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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Terminal Nation: Holocene Extinction

July 8, 2020

Terminal Nation: Holocene Extinction

What do you get when you mix hardcore, powerviolence and death metal together? You get Terminal Nation and an incredible dose of neck snapping heavy. After releasing several EPs over the years, this politically and socially charged band is set to unleash their debut full length titled Holocene Extinction. This offering features thirteen total tracks of blunt force trauma inducing, in your face, fury laden metal that you will not forget. With their bone crushing sound and point blank lyrics revolving around corruption, racism, injustice and more, Holocene Extinction is a record as a whole that will stick around with you for some time to come.

Without respite, without reprieve, Terminal Nation marches forth from track to track trampling you underneath their feet as they move forward. Through and through, Holocene Extinction is visceral and brutal and with the majority of tracks being as short as they are, they get sledge hammered straight into your brain in unrelenting fashion. A savage beat down from beginning to end, Terminal Nation makes sure that you hear their messages loud and clear and you don’t soon forget them. Thirteen brutally heavy tracks smash straight through your skull into your frontal lobe leaving a searing reminder of what it was that you just listened to.

Through Holocene Extinction you come subject to sensory destroying riffs that only are to come paired with bone splintering drum work and bass lines that make your brain leak through your ears. To add to all of that black hole heavy madness are ear drum bursting vocals that as mentioned, add to the sheer heavy that the musicianship already provides. The only real reprieve that you are offered is when track nine titled Expired Utopia shows up, but once it ends it feeds into yet another bone crumbling track titled Death For Profit. It simply does not stop with Terminal Nation as they roll out one track after the next of furious, spine melting metal that is truly incredible and undeniable.

Holocene Extinction is a blitzkrieg of fury and madness that is as in your face as it could possibly be and as heavy as it can be. This is a cohesive, well rounded and well constructed effort that goes off like a car bomb from the drop of the first note. Holocene Extinction is loud, abrasive, heavy, in your face, heavy and it fucking rips from track one to track thirteen. Once track thirteen ends you really just want it to continue for another thirteen tracks or more and that ultimately leads you to hitting the play button over and over again until your ear drums finally can’t take it anymore. This is an incredible debut full length, there is nothing left that needs to be said other than that.

Holocene Extinction will be released August 7th on 20 Buck Spin.

Links To Follow:

Terminal Nation Bandcamp

Terminal Nation Facebook

20 Buck Spin Official Site

Cult Burial: Sorrow EP

March 1, 2020

Cult Burial: Sorrow

In sewing the heads of black metal, doom metal and death metal together, Cult Burial create a sound that is all together spine bending heavy and menacing as they offer up two complete tracks within their EP Sorrow. As soon as you lift your finger off of the play button, a wave of death and doom hits you square in the chest never to relent until you are fully buried underneath the droves of pummeling riff and drum work. Although there are only two tracks attached to this release, they are both massive walls of abyssal doom and death from which you get dragged in to from the drop of the first note.

Cult Burial waste no time with intros as they set in immediately offering up their unique, pummeling style of heavy metal. In their great amalgamation of death, doom and black metal, Cult Burial balances each of those genres through two tracks very well. These merchants of darkness offer up a cohesive and well rounded sound that is as heavy as you would imagine. The doom dirges drag you through abyss after abyss while the death metal passages rip you to shreds once they crop up from their rotted burial site. The black metal elements that appear offer you at times a haunting and chilling atmosphere that envelopes you in bitter darkness. Each of the genres have their own time to shine through each of the two tracks that are present here as Cult Burial does a great job of incorporating each in to the fold.

As short as this EP is, it more than makes up for that with the quality of the two tracks. Both of the offerings here are excellent as Cult Burial does a great job of incorporating all genres and morphing them to how they see fit. Both tracks are a great amalgamation of all three genres to create something that is spine severing heavy. With great instrumentation, monstrous vocals and an overall menacing atmosphere, Cult Burial offer up something that is truly outstanding. Neither of the tracks here display any sort of weakness as they both crawl out of your speakers with intent to bury you underneath slabs of grisly death riddled doom with elements of soul stealing black metal for good measure.

