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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Horrific Demise: Excruciating Extermination

August 30, 2019

Horrific Demise: Excruciating Extermination

In true terror and sickening lobotomizing fashion, Horrific Demise ushers forth a nasty and gnarled brand of brutal death that is not to be ignored. Through their new titled Excruciating Extermination you come face to face with nine gruesome and impaling offerings one right after the next. Forever punishing and unrelenting, Horrific Demise roll from one track to the next providing you with a truly unforgiving and gutting offering that leaves you covered in viscera and your own flayed organs. There is no filler or fluff here as what you get is pure savagery and barbarity from beginning to end. This is a true brutal death assault that does not compromise as it ushers forth nine sickening tracks of unfiltered and dehumanizing filth.

Excruciating Extermination begins its terrifying assault with Born From Brutality, which lulls you in with a lead in filled with what sounds like Spanish guitars, until all hell unleashes just a mere thirty seconds in. After that nice little lead in, Horrific Demise assaults and buries the listener underneath droves of rot and fetid remains until you become one with the stagnant pile. Without so much as a bat of an eyelash, Horrific Demise torment, torture and mutilate you leaving you as nothing more than blood splatter and hacked up worm food. Excruciating Extermination is a sonic wall of punishment and spine severing brutality that never ceases its precise onslaught until the final bloodied note rings through your speakers.

This release is unraveled, insane butchery at its finest. Through and through this is top notch brutal death that supplies you with flesh tearing riffs and drum work that barrels straight through your skull only to desecrate your brain. Bloodied, and inhuman, guttural roars crop up through the sonic wall of skin blistering madness. All of this culminates in to an entirely savage and vein bursting sound that you simply cannot turn away from. Each track is as barbaric and dehumanizing as the last as they leave you to rot and become fetid food for the creatures that dwell beneath the soil.

Excruciating Extermination is brutal death metal done perfectly. This release is entirely engaging, entertaining and down right spine severing. Truly gruesome, vile and unbelievably heavy, this release is something to behold. It is entirely monstrous as it rips your skin from flesh and flesh from bone, severing you and lobotomizing you at every single second that ticks off of the run time. Through and through, Excruciating Extermination is a true monster of brutal death and will stand atop as one of the best brutal death metal records to be unleashed this year.

Excruciating Extermination will be released September 6 through Comatose Music.

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Ohio Slamboys: Zombie Killing Process

April 1, 2019

Ohio Slamboys: Zombie Killing Process

Enlightening the world of the process in which to kill zombies are the brutal death bulldozers the Ohio Slamboys. With their upcoming new eight track release titled Zombie Killing Process, Ohio Slamboys provide you with nothing but groove filled brutal death that takes you through the process of disposing of zombies. More than zombie disposal, Ohio Slamboys offer up gut churning tracks one right after another. With flesh tearing riffs that are paired with skull caving drumming and vocals that cannot possibly be human, each offering here is a bulldozer of pure brutal death and nothing but.

Ohio Slamboys waste little time getting you completely acclimated and acquainted to their sound as they set in with their innards chewing sound right from the get go. Save for the few intros before the barbarity hits, this release is a ceaseless assault as it barrels forth maiming and mutilating without slowing or blinking an eye. Each offering here is a savage and torturous affair that aims at the throat, ripping it from your neck. One track rolls right to the next, bleeding your veins and disposing of your corpse in a damp grave.

Zombie Killing Processsounds like a bloodied romp through hordes of diseased and stagnant flesh, and that’s a good thing. Each track here is viscera soaked and vile cut that are just as ceaseless as you would hope them to be. With little time to prepare yourself for the next wave of blistering onslaught, Ohio Slamboys suffocates you under droves of rotting flesh and stolen marrow. Each track is just as sickening and vile as the last making this release to be a bloodied and down right brain bruising entertaining listen.

This is a solid release through and through. Zombie Killing Process is a straight forward brutal death metal release. No reinvention of the wheel comes off of this record, but that isn’t what Ohio Slamboys were going for here. What they were going for here is a pulverizing and brain masticating record and sound, and they succeeded. This is a heavy skull bashing offering, one that makes you feel as though you have been battered with a lead pipe.

Zombie Killing Process will be unearthed May 25 through Pathologically Explicit Recordings.

