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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Azath: Demo 2018

October 20, 2018

Destructive, violent and ever flesh mangling, Azath come storming out of hell’s gates with their first demo. This offering unleashes three ceaseless tracks of pure vein draining death. This is a barbaric release from beginning to end as Azath rolls from track to track with murderous and brutalizing intent, ripping your skin from flesh and flesh from bone with the passing of each minute. The overall sound that Azath gives off is raw and relentless as you are treated to a dissonant and ancient sound that was just built for bleeding you dry.

Azath wastes no time putting their blade to your throat as they burst through your speakers with their opening track never to relent until you are left as nothing but a bloodied mess. Each of the three tracks within this demo are terrorizing and shredding offerings of death that are coated in the most foul and stagnant of blood and entrails. With ever sharpened, ripping riffs that are coupled with blitzkrieg drumming, rumbling bass lines and unearthly blood curdling vocals, Azath treats you to a listen that is as deadly as they come. Each track rampages forth with the intent to slaughter, leaving nothing behind but a torso.

This demo is on the  shorter side as the two lengthier tracks just cross over three and a half minutes while the shorter just crosses a single minute. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that this is lacking in content as Azath blasts out three head severing tracks that are as lethal as you would imagine them to be. These offerings of vile death are just that. They are vile and relentless in their assault as they rip and tear in to you leaving your ear drums mutilated and your brain properly bruised.

This is just the start of things to come for these purveyors of death, and this is one wicked start.

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Caligari Records Bandcamp

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Blaze Infernal: Demo MMVIII

August 31, 2018

Hailing from Indonesia comes death metal new comers Blaze Infernal, and hauling up from the crypts with them is their three track demo. This demo begins with an intro appropriately titled The Beginning, which is riddled with heavy unsettling breathing for one and a half minutes before fading in to darkness to give way to the remaining two tracks. Once The Beginning fades, Gods Amongst Men begins kicking this demo in to high furious gear as it rampages forth at a torrid pace bringing you disease riddled death metal. This track is a lengthy one as it tops over seven minutes, and for these seven minutes Blaze Infernal balances the track very well. You aren’t treated to a complete skull blasting affair within all seven minutes, nor are you treated to mid tempo rumblings as Blaze Infernal balances the two tempos well to provide you with a well rounded and well crafted lengthy death metal track.

The third and final track to appear within this wretched beast is titled To The Void…(Godless is Truth). This over four minute track is more like the aforementioned death rampage. Filled with slashing riffs and ever bone cracking drumming with unearthly growls to fill the bloodied void, To The Void is a sinister and caustic track. This ripper is just that as it tears in to your skin, sinking its fangs in to your flesh letting you of your ever crimson blood. This track rears is ugly head baring its sharpened teeth awaiting your flesh. This is a fast head banger of an offering that gets your spine twisting in a hurry.

Both of the full tracks within this demo are malevolent and sinister, just one has a little more diversity and variety within it. As a whole, this is a solid demo as Blaze Infernal provides you with two solid death metal tracks one right after another. As short as this demo is on tracks alone, it more than makes up for in run time and content. This is a good start for these new death dealers.

Blood Rites: Demo 1

May 12, 2018

blood rites.jpg

Firmly rooting their sound amidst black metal of the late eighties, Blood Rites usher forth three dissonant, cavernous, blasphemous and hell torching tracks. There are no frills to be found here, nothing is to be over done or over produced as Blood Rites keep it ancient and foul within their first demo. These hellions bring forth a raw, unbridled and terrorizing sound from within the darkest reaches of hell. Each track is a ripping ode the the Dark Lord himself as they spew forth blackened hell fire and unmatched fury providing you with a wicked and down right venomous listen that will make your skin crawl and your sanity burn in the scorched pits of the damned.

Each of the three tracks lead in with an ominous and unsettling intro to set you up for the soul tearing that is about to crash down upon you. These intros never tend to last too long before Blood Rites kicks everything up to an adrenaline pumping pace that is enough to make your head spin. These are furious romps through the dark plains of hell as they hack and slash at you with hellish cutting riffs and battering drumming that break down the walls of your sanity. To follow the ever blistering and blackened sonic torment are savage and blood curdling vocals that spew forth enchantments of the wicked and damned. Blood Rites never lets up in their manic onslaught-save for the brief intros-as they pour out their bubbling mass of twisted satanic metal.

