to behold and definitely not something to pass up. Genocidal Majesty is something unique, potent, damning and incredibly intoxicating. This is certainly one hell of an album that is hard to forget and hard to stop listening to.

Genocidal Majesty was released February 9, 2018  through Consouling Sounds.

Watch the official video for the title track Genocidal Majesty below!

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Gnaw Their Tongues Bandcamp

Azziard: Vésanie

February 10, 2018

Rearing their ugly head only to bear down upon you to unleash blackened venomous fury are French blasphemers Azziard. Vesanie, originally released in 2014 contains eight killer tracks that are riddled with chaos and blasphemy. Through this offering you come face to face with blood boiling blackened death metal that rips and tears through you nearly from the get go. Each of the eight tracks that are present on this release are unrelenting and ceaseless in their all out assault. There are very few moments within Vesanie that grant you any moment of reprieve as Azziard blasts away, sanding down your skull to near dust over the passing minutes.

Vesanie screams out of your speakers as soon as you press play catching you off guard, snapping your head and neck back as soon as the first note reaches your ears. Azziard reign down a savage assault through all eight tracks never to relent and never to let you escape their cold calculated grasp. Each track is incredibly potent and incredibly ferocious creating a tempest of malice and blackened malevolence. Vesanie is a destructive and excitingly explosive record that torches earth and threatens the life of the listener with its volatile and sharp overall sound.

Once you begin listening, pure hell fire soaked malice pours through your speakers cloaking you in misery and death. Through and through, Azziard rolls out eight songs that are steeped in degrading death and pestilence that pull you further and further in to a never ending darkness. Each potent track hits you quickly and relentlessly as they tear at your gnarled ear drums. Vesanie rips and gnashes at you only to back off once the entire sonic assault has come to a violent end. You aren’t gifted with any breaks here as Azziard rolls on from track to track with murderous and blood lusting intent.

Vesanie is an incredibly rabid and malicious record that is filled with tightly knit blackened death metal for your morbid enjoyment. Overall, Vesanie is a very entertaining release that works its way underneath your skin making you want to listen to this hellish release over again.

Dark Archive: Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon

February 9, 2018

Kansikuva EP Cultivate our blood on Aeon.jpg

Rising up from Lucifer’s den and clawing their way out of the abyss below to provide you with nothing but blackened misery is Dark Archive. These blasphemers have been around since 2016, and since their blackened inception have released an EP in 2016 titled Abandon All Hope, only to follow that up with two more releases titled Closure of Empyrean Delirium and Godfear Eradication respectively. Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is the culmination of both Closure of Empyrean Delirium and Godfear Eradication ultimately providing you with five total tracks of black metal destruction and malevolence. For five straight tracks you become acquainted with a blistering, hellish and hell fire soaked sound that rips and tears at your flesh until you are nothing more than bone.

Dark Archive lure you in to their brand of tempestuous black metal with a brief intro that ultimately leads you in to pure destruction and carnage. Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is a savage and unrelenting release that charges at you horns first trying only to impale, maim and expunge you from this earth. From the very get go, Dark Archive is unapologetic in their approach as they riddle each track with tightly knit, razor sharp riffs that are supplemented by blasting drumming that picks away at your sanity for the entirety of the release. You never really have a moment to catch your breath or prepare yourself for the coming aural assault as Dark Archive swiftly move from track to track ladling visceral punishment upon you.

Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is a turbulent release that never really gives you a moment of reprieve. Even in tracks such as Closure of Empyrean Delirium where they fade the track out with a more serene sound and with Godfear Eradication where they lull you in to a sense of safety; those moments never last all too long before Dark Archive rain scalding, ferocious and venomous black metal down from the sky draining you of your life. Each track is a monster all its own, gifting you with nothing but malevolent and satanic tunes for you to relinquish your soul to.

This release from Dark Archive is well strung together and well performed creating an overall sound that is clean and incredibly flesh peeling. Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon is a destructive force, one that is unrelenting and unforgiving. Ultimately, this is a great listen as it provides you with plenty of gnarled tunes to crank your neck to all while making you want more and more blasphemous tracks leading to you pressing play over again.

Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon was released through Inverse Records January 31, 2018.

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Check out the official videos for Cultivate Our Blood in Aeon and Varpunen Jouluaamuna below!


