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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Infected Humans: Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

January 10, 2021

Infected Humans: Unexpected Traumatic Experiences

Emerging from rotting tombs and fetid remains from Ecuador’s own Infected Humans and in tow with them comes their debut full length record Unexpected Traumatic Experiences. Infected Humans plays a pretty straight forward yet brutalizing brand of brutal death metal, and throughout the eleven tracks that are present within this release that is exactly what you get. There is no barbarity or savagery spared here as Infected Humans cut right down to the bone nearly from the get go. Save for the intro, outro and some audio samples of certain serial killers, you have a true punishing and bulldozing offering from the drop of the first note.

With ever blasting drum work and riffs that splice your veins, Infected Humans aims to hollow you out before the final note rings through your speakers. Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is a blitzkrieg of brutal death metal, one that traps you in an entirely deadly listening experience only to leave you bloodied once all is said and done. Forever blasting and pummeling, Infected Humans marches forth from one track to the next never really giving you a moment to soak in what you have heard previously. Each track suffocates you underneath a drove of blasting drum work and slicing riffs as well as inhuman vocals making each offering a true wall of barbaric sound.

Unexpected Traumatic Experiences does come equipped with eleven offerings and even so this release does conclude on the shorter side. With that said however, there is more than enough content packed within each track to keep you coming back for more. As straight forward as this release is the majority of the time, Infected Humans does inject some unexpected and unique twists to keep you guessing, to keep things interesting and to keep the release as a whole unique. Infected Humans has done a great job crafting and weaving each track together to provide you with an overall cohesive, interesting and down right brutal sound.

Overall, Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is a solid release. Through and through you are treated to quality brutal death metal that is as unrelenting as you would imagine and hope for it to be. If you are a fan of brutal death metal then Unexpected Traumatic Experiences is a record that you should keep your eyes open for.

Unexpected Traumatic Experiences will be unleashed January 15 through Gore House Productions.

Check out the track Killing Perservately Depressed below!

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Texas Murder Crew: Everyone’s Last Breath

July 10, 2020

Texas Murder Crew: Everyone’s Last Breath

Paving a path with violence, covered in blood and rotten viscera is Texas Murder Crew with their upcoming offering titled Everyone’s Last Breath. This six track release is packed with nothing but bludgeoning, brain spilling brutal death metal and nothing but. Unapologetic and unrelenting, Texas Murder Crew sets off from the drop of the first note to provide you with one sickening track after the next. Everyone’s Last Breath is short, but with its short run time it packs much more than just a punch as it treats you to paralyzing brutality from the intro all the way through to the outro. Mashing through eviscerated bodies and decapitated torsos, Texas Murder Crew stomps forth offering up a truly bloody and brain splattering sound.

Texas Murder Crew hits you right between the eyes and begins to lobotomize you from the drop of the first note onward never to relent until your brain has finally splattered on the ground. Each of the six tracks here including the intro and outro are as heavy and punishing as you would come to expect. As mentioned, there is nothing here other than that of pure torturous brutal death metal. Dished out in heavy handed doses, the brutality and onslaught just do not stop until the very last buzzing note splits your cranium in two. Nasty, twisted and down right savage, Texas Murder Crew hits you over the head and continues to bludgeon you until the final track.

Violence inciting and frenzy inducing, Everyone’s Last Breath leaves you in a state of pure blind savagery and murderous contempt. More than just violent and brutalizing, Everyone’s Last Breath is memorable as well in its own sickening frontal lobe infesting way. With riffs that splay your flesh combined with drum work that shatters your skull, bass play that leaks the marrow from your bones and the inhuman dual vocal work, Texas Murder Crew offers up a sound that is truly hard to forget. Tossed in to the mix are break downs that really make sure each track is stamped into your mind from some time to come. Truly embodying the definitions of heavy and brutalizing, Texas Murder Crew ladles out the punishment in doses that will make you collapse under their sheer weight.

Powerful, potent, punishing, brutalizing, terrorizing, heavy and many more descriptors can be used to define Everyone’s Last Breath, and all of the aforementioned adjectives are true and so is the statement that this release is just down right great. You cannot go wrong with Everyone’s Last Breath as it has everything here that you could possibly want from a brutal death metal record. The only gripe that I personally have is that six tracks is simply just not enough, and that is just being purely selfish. Other than that this release is fantastic and a must pick up for any brutal death metal fan.

