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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Alien Queen: Matriarch

July 15, 2020

Alien Queen: Matriarch

Emerging from the frigid unknowns of the cosmos comes Alien Queen and in tow with them their newest offering Matriarch. Matriarch comes complete as an eight track, fifty-two minute offering that combines the best parts of doom metal and death to create an insanely heavy life shredding sound. With massive riffs aplenty, Alien Queen buries you underneath the droves of riffs and the savage amount of black hole heavy that emerges with the passing of each second. Without regard to human life, Alien Queen marches forward with incredible power and savagery expunging all life and claiming the victims as hosts for the next wave of xenomorphs to savage the cosmos.

Alien Queen doesn’t wait long before they command their brain devouring and spine rattling sound to crush you. From the first second to the last you become engulfed in undeniably heavy, organ rupturing riffs trapped in a never ending vortex of doom, despair and death. Carved, crushed and left to rot in the never ending void that is the ever expanding reaches of space, Alien Queen mix death metal and doom together expertly and seamlessly to create a horrifying, deadly and life draining sound. It is hard not to be encapsulated and pulled in by the sheer weight and heaviness of this release as the more and more that you listen, the more that you get dragged out to the frigid unknown.

Throughout Matriarch, Alien Queen frequently switches tempos between the lung exploding oxygen starved doom and the ever flesh peeling, skull shattering rampages of death. While submerges you underneath the weight of a dying star, latter leaves you as nothing more than chunks of what you used to be, you become nothing more than a husk floating among the rest of the debris. There is no light to be seen here as Matriarch consumes it leaving you to perish in a cold obscenely dark unknown location among the outer reaches of space.

Alien Queen melt doom and death metal here so very well and with the musicianship and deadly vocals on point as well as the lyrical themes (of course inspired and taken from the Alien franchise) everything within this record is spot on. From the first second forward you are treated to top notch doom riddled death, or death riddled doom metal, whichever way you want to slice it. The melting of the two genres together here is perfect, ultimately creating a sound that is as heavy as a neutron star. Matriarch is just fantastic, and that is the final word.

Matriarch is out now. You can find it here.

Shades of Deep Water: Death’s Threshold

July 22, 2019

Shades of Deep Water: Death’s Threshold

Forlorn, murky, gripping, light consuming and enveloping, Shades of Deep Water’s offering Death’s Threshold is a monolithic effort to behold. Although broken up in to four pieces, Death’s Threshold plays as one massive slab of funeral doom that submerges you in darkness devoid of all light. Over a vast yet very focused forty plus minutes, Death’s Threshold crushes the spirit as it drags you asunder, deeper and deeper in to a true abyss from which you are never to emerge.

As twisting darkness unfolds and unravels before you, and as heavy and murky as this release is, it is equally gripping and hypnotic. Shades of Deep Water lures you in, grasping you with the cold hand of death keeping your attention and focus for the entirety of the release’s run time. Ever trudging and marching forward, Shades of Deep Water submerges you underneath massive soul burying riffs that are only to be accompanied by the occasional reaper like dissonant growls from the deep. Each of the four pieces that represent Death’s Threshold as a whole are all equally massive, ladling a true weight of despair and death upon you until are you no more.

Among the glacial sonic wall of murky funereal doom is a haunting atmosphere that is incredibly compelling and chilling. The miasmal atmosphere woven in to the crawling wall of doom beckons forth from the reaches of the watery abyss to provide you with something that is all together grim, yet hypnotic all the same. Through and through, this atmosphere follows like a reaper awaiting to take your soul and depart to reaches not yet known.

Each piece through Death’s Threshold is wonderfully composed, written and performed, making the entire release something to truly behold. Death’s Threshold is doom masterfully done as it unfolds murky soundscapes before you, provides you with a truly haunting atmosphere and an overall crushing sound that is hard to turn from. As each second ticks off the run time, you drown further and further down in the murky depths of the soundscapes that are painted before you, never for you to come back up for air.

Overall, Death’s Threshold is something to behold as you are treated to four pieces that come together seamlessly to provide you with one cohesive and well executed offering. This is a fantastic release through and through.

