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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Clawing: Labour

September 30, 2018

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Totaling near thirty minutes, Labour is a track that is separated in to parts by spoken word that spin a harrowing tale of drug addiction and that the only thing that brings this person in the story any happiness is digging a hole. Labour is consuming, enveloping, atmospheric, ambient, harrowing, melancholy, gripping and so many more descriptors that could not do the weight of the music justice. Clawing has a great ability to draw you in to their music, gripping you tightly and bringing you along for the tale that they weave. This track is broken down exceptionally giving plenty of time to tell the tale as well as completely encompass you in the dark and melancholic ambiance that they provide.

As Labour swells up from out of the darkness, it begins with ambient noises of dirt being dug accompanied by melancholic guitar tones that comes complete with one striking line, “will you put me out to pasture?”. From here on, Labour creeps along at a slow burning pace, ever filling you with darkness and ever encompassing you in bitter, cold and mind breaking atmospheres and ambiance. This ambiance is filled with hopelessness, devoid of all light and humanity. As Labour marches forth, it guides you down darkened corridors, ever pressing your mind back in to the shadows, ever needling at your emotions, making you feel unsettled and uneasy.

Labour brings everything down to earth, as it spins a tale that hits close to home not only for me, but for many others out there. The overall sound of this release is one that represents a lot of emotion that goes along with dealing with addiction. It is dark, twisted, grounded, melancholic and terrifying all in the same. Clawing has presented something here that evokes a lot of the emotions that their track is trying to portray. Every note can be felt and the ambiance hangs over you like a darkened cloud never to fade until the final note has receded back into obscurity.

This is a great release, one that is grounded in reality and one that can hit home for a lot of people. The music overall is great, the noise elements, the ambiance, everything about it is well done. Mix that in with a story that hits you like a ton of bricks, and one that really evokes emotions that you may not have wanted to touch on, you get a release that really draws you in. Overall, Labour is a very solid release, one that should be heard.

Labour will be released October 31, 2018.


Clawing: Spectral Estate

May 10, 2018

Spinning torturous tales of night terrors, child abuse, and a haunted house, Alabama’s own Clawing presents Spectral Estate. This drone/noise band tell harrowing story after harrowing story through their six track effort, putting you in a broken and darkened state of mind. As oppressive and dark as this release is, it is just as depressive and mind bending. These are not fun topics that Clawing spins stories about. Spectral Estate makes you feel unwelcome and unsettled right from the very beginning as it throws you in to horror after horror unapologetically so until you have sunken in to the darkest recesses of your mind never wanting to crawl back out to see the light of day.

Through each track you can hear a boy narrating portions of these tracks in unsettling and skin crawling fashion making each track just that much more sinister and twisted. More than that, you are treated to odd and distorted sounds that ebb and flow laying out a soundscape that is blisteringly dark and cold. Each track consumes you and throws you in to a never ending darkness from which you cannot see the light. Through each track you are presented with a toxic and venomous atmosphere that hangs over you like a noose waiting for your call.

Each track is foreboding and dread instilling making this out to be an uncomfortable listen. However, as uncomfortable as each track is, they are gripping and engaging in their own right as you continue to listen wondering where Clawing will take their twisted music next. Spectral Estate has a way of drawing you in to its darkness that unfurls with every nasty and blasphemous thought that you have until you no longer can see the end of said darkness.

Spectral Estate is one wonderfully crafted nightmare after another, presenting you with a harrowing and miasmal listen that will be reverberating through your skull for some time. This album’s gnarled sound gnashes at sanity and paints you grim and bleak soundscapes in which it walks you through until the final odd note plays through.

If you are in to drone or noise in general, Spectral Estate is certainly more than worth the listen. This release is gripping, dark, chilling, harrowing and well crafted making it to be a well rounded and overall solid release.

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