Everyone’s Last Breath will be unleashed August 7th through Comatose Music.

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Devourment: Obscene Majesty

August 16, 2019

Devourment: Obscene Majesty

Devourment needs no introduction as these destroyers have been causing mayhem and leaving nothing but decapitated bodies in their wake for twenty-four years. With that said, it has been six years since Conceived In Sewage, and their six year absence has been felt until now. With the coming of Obscene Majesty the masters of brutal death are back and as powerful, potent and disgusting as ever. The six year wait for this monster has been worth it as you come face to face with ten truly eviscerating and mutilating offerings one right after the next. In true unrepentant form and fashion, Devourment leave everything on the table in order to curdle your blood and agonizingly lobotomize you. Life threatening, bone shattering, skull caving and gutting, Obscene Majesty marks the return of Devourment, true brutal death metal titans.

In their twenty-four year reign as one of the heaviest bands on the planet, Devourment’s goal remains clear, and that is to provide pure unyielding and unrelenting brutality and that is more than achieved here. Through ten tracks and forty-five minutes of insane butchery, Devourment provide you with the sonic form of grotesque maniacal slaughter. Obscene Majesty is a cacophony of terror and horror that aims to rip you fucking head from your shoulders leaving you as nothing more than a gruesome husk of your former self.

Hammering away at your sanity and chipping away at your skull to expose your rotting brain, Devourment never ceases. As the record continues to play you become buried under droves of pure death and disease only for you to become a part of the massive amount of stagnant bodies that have been collected. Through a wall of eviscerating riffs and drums that shatter your skull come vocals that are inhuman. Monstrous and ever menacing, each track pushes onward bulldozing over everyone and everything in their wake leaving nothing but strewn body parts and destruction. Before you know it you quickly become an unidentifiable mass of pulp and viscera.

Obscene Majesty is a precise and calculated masterclass of brutal death metal. With insane gutturals, a ceaseless onslaught of flesh peeling riffs and bone caving drumming, head smashing slams and much more, Devourment shows why they are at the pinnacle of heavy. This release is obliterating, dehumanizing and down right spine severing. You will find no bullshit here, only savagery, terror and metal heavy enough flatten you and everything else around you. After six long years the wait has been more than worth it as Devourment delivers something truly monstrous and all consuming here with Obscene Majesty.

Not much more needs to be said other than the fact that this release is truly something to behold. This is top notch brutal death metal butchery from the masters themselves, and you would be doing yourself a disservice not checking this out. Behold as the true destroyers have returned.

Obscene Majesty will be unleashed August 16 through Relapse Records.

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Dead Meat: Preachers of Gore

January 4, 2018

With their newest offering Preachers of Gore, Dead Meat bursts out of your speakers like bloated innards burst out of a corpse’s stomach. This brand new sickening offering is filled with eleven brand new tracks that are just as stated, sickening. Dead Meat begins Preachers of Gore with an intro that welcomes you with blood curdling cry after blood curdling cry for over a minute and a half before really getting in to the meat of the record. Once the horrifying intro is over you still can’t settle down since Dead Meat immediately blasts and picks their way through hoards of corpses once the second track begins. Preachers of Gore is one terrifying and blood letting track after another, and never once do these blood fiends take their knife away from your throat all throughout.

This is an incredibly bloodied and depraved offering from these gore hounds, and the more that you listen the more that you feel as though you are becoming buried under droves of fetid flesh and stagnant blood. Each track is just as sick and twisted as the others so don’t think for a moment that you will be getting a rest or a break from all of the depravity and the vomit inducing tunes. Each of the eleven tracks-including the intro-on this offering are sinister, vile, bloodied and covered in enough viscera and bile to last you a life time.

Preachers of Gore as a whole is a menacing and brutish record, one that stands over you beating you in the head with a rusted lead pipe until your brain oozes from your shattered skull. Once Dead Meat gets rolling they don’t stop grinding away at your already damaged cranium and already bruised and bleeding brain. Preachers of Gore is an unrelenting mass of flesh and dead skin and instead of being a bull in a china shop, this release is a serial killer in a morgue. Each track hacks, slashes and carves its way through you leaving you a bloodied mass of tangled innards for the vultures to find and pick at.