This demo is relentless and skull carving as it offers up three sickening and morbid tracks that consume you in blistering fire and fetid disease. Blood Rites in all of their sinister glory shift from track to track, presenting you with one ritualistic slaughtering track after another making this to be an oppressive, dark, incredibly grim and heavy listen. With the coming of each new track, Blood Rites plunges you further in to oblivion, tearing away at your soul and your flesh.

This is a strong demo for these heathens as they stampede three very excellent and very well crafted tracks through your speakers. This is pure black metal. No frills, no tricks, nothing but blackened metal glory.

This demo will be released June 9, 2018 through Caverna Abismal Records.

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Denim Casket: Demo

April 19, 2018

Not particularly abiding by genre rules, Denim Casket certainly don’t fit in to one genre or another. Pigeon holing these noise worshipers would only give you a headache. Driven by a double bass assault, Denim Casket offer up nasty murky noise that leaves your brain buzzing in your skull and your ear drums effectively shredded. Combining the likes of sludge, grind and punk among other genres, Denim Casket offers up a chaotic and terrifying sound that works its way under your skin whether you like it or not. The employment of the double bass assault leaves you with a jarring and bone rattling sound that is hard to shake.

Denim Casket opens their demo with a furious opener titled Reverse Egg which blasts and grinds for twenty seconds before fading in to obscurity only for the next equally jarring and grinding track Ham Is Hog Butt to take over. Much like Reverse Egg, Ham Is Hog Butt is a spastic and murky track that blasts your skull in to sand and asks questions later. The remaining four tracks deploy a similar sound although tracks such as Permanent Marker, Wrinkled Shirt and Vape Coffin trudge along low and slow only to sprinkle in elements of grind here and there to keep you on your toes. Each track employs both sludge and grind effectively, always transitioning between the two seamlessly to always provide you with variety.

Each of the six tracks within this demo are gnarled, vicious and nasty as they gnash away at your ear drums and your sanity. From beginning to end you become enveloped in a chaotic ever oppressive and buzzing sound that ultimately becomes your tomb. Never once does Denim Casket let up in their bludgeoning aural assault as they trudge right along from track to track greeting you at every turn with ever dread instilling noise. Each track punishes you with its sound that is devoid of any guitar only employing double basses, ever charging drumming and throat shredding screaming that rips through the enigmatic wall of noise.

My initial impression upon reading the name Denim Casket was that the overall sound was going to be that of thrash of some sort or some form of hard rock, but boy was I wrong. Denim Casket deploys a sound that is unique and bleedingly raw that takes you aback and effectively pummels you. As short as each of the six tracks are, they pack more than a harsh punch. This is heavy, oppressive, jarring and highly entertaining.

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Denim Casket Bandcamp

Denim Casket Facebook


Coffin Rot: S/T Demo

March 31, 2018

Image result for coffin rot band

Bursting through their caskets and soon after, your chest, Coffin Rot supply gritty, grime, gore and bile filled offerings that are wonderfully bloodied and rotten. There are four tracks to the self titled release from these Oregonian monsters that are riddled with disease and entrails soaked death that lacerate and mutilate from beginning to end. No frills, no filler, no unwanted anything can be found within this release as you get an unhealthy dose of nothing but putrid stagnant death. Coffin Rot certainly doesn’t wait around too long for you to get comfortable in your tomb as they barrel straight out of your speakers with the opener Incubation of Madness, and from then on you are at their malicious mercy.

From Incubation of Madness on you are greeted with the three remaining tracks that are just as putrid and corpse defiling. Each of the four tracks within this demo have an irresistibly rotten sound. From beginning to end each of the four tracks pour through your speakers like blood spilling over an operating table. The overall sound of this offering is that of the ancient as this demo sounds as though it has been festering for twenty plus years only to grace our gnarled and chewed up ear drums now.

Coffin Rot rip, gnash and shred through your flesh from beginning to end with an unrelenting onslaught of pure death. These gore filled tracks are just as addicting as they are entrails ripping as they lacerate your flesh and pulverize you in to an early grave. Each track is potent as they blast forth ceaselessly to provide you with an ever wicked and vile listen. These perverse offerings of death are very well done and very well executed as Coffin Rot supplies you with some very sinister yet memorable tunes to sever your head from your neck to.

After the drop of the first note Coffin Rot charge forth with malevolence and murderous intent never looking back at who they have claimed as their next victim. This entire demo is done very well as you are greeted with four excellent death metal tunes. This is a great step forth for these crypt dwellers as they have put forth a very solid demo here.

