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"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Ape Cave: Language of the Earth

January 6, 2018

Ape Cave has always been a band that has stuck with me ever since I discovered and was thoroughly impressed by their 2015 debut EP Primordium. The turning of 2015 saw the coming of their debut full length Pillars of Evolution and now exactly two years later Ape Cave has unleashed Language of the Earth. With each release, Ape Cave get better and better and continue to push the psychedelic, doom and sludge envelope. Pillars of Evolution was a great debut full length, and Language of the Earth is a great follow up as it is just as good if not even better.

Language of the Earth is a lengthy sophomore effort as it shows off fourteen brand new tracks for you to absorb. As lengthy as this release is however, you never feel as though you are battling to sit through and listen cover to cover, and that has to do with the fact that this release is incredibly immersive and captivating. From the very first note on, Ape Cave grabs a hold of you, grabbing your attention and fully immersing you in the wondrous soundscapes and atmospheres that they create. The longer that you listen, the deeper and deeper Ape Cave pulls you in to their murky, fuzzed out and hypnotic world of sludge.

Through fourteen tracks you are presented with great song writing, intricate musicianship and and overall raw, unfiltered and mesmerizing tone. Through and through, each of the fourteen tracks that are present on this release are wonderfully crafted and executed providing the listener with something that is wholly unique and incredibly memorable. Each song on this offering is solid and one can’t do without the other as each track plays off of one another making Language of the Earth play almost like one entire track instead of fourteen different tracks.

This new effort from these sludge wizards is an enthralling and intoxicating record. Each track is unique in its own way and each track has an innate ability to hook you right from the get go. Even as lengthy as this release is, it is an easy record to sink right in to and disappear among the wall of rolling sludge filled riffs to. Language of the Earth is an incredibly solid, hypnotic and unique record that asks to be listened to front to back, and once you do you won’t be able to stop listening.

Language of the Earth is a great record and a great way to kick off 2018. This release is nothing but sludge filled doom mastery.

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Ape Cave Bandcamp


Pissboiler: In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares

December 29, 2017


Ever oppressive, ever stomach turning and ever unsettling is Pissboiler and not too long ago they unleashed their brand new doom opus unto the masses. In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is the name of Pissboiler’s newest offering and nightmarish is a pretty appropriate word for this effort. Through four tracks you are faced with some incredibly harrowing and depressing droning doom metal that crawls underneath your skin like a parasite. Each of the four tracks on this release seep through your speakers like grimy, bloodied nightmares only to infect your mind and provide you with disturbing atmospheres and soundscapes.

Each track trudges along as if they are sifting through sludge filled mires of death and gloom. Low, slow and distorted is the approach here for Pissboiler and the more that you listen the more that you become wrapped up in their music. Their harrowing and apocalyptic droning doom sound captivates you and almost lulls you in to a stupor as they drag you through harsh sludge filled soundscape after sludge filled soundscape. After the passing of each track you are left feeling helpless and alone in a bleak and ever darkening world. Each track is without hope and without light and the more that you listen the more and more deadly the album as a whole becomes.

In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is riddled with flesh gnashing and soul peeling distorted chords that are only to be supplemented by roaring inhuman vocals that tear at your eardrums themselves. Each track is massive and swallows you whole, dragging you down in to a never ending pit of eternal blackness. Throughout the time that you spend listening to this monolithic record, you feel your heart sink and your hope fade away in to the darkness. “In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares” is a completely and utterly hope and life diminishing listen, one that is not to be forgotten or looked over.

This offering is wonderfully dark and grim and so well put together making it out to be an excellent listen. In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is filled with despair and melancholy that is presented to you by droning nightmarish doom. Each passage takes you through darkened and poisoned corridors from which you cannot run or escape from. Once you begin listening, Pissboiler traps you in their dark, twisting and ever tortured world that they have created. In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is as hypnotic as it is damning, and the more that you listen, the more that you want to keep listening and putting yourself through such a grim and life threatening album.

In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares is an exceptional album, one that is deserved of praise. Through four tracks you are presented with something that is monolithic and mind altering. Well done Pissboiler, you have created one of my favorite albums this year.


December 23, 2017


There are massive albums, and then there are cataclysmic albums and that is what HELL has brought forth. With their self titled release, HELL unleashes a sound that is harrowing, bone breaking and apocalyptic. In only seven tracks, HELL unleashes sludge filled doom hatred upon you burying you beneath spine shattering riffs and unearthly bass lines. Upon pressing play you really do become buried under a sonic assault of epic proportions. Once HELL gets going they don’t stop as they scorch the earth behind them and lay waste to the unfortunate souls that cross their path. From the first track on you quickly realize that you are in for a harrowing and incredibly damning listen, one that drags you to the fiery pits of Sodom never to be seen again.

