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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Fornace: Deep Melancholic Wrath

December 27, 2018

Fornace: Deep Melancholic Wrath

In one of the most expansive, enveloping and mesmerizing black metal releases this year, Fornace creates an incredibly wicked, forlorn, hypnotic and incredibly atmospheric sound that is hard to shake. Through their newest full length Deep Melancholic Wrath, you are greeted by six all encompassing tracks that drag you in to their icy and ever frigid soundscapes minute by minute. This is pure, raw black metal to the nth degree. No gimmicks are needed here, no fads, no fluff, nothing of the sort as Deep Melancholic Wrath is pure black metal through and through. Through six incredible tracks you are treated to one hell of a listen that grips you from beginning to end, never letting your attention waver as you slowly become enveloped in the ever blackened and iced over abyss that Fornace creates.

Each track within this offering are vast and lengthy labyrinths bone cutting and soul tearing blackened metal. Before you know it you become lost within this release as Fornace captures your mind and has it wander through each of their expansive tracks. Through each offering you are faced with unexpected turns and ever twisting, haunting and isolating melodies.

These are ever isolating tracks that thrust you in to the throes of despair and melancholy, forever freezing your soul and reaching in to the darkest recesses of your bitter mind. Each of the six tracks that are present here are cutting and wicked as they make you feel uncomfortable as you begin your disparaging descent in to loneliness and madness.

Deep Melancholic Wrath is a record that is injected with pure black metal savagery that is coupled with atmospheres that are riddled with hopelessness and forlorn feelings. Each offering is just as potent and unforgiving as the rest making the entire record something to behold. Among the pummeling and soul cleaving blackened assault is a frozen and immense atmosphere that wraps you up in a dismal and darkened fog never for you to find your way out.

This record is damn near perfect and one of the best black metal offerings the genre has to offer this year. Fornace has created something here that is truly incredible, without gimmick, without fads, this is purely about the music and purely black metal. Every aspect of this record is done perfectly to create an overall incredibly impressive record. I may not have done this record justice, but this is an offering that cannot be passed up and should not be over looked as Fornace has created something of a masterpiece here with Deep Melancholic Wrath.

Deep Melancholic Wrath is out now through Paragon Records.

Hiss From The Moat: The Harrier (Official Lyric Video)

December 23, 2018

Hiss From The Moat: The Harrier

To stoke the flames for their release, Hiss From The Moat has unleashed a lyric video for the title track. This track is wicked and incredibly savage. Without hesitation, Hiss From The Moat sets in with bone cracking blast beats that are coupled with scythe like riffs and monstrous growls. This follows through the entire offering making this to be an incredibly devilish and flesh tearing track. This is just a taste of what is left to come, and if this is any indication, The Harrier is going to be one hell of a record.

Check out the official lyric video below!

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Der Rote Milan: Moritat

December 17, 2018

Finding a striking balance between blasting sonic blasphemy, catchy melodious offerings, and serene calm, Der Rote Milan create an overall gripping sound. Before you know it you are completely captivated by Moritat and its six excellently crafted and executed tracks. Each of the six offerings that you will find here are unique and compelling, and as lengthy as the majority of the tracks here can be they never over stay their welcome or feel as though they are drawn out. Moritatas a whole has an innate ability to draw you in with its leathery hand never to let you leave until the last gnarled note has called through the blackened abyss.

Moritat is a very diverse and varied record as Der Rote Milan forever twist its tracks in to new and different directions with each passing minute. Never once will you hear the same thing as Der Rote Milan seamlessly transition between one unique sound after another and back again without so much as skipping a beat. One minute will be filled with blasphemous traditional black metal cynicism and the next you are being enveloped in an other worldly fog filled atmosphere. Sprinkled in to the mix are near serene and calm moments that break both the spell of the atmosphere and the otherwise punishing traditional black metal. Der Rote Milan sew each of these components and more together to create a mesmerizing and ever entrancing sound.

Among the great musicianship and the wonderfully dark ambiance and atmosphere is a story based off of the events of the Thirty Years’ War. Not only does Der Rote Milan capture your attention with their superb musicianship, but with their great story telling as they unfold stories from a period in time that was one of the most destructive periods in human history. Overall, with their potent blackened assault that is interspersed with a poisonous atmosphere and with their wicked lyrics depicting the violent atrocities of the Thirty Years’ War, these blasphemers unleash a truly wicked and venomous sonic assault.

Moritat is a excellently crafted offering, one that features six great tracks one right after another. This is a complete and cohesive record from beginning to end and with each passing minute you become more and more gripped and engrossed in this release. This is outstanding black metal and an outstanding record overall as Der Rote Milan provide you with a record that surely should not be passed over. This will surely stand as one of the better black metal releases to come out next year.