Death’s Threshold will be released July 25 through Dunkelheit Produktionen.

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Dunkelheit Produktionen Official Site

Dysemblem: Autotomy

June 12, 2019

Dysemblem: Autotomy

Gut ripping death in concert with murky doom to create an overall spine bending heavy sound is Dysemblem. Three years after their debut full length Strength of Giants, Dysemblem are set to unleash their sophomore full length Autotomy. This offering features nine total tracks of doom riddled death metal that drags you through murky, ever darkening soundscapes. Throughout this release, Dysemblem does a great job of balancing the two genres to create an overall cohesive and entirely damning sound. There is not a single moment through this release that is filler as what you get is nine straight offerings of all consuming doom filled death metal.

Never to come at you with the same sound twice, Dysemblem morphs and shape shifts their sound through each offering. Not only are you provided with excellent offerings that provide you with a great balance of both genres, but you are provided with offerings that focus on one more so than the other. Through this release you will find tracks that rip you to shreds in shorter bursts of flesh tearing death metal as well as offerings that focus on dragging you through ever buzzing and murky soundscapes that doom metal provides. From track to track you will find something new as Dysemblem twists and morphs their sound through each offering keeping you on your toes at all times.

No matter whether you are faced with trudging doom or flesh peeling death metal, it goes without saying that each offering present within this record is heavy as an anvil. Ceaseless in their foreboding assault, Dysemblem march forth from offering to offering providing you with nothing but incredibly heavy tunes that get your neck bending before you know it. Autotomy is an all enveloping record that grips you with its skeletal hand of death from the get go, never to release you until all is said and done. This is an engaging and gripping release from start to finish as it offers up nine great tracks one right after the next.

Overall, Autotomy is a great record. From the joining of doom and death metal, to stand alone tracks that are one or the other, to the great musicianship and the hellish vocals, everything is done well throughout this release. Autotomy is a great follow up to Strength of Giants as Dysemblem continue their darkened doom addled death storm with this record. You simply cannot go wrong with this release if you are a fan of doom metal, death metal or just heavy fucking metal in general. Dysemblem continues to impress.

Krypts: Cadaver Circulation

May 26, 2019

Krypts: Cadaver Circulation

Unleashing torment and misanthropic putrid death metal upon the masses is Krypts with their upcoming offering Cadaver Circulation. Through six vile offerings you come face to face with blood curdling doom laden death metal that melts the flesh from your bones and leaves no coffin or tomb over looked. Cadaver Circulation is a suffocating, ever ceaseless offering that buries you under droves of skin peeling chords and eerie atmosphere to provide you with a listen that is all together harrowing and intense. Each of the six tracks that are present within the bloodied walls of this title are potent and life stealing, making this to be an incredibly wicked and neck bending offering.

Never does Krypts relent in their sonic assault as they offer up track after buzzing track of terrorizing doom filled death without reprieve. From one track to the next, Krypts suffocates you under their dense and ever tormenting sound that leaves you as nothing more than a husk for them to add to their growing collection. In all of its wicked grandeur, Cadaver Circulation presents you with six undeniably putrid and vile offerings that drag you in to your premature tomb. From the very beginning, Cadaver Circulation grips you with the skeletal hand of death, forever dragging you through the halls of death until the final ghastly note calls out from the realm.

Through and through, Krypts balances both the doom elements and the death metal elements well as they provide you with funereal dirges of doom as well as tomb obliterating death metal. Each track present here is long enough for Krypts to show case their gruesome abilities in both genres, ultimately suffocating you under the sheer weight of their doom aesthetic and burying you alive with their gnarled death metal assault. From slow burning marches toward death’s door, to bulldozing death metal that bleeds your veins dry, Krypts does it all here within Cadaver Circulation.

With an overall eerie and rotten atmosphere, Krypts ties everything neatly together to create an overall aeonic slab of grisly doom riddled death metal. Drenched in rot and viscera, Cadaver Circulation gifts you with one of the finest and most gruesome doom-death metal releases this year. From track one to track six you are provided with nothing but top notch metal that cannot be over looked or denied. Each track is just as great as the last and just as well rounded and cohesive. Cadaver Circulation will stand atop the death metal mountain as one of the best death metal releases this year.

