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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Funeral Art: Cuivië

April 23, 2018

In mystical ambiance and magical majesty, Funeral Art offer up seven enchanting reveries within Cuivië. As they have done many times before, Funeral Art bring you a very atmospheric, ambient and overall dark sound that ultimately consumes you. From beginning to end, Funeral Art does a great job of captivating and mystifying, keeping you listening and enthralled. Combining the likes of funeral doom, ambient black metal and with additions from synths, keyboards and piano work, the overall sound is full and cohesive.

The atmospheric components within Cuivië are vast and grim as they greet you at every twist and turn, reminding you that you are fully submerged in never ending darkness. Synths, keyboards and piano play dance devilishly through each track granting you with an engaging and emotional atmosphere that is hard to deny or shy away from. The ambient sound through Cuivië is a featured fixture through each of the seven tracks that make their spectral appearance, giving off a haunting and overall chilling sound as it encompasses you.

More than the vast amounts of ambiance and atmosphere, Funeral Art sew a gritty style of black metal together with sinister doom passages with ease. Never does one genre take precedence over another as they work wickedly hand in hand to provide you with an overall devilish and sinister sound. Each of the seven tracks within this offering are very well put together and performed very well, offering up solid well executed track after track. Other than the great musicianship and the wonderfully emotional and dark atmosphere, the vocals themselves take up a lot of the spot light. Piercing howls are accompanied by wonderful operatic like cleans and when they appear together you are treated to a vicious yet wondrous vocal performance.

From front to back, Cuivië is a great release. The musicianship is spot on, the vocals as mentioned are great, and the atmosphere is wonderfully devilish. This is a well put together, engaging, theatrical and atmospheric record that shouldn’t be looked over.

You can find Cuivië on the Funeral Art Bandcamp

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Corpsehammer: Perversion

April 16, 2018

perversion cover.jpeg

Steeped in cold crimson and complete mayhem, Corpsehammer usher forth Perversion, the third and final EP in a trilogy as it follows Sacrilegio and Posesion respectively. Within this final act you are to find four new tracks of face melting and flesh ripping madness that deal with darkness and the devil among other nefarious things providing you with an overall bombastic and sadistic offering.  This chaos fueled aural assault steps on your throat from the very beginning only to press harder and harder until you lay lifeless. Save for the outro, you are greeted with three punishing and unrelenting tracks in all of their blackened malevolence.

With reckless abandon Corpsehammer pours their sinister brand of metal through your speakers in heaps scorching you with hell fire. Razor sharp and sadistic riffs tear through your skin as the ever blasting drumming caves your chest in with ease. Ripping through the malevolent noise are howling dissonant vocals that appear to emerge from a never ending darkness. Through and through, Corpsehammer provides you with ripping and damning tunes that never let up as they only seem to aim to spill your blood. Upon pressing play you become under siege by a hoard of demonic noise that does a great job of keeping you under siege from beginning to end.

Perversion is undeniably vicious and blood thirsty. Once the first gnarled note creeps through your speakers you understand immediately that you are in for quite the wicked ride. Each track is well performed and well crafted to gift to you with a hellish and battering listen that keeps you coming back for more punishment. Immediately you get caught up in the demonic tempest that is Perversion and once everything is all said and done you keep reaching for that play button again and again.

This is a very solid release to round out the devilish trilogy that these heathens have put forth. With three ripping tracks dripping in demonic essence, Perversion is as entertaining as it is blood freezing.

Perversion is out now through Morbid Skull Records.

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Best of Bandcamp: Now Everything Fades: Suicide Theatre

April 15, 2018

Through Suicide Theatre, each track is cloaked in a vast amount of anguish, misery and pain, and all of that billows through your speakers slowly but surely only to entomb you in your own sorrows. Now Everything Fades plays an incredibly harrowing brand of depressive blackened doom metal that really presents an atmosphere that is devoid of hope, ultimately providing you with a grim and somber listen. Nowhere throughout this release can light be found as Now Everything Fades slowly drags you down in to a never ending abyss.

Each track creeps along presenting you with haunting and incredibly bleak sounds that put you in a complete depressive state. Suicide Theatre is very effective in shrouding you with an atmosphere that is comprised of utter misery and anguish. This release is oppressive, not so much because it is an aural assault, but because it weighs you down until your bones crumble with a bleak, thick and ever present life taking ambiance. With the majority of the tracks within this release hitting around the five and a half minute mark, it really gives Now Everything Fades enough time to effectively infect your mind with some incredibly sinister and depressive tones that you will have a hard time forgetting.

