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Enforced: At The Walls

July 18, 2019

Enforced: At The Walls

Volatile, explosive, destructive, head caving and many more descriptors can be used to describe hardcore/thrash crossover act Enforced. With unbridled intensity and fury, Enforced unleash a true metallic assault that is sure to snap your head back before you have any time to prepare. At The Walls features tracks from Enforced’s 2017 demo, Retaliation promo and not only that but two brand new tracks are present as well. With that said, through this release you are treated to nine incredibly heavy, bone shattering offerings that leave you bloodied and bruised at the end of it all. At The Walls begins with a ferocious onslaught and carries that intensity and explosiveness all the way through to the end leaving your face surely melted on the floor.

As mentioned, Enforced combines the likes of thrash and hardcore, and in doing so they present you with an overall bombastic and sharpened sound that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time. The sound that Enforced emits is one that is truly forceful and intense giving you no choice but to be all consumed by its potency and power. Each of the nine offerings within this title are as punishing and destructive as each other making the entire release foundation leveling and skull smashing.

Enforced provides you with no warnings, provides you with no filler or fluff as each track that they have here within this compilation is a vicious metallic onslaught of gargantuan proportions. With massive sharpened riffs that are wielded like weapons, drumming that shatters your bones and vocals that are incredibly intense, Enforced provides you with an overall sound that is caustic and down right face melting.

Each track that Enforced has compiled within At The Walls is a true heavy handed beat down that leaves you broken. One track right after the next of nothing but furious thrashing hardcore madness that gets your neck twisted and head banging immediately. These offerings are all volatile, pummeling and demolishing, and if you are looking for a great head caving release you don’t have to look further than what At The Walls offers.

At The Walls will be released July 19 through WAR Records.

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Best Of Bandcamp: Enforced: Retaliation

April 23, 2018

Blurring the lines between thrash, death metal and elements of hardcore, Enforced bring you a stomping sound that surely will kick your teeth down your throat. Retaliation is the name of their three track demo, and nearly immediately they bring the pain and punishment with the opener Born Lost. Born Lost, much like its two counterparts is a powerful and thrashing mad anthem that gets your brain bashing against your skull in no time. Each track is a blasting force to be reckoned with as they each storm through your speakers to slash and gnash away at your ear drums. As short as this demo is with only three tracks to its name, it packs more than a punch as it leaves you breathless and bloodied at the end of it all.

Enforced stomps you in to submission with their no holds barred approach. From track one to track three you are greeted by gritty and ever pressing thrash noise that leaves your head spinning and your neck snapped. From the drop of the first gnarled note, Enforced barrels through your speakers greeting you with an all out vicious assault. With filthy riffs backed by bombastic ever charging drumming and vocals that are shouted from every which direction, Enforced dish out a thorough and complete beating. Each track flows well in to the next never really giving you enough time to catch your breath.

Retaliation is a potent, relentless and menacing demo that barrels toward you at mach speed for three straight tracks only stopping once you are laying broken. This is the type of sound that thrash needs more of. This unpolished, unbridled and maniacal sound is hard to stop listening to. Retaliation is a very solid outing for these thrash maniacs as they supply you with nothing but purely punishing and unrelenting death tinged thrash to twist your neck to.

You can find Retaliation on Enforced’s Bandcamp

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