Cadaver Circulation will be released May 31 through Dark Descent Records.

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Dark Descent Records Bandcamp

Krypts Official Site

Krypts Facebook

Monasterium: Church of Bones

May 8, 2019

Monasterium: Church of Bones

With doom in concert with traditional heavy metal, Monasterium offers up an unforgettable and infectious sound. Through their newest offering Church of Bones, you are greeted by eight tracks one right after the next of stellar heavy metal laden doom. Upon pressing play you become swept up in clean trudging riffs, excellent powerful clean sung vocals and rumbling bass lines before you know it. Church of Bones is an easy record to let yourself get consumed by as each of the eight tracks that are present are inviting and intoxicating all the same. Through and through, you are provided with top notch doom that ultimately you will keep coming back to to wander the skeletal halls of the Church of Bones.

Monasterium doesn’t waste time before getting you acquainted with their devilishly memorable and addictive sound. Starting off with the title track, Monasterium hooks you right in from the very beginning. Once they have you in their skeletal grasp you surely will not be released until the final note has rang through your speakers. Each offering here has a great grandiose sound that draws you in more and more with the passing of each second. This release is filled with powerful offerings that you sink in to right from the get go, ever captivating your mind and having it wander through the labyrinths that Monasterium creates.

Ever gripping and engaging, Church of Bones commands your attention, never letting it waver. This record cannot be denied or ignored as it supplies you with great instrumentation that is led by incredible riffs that break in to scorching solos only to be backed by solid drumming and bass work. Soaring through the wall of doom are the great clean sung vocals that are incredibly infectious and memorable all their own. Of the eight tracks present, each one is executed and performed very well providing you with a well rounded and cohesive sound that will stick with you for some time.

Each cut through this release ebbs and flows wonderfully as you are provided with slow burning melodic doom and quicker heavy metal laden charges and back again seamlessly. These offerings are melodic and so fluid that it is hard not to sink straight in to this record without being seen again. One listen turns to two and two then turns to many as you will ultimately end up putting this release on repeat until you wear it out.

Overall, Church of Bones is a great release. Not one track falls short of anything as each and every one is just as good as the last. This is an undeniably solid record from beginning to end as it provides you with one track after the next of infectious doom that you cannot shake and that will be rattling inside of your head for some time. We don’t rate on this site, but if we did it would be a solid 10/10. There isn’t much left to say other than don’t sleep on this release.

Church of Bones is available now through Nine Records.

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Tekarra/Malamadre Split Release

May 4, 2019


Slow burning, spine numbing and ever churning, Tekarra and Malamadre unleash all consuming doom within two tracks. In a hazy and ever buzzing sound, this split offers up over twenty minutes of nothing but buzzing and fuzzed out doom that is easy to fall prey to. Each track trudges forth with the intent of entombing you within their overall psychedelic and monstrous sound, and they do a good job of exactly that. Once you press play you become buried under droves of heavy, glacial slow riffs from which you cannot find your way out of. These tracks take your mind and have it wander through the murky smoke filled soundscape that they create.

First to appear from the haze is Tekarra with their offering titled Barbaric Tools. Immediately you are graced with down tuned buzzing riffs that jar your brain out of position. Backing those riffs are ever pounding drums, bone rattling bass lines and gritty vocals that appear from the sonic wall of doom. Barbaric Toolsis a slow moving offering that draws you in from the very beginning, ultimately submerging you in its thick murky sound. Once you press play you are trapped within the buzzing sonic walls that each monstrous riff creates never for you to be able to escape until the final note rings through. Ever engaging, Barbaric Tools is an easy track to sink in to and let your mind wander through its soundscapes to as it captures your attention and mind for its ten minute duration. This is a great track overall; one that is executed well from the vocals to the instrumentation and everything between. Barbaric Tools grips you from the beginning as it provides you with great murky doom from the first second to the very last.