Moritat will be released February 1, 2019 through Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork.

Ardormort: S/T

December 10, 2018

Ardormort is a newer band with its inception coming about earlier this year and their debut EP Exist For Nothing… only coming about a few months ago. Fast forward to the present and this one man band has unleashed yet another offering that is self titled. Immediately you can tell the difference between the EP and this self titled release as the musicianship is tighter as is the song writing as a whole. Within the seven tracks that are presented within this release you are treated to a menagerie of genres as Ardormort sews black metal, doom, synth, atmospheric tendencies and much more together to create a unique and intriguing sound.

This murky release shape shifts constantly, ever providing you with diversity and variety, never for you to hear the same sound twice. Ardormort does a great job of mixing and matching genres creating an all together fluid and cohesive sound. Never once do other genres trip over each other as each one works together pretty seamlessly. With all of the genres that are within this release listed above, you may seem to think that the sound would be jumbled and chaotic, but it is quite the opposite. This self titled release is a fluid and comprehensive from beginning to end.

There is no denying that the overall sound is odd, that much you cannot fight, but all at the same time it is compelling and unique. More than just black metal and doom, the most interesting aspects of this release are the synth oddities and strange atmospheres that work in coalescence with the black metal and doom genes. The synth elements work well within this offering as it provides you with a dark undertone and atmosphere that is hard to ignore. 

With all of its oddities and with all of the genres that are worked in here, this self titled release is a nice step up from the debut EP. Everything comes together nicely here and nothing feels out of place as each element finds its right place among the blackened noise. 

Helgardh: Mallevs Maleficarvm

December 2, 2018

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A sickening sound brewed in the depths of caverns where tortured souls roam, Helgardh presents their upcoming offering Mallevs Maleficarvm. Through seven flesh tearing offerings, Helgardh tortures you with a sound that is the culmination of black metal with tinges of death. Through this release you come face to face with a truly monstrous and demonic sound that does its best to rip your soul from your being and expunge you from existence. Mallevs Maleficarvm is a stampede of destruction from beginning to end never to give you a breather as it buries you under piles of hopeless cadavers and unfortunate souls.

Mallevs Maleficarvm begins with an intro lasting a minute and a half before it bleeds out and in to the first full length offering that is just as brain blasting and gut bursting as you would imagine. Once the intro recedes in to darkness, Helgardh really shines as they roll from devastating track to devastating track, never to look back at the scorched earth and the piles of bodies strewn about. Each offering that is harbored within the title of this record is a savage and barbaric cut that aims to eviscerate drag you down to the bitter pits of the netherworld. This release is an obliterating tour de force, one that rampages forth from the first note onward, suffocating you under its sheer weight until you are left lifeless.

Through and through you are treated to devilish, malignant and malevolent offerings one right after another. Helgardh greets you with nothing but disease and death laden tracks that rip and tear through your flesh with ease, leaving you maimed and bloodied at the end of it all. From track to track, Helgardh pushes onward propelling forth detrimental blackened tracks that aim for the jugular wishing you nothing but death and demise. With as fluid and well written as this record is, you come under siege immediately until the final note has rang through the halls of the damned. Never are you given reprieve from the onslaught as each track rolls in to the next gifting you with a chaotic and marrow draining listen.

Mallevs Maleficarvm is a solid offering from these heathens. Each track is a technical piece of work that is just as bone splintering as you could want with an underlying devilish ambiance that works well with each track. The musicianship is on point, the vocals are bloody and forceful and the writing is top notch. There isn’t a weak track among the seven as each one works well with the others creating an overall cohesive and fluid sound that is hard to deny. Mallevs Maleficarvm is a hell of a record to kick the new year off and one that should not be passed up on.

NONE: Life Has Gone On Long Enough

November 26, 2018

NONE - Life has gone on long enough [Cover].jpg

Through eight tracks of soul crushing melancholy, NONE creates an ultimately devastating sound that wraps you up in dismal hymns. Life Has Gone On Long Enough is pure depressive black metal in its most raw and powerful form as it provides you with track after track of bone chilling black metal. From beginning to end you are subject to the cold and ever biting atmospheres that NONE provides only for them to wrap you up in a solemn fog to lay you to rest in the damp earth. Each track is a fluid offering as one weaves straight in to the next never giving you a rest from the overall oppressive and incredibly melancholic sounds that pour through your speakers.

Life Has Gone On Long Enough is a slow burning effort from beginning to end never picking the pace up beyond a slow crawl, forever twisting and torturing your mind with their crawling oppressive sound. Each track is lengthy as well with near all of them topping over seven minutes in length which really gives NONE plenty of time to draw you in to their dismal and heart wrenching sounds. Even though these sinister offerings are lengthy you never really feel as though they over stay their welcome as they pass by fluidly like reveries dancing in the shadows.

