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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

ILSA: Corpse Fortress

February 20, 2018

Corpse Fortress.jpg

Flickering with black flames of madness, steeped in pure horror and terror and oozing malevolent sludge straight through your speakers in to your mind only to infect your sleepless nights with nightmares is ILSA with their newest offering Corpse Fortress. This hellish release marks ILSA’s fifth full length offering since their blackened inception in 2008.  Each of the nine tracks that appear on Corpse Fortress are a murky nightmare that are filled with plenty of filth and depravity that aim to degrade and drown your mind in nothing but sludge filled demonic malignancy.

From the opening track Hikikomori through to the closing track Drums of the Dark Gods, you become shrouded in death doom misery. Never once does ILSA let up in their murky assault as they roll right from one track to the next never giving you reprieve from their hellish offerings. Their buzzing murky style of death riddled doom metal rattles your spine and boils your blood through and through. Corpse Fortress is an oppressive force that is to be reckoned with as it drains the life from your eyes and buries you under droves of relentless venomous noise from the onset.

Corpse Fortress is an ugly, filthy and incredibly demoralizing sounding record that does its best to lay you to rest early on. ILSA keep Corpse Fortress as ugly and damning as they possibly can through nine tracks as they barrel forth with fuzzed out mammoth heavy riffs that are coupled with rabid almost banshee like screams and ever present hammering drums that really begin to take their toll after only a few minutes.

Corpse Fortress tests your sanity as it tries to break it down little by little with each passing second. Each track is a wicked offering that is steeped in madness and pure demonic essence that tests your mettle daring you to carry on listening through each mind bending track. With their cruel overall sound, ILSA beats and wears you down until you finally curl up in a hole. Corpse Fortress is an overall unforgiving and unrelenting record that assaults you from all sides from beginning to end leaving you looking like a defeated corpse.

You can’t deny that this is a disgustingly heavy release as ILSA pour their brand of molten sludge on thick from beginning to end creating an overall massive, oppressive and incredibly heavy sound. Corpse Fortress through and through is a good release that infects your mind and has you coming back to listen again and again to relive the sickening punishment that ILSA dishes out.

Corpse Fortress will be released March 2, 2018 through Relapse Records.

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ILSA Facebook

Relapse Records Bandcamp



Pestilent Reign: Pyres

February 18, 2018

Pestilent Reign album art.jpg

Appropriately and comically Pestilent Reign begin their new record with an Alex Jones clip that screams, “You people are cancer!…I’m not in a good mood now” before they really begin their blood letting. Pyres is eight tracks in total of dehumanizing and incredibly devastating technical death metal that drains the life from your eyes and tears the skin from your flesh. After the Alex Jones clip, Pestilent Reign jump straight in to their bone gnawing brand of death that is ceaseless and unrelenting. From front to back Pestilent Reign forces ever malevolent and malignant tune after tune upon you until you offer to bury yourself in a shallow damp grave.

Even as brutalizing and blood boiling as each track on this release is, each track is just as groove filled and technical which ultimately provides you with a melodic brain bashing torture. With plenty of ill intent, Pestilent Reign blasts through your speakers with an incredibly sharp and potent sound that threatens you within an inch of your life. Pyres is an unforgiving and incredibly brutal onslaught that does not give up on severing your head from your neck until the eighth and final song has had its say. Through and through, Pryes is a face smashing record that pours the deadly torment upon you early on and relentlessly until you are left looking like nothing other than a bloody pulp.

Pyres is menacing and monstrous and through eight tracks you are treated to a very thorough and brain bleeding beating. Other than the quick intro at the very beginning of this offering you are certainly not granted any solace or reprieve from the utter face shredding madness that Pestilent Reign offers up. From track to track you are greeted with technical flesh flaying riffing that is paired up with chest cracking drumming. Through the ever present onslaught come the bleeding guttural vocals that are enough to tear the throats of the fortunate listeners. All together, Pyres is a madhouse of death and despair that seems to seek out more cold cadavers for its seemingly ever growing fetid pile of offal.

This release is undeniably savage as it hammers you from all angles with nothing but true and pure death. Pyres is a technical, groove filled offering that is just as entertaining to listen to as it is terrorizing. For their debut full length, Pestilent Reign hit the nail right on the head as they gift you with nothing but great tune after tune making this to be one hell of an album.

Pyres will be released March 16, 2018 through Rising Nemesis Records and Rebirth The Metal Productions.

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Rising Nemesis Bandcamp

Rebirth The Metal Bandcamp

Pestilent Reign Facebook



The Faceless Hunter: The Shadows of The End

February 17, 2018

When listening to progressive metal you expect to be provided with vast soundscapes and wondrous atmospheres that capture your mind to have it wander through said soundscapes and within The Shadows of The End that is what you get and then some. The Faceless Hunter combine dark metal, death metal and progressive metal elements to create a melodic, atmospheric and heavy sound that is hard to forget. The Faceless Hunter kick their new record off with a track titled The Final Journey which opens with what seems to be a news report until it fades in to a serene sound that is provided by pianos and acoustic picking. From here on out through The Final Journey, The Faceless Hunter gifts you with heavy melodic riffing that is only to be coupled by atmospheric grandiose keyboards.

