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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Jupiterian: Terraforming

November 16, 2017


Shrouded in mystery and covering themselves in ritualistic garments making themselves look like proper wraiths is Jupiterian. They stand out from the crowd already visually, but does their music follow suite? Yes. Yes it does. Terraforming is a unique, earth moving, murky and dissonant release that is hard to forget. This release does a great job of cloaking you in a thick murky fog for its entirety as well as providing you with dense chilling atmospheres. Terraforming’s atmosphere lurks and stalks all throughout this release and acts as an entity almost all its own.

As a matter of fact, the atmosphere that shifts and slithers its way through the sonic doom madness often seems to be larger and more grand than the weighty sludge filled riffs themselves. With that being said, the atmosphere that is presented within this record compliments the droning, ever murky and dissonant riffs and eccentric drumming perfectly. Every element that is in this record comes together perfectly to create a swirling mass of sonic doom madness. Terraforming is a cohesive well constructed record that transports you from the comfort of your own home to a soundscape that is dark, ghastly and all together nightmarish.

Each track is striking and enveloping as they each pull you in to a chasm of utter darkness. Terraforming is a mystifying and captivating release that is entirely hard to not want to listen to. As the record plays on, each track just gets better and better. There isn’t a cut on Terraforming that you would want to exclude from your listen or from the album in general. Everything flows together so nicely creating a wonderfully dark and venomous soundscape.

These gloomy tracks in which Terraforming harbors evoke feelings of dread and despair and stab right at the heart of the listener for the entirety of the record. These spectral and haunting tracks are sure to stick with you for some time to come as this release does a good job of getting right under your skin. Terraforming is an oppressive and monolithic record, one that makes you succumb to its sheer weight. Sooner rather than later you become buried under all of the murky riffs, dissonant drumming, chilling vocals and ever shifting dense atmosphere.

The musicianship on this record is perfect and versatile and throughout this release, Jupiterian really shows what they are made of. Each track is so well done and each element that is sewn in to this record works so well with one another ultimately providing you with one hell of a memorable listen. From the earth moving riffs to the pounding drumming to the harrowing vocals to the acoustic and synthesizer touches, Jupiterian mixes it all together so well to create a world of their own.

This is a dense, unique, interesting and incredibly captivating record that you just shouldn’t be missing out on. Not enough can be said about this release and I may not even be doing it justice, but I can say that this is a great album not only for the doom genre but for metal in general. Jupiterian doesn’t seem afraid to try new things and expand their sound and branch out and because of that, we have an excellent record to listen to. Terraforming is a work of art, one that will be remembered for quite some time to come.

Check out Matriarch below!



Fister/CHRCH: Split

November 8, 2017



To kick this split off between CHRCH and Fister is the brand new track from CHRCH titled Temples. This seventeen minute opening track begins with a melancholic intro that not only is melancholic but serene in a way, until you hit near the four minute mark. Around this four minute mark you become swallowed up in a wall of monstrous reverberating riffs, pounding drums and devilish shrieking vocals. From here on in you are provided with nothing but captivating, dark, twisted and ultimately bone splintering doom. Temples trudges along with the intent of dragging you along with it down a dark and twisting corridor to your ultimate demise. CHRCH create an ever looming and dark atmosphere within these seventeen minutes; one that follows you the entire length of the track. Temples is a wonderfully malevolent piece that does a great job of captivating and mesmerizing you from the drop of the first note. With longer tracks you tend to wonder if the listen will be a burden or longer than it should be, but that certainly is not the case with Temples. Even at seventeen minutes this track flies by because you become so wrapped up and involved with the track. This is a wonderfully crafted piece by CHRCH, one that you will have a hard time forgetting.

Immediately following Temples is Fister’s The Ditch. The Ditch is a great follow up to Temples as it is just as grueling and twisted. From the get go, Fister greets you with throat shredding screeches, low, slow and murky riffs that are accompanied by the ever present pounding of drums. The Ditch is a dissonant and monolithic assault on the listeners ears as you are provided with nothing but harsh doom for twenty plus minutes. Around the eight minute mark is when you can breath again as Fister presents you with a calm, nearly serene break in the action until the track builds back up and finally pushes you back down in to the dark depths of despair with more trudging and life ending doom. Even as oppressive as this track is and even with its lengthy run time, you still sit and listen all the way through marching in syncopation with the drum beats to your doom. Much like Temples from CHRCH, The Ditch is just as an enthralling listen as much as it is a damning one. With dissonant soul shredding riffs paired with hammering drums and vocals that range the spectrum from high pitched shrieks to rabid larynx shredding lows, you are gifted with a harrowing, punishing and ultimately entertaining and heavy listen. The Ditch is a cohesive and well constructed track that slowly drives you to madness, but even so you will find yourself playing this track over and over.

The pairing of CHRCH and Fister on this split is great and utter madness. Each band compliments the other very well providing you with an all around great listen. Each track has a ton to offer, and while this split may seem daunting, it is definitely worth listening to all the way through. This is a great release to say the least, and you certainly cannot go wrong here.

This split will be released November 17, 2017.


Acid Witch: Evil Sound Screamers

November 1, 2017

Acid Witch Evil Sound Screamers HAULIX.jpg

I realize that I have missed the Halloween boat for this Halloween released record, but here we are, the day after Halloween and we are already getting prepared for next years debauchery and there isn’t a better way to do so than with an Acid Witch record. Evil Sound Screamers isn’t just tailored for Halloween, it is the embodiment of Halloween. Intricately woven in synths are paired with doom death goodness to provide you with a skin crawling and all together creepy listen.

Acid Witch has always been a unique and interesting band to listen to and with Evil Sound Screamers that sentiment still holds true. With this new record, Acid Witch seem to have upped the ante for themselves. Evil Sound Screamers is an undeniable record and just one listen through doesn’t do it justice as you keep this treat on repeat well past Halloween. This record is a bewitching, highly memorable and intoxicating record that you seem to have a hard time not listening to. Even when you aren’t listening, the grisly riffs, ghoulish synths and the fiendish vocals play over and over again in your head.

Evil Sound Screamers does a great job of transplanting you right in the middle of a Halloween themed nightmare throughout all ten songs. The element that really helps you envision ghastly horrors are the very well done, unique and intricately placed synths. The synths that you hear all throughout this record are firmly planted in the seventies and eighties realm of horror providing you with some throw back horror for you to revel in. These synths aren’t so much as just another element to this wicked record, but they are also a bonding element through each track providing you with a cohesive and comprehensive horror filled listen.

Working in sickening harmony with the ever present synths is the wall of doom death goodness that drips through your speakers like spilled blood. Heavy haunting riffs pour through your speakers as the drums pound against your skull all while devilish grimy vocals spill through all of the madness. With the grim death doom metallic madness paired with the never ending horrifying synths to compliment it, you are ultimately provided with one hell of a listen. From beginning to end, Evil Sound Screamers is an entertaining, heavy and hair raising listen that you just want to keep listening to over and over again.

Evil Sound Screamers is a thirty-eight minute venture through nightmarish atmospheres and horror filled soundscapes, and at the end of the listen, thirty-eight minutes just doesn’t seem long enough. You keep reaching for that play button once the record has concluded as you just can’t seem to get enough to satisfy your horror hunger. This record is perfect for Halloween as well as for any other time of year. This murky, grim and ghoulish record is something to behold, and with this record Acid Witch seem to have out done themselves. It has been seven years since Stoned came out, and this time around, Acid Witch have created another record that will be remembered as a classic.

Evil Sound Screamers is available now! Follow the link below!

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