Heavy doesn’t really begin to describe how heavy this self titled offering really is. From track to track you are greeted with nothing but flesh flaying and life threatening sludge filled doom that ultimately digs you a grave and expects you to lie in it. The overall sound of this release is earth shaking and soul peeling making it out to be such a destructive yet captivating listen. Once you press play there is no going back, you cannot escape the walls of doom that close in with every passing second. Each of the seven tracks on this offering are just as colossal as the others and punish you all the same. With each passing second and each passing minute you become under siege by unrelenting murky doom that won’t let you out of its cold grasp.

Each track is a crushing offering ultimately making you buckle under the sheer weight shattering your bones in the process. This self titled release is inhumanly heavy and incredibly damning and bitter. Each of the seven tracks are harrowing, grim, dark, twisted, malevolent and incredibly unforgiving. This record crashes down upon you with an incredible intensity and weight that makes you feel bogged down as if you are stuck in a murky sludge filled mire. HELL moves along from track to track trudging along like a reaper patiently waiting for your demise.

Once you reach the end of this release you feel as though you have relinquished your life to the damned below. The melancholic way in which Seelenos wraps the album up makes it seem as though your life has come to a close, that your life is no more and you are only to be buried in a cold damp ground. This fifty minute release is something to behold as it is monolithic and unapologetic. This is an unforgettable release, one that buries itself under your skin.

With this offering, HELL has created something that is just undeniable as well as something that doom fans are sure to find incredible enjoyment out of.

Coughdust: Worldwrench

December 9, 2017


Deploying an all out aural assault in the heaviest of manners is Coughdust as they combine doom, death metal and stoner metal. With their newest offering Worldwrench, Coughdust once again display their overall terrorizing and terrifying sound within only six tracks. Throughout this release the level of mayhem is off the charts as Coughdust hammers down upon you with their highly venomous and abrasive style of doom riddled death metal. From the very first note on you quickly realize that you are in for an utterly devastating, pessimistic, and deadly listen. The longer that you listen the lower that you sink in to your very own self dug grave. Through and through, Coughdust does not skip out or short you on brutality and heaviness as each track is just as potent and pointed as the others.

Worldwrench is almost like walking through a trippy and vivid nightmare from which you cannot crawl back from. The deadly and all together flesh ripping sounds of doom and death are coupled with psychedelic aspects of stoner metal to create a very vivid depiction of your death. The psychedelic tendencies play a smaller role in this chaotic brain bashing effort, but the role that they do play helps elevate each track to new and more mortifying heights. As mentioned above, Worldwrench is like stepping in to a nightmare in which everything is out to steal your life from you. Each track is massive and unforgiving as they shred your ear drums and pummel you within an inch of your life. These six tracks are caustic, bone breaking anthems of pure misery and disgust.

This effort is raw, unrelenting, blood curdling and life threatening and at the end of it all you feel a strong need to put yourself right back through all of the torment. This forty minute onslaught is just that, an onslaught. Never once does Coughdust relent as they shovel as much pain and torment upon you within their six tracks. Each track storms out of your speakers in grizzly fashion, mauling you and picking at your very life. Each cut on this effort is monolithic in stature and has the capability to crush you whenever they see fit. Through and through, Coughdust buries you under an incredible avalanche of buzzing and gnashing riffs, heavy handed drumming, bone rattling bass lines and vocals that are entirely monstrous and blood thirsty. Once you press play there certainly is no escaping the sonic wall of doom and death misery that is doled out in heaping proportions.

The overall sound of Worldwrench is one that looms over you like never ending dread. Coughdust has created a sound that is in your face yet groove filled, pessimistic, deadly, venomous, blood curdling among other descriptors. The amalgamation of doom, death and stoner metal is a great combination and each element works hand in hand to provide you with a ceaseless assault on your deformed ears. There is no where to hide from the wall of sonic misery once you begin listening. Worldwrench is as confronting and in your face as it gets and never once does Coughdust back down or let their boot off of your throat.

This is one heavy mass of doom and death that isn’t to be taken lightly. At the end of the listen you ultimately want more and reach for the play button again more often than not. For a doom record this is a relatively short one, but even so, Coughdust provides you with more than enough content. Overall, Worldwrench is a solid record to say the least. Each of the six tracks that are present on this effort are well performed and put together to create a cohesive and ultimately deadly listen.

Monolith Cult: Gospel of Despair

December 8, 2017

monolith cult cover.jpg

The members of Monolith Cult certainly are no strangers to heavy metal and doom as each member is either a former member of Khang, Lazarus Blackstar, Solstice and Ironrat. The culmination of their efforts as well as their love for heavy metal and doom in general shines through within their sophomore effort titled Gospel of Despair. Monolith Cult seems to be the very embodiment of epic doom metal and Gospel of Despair is their damn near perfect offering to the world. When you thought that epic doom could possibly be in a rut or couldn’t possibly be any better than it already is, Monolith Cult proves that epic doom metal is here to stay and that there is still so much more to offer.