Phrymerial: Xenomorphic Creation

February 22, 2019

Phrymerial: Xenomorphic Creation

In skin shredding technicality and spine snapping brutality, Phrymerial hailing from Spain unleashes their newest monstrosity Xenomorphic Creation. This eight track monster can be described as inhumane, brutal, flesh consuming and much more as each one of the eight offerings that are harbored within the sickening walls of this release are venomous and down right gruesome. From beginning to end, Phrymerial displays great technicality and great brutality to present you with something that is sure to smash your skull open to harvest what’s inside.

Nearly from the drop, Xenomorphic Creation is an overall aural assault in skull grinding proportions. With a two minute opener that is filled with crunching riffs and neck snapping break downs and unearthly vocals, you get a little taste of what is left to come from the remaining seven cuts. Once the opener fades in to darkness, the true meat of the record gets to shine as Phrymerial unleash one hellish offering one right after another. Aiming to gut, maim and brutalize, Phrymerial march forth with their overall destructive sound to offer up a sound that is anvil heavy and spine bending.

Each track features frenetic play that features razor sharp riffs, ever blasting drumming and disgustingly monstrous vocals, only for this band to cut to a break down that leaves you pile driven straight in to the crust of the earth. Through each track you are greeted with both furious and technical musicianship as well as slow yet anvil heavy break downs that do their best to eviscerate and desecrate. Phrymerial does a great job of balancing the two as they offer up a varied and highly technical sound throughout.

There isn’t a track within this release that is lacking in any capacity as each offering is just as solid as the last. There are no breaks in action, and even when the interlude smack in the middle of the record appears, even that doesn’t offer too much reprieve. From the very get go, Xenomorphic Creation is a ballistic and savage release, never relenting or slowing as it continues its flesh masticating march toward death and demise.

Xenomorphic Creation is a solid record through and through that provides you with a wicked amount of bone shattering metal that is sure to leave you a bloodied pulp. Each of the eight tracks here are vicious, filthy, technical, well put together onslaughts of pure destructive metal that is sure to scoop your brains from your skull.

Xenomorphic Creation is out now through Vomit Your Shirt and Miasma Records.

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Miasma Records Bandcamp

Homo Macabrus: S/T

January 1, 2019

Homo Macabrus: S/T

Featuring eight insane vocalists from around the globe, Homo Macabrus unleashed their debut full length just a couple of short months ago. In pure devilish and nihilistic fashion, Homo Macabrus unleashes eight bone gnashing and flesh tearing tracks. Sewing the likes of death metal, brutal death and hints of deathgrind together Homo Macabrus create a true Frankenstein’s monster of death. Never letting you truly settle in to the release, these flesh hoarders unleash track after unrelenting track of nothing but pure brutality.

Forever stomping onward from track to track, Homo Macabrus offer up pain and punishment in heaping doses. Each offering within this release is down right marrow draining and skull sanding as each one hits you with unrelenting brutality. Never letting up for even a second, Homo Macabrus suffocates you underneath the sheer macabre flesh ripping riffs and ever brain damaging blasting drumming. To top it all off, the eight vocalists that appear through each track provide you with incredibly inhuman and monstrous vocals to make each track just that much more blood curdling.

This self titled full length is a monster of a record as each track comes together to impale you the best they can. This offering is a ceaseless slaughtering, one that rips and tears the flesh from your bones from the very first second onward. There is no filler here to be seen as you are greeted by eight chaotic and nihilistic tracks from beginning to end. Never does the evisceration stop until the final viscera covered note rings through your bloodied ear drums.

Homo Macabrus mangles your corpse from beginning to end, hacking you up and throwing you in a shallow already bloodied grave. This is a menacing and truly brutalizing record through and through. Each of the eight vocalists here give each track their own flavor of venomous brutality making each track truly unique and different from the rest. Overall, this is an outstanding debut full length from these monsters.

Check out the official lyric video for Extinction of Mankind below!

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Kromorth: Geodesic Beast

December 15, 2018

Beginning their trek through the bloodied fields of death metal in 1999, Kromorth unleashed a demo just one year later, only to take somewhat of a hiatus several years later. Eventually Kromorth would fully reconvene in 2015 to take to the stage once again and begin writing their debut full length titled Geodesic Beast which saw the light of day this year. This debut full length from these brutal death monsters greets you with twelve brand new flesh ripping tracks, terrorizing you and letting your blood from your veins with each passing minute. This offering is a blistering and monstrous release, one that is riddled with death and disease as Kromorth takes no prisoners and tramples the weak through and through.

