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Booze Control: Forgotten Lands

January 9, 2019

Booze Control: Forgotten Lands

Upon seeing Booze Control’s name, one would assume that they are a more tongue in cheek booze propelled heavy metal band. While that was somewhat the case back when they first formed in 2009, Booze Control has since steered themselves in to the lane of more serious and comprehensive song writing starting back in 2013 with their release appropriately named Heavy Metal. Now, ten years after their inception, Booze Control is on the verge of ushering forth perhaps their most mature and well put together record titled Forgotten Lands. This release is packed with ten very well written and executed offerings of straight up heavy metal.

Bridging the gap between European heavy metal and American heavy metal, Booze Control offer up an addicting and wonderful old-school heavy metal sound that is incredibly infectious. Booze Control wastes little time before they get you perfectly acquainted with their overall head banging and fist pumping sound as they immediately set in with their opening track Forgotten Lands. From the opener onward, Booze Control stampedes forth with track after track of highly memorable and highly intoxicating heavy metal, the kind that will rattle around in your brain for quite some time.

Through this release you come to meet ever fiery, tightly knit riffs that are supplemented by solid drumming, great bass work and very solid vocals that can soar to upper echelons of piercing heavy metal vocals when needed. Each track within this release is a wonderfully crafted offering that provides you with great amounts of entertainment and just straight up incredibly solid heavy metal that gets you banging your head before you know it. Through and through, Forgotten Lands is a well written and well crafted offering, one that provides you with ten great tracks one right after another.

With much more mature song writing and plenty of charisma among many other attributes, Booze Control offers up their most compelling and infectious release with Forgotten Lands. This is a very good release, one that you can keep on repeat without tiring of it. With ten excellent tracks to its name Forgotten Lands is a very solid offering. This is the release to look for if you are looking for some new, clean, entertaining and memorable heavy metal.

Forgotten Lands will be released February 22, 2019 through Gates of Hell Records.

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