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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Omgeving: Wijde Wijdte

November 18, 2018

Boiling down numerous genres to create something all together atmospheric, heavy and gripping is Omgeving. This experimental band incorporates the likes of doom, sludge, rock, black metal and ambient to provide you with a compelling and enveloping sound. Wijde Wijdte is an instrumental record that comes complete with eight tracks of gripping and mind warping metal. From beginning to end you fall deeper and deeper in to the darkened recesses of the atmosphere that is provided here for you. As soon as the first note hits your ears you are compelled and gripped, never wanting to leave the listen until you have heard the final note call out through the void.

Wijde Wijdte is wholly striking and intriguing and Omgeving seamlessly sews numerous genres together to create an overall unique sound. Never once do you hear the same sound twice as Omgeving does a great job of mixing things up through each track. Wijde Wijdte is a labyrinth of sounds as it is forever changing and forever leading your mind around twisting and contorting corridors for its entirety. Wijde Wijdte has a knack for pulling you in and submerging you under its ever compelling and hypnotizing atmospheres never to let you leave until your mind has been completely filled with darkened reveries and dirges of doom.

Omgeving presents you with a sound that is grand, fluid and ever shifting never keeping the same shape as it contorts and twists its way through numerous genres only to provide you with a cohesive and comprehensive listen.The smattering of genres within this release is on full display as each and every track provides you with little elements of each genre that work hand in hand to create an overall inviting yet sinister sound. As each minute passes through these dirges of darkness, you fall further and further in to the abyssal soundscapes that are provided for you. Wijde Wijdte is hypnotic in its own way and gripping, ever drawing you further and further in to where the light does not reach.

Wijde Wijdte is a solid record to say the least as it offers up just about everything you could want coming from an experimental project. You are treated to ever foreboding atmospheres, slow burning doom passages, black metal cynicism and more as Omgeving pushes the boundaries of each genre to present you with something unique. Each of the eight tracks on this release are fulfilling and well constructed creating a fluid sound that you have a hard time breaking away from. This release warrants many listens not only to pick up on things that you may not have heard in previous listens, but because it is a solid and compelling record through and through.

Wijde Wijdte will be released December 6, 2018 through Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Gnaw Their Tongues: Genocidal Majesty

February 11, 2018

genocidal majesty.jpg

Eternally descending in to mind eating madness, ever contorting and forever blurring lines between sanity and insanity is Gnaw Their Tongues’ newest oppressive force Genocidal Majesty. This nine track offering is the stuff of eternal nightmares in musical form. As brutal and degrading as this release is, it is just as compelling, gripping and memorable in its own right. This experimental project that not so crudely sews black metal and perhaps some elements of sludge and doom in to the mix-among many other elements-to create and all together cohesive and wonderfully terrifying sound. Genocidal Majesty grips you right from the beginning, and through out the release you find it hard to pull away from your speakers. This is the type of record that grabs your attention immediately and violently only to pull you in to the dark depths of dementia and hysteria along with it.

The amalgamation of numerous musical influences would very well seem to create nothing but a muddled mess, but you will find within this record that that is not the case. Each element plays its own part in this mind warping musical venture to create a sound that is all together cohesive and brain numbing. From the first track on you become pelted with violent and incredibly filthy noise that rings through your ears only to infect your mind driving you deeper and deeper in to a state of quickening madness. Genocidal Majesty is an ever shifting, ever darkening record that very quickly thrusts you in to the throes of insanity with a massively oppressive force, never to let you escape the utter mania until that final gnarled note crosses through your speakers.

There have not been too many records-that I am aware of at least-that make you feel as though you are actually losing your mind. With the ever present life draining noise that is coupled with the constant howling, haunting and demonic vocals that appear and disappear like apparitions, you feel as though your mind is breaking. In every track it is the vocals that make it seem as though there are voices inside of your head calling out to you only to continue rattling around in your mind constantly reminding you that you are going insane. The way in which Gnaw Their Tongues grasps you by the throat never to let you go and then drive you mad within its run time is something spectacular.

Genocidal Majesty is wonderfully grim and twisted, and from the very first note on you become hooked. This sonic wall of mind deteriorating madness is something to behold and definitely not something to pass up. Genocidal Majesty is something unique, potent, damning and incredibly intoxicating. This is certainly one hell of an album that is hard to forget and hard to stop listening to.

Genocidal Majesty was released February 9, 2018  through Consouling Sounds.

Watch the official video for the title track Genocidal Majesty below!

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Gnaw Their Tongues Bandcamp

Nekhen: Akhet

January 2, 2018

Two years ago saw the coming of Nekhen’s debut release Entering the Gate of the Western Horizon, and now this year Nekhen graces us once again with a brand new offering titled Akhet. Akhet is one long track divided in to four parts, and much like Nekhen’s previous release, Akhet is incredibly atmospheric, immersive, monolithic in stature as well as hypnotic. Each track is a grandiose offering presenting you with nothing but incredibly atmospheric sounds that paint vast and harrowing soundscapes. Throughout this release you are greeted with loud, intense riffs that are only to be coupled by more traditional Egyptian instruments and influences only to create an overall inviting, heavy, dread inducing and down right incredibly memorable sound.

With the passing of each track, Nekhen does a great job of unfurling a story right before your eyes. Nekhen has an innate ability to draw you in to their vast and dark world only to keep you there for quite some time. Once you begin listening it is hard to escape the buzzing walls of sonic doom. Akhet is a difficult record to stop listening to once you begin as you become wrapped up in the dense and harrowing atmospheres that Nekhen lays out for you. Once you press play, you become shrouded in a dense, dark and twisting fog that collapses around you never letting you escape or wander beyond the wondrous yet grim soundscapes that Nekhen provides you.

The overall sound of Akhet is large and grand making it seem as though each track looms over you. These slow burning doom riddled passages make you feel as though the end is nigh and each of these tracks make you buckle under their sheer monstrous weight. Through four tracks, Nekhen makes you feel entirely small and on top of that, each track makes you feel as though you can be and will be crushed without a second thought. The combination of doom and the more traditional Egyptian sounds and instruments makes this sound up and makes for an interesting and unforgettable listen. The addition of the traditional Egyptian sounds really ties everything together and really makes the overall dread inducing sound just that much more monstrous and deadly.

Entering the Gate of the Western Horizon was impressive, and Akhet certainly impresses just as much if not more. Nekhen is an interesting one man project that has an interesting take on doom with the addition of Egyptian themes and instruments, and boy does it ever work. Each element is sewn together nicely creating a cohesive and overall massive sound that you aren’t soon to forget. Nor is Nekhen a band that you should pass up on.

You can find the entire Akhet release below on YouTube!

And you can find Akhet right on Bandcamp


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