Links to follow:

Rotted Life Bandcamp

Long Con: Demo 2017

December 21, 2017

With their very first demo and from the drop of the first note, Long Con makes it known that their music is abrasive, caustic, skull bashing and more. These heathens don’t wait until you are comfortable to fork out the bone breaking brutality as they rain their fury and anger down upon you from the very get go. Long Con plays a cross between death metal and powerviolence, and with the combination of the two you get a sound that is wholly ear shredding and as in your face as you can imagine. From the very first track on, these heathens play such a loud, accosting and assaulting brand of death infused power violence it induces whiplash nearly immediately after pressing play.

Within six tracks Long Con presents to you a barbaric and blood letting listen that gets hammered straight in to your brain whether you wanted it to or not. These heathens crank everything up to eleven on this demo and play an unholy brand of no holds barred heavy metal that makes you feel as though you have been beaten over the head with a two by four. Right out of the gate they are aggressive and unapologetic in their approach as they shovel out barrage after barrage of crusty riffs that are supplemented by chaotic and spastic drums as well as larynx shredding vocals that make your throat hurt.

This mass of twisted metal isn’t incredibly long with the lengthiest track coming in at just under four minutes, but within the short amount of time you are presented with plenty of powerviolence and death metal goodness. These six tracks are the equivalent of getting punched in the stomach repeatedly for short periods of time until you just can’t take it anymore. This demo as a whole has a raw and unfiltered quality about it that just makes the overall sound that much more appealing. It just wouldn’t work if this was polished and the production was clean, but that isn’t the case. Each track is pure and raw violent energy and the sound is filthy and grime filled, just to my liking.

For Long Con’s first demo, this is a pretty solid outing. Each track is just as good as the others and more often than not you will find yourself headbanging and bashing your brain right along with these tracks. Long Con sews powerviolence and death metal together well here to create the sonic equal to a car exploding, and it really is something that is entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

You can find this demo on their Bandcamp

Epitaphe: Demo MMXVII

November 27, 2017

Armed with only three tracks, Epitaphe provide you with a lengthy, winding, ever shifting and completely blasphemous listen. As mentioned, Epitaphe’s new demo is broken down in to three songs that act as one whole track. These tracks bleed in to each other seamlessly providing you with a full and cohesive listen. Throughout the entirety of the release, Epitaphe provide you with doomed death metal that is paired with other influences to create an unholy and blood boiling sound. Each track is damning, hellish, and challenging. With this demo, Epitaphe invites listeners in to their dark and bleak world and challenges them to take the long and harrowing trek through the entirety of the release.

Through and through, Epitaphe greets you at every twist and bend with buzzing, fuzzed out doomed death metal in the most sinister of veins. Epitaphe incorporates both genres incredibly well in to their nightmarish and all together soul ripping sound. Never does Epitaphe lurch from death metal to doom as they sew both together with ease to create a cohesive and fluid sound. The amalgamation of death and doom here provides the listener with an apocalyptic end of times kind of sound that is entirely unsettling and unnerving. Once you press play, Epitaphe descends upon you like vultures descend upon an unfortunate carcass, and continue to pick away at you until the final gnarled note rings through your speakers.

Each of the three tracks that appear on this demo crash down upon you like tidal waves. These tracks are weighty and unforgiving and they leave you battered and torn to shreds at the end of it all. This demo is a cacophony of sickness, darkness, bleak atmospheres and down right flesh shredding doom riddled death metal. Once you enter the shadowy realm of Epitaphe there certainly is no escape, there is only death. This demo is wonderfully dark and sinister and for that reason among many it holds you as its captive audience for its entirety.

Beyond the sonic wall of brain melting doom filled death metal, Epitaphe creates vast and deadly soundscapes as well as venomous, intense and twisting atmospheres. The atmospheres that Epitaphe creates within this release hang over you like looming lurking death. Coupled with the never ending barrage of pummeling drums and scythe like riffs, the atmospheres add yet another deadly element to an already deadly and unforgiving sound.

Each track on this release is very well crafted and very well performed. Everything flows nicely together and each track flows well with one another creating a comprehensive listen. This demo is a journey and Epitaphe is your guide through this harrowing and malevolent journey, and once it is all over, you feel the need to listen again. Through forty minutes you are provided with great doomed death metal that you can’t seem to get enough of, and with that being said, this demo is great. For their very first release, Epitaphe have knocked it out of the park in my opinion, and if you are in to doom or death metal or both, you simply can’t go wrong here.

This demo will be released December 13, 2017 through Chaos Records.

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