This release does a great job of drawing you in and keeping you listening throughout until the final ghastly note pours through your speakers. Life Has Gone On Long Enough is a compelling and gripping release from beginning to end that grips you with the cold and clammy hands of death never to release you until you have completely been submerged in depressive darkness. More than just the somber musicianship here, NONE provides you with wicked atmospherics all throughout that supplement each track and propel each offering further in to the forever growing darkness. With melancholic piano, cackling laughter and cries from the grave, NONE offer up some seriously sinister and submersing atmospheres that just cannot be taken lightly or shaken off.

Life Has Gone On Long Enough grips you tightly, forever pulling you deeper in to the grave from beginning to end. This raw and soul reaping record has everything it needs to create an overall excellent depressive black metal offering. The atmospherics are incredible and the dissonant musicianship plays perfectly in to the hands of the powerful ambiance to create a sound that is wholly menacing and hypnotic all the same. Each of the eight dirges of depression that are harbored within the cracked walls of Life Has Gone On Long Enough are really well constructed through and through gifting you with one hell of an intense and gripping listen.


Malleus: Night Raids

November 15, 2018

Coming off of a ripper of a release off of Blood Harvest Records titled Storm of Witchcraft, Malleus graces us with yet another cross burning and hellish offering in the form of an EP titled Night Raids. Within this EP you are sure to find two devilish tracks that fuse black metal with elements of thrash to create an unholy and flesh peeling sound that is not to be denied. Barely topping over seventeen minutes, the two tracks that are attached to the title are nothing short of blasphemous and malignant offerings that are sure to boil your blood and twist your spine.

Both tracks are addictive onslaughts of the blackest of metals, leaving you shredded and maimed at the end of it all. Each track is played at a wicked pace, only relenting when they cease only to have you reach for the play button once more for more sonic blasphemy. Malleus begin with the title track which leads you in with a haunting and foreboding intro complete with sounds of war and flesh being sliced and torn before really trudging deep in to the malevolent darkness with their ever blood boiling style of metal. Once the nightmarish atmospherics fade, scythe like riffs and ever blasting drumming tears through the air and your flesh. The title track is a gripping and ripping offering that never relents until the final note has called out from the caves of hell. Complete with screeching gravel filled vocals, the opening track presents you with an overall hellish and dehumanizing sound that aims to rip and tear at your soul all while letting your blood drain down to the bowels of the netherworld.

The second offering The Wretched plays much the same way. At first you are greeted with yet another slow burning haunting intro that buzzes in your ear while the high pitched sounds of cymbals echo through the halls of the damned before a wraith like doom centric riff begins. Once the opening riff fades and the atmospherics crawl back in to the ever growing darkness, Malleus displays their wretched blunt force assault once more. The Wretched is just as up tempo as the opener is as it provides you with even more cutting riffs and even more hellish screams from the abyss to gift you with yet another skin shredding and flesh peeling offering. If the first track didn’t already, the one that follows is sure to bleed you dry as it is just as relentless and raw.

Night Raids is a sinister and unholy offering that gifts you with two blackened offerings that are purely malevolent and wicked. Overall the musicianship is incredible, the vocals are on point and to wrap everything up the production is raw and gritty. Night Raids is an exceptional follow up to Storm of Witchcraft as you are treated to two more tracks of superb black metal.

Haiduk: Exomancer

October 12, 2018


Steeped in malevolence ever quickening darkness, one man band Haiduk returns this year with Exomancer. Joining the forces of malignant death and ever soul ripping blackened death metal, Haiduk creates a punishing and overall ripping sound that does its best to tear in to your flesh. With ten tracks to its name, Exomancer sports a short run time of only thirty minutes, but within those thirty minutes you are treated to cosmic horror and terror in a pure and straight forward sonic barrage. Each of the ten tracks that are present here are razor sharp and cutting as they provide you with scythe like riffs, ever blasting drumming, occasional demonic growls that appear from the abyss and an overall sinister atmosphere.

The never ending sonic assault begins immediately as Haiduk rips straight in to their opener, assaulting you from all sides with rapid fire drumming and technical and sharp riffs. The opening track Death Portent serves you up a nice dish of sonic malevolence, setting you up for what is left to come. If the opener was a flesh tearing blackened assault you can expect the remaining nine tracks to be as well, and that they are. Each track that follows settles in line with what Death Portent had to offer, and that is straight forward skull sanding blackened death that aims to contort your neck.