From beginning to end you are treated to no holds barred, straight forward brutal death metal. This thirty-one minute offering isn’t a reinvention of the genre as it is pure brutal death through and through, but it doesn’t need to break new ground. From track one to track twelve you are treated to face melting brutal death in its most pure and raw form. Each track is a blitzkrieg of tortuous noise that aims to scramble your brain and leave you bleeding out in a cold ditch. It doesn’t take Kromorth long to present you with their ever relentless sound as they nearly immediately jump to their ever terrorizing sonic assault. 

One track turns to the next without so much as a pause in between ultimately suffocating you under heaps of flesh tearing riffs and ever skull smashing drumming. Each of the twelve tracks here as as unrelenting and ceaseless as you could imagine as Kromorth shovels out track after track of dehumanizing noise. With a raw and potent sound, these corpse hoarders offer up a truly menacing and monstrous sound. Never once does this release let up to give you any time to breathe as each track is ushered forth with great urgency and blood lust.

Geodesic Beast is a wicked and malevolent offering, one that doesn’t stop the cutting until you are left lifeless. This twelve track full length is a pure bulldozer of raw blood letting power that quickly rattles off track after track. Most tracks do not top over the three minute mark making each cut a furious and demoralizing one. Overall, Geodesic Beast is a monster of a release, one that will surely please the ears of many death metal fans.

Check out the title track below!

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Kromorth Facebook

Iron Blood & Death Bandcamp

Desecravity: Anathema

December 11, 2018

Having begun their terrorizing venture in 2007, Desecravity have been pushing the boundaries of technical brutal death metal. With two full length releases under their belt and a third on the way by the name of Anathema, Desecravity show no signs of slowing down as this offering may be their most devastating and wicked to date. Anathema is an eight track onslaught from beginning to end as it gifts you with nothing but incredibly top notch technical brutal death for your blood draining and spine severing consumption. This record is a twisted mass of metal and flesh as Desecravity devastate and eviscerate leaving your lifeless carcass in a shallow grave at the end of it all.

During the brief intro Aeon and Ashes, Desecravity give you a little taste of what is yet to come. Once the intro fades away, Desecravity kick everything in to incredibly high gear presenting you with sickening technicality and gut bursting brutality throughout the remaining seven tracks. Through and through Anathema is a wicked and ever skull sanding release, one that is as relentless as you would wish it to be and as chaotic and mind melting as you would imagine. From the onset, Desecravity usher forth a brutalizing sonic onslaught that tears you limb from limb with each passing minute, leaving your veins bled dry at the sound of the final note.

The technicality that Desecravity displays within this record is nothing short of mind warping and impressive. Through each track you are treated to mind bending tempo changes, insane fret work and mind boggling drumming leaving you completely stupefied. Anathema does a great job of turning your brain to nothing more than mush as it shovels out insane track after track that warps and contorts your for eight straight wicked cuts. The musicianship within this release is impressive to say the least, and with unearthly throat shredding vocals to add to the mix, you are presented with an overall slaughtering sound.

Anathema is the sound of impending doom. This is a spine twisting offering, one that shovels out track after track of nothing but top tier technical brutal death metal. Desecravity have created something malevolent and violent here with Anathema as it is a relentless onslaught from beginning to end. This is an excellent release through and through and one hell of a way to nearly end the earth before the new year barely has a chance to get started.

Check out the official video for Impure Confrontation below!

Anathema will be released January 25, 2019 through Willowtip Records.

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Desecravity Facebook

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Meathook: Crypts, Coffins, Corpses

December 8, 2018

As soon as the ever buzzing and chugging riffs pummel straight through your speakers you realize that you are in for a wicked and disgusting ride. Shoveling out sickness and disease in droves is Meathook, and with their upcoming offering Crypts, Coffins, Corpses you can expect nine new tracks of gut ripping brutal death. From the onset Meathook offer up a powerful display of top notch brutal death never to cease their mindless slaughtering until the final blood soaked note rings through. 

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a straight forward bulldozer of death and mayhem, forever trampling over the deceased and stampeding over the eviscerated. Through nine tracks you are greeted by a truly vile and wicked sound that sticks straight to your ribs. Each slaughtering cut aims for the jugular with murderous intent only to back off when one track fades out, only for the next to be right at your throat once more. This is a purely guttural and gut churning display of straight forward brutal death that is just as relentless as you would imagine.