Cropping up second on this split is Malamadre with their offering Cataclismo. Cataclismo is an instrumental offering that provides you with even more great fuzzed out stoner doom to fall victim to. Immediately you become enveloped by slow and massive amplifier destroying riffs that drag you in to their brand of buzzing noise. Yanking your mind from its present state, Malamadre wind it through their sludge filled soundscapes never for it to return until Cataclismo has concluded. This offering is a smokey and every psychedelic track that grabs you with the green hand of the reaper, only for you to be dragged further and further in to the thick haze. Cataclismo is a straight up buzzing, stoner doom instrumental that is hard to ignore and hard to forget. This offering is as fuzzed out as you could imagine. From the onset you become buried under bone shaking riffs and bass lines never to emerge until all is said and done. Cataclismo is a great offering as well, one that is well rounded and executed to provide you with nothing but great murky doom.

Overall, this split between these two is very solid. Both tracks are great offerings that will have you coming back for more brain buzzing doom. Tekarra and Malamadre compliment each other well within this release and both bands offer up great doom metal tracks that will please the ears of many doom fans.

Encoffination: We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord

April 30, 2019

Encoffination: We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord

Tuned down to the bowels of hell, Encoffination offer up a grisly mind melting brand of death addled doom. In forty-three total minutes, you are subject to an oppressive sonic embalming that is as terrifying and morbid as you could imagine. We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord is packed with seven tracks of crawling funereal death and evisceration. Each track present here is spine shaking ode to death and disease as they crawl along, wafting over the bones of the damned and long forgotten. From front to back, you will find within We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord some of the heaviest, most damning doom out there.

With the trudging of each passing minute, light begins to fade as you become submerged in the murky depths of obliteration and damnation that Encoffination creates here. There is no reprieve and there is no escape as Encoffination trudges forth wraith like to provide you with nothing but purely morbid doom. Their overall sound is incredibly suffocating and mind melting as you quickly become buried under the droves of buzzing life eating metal. This record marches forth, marking your time of death as it ticks minutes off of your life.

We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord oozes death and despair and the longer you listen the more you get dragged down in to the fetid temples of death. From the start, Encoffination entombs you in a sickening sound that rattles your spine and drains the marrow from your bones. We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord is an unforgiving record as it ushers forth seven incredible tracks of death, doom and despair without pause. The ever unrelenting charge from these low and slow burning offerings is something to behold as each track has its own unique way of burying you under gruesome slabs of grisly down tuned doom.

We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord is a menacing, deadly and down right heavy offering that is hard to forget. This release puts on display some of the heaviest doom out there at the moment and you would be remiss to pass this up. Seven tracks, forty-three minutes of nothing but stellar and life stealing doom, what more could you ask for?

We Proclaim Your Death, O’ Lord will be released May 17 through Selfmadegod Records.

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Selfmadegod Records Bandcamp

Encoffination Facebook

Smoulder: Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring

April 22, 2019

Smoulder: Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring

After Smoulder formed in 2013 by Sarah Ann and Shon Vincent, they ran in to issues finding reliable band mates to round out their group. Finally, four years after forming, Smoulder rounded their line up out by recruiting Collin Wolf and Devin Hester. Shortly there after they marched their way in to the studio to record and eventually release their excellent debut demo titled The Sword Woman. Smoulder now fully complete with the addition of bassist Adam Blake are set to unleash their superb debut full length titled Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring. Featuring six tracks of power metal infused doom, this offering is engaging and gripping from beginning to end.

This is an album that right when you press play you very quickly realize that you are in for quite a treat. As a whole, Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring is an incredibly memorable and gripping release as it provides you with six great tracks that cannot be forgotten. With great song writing ability and imagination sparking lyrics, Smoulder pulls you in to each story that they are telling. Each track is an incredibly engaging and hypnotic journey that you want to keep listening to over and over again. There isn’t a cut here that will not get stuck in your head and there is not a track here that you will not belt the lyrics out to.

With great musicianship, powerful vocals and great song writing, you truly are presented with an all around stellar record front to back. As the minutes tick by through this release, you never want the hypnotic dirge of emboldening doom and power metal to cease. Each track has a great ability to capture your attention, never to let you go until the final second ticks off of the run time. Once the stories of glory, heroism and more begin to unfold, you come under Smoulder’s spell, never for it to be broken until Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring finally concludes.

