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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Garden Of Eyes: Arcane Haze

February 11, 2020

Garden Of Eyes: Arcane Haze

Summoned from their dark and dank grave comes Garden Of Eyes with their newest offering titled Arcane Haze. With four new tracks to its name plus the two track from their demo released in 2019, you are treated to six total tracks of ugly, grim filled, gut churning death metal. Played in the rotting vein of old-school death metal, Garden Of Eyes keep things filthy and down right lobotomizing. Ushering forth one track after the next, these creatures of death provide you with a skull hammering listen. Without reprieve, Arcane Haze marches forth unapologetically so, burying you underneath droves of sickening, wretched death.

Wicked and demented, Garden Of Eyes spew forth their sickening brand of vile death. Each of the six tracks that are present here are just as gutting and neck slashing as the last, as each one hunts you down only to drag you in to an early shallow grave. Never to cease, Arcane Haze ladles a true tormenting onslaught of unrepentant death upon you until you are finally buried and suffocating underneath it all. There is no fluff and filler here as what you get is pure death that rears its disfigured head only to lash out and hack you to pieces.

Gnarled and reeking of putrid rotting flesh, Garden Of Eyes barrels forth straight through your chest. Leaving nothing but viscera and bloodied slime in their wake, this ghoulish outfit tramples over everything and everyone in their way. With ever brain mashing drum work that is paired with buzzing viscera dripping riffs as well as ripping inhuman vocals, Garden Of Eyes offers up a true and ghastly brand of arcane death and horror. The overall rotting sound peels your skin and rots your flesh from bone, leaving you as nothing more than a husk ready for burial.

Arcane Haze is undeniably terrorizing and damning as it offers up nothing but six horrifying tracks of fetid death. Buzzing and flesh ripping, each track is just as potent as the last. Forever burying you under droves of bulldozing death, Arcane Haze lays you to rest among the rest of the unfortunate souls that were claimed before you. Through and through, Arcane Haze is a very solid and very heavy and addictive release.

Arcane Haze is out now through AHPN Records.

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