The seven passages that are featured on this release are all very well done and incredible in their own individual ways, but as a whole they create such a cohesive and mesmerizing sound. Gospel of Despair is a record that sucks you in right from the very beginning and keeps you listening and nodding your head for its entirety and then some. Each track has this innate ability to stick to you and get stuck in your head and until you listen through and through numerous times, they will never leave. Through and through, Gospel of Despair is an incredibly well put together and well executed record. Each track is a seamless display of the ultimate power that epic doom metal wields and each track is sure to mesmerize and put a spell over you.

The grand groove filled riffs and the soaring hypnotic vocals as well as the dark and dense atmospheres that course through the veins of this release are sure to put you in a trance. The musicianship all throughout this record is flawless and captivating and with that coupled with the clean enchanting vocals you are gifted with such a wondrous and incredibly clean and intoxicating sound. Throughout each track, these doom magicians show off their heavy doom and heavy metal prowess as each musician comes together to provide you with a cohesive and incredibly powerful and undeniable sound.

Throughout Gospel of Despair you are greeted with not only lurching, slow burning doom passages, but you are also confronted with mid-tempo romps that send your head in to a tailspin as well. Monolith Cult does a great job of changing up their tempos and style every now and then throughout each track to provide you with plenty of variety. Never once does any one of the seven tracks sound identical and never once does Monolith Cult repeat themselves all throughout this release. Each track has its own identifying features and never do you feel as though you are listening to the same track over and over again. With that said, everything melts together so well and each track sews together seamlessly creating a comprehensive and whole sound that is unforgettable.

Gospel of Despair is a massive and powerful record that is surely hard to forget and is certainly one of the better doom releases this year. Through seven tracks you are provided with forty-three minutes plus of nothing but some incredibly solid and well executed epic doom metal that is highly intoxicating and highly addictive. Not enough can be said about this release, and before I begin to repeat myself the last thing that I have to say about this effort is that it simply is a great release.

Check out Gospel of Despair below!

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Monolith Cult Facebook

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Transcending Records Facebook


Epitaphe: Demo MMXVII

November 27, 2017

Armed with only three tracks, Epitaphe provide you with a lengthy, winding, ever shifting and completely blasphemous listen. As mentioned, Epitaphe’s new demo is broken down in to three songs that act as one whole track. These tracks bleed in to each other seamlessly providing you with a full and cohesive listen. Throughout the entirety of the release, Epitaphe provide you with doomed death metal that is paired with other influences to create an unholy and blood boiling sound. Each track is damning, hellish, and challenging. With this demo, Epitaphe invites listeners in to their dark and bleak world and challenges them to take the long and harrowing trek through the entirety of the release.

Through and through, Epitaphe greets you at every twist and bend with buzzing, fuzzed out doomed death metal in the most sinister of veins. Epitaphe incorporates both genres incredibly well in to their nightmarish and all together soul ripping sound. Never does Epitaphe lurch from death metal to doom as they sew both together with ease to create a cohesive and fluid sound. The amalgamation of death and doom here provides the listener with an apocalyptic end of times kind of sound that is entirely unsettling and unnerving. Once you press play, Epitaphe descends upon you like vultures descend upon an unfortunate carcass, and continue to pick away at you until the final gnarled note rings through your speakers.

Each of the three tracks that appear on this demo crash down upon you like tidal waves. These tracks are weighty and unforgiving and they leave you battered and torn to shreds at the end of it all. This demo is a cacophony of sickness, darkness, bleak atmospheres and down right flesh shredding doom riddled death metal. Once you enter the shadowy realm of Epitaphe there certainly is no escape, there is only death. This demo is wonderfully dark and sinister and for that reason among many it holds you as its captive audience for its entirety.

Beyond the sonic wall of brain melting doom filled death metal, Epitaphe creates vast and deadly soundscapes as well as venomous, intense and twisting atmospheres. The atmospheres that Epitaphe creates within this release hang over you like looming lurking death. Coupled with the never ending barrage of pummeling drums and scythe like riffs, the atmospheres add yet another deadly element to an already deadly and unforgiving sound.

Each track on this release is very well crafted and very well performed. Everything flows nicely together and each track flows well with one another creating a comprehensive listen. This demo is a journey and Epitaphe is your guide through this harrowing and malevolent journey, and once it is all over, you feel the need to listen again. Through forty minutes you are provided with great doomed death metal that you can’t seem to get enough of, and with that being said, this demo is great. For their very first release, Epitaphe have knocked it out of the park in my opinion, and if you are in to doom or death metal or both, you simply can’t go wrong here.

This demo will be released December 13, 2017 through Chaos Records.

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