The Final Journey is a solid opening track as it sets the overall tone as well as what you can come to expect from the rest of the record. The seven tracks that come after The Final Journey follow in its footsteps as they provide you with a similar formula of tight, melodic riffing that is paired with solid drumming and ever enchanting keyboards that entertain and take your mind on a wild journey through the soundscapes that they provide. Each track on this release has their moments of onslaught as well as their moments of atmospheric enchantment providing you with a diverse, ever expanding listen that grabs your attention from the get go. The Faceless Hunter does a great job of balancing their death metal tendencies with their more progressive tendencies never permitting one genre over the other gifting you with an overall cohesive sound.

As this is The Faceless Hunter’s debut full length since forming in 2009, this is a very solid offering. Each track is just as memorable and mesmerizing as the others and even though this release is lengthy and each track sport relatively lengthy run times, The Shadows of The End never overstays its welcome. Each track keeps your attention and keeps you listening through and through. There isn’t a song on this offering that is lacking in any way as each one is solid and well strung together creating an overall great sounding album that is sure to get plenty of spins.

Overall, The Shadows of The End is a very solid debut outing from these Russian maniacs. This is a well put together and well executed offering that offers up plenty of diversity and plenty of twists and turns through each minute.

You can find this release on The Faceless Hunter’s Bandcamp

Grim Fate: Emerging From The Crypt

February 16, 2018

Grim Fate-cover.jpg

Grisly death steeped in reaping malevolent doom come bursting through your speakers like fetid entrails. For four dominant tracks you are presented with something foul and flesh rotting as Grim Fate truly emerges from their crypt. After forming in 2017, Grim Fate put out a demo that same year titled Decomposition, and now they are on the verge of unleashing their debut EP Emerging From The Crypt. As mentioned, these cadaver hoarders present four brand new tracks within their new EP that are bone cleaving and flesh peeling. Each track is potent and treats you as nothing more than just another body to be thrown in to the fire.

Emerging From The Crypt is a dark and ever malevolent release that ultimately aims to put you in to an early grave. Grim Fate open with Decomposition that brings you in to their bleak world of death with bells that toll signaling your final day. Once the bells stop ringing through your ears, Grim Fate pours on a doom filled dirge that slowly drags on and slowly but surely begins gutting you, preparing you for the rest of the venomous onslaught. Decomposition ultimately picks the pace up around the three minute mark providing you with nothing but scalding marrow draining death. The remaining three tracks follow much of the same formula as Grim Fate guts and quarters you with a combination of pure blood thirsty death metal and wraith like doom to gift you with an unsettling and blood letting sound.

This EP is foul, raw and flesh peeling all the way through. Never once does Grim Fate lay off on their all out brutalizing assault as one track bleeds in to the next never giving you enough time to prepare for the next wave of putrid death. From track to track, Grim Fate bury you underneath droves of dehumanizing death and at the end of it all you become just another corpse added to the growing pile. Emerging From The Crypt with only four tracks to its title is a monster. Once you press play you feel as though death is looming and that is in part due to the deadly life swallowing atmosphere that Grim Fate provides. The overall sound of this EP is that of a reaper culling the weak only to drag them below to a cold, ever darkening abyss.

Emerging From The Crypt is a great EP. The sound is rough, raw and unfiltered through each track and through each of the four tracks you come face to face with really solid doom riddled death metal. This is Grim Fate’s debut and with only four tracks they put forth a great rotted release that is surely able to please the ears of death heads. It will be fun to see where Grim Fate takes it from here as far as releases go, but for now we have this flesh rotting EP to bruise our brains to.

Emerging From The Crypt will be released March 26, 2018 through Chaos Records

Azziard: Vésanie

February 10, 2018

Rearing their ugly head only to bear down upon you to unleash blackened venomous fury are French blasphemers Azziard. Vesanie, originally released in 2014 contains eight killer tracks that are riddled with chaos and blasphemy. Through this offering you come face to face with blood boiling blackened death metal that rips and tears through you nearly from the get go. Each of the eight tracks that are present on this release are unrelenting and ceaseless in their all out assault. There are very few moments within Vesanie that grant you any moment of reprieve as Azziard blasts away, sanding down your skull to near dust over the passing minutes.

Vesanie screams out of your speakers as soon as you press play catching you off guard, snapping your head and neck back as soon as the first note reaches your ears. Azziard reign down a savage assault through all eight tracks never to relent and never to let you escape their cold calculated grasp. Each track is incredibly potent and incredibly ferocious creating a tempest of malice and blackened malevolence. Vesanie is a destructive and excitingly explosive record that torches earth and threatens the life of the listener with its volatile and sharp overall sound.