Once you enter a listen of Preachers of Gore there is no escape and there is no going back. The buzz saw riffs cut straight in to your chest as the blasting never relenting drums break your bones. The vocals that cut through the wall of poisonous depravity are a mixture of blood thirsty gutturals and blood curdling pig squeals that make your hair stand on end. The brutality displayed all throughout this release is savage and incredibly wicked. Preachers of Gore is a punishing, blood drinking and flesh worshiping record that gets right underneath your skin and bashes its way in to your brain.

Preachers of Gore is a solid brutal death metal record from front to back. Dead Meat sets the tone early on by providing you with a skin crawling intro that is complete with blood curdling cries, and really from then on the onslaught never lets up even for a brief moment. This grimy, gritty, morbid and gore filled release grates on your ears in the best way possible gifting to you one hell of an intense and punishing listen.

Check out the single Died With Open Eyes below!


Limbsplitter: Chloroform Cocktail

November 15, 2017


Limbsplitter has been around since 2011 having released a demo in 2013 and now four years later they release their first full length record titled Chloroform Cocktail. Limbsplitter of course revels in gore, the sick and the twisted as well as the nauseating, and with Chloroform Cocktail they bring all of that and more to the operating table. This release is shocking, disgusting and purely putrid and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Through eight tracks, Limbsplitter provides you with nothing but skull bursting and bowel boiling brutal death metal for you to revel in and snap your neck to.

After a brief monologue about a guy screwing a girl until she nearly dies, Limbsplitter gets right in to the thick of things as they blast away with machine gun drumming, slashing riffs and throat shredding vocals. The pace and the tone that they set with the first track holds up throughout the rest of the record. After the monologue at the beginning of the first track Bound for Defilement, Limbsplitter holds a brain bashing and sonic tempo for the rest of the record never letting up for even a minute. Chloroform Cocktail is a suffocating release that hardly gives you any time at all to catch your breath as they move from one track to the next providing you with entrail ripping tunes after entrail ripping tunes.

From the very beginning Limbsplitter mashes the pedal through the floor and the buzzsaw through your skull. They seem to take a nonsensical approach to their music as they come at you knives branded paired with plenty of acid to dissolve anyone they need to. Chloroform Cocktail is an emulsifying and brain mashing listen, one that hits you hard and repeatedly hits you with a lead pipe until you are no more. Each track is an oppressive and ghastly listen that bulldozes straight through you leaving you to the vermin.

The musicianship on this release is tight and technical and the vocals are spot on as they rip and tear at your ear drums just as much as the blasting drums and ripping riffs do. With the combination of some elements of grind and certain elements of thrash, you are gifted with one chaotic and life threatening listen that you will not soon forget. Chloroform Cocktail is an unrelenting, gruesome and flesh gnashing release that grabs your attention immediately and keeps it all throughout this hellacious record. There doesn’t seem to be a way to listen to this record and come out of it in one piece as Limbsplitter hack away at your flesh and chip away at your bones from beginning to end.

This is an intense listen to say the least, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. From front to back you are provided with some delicious death metal to crank your neck to and piss your neighbors off with. Chloroform Cocktail is an all around solid and well constructed record that is sure to get right under your skin and imprint itself in your mind for quite some time.



Gutslit: Amputheater

November 14, 2017



It has been a solid four years since Gutslit’s last release Skewered in the Sewer and now these twisted bastards offer up a brand new slab of bone crushing death metal titled Amputheatre. Amputheatre is a complete step up from Skewered in the Sewer as Gutslit have honed their craft all together to create something even more cohesive, well constructed and completely brain bashing. This new record is a blistering assault from front to back never giving you enough time to take a breath and accept your untimely death. Gutslit move from track to track never losing momentum as they do so. Each track is just as savage and ear drum shredding as the ones that came before it and before you know it your brain is boiling and your bones have been reduced to dust.