In the name of glory and fantasy, Smoulder is here and here to stay. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring is a great record through and through. This release is enchanting and memorable from the very beginning all the way through the end. From great musicianship, to the incredible vocals to outstanding story telling and more, everything within this release is so well done. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring is a record to behold and will be one of the best records to be released this year.

Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring will be released April 26 through Cruz Del Sur Music.

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Smoulder Bandcamp

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Smoulder Facebook

Cruz Del Sur Official Site

Tumanduumband: S/T Demo

April 17, 2019

Tumanduumband: S/T

Fuzz, groove, doom and satanic worship all combine within the self titled release of Tumanduumband. Four tracks are present within this release, and this two man band offers up nothing but sludge filled doom that will rattle your spine. Each murky offering within this release is just as solid and brain buzzing as the last as Tumanduumband usher forth a truly jarring and inviting brand of doom. This is filthy, filled with attitude and presented to you in four slabs of murky, grimy doom that will stick to your ribs.

Tumanduumband offer up an ever inviting and enticing sound doing so all without a vocalist as their musicianship and instrumentation speak for themselves. Each track is riddled with riffs that vary from the low slow burning variety to a more mid tempo romp through murky hallways. Paired with the ever fuzzed out riffs are solid drums and an ever present foundation shaking bass that is hard to ignore. Each of the four tracks that are present here are as in your face with their brand of murky sludge filled doom as you could imagine.

As you wade through the thick, reverberating sonic mass that Tumanduumband creates, you quickly become submerged in nothing but filthy buzzing sludge. Along side the vast wall of sonic fuzz is plenty of groove and melody to keep your head nodding and brain spinning in its skeletal prison. Each track is a gripping and entirely entertaining piece of fuzzed out doom that you will find yourself coming back to more and more often. As mentioned previously, Tumanduumband’s overall sound gets stuck to you as each track will burrow itself inside your memory for some time.

Through and through, this self titled demo is great and all around cohesive and solid. Each track is just as entertaining and memorable as the one(s) that came before it. With great melody, groove, fuzz, doom, sludge and satanic worship comes great sludge filled powers, and Tumanduumband show that here with this release.

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Foul: Of Worms

January 23, 2019

Foul: Of Worms

In death, doom and misery comes Foul with their debut Of Worms. This vile offering features four sinister and wicked tracks that sew doom and death metal together to create an overall flesh gnashing assault. Through and through, you are given no breaks and no reprieve as Foul digs you a damp tomb in which you get dragged in to minute after minute. Each offering within this release is a bleeding raw and unrelenting slab of doom riddled death that is filled with disease and malevolence. Never ceasing, never relenting, Foul offers up four incredibly sinister tracks for your sickening enjoyment.

Foul sews doom and death metal together expertly through each of the four cuts within the title of this release, providing you with plenty of variety and diversity throughout. Hit with both trudging, glacial doom and ever bone splintering, flesh tearing death, Foul offer up a sinister and all together grueling sound that is hard to deny. Each offering is just as vile as the last, providing you with a truly damning and filthy listen that sticks with you whether you want it to or not. Never are you too far away from doom and never are you too far away from grisly death as Foul employs both as they work hand in hand to bring you to your timely demise.

Of Worms is a foul and unforgiving offering that trudges forth with the intent to maim and drag you asunder in to your barren worm infested crypt. Each cut is a slab of cold ever calculated death riddled doom that reaches out with a skeletal hand only to drag you face to face with the disgusting, contorted face of death. As grisly and vile as this offering is, it is just as infectious as it infects and festers in your brain for some time to come. Each offering is a well constructed and carefully crafted offering of foul death and doom that you cannot deny.

Each of the four tracks here within this release are something to behold as they are as punishing as they are filthy, and they are filthy. From beginning to end you become entombed in a grime filled bed of death and disease, never for you to be able to crawl out. Of Wormsprovides you with a layered sound that is hard to shake and escape from as it gifts you with four incredible tracks one right after another. This is a very solid and impressive first recording for these corpse hoarders.

Of Worms will be out January 25, 2019 through Caligari Records.

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