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Deform/Mortuous: Lamenting Reflections

October 11, 2019

Deform/Mortuous: Lamenting Reflections

Hailing from New Jersey comes Deform and hailing from California come death dealers Mortuous and together they summon a three track EP titled Lamenting Reflections dedicated to former Deform vocalist/guitarist Tim Ninerell. Deform takes the first two tracks and Mortuous brings up the third and final track. Both bands play a brand of sickening and grisly old-school death metal that leaves you as nothing more than a bloodied pulp once all is said and done. Each of the offerings here from each band are just as vile and twisted as each other making this to be a true terrorizing and grave digging effort all within three short offerings.

Deform begins the split with the first two tracks, one of those being a near one minute intro that comes complete with near serene guitar work and a long clip of that of a crying child. Once the intro fades in to the ever quickening darkness, their second track takes over. Titled Behind The Mirrors, this cut is a true, gritty, bleeding raw and pummeling offering. Through near four and a half minutes you come face to face with flesh tearing riffs that are only to be aided by ever bone cracking drumming, spine rattling bass work and gritty, inhuman vocals. Behind The Mirrors is straight forward, twisting, flesh peeling brutality and nothing but. There is nothing here to cut the brutality as Deform storms through this track leaving you in pure twisted mayhem.

The third and final track to appear within this split is the track by Mortuous titled Funerealm. This five minute offering wastes no time as it explodes through your speakers immediately providing you with a true sonic assault. From beginning to end you become shredded by razor sharp, tearing riffs that are supplemented by tumultuous drum work and vocals that are as savage and bleeding raw as they can be. Funerealm is a quick, ever slicing and deadly track that offers up near five whole minutes of nothing but stellar death metal that is sure to leave your ear drums shredded and your scalp flayed. Funerealm is a pure onslaught of death metal that does not quit until the final gnarled note has pierced through your ear drums. This is a great track to end the split as it leaves you coming back for more and more death metal mayhem as you reach for the play button until it is worn out.

RIP Tim Ninerell

Lamenting Reflections will be unleashed October 31st. You can pre-order here and here.

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