These tracks are wicked as they are summoned from darkness and brewed in ever soul lashing malevolence. Each of the ten tracks here that are summoned up from the depths are just as potent and venomous as you would wish as they provide you with nothing but blistering metal. However, as rib spreading as these tracks are they are just as atmospheric. Haiduk does a great job of incorporating a sinister underlying atmosphere within each track as well making each offering even  more fiendish and consuming.

Exomancer is an overall solid listen as you are provided with ten offerings that are as you would expect from a blackened death release. Each track is potent, venomous, steeped in a malicious atmosphere and as shredding as you would imagine. Through and through this is a well done release that will please the ears of black metal and death metal fans alike.

Exomancer will be released October 17, 2018.

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Ye Goat-Herd Gods: Ashes Shall Be Made of Them

October 10, 2018

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Classifying themselves as just metal might be appropriate since Ye Goat-Herd Gods doesn’t quite fit in one single genre or another, and that is what makes them unique, incredibly memorable, diverse and varied. Incorporating numerous genres in to their sound, Ye Goat-Herd Gods creates a sound that is potent and highly addictive as you find yourself coming back for more listens. As punishing and blackened as their tracks can be, they are just as melodic and memorable as they infect your mind like a disease never to leave. From beginning to end, Ye Goat-Herd Gods provides you with ten straight tracks of nothing but melodic, atmospheric and punishing metal that drives you deep in to a seemingly endless darkness.

These purveyors of death don’t wait around to grace you with their blackened metal as they immediately set in with Ribspreader. This sickening track provides you with everything that Ye Goat-Herd Gods has to offer. It is dark, melodic and as heavy as you could want it providing you with the perfect neck twisting opener to an album that will surely make you bruise your brain against your skull many times over. From this opening track you can immediately tell that Ye Goat-Herd Gods has built off of their sound from their debut Becoming Flesh, as they are even more tightly knit and proficient.

From Ribspreader onward, you are treated to nine more tracks that play much the same way. Each of the following tracks are cohesive atmospheric and melodic marches toward death that ultimately burrow themselves deep in your brain never to vacate. Each track on this offering is so well performed and so well crafted that you almost have no other choice but to listen over and over again. Ashes Shall Be Made of Them is a well put together record, one that has great fluidity throughout making you stay for the entirety of the record and then some. From beginning to end you are treated to nothing but top notch metal.

Ashes Shall Be Made of Them has just about everything you could want. It is packed with melody, atmosphere, great musicianship, powerful shredding vocals, solid production and overall well constructed intense tracks one right after another. This is a certain step up from their last effort as this is an overall well rounded offering that just cannot be denied. Fans of black metal, death metal or just metal in general will find something here for them as this is just purely ten tracks of outstanding metal.

Ashes Shall Be Made of Them will be released October 31, 2018.

Lifelost: Dialogues From Beyond

September 30, 2018

dialogues from beyond.jpg

Howling through the void to infect and contort your mind is Lifelost with their new record Dialogues From Beyond. This record is a gritty and intense offering packed all within only five tracks. Through its relatively short run time, Dialogues From Beyond drags you through dimensions yet unexplored and darkness yet to be traversed. From beginning to end you are greeted with sinister and harrowing atmospheres as well as pure blistering black metal that just cannot be denied. Each track is a soul cleaving effort that charges forth with great intensity and malevolence granting you with a truly terrifying and twisted listen.

Dialogues From Beyond is a gripping and spellbinding offering from beginning to end, and once all is said and done you come crawling back for more. Lifelost wastes no time to greet you with their mind altering sound as they set in immediately with their ripping opening track never to relent, forever dragging you further in to a cosmic darkness. This record grips you tightly never to release you as it drags your fragile psyche through darkened corridors yet unexplored. Each track is a juggernaut of blackened malevolence providing you with nothing but top notch, harrowing, suspenseful and life harvesting black metal.

Lifelost moves with great fluidity from track to track never granting you reprieve from the overall sonic onslaught. This darkened record is five complete tracks of frightening metal that gives you little rest, forever twisting your mind and ever plunging you deeper in to the recesses of the abyss. As short as this release is, it is still captivating and mesmerizing as it holds your attention for its entirety only to break the spell once the final track has concluded. Each of the five offerings that are harbored within this title are exceptional tracks as they are crafted perfectly and executed with great precision to present you with one hell of damning and entertaining listen.

The quality of Dialogues From Beyond is not to be denied as it is top notch all the way around. From the musicianship, to the otherworldly vocals to the sinister atmosphere and to the production, Dialogues From Beyond is a record to behold. This blackened masterpiece really is a monolith even with its short run time. It has you under its spell immediately and always has you coming back and begging for more. This is a masterfully crafted record, one that will more than likely stand near the  top of some of the best black metal releases this year.

Dialogues From Beyond will be released October 28, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Check out the official video for Malign Emanatio from the upcoming record below!

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