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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Best of Bandcamp: Now Everything Fades: Suicide Theatre

April 15, 2018

Through Suicide Theatre, each track is cloaked in a vast amount of anguish, misery and pain, and all of that billows through your speakers slowly but surely only to entomb you in your own sorrows. Now Everything Fades plays an incredibly harrowing brand of depressive blackened doom metal that really presents an atmosphere that is devoid of hope, ultimately providing you with a grim and somber listen. Nowhere throughout this release can light be found as Now Everything Fades slowly drags you down in to a never ending abyss.

Each track creeps along presenting you with haunting and incredibly bleak sounds that put you in a complete depressive state. Suicide Theatre is very effective in shrouding you with an atmosphere that is comprised of utter misery and anguish. This release is oppressive, not so much because it is an aural assault, but because it weighs you down until your bones crumble with a bleak, thick and ever present life taking ambiance. With the majority of the tracks within this release hitting around the five and a half minute mark, it really gives Now Everything Fades enough time to effectively infect your mind with some incredibly sinister and depressive tones that you will have a hard time forgetting.

This certainly isn’t meant to make you feel comfortable or welcome as it is established early that your soul will be draining from the very beginning. Complete with anguished cries and weeping riffs, Now Everything Fades presents you with a tortured and entirely pained sound that will haunt you. As Suicide Theatre trudges along you become submerged in their ever harrowing and dream haunting sound only to suffocate under the incredibly oppressive melancholic atmospheric qualities. As depressive as this release is though, it does a great job of sucking you in and having you stay for its entirety.

Suicide Theatre is an emotionally punishing record as it pushes you further and further in to dementia and desperation. You can’t escape this listen without coming out of it feeling bogged down and empty. The wailing cries will keep you up at night as the objectively bleak atmosphere will push your sanity to the darkest recesses of your mind. This is an all around solid record as each track is well put together and performed to provide you with a harrowing and overall sinister sound that is hard to forget.

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Now Everything Fades Bandcamp


Grave Upheaval: Untitled

March 19, 2018

grave upheaval.jpg

Slithering out of the faceless abyss, where no light dwells and only darkness reigns supreme, Grave Upheaval bring forth an eight track offering of pure unsettling and dread instilling noise. This untitled slab of bleak misery is just that as Grave Upheaval unleash slow burning rituals that are interspersed with pure death savagery to bring to you an unrelenting and reaping effort. Each offering leaves you feeling lifeless and hopeless as Grave Upheaval does a great job of instilling the fear of death and dread in you early on. This untitled release creates a spectral, chthonic and incredibly oppressive atmosphere from which you become buried under.

This untitled release is an expansive one as it spans over fifty minutes of pure misery and dread. Grave Upheaval utilize every minute to their advantage as they weave an atmosphere that is deadly and down right sickening. There is no where to escape as you begin your dark descent in to hysteria and dementia as Grave Upheaval closes the walls in around you shrouding you in pure light eating darkness. The descent in to hysteria begins with the opening track as it slowly drags you down in to the formless and faceless abyss from which you cannot crawl out of. Each of the eight dirges of soul shredding noise that Grave Upheaval presents you with are cloaked in misery and malevolence, and for eight straight tracks you are tormented by some of the most well done death doom.

Through each of their offerings, Grave Upheaval sew together slow burning, bone crumbling onslaughts of perilous doom with punctuations from flesh picking death metal for good measure. Never do you see what is coming next as Grave Upheaval contort and twist their sound through and through to bring to you an ever shape shifting and mind bending listen. This offering keeps you on the edge of sanity and insanity as it shovels droves of hallucinatory and mind shattering metal upon you. This is an unsettling and blood curdling release, one that shrouds you in death, disease and misery, never relenting until the final note has rang out signaling your death.