Goatkraft: Angel Slaughter

February 5, 2018


Emerging from the murky light defeating depths of hell is Goatkraft and dragging up from the bowels of hell with them is their newest appropriately named offering Angel Slaughter. This writhing bestial slaughtering offers up six brand new tracks of nothing but blistering, soul sucking blackened metal for your misery. Right after a brief intro, Goatkraft jumps straight in to their brand of hellish blackened molten metal without so much as a warning. Once Goatkraft really kicks in to gear after the intro, your head snaps back and your teeth get pushed down your throat before you know it. Angel Slaughter is a malicious and malevolent release that has a complete disregard for life and does its best to extinguish yours before the final gnarled note sounds through your speakers.

Throughout this release, Goatkraft rolls on delivering punishing, visceral, gnarled and incredibly blasphemous tunes one right after another. Each track is menacing and filled with enough venom to put you to rest permanently. Save for the intro, the five tracks that follow it writhe like a witch that is being burned at the stake. These incredibly volatile and offensive tracks assault you from all sides never ceasing as they barbarically bludgeon and bloody you until you are no more than pulp. As a whole, Angel Slaughter is a sonic assault of tremendous proportions. With only nineteen minutes to its name, this offering is a hell razing and earth scorching effort that leaves no life intact.

Through Angel Slaughter, Goatkraft provides you with a cacophony of sickness and utter heresy. This is an abrasive, unrelenting and unapologetic release that aims for your throat from the very first few seconds on. Even as vicious and grave desecrating as this piece is and as much as it grinds down on your skull, you feel the need to hit play again and again. This blackened blitzkrieg is just that, an all out aural assault that hits you hard and hits you often leaving your head split and spinning. Once you press play there is no escape from the bloodied tempest that is Angel Slaughter as you become trapped in their cyclone of pure terror.

Angel Slaughter is an ever twisting and ever malicious record that savagely beats comes after your life once your finger lifts off of the play button. This is a solid release all around providing you with nothing but blasphemous tunes to twist your neck to. The six tracks on this release are all just as good as the others making it to be a well done and entertaining listen that you keep coming back to.

Angel Slaughter will be released March 9, 2018 through Iron Bonehead.

Take a listen to the title track below!

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Iron Bonehead Bandcamp

VoidCeremony: Foul Origins of Humanity

January 31, 2018

voidceremony - foul cover haulix.jpg

Ever twisting and contorting like a serpent squeezing the life out of its prey is VoidCeremony with their upcoming offering Foul Origins of Humanity. This three track release is a foul and degrading beast of nothing but poisonous rabid blackened death metal. Through this three track offering, VoidCeremony present you with technical, ever shifting serpentine blackened death metal that dizzies your mind and befouls your soul. With three sprawling tracks of malice and malevolence, VoidCeremony take you through winding passageways of pure darkness that shroud you in utter darkness and chaos.

VoidCeremony begin their new aural assault with Through the Woe of Dismal Pandemonium, which is a roaring four minute track that sets the pace and the tone for what is left to come. From this track you come face to face with diabolical, technical riffs that peel your flesh from bone as well as hellish blood thirsty vocals that seem to be howled out through the void. From Through the Woe of Dismal Pandemonium on through to the next two tracks you hear more of VoidCeremony’s expansive, chaotic blackened mayhem.

Through the Woe of Dismal Pandemonium rolls straight in to Epoch_Noxious Primal Birth which is another ripping soul demoralizing track that snaps your head clean back from the drop of the first note. Much like the first track, Epoch_Noxious Primal Birth provides you with nothing but ripping malevolence as it eats away at your soul leaving you feeling defeated. Through the first two tracks, VoidCeremony creates a head spinning hurricane of blistering miasma. Never once does VoidCeremony give you a break as they keep on shoveling cold, mold infested dirt over your damp and dark coffin.

The third and final-and longest-track of Foul Origins of Humanity immediately follows Epoch_Noxious Primal Birth never providing you with a breather before yet another storm of blackened death fury reigns down upon you. This final track-Time Sorceries-picks up right where Epoch left off, gifting you with even more soul devouring metal to consume. This track is an expansive one, taking your mind through dark corridors leading you to nothing but death and despair. Unlike the other two tracks that came before it, Time Sorceries is purely an instrumental track that bends your mind and takes you on plenty of twists and turns before it finally concludes. This final track is just as sinister and brain bashing as the other two and is a great way to conclude what is an overall great listen.

Foul Origins of Humanity is a solid release through and through providing you with three excellent tracks that are sure to buzz around in your head. This release is dark, grim, serpentine, venomous, technical and of course down right heavy. Let VoidCeremony take your mind through darkened passages devoid of light with Foul Origins of Humanity.

Foul Origins of Humanity will be released through Blood Harvest February 16, 2018

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