This certainly isn’t meant to make you feel comfortable or welcome as it is established early that your soul will be draining from the very beginning. Complete with anguished cries and weeping riffs, Now Everything Fades presents you with a tortured and entirely pained sound that will haunt you. As Suicide Theatre trudges along you become submerged in their ever harrowing and dream haunting sound only to suffocate under the incredibly oppressive melancholic atmospheric qualities. As depressive as this release is though, it does a great job of sucking you in and having you stay for its entirety.

Suicide Theatre is an emotionally punishing record as it pushes you further and further in to dementia and desperation. You can’t escape this listen without coming out of it feeling bogged down and empty. The wailing cries will keep you up at night as the objectively bleak atmosphere will push your sanity to the darkest recesses of your mind. This is an all around solid record as each track is well put together and performed to provide you with a harrowing and overall sinister sound that is hard to forget.

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Northwind Wolves: Dark… Cold… Grim…

April 15, 2018

dark cold grim.jpg

Hailing from my home state California, where the sun always shines, the wind is a nice calming warm and where the beaches are always packed, Northwind Wolves take it upon themselves to spread a bitter darkness and dreadful cold across the otherwise sunny land. With their sound firmly rooted within black metal of the north, Northwind Wolves offer up a chilling, atmospheric and melodious sound that is sure to captivate. Through their newest offering Dark… Cold… Grim…, these blackened magik wielders present you with nine tracks of mesmerizing and completely soul ripping black metal.

These hellhounds don’t waste too much time getting you acclimated to their bone chilling sound as they set off nearly immediately with their opener Dark Skies For Black Sorcery, never to relent from then on. Swiftly moving from track to track like a spectral spirit in the night, Northwind Wolves summon track after track of swirling blackened blasphemy. Each of the nine tracks that are present within this release are just as grim, frigid and punishing as the others. Northwind Wolves weave in wonderfully dark and mystic atmospheric qualities through each track coupling that with their otherwise harsh and razor sharp sound to provide you with a damning yet enchanting sound.

Each offering is a melodious and atmospheric venture through frost covered lands. Dark… Cold… Grim… is as punishing as it is memorable and enticing. Each of the nine tracks that appear through the permafrost dance wickedly and devilishly through your speakers, greeting you with haunting, dark and sinister sounds that you aren’t soon to forget. Dark… Cold… Grim… certainly is the appropriate title for this release as that is exactly the sound that Northwind Wolves provides you and then some. Each track is a sinister and devilish offering that gifts you with chilling atmospheres as well complete soul ripping black metal that you cannot escape from.

From the onset, Northwind Wolves does a great job of capturing your mind and taking it through a harsh and bitter cold sonic adventure through shadow and frost filled soundscapes. These California natives capture the black metal sound of the north, and while that particular sound certainly is tried and true, they make it work as they create a well rounded and very well put together sound. Overall, Dark… Cold… Grim… is a solid record, one that is sure to please the cursed ears of black metal fans all over.

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Our Place Of Worship Is Silence: With Inexorable Suffering

April 13, 2018

our place of worship.jpg

In an intense and abyssal offering titled With Inexorable Suffering, Our Place Of Worship Is Silence offers seven new tracks of dark and twisted death metal. This release is one that is as oppressive as it is dehumanizing as it seems to have a complete disregard to life all together. With Inexorable Suffering isn’t a record that is meant to make you feel comfortable as it makes your skin crawl and your blood boil from beginning to end. This offering is an acute and completely pummeling record that gets right in your face from the onset.

With Inexorable Offering is both punishing and atmospheric all at once, supplying you with a truly damning and soul tearing sound. Each track is an oppressive force to be reckoned with as you become buried under droves of malicious and rotting death. Never do you get peace of mind and never do you get a chance to rest as Our Place Of Worship Is Silence shovels out track after track of flesh masticating metal that tears you to shreds. This is a devilish and malevolent record that buries you under droves of terrifying and skin crawling death.

Not only does death metal appear in Our Place Of Worship Is Silence’s sound as smatterings of grind and black metal can be found as well. Both the grind and black metal influences are woven in to the death metal foundation seamlessly making the overall sound cohesive and natural. Never does one genre muddy the sound as each one works hand in hand to create an overall malevolent and hellish sound. Our Place Of Worship Is Silence has an overall sickening and monstrous sound that crushes you beneath its mighty weight.