Each of the eight tracks hang in the air like specters calling you forth to their void of bitter undulating darkness. These long, slow passages lead you down corridors where only shadows dwell and where no soul can escape. Through fifty plus minutes you are greeted with furious and spectral tracks that drive you further and further in to the realm of madness. For eight soul harvesting tracks Grave Upheaval presents you with incredibly well done death doom that is not to be looked over or passed on. This untitled record is something to behold in all of its miserable majesty as Grave Upheaval have upped the ante and presented something that will be remembered for some time to come. This is an outstanding record to say the least and will surely be one of the best records released this year.

This record will be released April 15, 2018 through Nuclear War Now! Productions.

Take a listen to the third track off of this upcoming release below!


Blissful Stream: Dead Religious

March 13, 2018

With an overall eclectic and diverse sound, Blissful Stream sew doom, sludge, heavy metal and hard rock together to create an overall head nodding and unique listen. Through this one man band’s newest offering Dead Religious, you are presented with four new tracks that take all of the aforementioned genres and stitch them together neatly through each track to provide you with a varied sound.

Dead Religious kicks off with the doom laden track Downfall which offers up a slow burning, murky and fuzzed out sound that submerges you in sludge filled ever trudging riffs. Downfall is the most murky and somber offering on this release as it takes you through crumbling corridors of buzzing riffs and pounding drumming for four minutes before turning you over to the more heavy metal and hard rock sounding tracks Into the Abyss and Dead Religious. Both of these tracks utilize their hard rock and heavy metal components to gift you with a faster paced, head nodding and memorable sound. Both of these tracks greet you with intensely buzzing riffs that are paired with ever rumbling bass lines and crisp ever gritty and blackened vocals. Downfall  and Dead Religious get your head nodding and brain buzzing before you descend to the fourth and final track Black Ships.

The final track Black Ships is all around the best and most well put together track on this release. This offering utilizes each of the genres that Blissful Stream sews in to his work, and this song utilizes them well. You get hints of heavy metal, hard rock and certainly hints of doom, and they all come together in miserable harmony to create a cohesive, smooth sounding track that is hard to shake. Black Ships is a very memorable, very intoxicating track that is certainly the perfect track to end Dead Religious with. Black Ships rocks with mid tempos and it slows down to a glacial pace with its doom offerings to present you with a gloom filled ever darkening sound that is hard to not love. This somber yet captivating track is a well rounded and very well  performed track that as mentioned before, is the perfect ending to an all around solid offering in Dead Religious.

This is a short release and yet it comes complete with plenty of variety and plenty of entertainment. Through four tracks you are greeted with a heavy dosing of heavy metal, hard rock as well as doom and sludge sprinkled in there for good measure. In my opinion, the tracks that focus more on the doom elements are the best tracks on the release as Blissful Stream hits them right out of the park. The middle two where hard rock and heavy metal are the focus are good solid tracks as well that get your head nodding and get you engaged. And with four total songs that are all around solid offerings, Dead Religious is an all around very good release that is highly entertaining, gloomy and memorable.

You can find Dead Religious right on the Blissful Stream Bandcamp

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Enclave of Dreams: In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams

March 5, 2018

In a great melancholic ode to death, sorrow and misery, Enclave of Dreams ushers forth their newest offering of melodic doom in the name of In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams. Through this release these doom merchants pour forth seven brand new tracks of death riddled doom to shroud you in uncomfortable misery and grief. From the very beginning all the way through, Enclave of Dreams does a great job of pulling you in to their darkened world, shrouding you in grim melancholic atmospheres from which you can’t pull away from. This gloom laden release is sewn together with ever crushing riffs that are only to be supported by monstrous growls, forlorn clean sung vocals and ever present sorrow filled ambiance.

Each of the seven passages within this offering are slower burning odes to suffering and grief as each track takes you hand only to lead you down ever darkening corridors. In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams is a weighty record that really makes its presence known right from the onset, never giving you enough time to escape to the light and take a breather. Enclave of Dreams unravels their despondent brand of doom right before you making you feel heavy, stripping you away of your hope of ever seeing bright light again.