Once you begin listening, pure hell fire soaked malice pours through your speakers cloaking you in misery and death. Through and through, Azziard rolls out eight songs that are steeped in degrading death and pestilence that pull you further and further in to a never ending darkness. Each potent track hits you quickly and relentlessly as they tear at your gnarled ear drums. Vesanie rips and gnashes at you only to back off once the entire sonic assault has come to a violent end. You aren’t gifted with any breaks here as Azziard rolls on from track to track with murderous and blood lusting intent.

Vesanie is an incredibly rabid and malicious record that is filled with tightly knit blackened death metal for your morbid enjoyment. Overall, Vesanie is a very entertaining release that works its way underneath your skin making you want to listen to this hellish release over again.

Sotz’: Tzak’ Sotz’

February 6, 2018

Sotz_ - Tzak Sotz Artwork.jpg

Hailing from Portugal and reigning destruction and death upon you is Sotz’. These death merchants have been around for a decade, lurking in the shadows, peering around corners deciding when it would be best to unleash death upon you. Last year saw that time come as Sotz’ unleashed Tzak’ Sotz‘ near the end of last year. This offering is the first from Sotz’ and within this EP you are to find five face melting and whiplash inducing tracks that get your noggin banging before you know it. In all of their melodic and technical glory, Sotz’ present to you nothing but pure death metal. From the onset Sotz‘ buries you underneath an avalanche of tightly knit riffs and chest caving drumming only to be supplemented by rumbling bass lines and hellish banshee screams.

Through Tzak’ Sotz’, you are gifted with six well constructed tracks that are as melodic and memorable as they are shredding and life disregarding. Each track is just as punishing and as in your face as the others as Sotz’ does not relent until the entire EP has concluded. Sotz’ barrels through your speakers one track right after the next never really giving you enough time to prepare for the deadly metallic onslaught. These Portuguese monsters don’t mess around either as they push their boot upon your throat from the very first note on providing you with an unrelenting listen.

Each track flows well in to the next for the most part creating a cohesive and overall whole sound. Instead of having each track act as separate rumbling death machines, the entire EP acts as one whole rumbling skull piercing death machine. Tzak’ Sotz’ is a deadly and vicious release that hits you square in the jaw and repeatedly hits you until you are no longer standing. This venomous offering is biting, hellish, and cranium splitting as Sotz’ dishes out nothing but nasty death.

With five tracks that are heavy and ultimately memorable, Sotz’ hit the mark with their first release. This is a great EP as it provides you with plenty of deadly content through only five tracks, and each of the five tracks here are as good as the others. Overall, Tzak’ Sotz‘ is a solid release, one that will surely please the chewed up ears of death metal lovers.

Tzak’ Sotz’ was released through Raising Legends and can be found here

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Sotz’ Facebook

Cryptivore: Unseen Divinity

February 1, 2018

cryptivore cover.jpg

Regurgitating vile, sickening offerings through your speakers one healthy dosing of death grind after another is Cryptivore with their release Unseen Divinity. This unholy offering provides you with seven tracks of nothing but terrorizing and bludgeoning death grind that sheers your face off within minutes leaving you there to rot. Each of the seven tracks on this release are short and of course incredibly aggressive as they come at you in furious waves. Unseen Divinity is a twisted blood soaked listen that holds a blade to your tender throat right from the get go never to let you go until the waves of grinding debauchery have ceased.

From beginning to end, Unseen Divinity is an unrelenting metallic onslaught, and through seven tracks you become caught in the devastating cyclone of vicious metal. Each track is like a battering ram cracking your chest open little by little minute after passing minute. Cryptivore lays the hammer down early, quickly and often throughout this seven track offering. Never once do they let up giving you any sort of reprieve or breather as they reign scalding metal down upon you with malice.

Unseen Divinity comes at you with plenty of blood drenched riffs that pair nicely with the ever present and ever skull blasting drumming. Shoving their way to the forefront of all of the metallic grinding madness are vile guttural growls that seep through the walls of terrorizing death grind. “Unseen Divinity” is a chaotic, ceaseless record that bulldozes over you and any victim that stand in its way without any remorse.

With as brutalizing and face deforming as these seven tracks are, each of them are just as memorable and catchy as well. After listening you will have these tracks bouncing around in your skull for some time to come. Not only are they memorable, but they are addicting to listen to as well as they come at you in short bursts of murderous intent and once you are done listening you feel compelled to press play over again.

As mentioned above, Unseen Divinity is a memorable and catchy record just as much as it is a bludgeoning and flesh tearing one. Each of the seven tracks that are present on this release are as good as the others gifting you with a very solid and very heavy record overall.

The cassette version of this release will be unleashed February 16, 2018 through Blood Harvest.

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Pre-orders can be found here

Cryptivore Facebook

Cryptivore Bandcamp

Blood Harvest Official Website

Check out Unseen Divinity below!


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