There are hardly any breaks in the skin flaying action as Meathook blasts from track to track suffocating you underneath their disgusting brand of barbaric metal. Sooner rather than later you become bombarded by ripping riffs that are backed by terrorizing drumming and incredibly unearthly growls that sound as though they themselves have festered in a forgotten crypt. Each deranged track is just that, deranged, festering and grotesque offerings of death and vile horror. 

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a twisted and demented offering that relentlessly attacks from beginning to end. This is true eviscerating brutal death in its most raw and pure form. Crypts, Coffins, Corpses offers up maniacal and mangling track after track providing you with something that is truly sickening and perverse. This cruel and depraved record aims to add you to the stacks of fetid corpses that it already has collected just making you another one of its twisted trophies. With that said, Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a hell of a brutal death record, one that packs more than enough devastation through nine solid bleeding raw cuts.

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses will be released January 1, 2019 through Unmatched Brutality Records.

Rotten Evisceration: Raped And Headless

July 19, 2018

Formed in Peru in 2006 as Profanator, these gore hounds changed their moniker over to Rotten Evisceration in 2009. Two years later the newly dubbed Rotten Evisceration released Raped and Headless, a four track effort filled with viscera, boils and bile. Raped and Headless is a disgusting offering from beginning to end as it showers you in nothing but stagnant blood, infested entrails and overall brutalizing and vile death metal. From track to track you become greeted by nothing but sickness and pure death as Rotten Evisceration rampages from track to track never giving a second thought or regard to human life.

Rotten Evisceration begin Raped and Headless on a torrid pace with Baptized In Semen. This track is the perfect sickening intro as to what you are going to hear throughout the rest of the release. This two minute track is perverse, sickening and skull blasting providing you with nothing but perverse and twisted death. The three remaining tracks that follow are much the same as they provide you with the same flesh cutting and vein draining sound. Each track within this release is a barbaric and savage offering that spew forth bile and blisters until you become entombed in vile viscera.

Raped and Headless is a straight up bleeding raw and pulverizing offering from beginning to end that supplies you with droves of disease ridden death metal for your perverse enjoyment. From track to track you encounter gutting riffs that are supplemented by pummeling drum work and bloodied vocals that roar through the halls of torn flesh. Each track is an in your face and unrelenting piece of work that is sure to twist your neck. With this release you get an entertaining listen and an overall good look in to what Rotten Evisceration has to offer. Raped and Headless is sure to please the gnarled ears of brutal death and death metal fans alike.

Burial Chamber: Ripping the Dead

January 25, 2018


Ripping through hordes of decaying putrescent flesh is Burial Chamber’s newest offering Ripping the Dead. This disease ridden monster of an album is filled with nine total tracks that are sure to sever your head and scoop your brains out. Each track is a barbaric onslaught that leave you bloodied and mangled. From beginning to end Burial Chamber pour their brand of brutal death metal on thick with dirge of suffering after dirge of suffering. These gore fiends don’t wait for you to get comfortable as they begin your torture nearly immediately pummeling you with flesh gnashing riffs and filthy bass lines.

Ripping the Dead is a truly monstrous and devastating offering from these Aussie sickos. With this being only their second album since their inception in 2007, this is an incredibly solid effort. Each track is just as pummeling and degrading as the last and never once does Burial Chamber let you off of the operating table. With precision and a monstrous tendency to pick you a part, shredding you limb from limb, Burial Chamber provides you with nothing but pure brutal death metal misery. With the passing of each bloodied track you become more and more aware that your time has come to an end.

As Burial Chamber passes through each track they dig further and further in to your skull exposing your rotted brain. These monsters and masters of death bear down upon you from the opening track on with buzz saw like riffs that are coupled with bone rattling bass lines and barreling blasting drums. Fleshing themselves out through the sonic bulldozer of putrid death are the unearthly and blood thirsty vocals. The instrumentation, vocals and production throughout this offering are all on point creating one deadly, malevolent and incredibly vicious listen. Ripping the Dead as a whole is a mutilating and deforming record that puts you in an early grave after you have been ripped to pieces and gutted mercilessly.

This is an unrelenting and inhumane record that treats you as though you are nothing but a pile of flesh and bone. Ripping the Dead is a solid record through and through and one hell of a brutal death metal record in general. Each track is well constructed and formed for the purpose of lobotomizing you and culling the weak. Overall, Ripping the Dead is an entertaining, highly volatile and neck snapping record that you can’t seem to get enough of.


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