Through In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams, each depressive passage hits you square in the chest making you feel all of the emotion that has been poured in to each second of each track. For seven total tracks Enclave of Dreams pushes forth gripping tight to your sorrows and grief only to drag you down to a never ending world of darkness. There isn’t an uplifting spirit that you can find within this release as Enclave of Dreams trudges forth in slow burning fashion plunging further and further in to the abyss.

Not only do the atmospheric tendencies pull you further in to the dark world that Enclave of Dreams creates, but the ever melodious near hypnotizing musicianship grabs a hold of you as well. Each track is melodic and mesmerizing never making you want to waver and pull away from the listen. Enclave of Dreams pours seven well knit together, well performed, well crafted and incredibly atmospheric and melodic tracks through your speakers and in to your gnarled ears only to poison your mind with heavy, doom riddled, forlorn thoughts.

Right off the bat, Enclave of Dreams catches your attention never to let it go until the final dissonant note has rang through. Through and through, In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams is a very solid record, one that you can sit and listen to in solitude for some time without tiring of it easily. With everything being said, In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams is a solid record and a great listen overall.

You can find In A Captivity of Colourless Daydreams right on Bandcamp

Godthrymm: A Grand Reclamation

February 27, 2018


Godthrymm may be a new name in the realm of doom, but the faces that make this band up sure are familiar. Godthrymm is made up of former members of My Dying Bride, Solstice, Anathema, Vallenfyre and Malediction, and through their upcoming EP A Grand Reclamation these doom wizards certainly provide you with grandiose, epic and ominous tunes that take your mind adrift through sonic darkness. Through A Grand Reclamation, Godthrymm gifts you with four tracks of dark magic doom that ultimately captivates you from the very beginning on. Once you lift your finger off of the play button you quickly realize that you won’t be stopping to take a break from listening any time soon.

A Grand Reclamation is a wonderfully crafted and performed EP that grabs a hold of you with a cold hand from the onset never to let you out of its grasp. Through and through this EP impresses and by the minute you get dragged deeper and deeper in to the doom laden world that Godthrymm creates. Each of the four tracks on this release are highly intoxicating, memorable and incredibly heavy. There isn’t a track that is stronger or more enticing than the others as each one is just as mystifying and bewitching as the others.

Through this new offering, Godthrymm packs each track with powerful riffs that are only to be complemented by wizard like fuzzed out riffs that get your head nodding whether you want it to or not. Through and through, the musicianship on this release is tight and heavy gifting you with nothing but punishing apocalyptic doom that rattles your brain around in your skull for some time to come. From track to track, Godthrymm ladles crushing black magic doom upon you in droves never relenting in their reverberating assault until the final track Forevermore has come to a close.

Each track heaves, twists and billows out of your speakers like a warlock reborn. These devilish tracks are sure to leave an imprint on your mind leaving you wanting more. A Grand Reclamation is an EP to behold as it enchants and sends your mind spiraling down darkened corridors. This debut opus from these doom merchants is impressive, epic, heavy and entirely wicked gifting you with an incredibly entertaining and magical listen. This review may or may not have done this release justice, but what I do know is that this will be a stand out release is the doom echelon this year in 2018.

A Grand Reclamation will be released March 16, 2018 through Transcending Records for CD and digital formats as well as Cosmic Key Creations for vinyl.


ILSA: Corpse Fortress

February 20, 2018

Corpse Fortress.jpg

Flickering with black flames of madness, steeped in pure horror and terror and oozing malevolent sludge straight through your speakers in to your mind only to infect your sleepless nights with nightmares is ILSA with their newest offering Corpse Fortress. This hellish release marks ILSA’s fifth full length offering since their blackened inception in 2008.  Each of the nine tracks that appear on Corpse Fortress are a murky nightmare that are filled with plenty of filth and depravity that aim to degrade and drown your mind in nothing but sludge filled demonic malignancy.