After the brief intro Amputheatre, Gutslit mashes the proverbial pedal through the floor as they play neck breaking track after neck breaking track never stopping as your cries of mercy fall on their deaf ears. Each of the eight tracks that come after the intro are technical and bludgeoning slabs of rotten death metal that aim to make you a part of Gutslit’s ever growing horde of cadavers. Gutslit seem to have left everything on the table with this new record as they don’t pull punches or fill time with fillers and fluff as they only gift you with nothing but life threatening death metal.

Gutslit’s combination of both grind and brutal death metal makes for one frenzied and blood curdling listen. As technical and precise as these tracks are, they are just as chaotic. From the start of each song Gutslit will have you banging your head until your brain ends up leaking out of your ears. Each track is undeniable in technicality and brutality and before you know it your head is split wide open. Gutslit barrels through these tracks with no remorse and no second thought as to how much carnage they have spread. Once Gutslit takes off they don’t stop the terror as they roll effortlessly from track to track providing you with nothing short of a bombastic and thundering listen.

Amputheatre hits you so hard and so quick that it leaves you utterly exposed caught in right in the line of fire. With frenzied riffs that are paired with drums that act as a fully automatic assault riffle, you come under siege from the very first couple of minutes on. At the end of the listen Gutslit leaves you bloodied, bruised and incredibly helpless. Amputheatre is a twisting mass of death, carnage and destruction and at the end of the record you want to put yourself through it all over again. This is an addicting listen, one that is well worth the unholy punishment.

Amputheatre is a face shredding, skull grinding and emaciating release that leaves you in a state of complete despair. This is a demented and incredibly heavy record that you have a hard time tearing yourself away from. Amputheatre is a great follow up to “Skewered in the Sewer” as Gutslit shows how far they have progressed and how they really have honed their craft to create such a fiendish and blood boiling record. Overall, Amputheatre is one hell of a death metal record.

Check out the official videos for Brazen Bull and Brodequin below!

Devangelic: Phlegethon

November 13, 2017

Devangelic - Phlegethon 5x5 300dpi800.jpg

For not having been around for entirely too long, Devangelic has certainly made a name for themselves in the brutal death metal community and rightfully so. 2014 saw the coming of their acclaimed debut full length Resurrection Denied, and now three years later Devangelic graces us with yet another brutal death work of art. Phlegethon is the title of this new release and within this album you will find ten tracks of brutalizing, mutilating and purely unholy brutal death metal. Once you press play on this monstrous record the flood gates open and you are presented with nothing but unrelenting and unapologetic death metal that gnashes at your flesh and tears at your very existence.

Once Phlegethon begins it keeps on rolling spreading devastating and death for ten straight tracks. There is no filler or fluff within this record and never for a second does Devangelic let up as they keep their already caked in blood knife on your throat for the entirety of the listen. From track one to track ten you are gifted with pulverizing brutal death metal that aims to expunge you from the face of this earth no matter what. Phlegethon is a record that embodies pure savagery and blood lust and you may be lucky to escape with only a few limbs missing.

Devangelic takes what they did well on Resurrection Denied and make those elements even better on Phlegethon creating an even darker, even more twisted and insane listen. Phlegethon is also an intricate work of brutal death metal, and even with it being a more intricate work it doesn’t detract from the ultimate brutality that Devangelic is known for. Phlegethon is a slab of punishing and dehumanizing death metal that rumbles on from start to finish laying waste to everyone that dares come across it. Each track is sickening, twisted, dark and undeniably heavy gifting you with one hell of an entertaining listen.

Through and through Phlegethon impresses as it certainly is one of the better brutal death metal albums that has been released this year. This record is an undeniable slaughtering machine that wants nothing more than to shed blood and pile up the bodies. This release offers just about everything that a brutal death record should offer and then some. With Phlegethon, Devangelic has upped the ante providing you with something that is better than their last release as well as a release that is-as mentioned-one of the better brutal death metal releases this year.

Phlegethon is a cohesive barrage of destruction and death. Each track rolls nicely in to the next never really giving you time to catch your breath before the next onslaught comes barreling through your speakers. The only reprieve that you are allowed is when the seventh track Wretched Incantations appears, but even then it sets a dismal tone for the rest of the record. This release is a gore filled madhouse that you just can’t get enough of. Phlegethon is an addicting slab of brutal death that you just can’t seem to get out of your head once you have listened.

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