From beginning to end With Inexorable Suffering is a top notch death metal record. The instrumentation is great, the vocal deliveries are excellent and the overall production caps everything off to provide you with a wonderfully dark, dehumanizing and ultimately bone crushing release. The sound is cohesive, wonderfully abyssal and completely neck snapping. With Inexorable Suffering is a complete aural assault as it gifts you with seven tracks of nothing but all around solid rotting death metal. In my opinion this is one of the most solid and memorable death metal releases so far this year.

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Uuntar: Voorvaderverering

April 6, 2018


Primitive and melancholic in sound, Uuntar strike at the heart with their new offering Voorvaderverering. Through six tracks Uuntar tell tales of warriors, their traditions now long gone as well as their values in which they fought for. This record is as mentioned melancholic when needed, yet bombastic and blasting when called for and incredibly melodic all throughout providing you with a diverse, cold and captivating listen. It is hard not to get sucked in to this blackened offering as you fall deeper and deeper in to the music the longer and the more that you listen. From the atmospheric intro track onward, Uuntar march forth providing you with blackened track after blackened track that ultimately captivate your mind as they weave tales of warriors and a time long since passed.

Voorvaderverering is a wonderfully crafted record that takes you through cold and fog filled soundscapes from which you don’t want to come back from. With this offering, Uuntar have created a record that is easy to fall in to and get lost in as one listen turns to many. Each of the six tracks that appear through the mist on this record-including the intro-are well done and well woven together creating an overall cohesive and comprehensive listen that you ultimately don’t want to pull away from. With its melodious and atmospheric nature, Voorvaderverering pulls you in from the first note on only to have it take you through the ancient times when these warriors walked the land and fought for their beloved traditions and values.

From the beginning of Voorvaderverering you get swept away and planted firmly within the tales in which Uuntar tell. With each track supplying ample run times, it gives Uuntar plenty of time to unravel their tales and transport you back in time. The atmospheric qualities that run through the veins of this record are melancholic and bitter cold yet incredibly inviting and captivating. Once you begin listening you don’t feel inclined what so ever to leave and come back later as you sit and want to see in which direction Uuntar steer you next.

Voorvaderverering is a wonderfully crafted and wonderfully executed record, one that is certainly difficult to get out of your mind once you have listened. Through and through, Voorvaderverering is a very well put together, highly memorable and addictive release that is hard to get enough of. It’s time to take up your ax and march forth in to battle with Uuntar!

Nigredo: Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced

March 30, 2018

flesh torn.jpg

Piercing through the Netherworld with unrivaled intensity and savagery, Nigredo offers up deliciously wicked and light devouring blackened malignancy. Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is the title of the new effort in which you will find track after track that is steeped in madness and bitter darkness. Right from the beginning Nigredo make you feel as uncomfortable as they possibly can as they barrel right out of your speakers and plummet straight in to mind bending and shattering darkness. Once the opener Ten Repellent Antiforces begins, so does the descent in to the abyss as Nigredo plummets further and further in to ever blackening and blistering darkness.

Ever light defeating and ever soul devouring, Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced rumbles on track to track suffocating you ever so relentlessly as each track rolls along. The eight hellish tracks charge forth with great demonic intensity never really giving you time to recover and take any more than half a breath. With the ending of one track, another immediately begins punishing and pummeling you until you are broken. Each track is a wonderfully crafted barrage of malevolent black metal that aims for your life and continues pressing until you become cold and lifeless.

Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is an unholy beast of a record. This twisting, ever blasting and sinister album is an unrelenting piece of soul shredding work. Through and through you will come to witness true blackened power in eight vile and oh so wonderfully crafted tunes. Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is a cold ever pressing record that will leave your neck perfectly snapped and your life undoubtedly drained. Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is an excellently crafted and perfectly executed record, one that you surely should not miss. For their debut full length, I don’t think it could get any better than this as Nigredo has hit the nail on the head.

This record steeped in demonic essence and turbo charged with pure malevolence is monolithic and something to certainly behold. The execution is perfect from the riffs to the vocals down to the production, this offering is one hell of a record. This perhaps could be one of the top black metal records this year.

Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced will be released April 15, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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