From the opening track Hikikomori through to the closing track Drums of the Dark Gods, you become shrouded in death doom misery. Never once does ILSA let up in their murky assault as they roll right from one track to the next never giving you reprieve from their hellish offerings. Their buzzing murky style of death riddled doom metal rattles your spine and boils your blood through and through. Corpse Fortress is an oppressive force that is to be reckoned with as it drains the life from your eyes and buries you under droves of relentless venomous noise from the onset.

Corpse Fortress is an ugly, filthy and incredibly demoralizing sounding record that does its best to lay you to rest early on. ILSA keep Corpse Fortress as ugly and damning as they possibly can through nine tracks as they barrel forth with fuzzed out mammoth heavy riffs that are coupled with rabid almost banshee like screams and ever present hammering drums that really begin to take their toll after only a few minutes.

Corpse Fortress tests your sanity as it tries to break it down little by little with each passing second. Each track is a wicked offering that is steeped in madness and pure demonic essence that tests your mettle daring you to carry on listening through each mind bending track. With their cruel overall sound, ILSA beats and wears you down until you finally curl up in a hole. Corpse Fortress is an overall unforgiving and unrelenting record that assaults you from all sides from beginning to end leaving you looking like a defeated corpse.

You can’t deny that this is a disgustingly heavy release as ILSA pour their brand of molten sludge on thick from beginning to end creating an overall massive, oppressive and incredibly heavy sound. Corpse Fortress through and through is a good release that infects your mind and has you coming back to listen again and again to relive the sickening punishment that ILSA dishes out.

Corpse Fortress will be released March 2, 2018 through Relapse Records.

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ILSA Facebook

Relapse Records Bandcamp


Shambles: Primitive Death Trance

January 30, 2018

shambles cover haulix.jpg

For Shambles’ upcoming release, Primitive Death Trance is an appropriate name. Through four tracks Shambles puts you in a catatonic state having you stare through the void only seeking death within minutes. Primitive Death Trance is a gutted, stripped down record that is filled to the bursting point with primitive death doom for your foul consumption. Each of the four tracks is a grisly slab of death that slowly burns, haunting you like a reaper waiting to cull his next victim. In this ever relentless twisting onslaught of mutilating death fueled doom, Shambles has you staring in to the never ending darkness with dead eyes until the veil of sickening malevolence lifts.

Shambles slowly trudges through each track only to break out in dirges of gutting death metal when needed. This bare bones assault from these doom merchants leaves you buried underneath unfortunate souls and emaciated remains. With the passing of each minute, Shambles continues you wrap you in a cloak of utter darkness and dread. Primitive Death Trance is a foul gutting offering that leaves you with a deep seated feeling of dread and death. In a deadly yet mesmerizing  way, Shambles provides you with tracks that leave you feeling like nothing but death.

Primitive Death Trance is a cold and barbaric release that charges forward with ill intent and malevolence in mind. Shambles moves wraith like from track to track scorching the earth and burying the deceased as they move along. With four dirges of diseased and poisoned death riddled doom, Shambles lays you to rest in a cold dark coffin for your eternal slumber. Primitive Death Trance invokes visions of cold soulless darkness devoid of light but filled with macabre visions of the damned.

This release is hypnotic in a sinister and twisted way. From the first note on, Shambles not only grabs but demands your attention. Primitive Death Trance is a deadly release, one that drags you through the darkness never resting even for a moment. These four dirges are unrelenting and never ceasing as they crawl forth with murderous and malicious intent. Primitive Death Trance is a great EP through and through setting you up for even more doom misery to come.

Primitive Death Trance will be released through Blood Harvest February 16, 2018.

Take a listen to the track Daemon from the upcoming release Primitive Death Trance below!

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Blood Harvest Bandcamp

Blood Harvest Official Website

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