Overall, Sorrow is a great EP. As mentioned above, what this EP lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. Through and through Cult Burial provide you with top notch metal and really there isn’t anything more that you can ask for.

Links To Follow:

Cult Burial Bandcamp

Pet Weapon: Brute Mirth Fetish

December 4, 2019

Pet Weapon: Brute Mirth Fetish

With a sound that embodies what a crash test for genres might sound like, Pet Weapon fuse the bone breaking elements of hardcore, the grime of sludge, and the ear bleeding tendencies of noise rock. This amalgamation of metal melts together to create something wholly chaotic yet well put together to provide you with a well rounded yet brain bashing sound. Through this release titled Brute Mirth Fetish, you are treated to five offerings that mix all of the aforementioned genres forcing you to bang you head and bash your brain against its skeletal cage.

Forever shifting and morphing their sound, you never really are sure what you are about to hear from Pet Weapon. With the passing of each second comes a new sound, one that is just as jarring and heavy as the last making you twist your neck as aural punishment gets ladled out in heaping doses. Each track is an unrelenting explosion of metallic fury that rattles your spine and makes your ear drums ooze down your ear canal. One might think that the twisting of each of the genres listed above might create a sound that is unrecognizable, but the opposite is quite true. Pet Weapon take each genre that they employ and incorporate it into the fold very well to create a cohesive and well rounded sound that will rattle your brain straight out of your nose.

Brute Mirth Fetish truly is something to behold as it is a no holds barred kind of release that throws absolutely everything at you from beginning to end never to relent until the final sludge steeped note rings through your skull. Each track is just as explosive and unrelenting as the last as you are never to get any sort of reprieve from the bombastic noise prison in which you become trapped in. Potent, powerful, heavy and much more, Pet Weapon provide you with something unique here with Brute Mirth Fetish.

You had better brace yourself and hold on to something before you press play while listening to this release as it is quite the wild ride from start to finish. Without so much as a warning, Pet Weapon scorches out of the gate to offer you their twisted brand of metal. Whiplash inducing, heart stopping metal is what you come to greet here one track right after the next. Overall, Brute Mirth Fetish is a solid release, one that is unique and quite different from any thing else that you may listen to. If you are in search of something unique, frantic and down right brain buzzing you don’t have to look much further than Brute Mirth Fetish.

Hair Puller: Old Friend

December 2, 2019

Hair Puller: Old Friend

In a destructive amalgamation of sludge, hardcore and noise, Portland, Oregon’s own Hair Puller offer up their debut full length titled Old Friend. However, this release does not treat you as an old friend would as it decidedly tries to bury you beneath the concrete from the drop of the first note onward. Ever vicious and unrelenting, Hair Puller ushers forth a destructive and chaotic sound that will blow your ear drums out all while inducing whiplash among many other spinal and neck injuries. Blistering, chugging, explosive and much more, Hair Puller wraps Old Friend in all of it an delivers it in one volatile package of chaos and wreckage.

There is no reprieve and there is no way to escape the absolute destruction and mayhem that Hair Puller injects in to your veins speakers as they ladle the punishment on heavy and often. The sludge is murky, the hardcore elements appropriately spine snapping and brain bruising, the noise components dizzying and disorienting, and all of that comes together to create an overall symphony of chaos. Each of the ten tracks that are present within this release are all as steeped in mayhem and twisted metal as the last making this entire release to be a brain bruising and mind warping effort.

Old Friend makes you feel as though a bulldozer has crushed you underneath it once all is said and done. Running you over and spitting you out the other side, Old Friend breaks and punishes you from beginning to end. Trapping you in a cyclone of piercing and flesh slashing metal, Old Friend consumes and flattens all that is in its path. Without blinking an eye, each track rolls onward stomping down and trampling over anyone and anything that dares stand before it. Nothing can stop this release once it begins its neck breaking spree, and once all is said and done you are left as nothing more than a twisted mess.

Overall, Old Friend is a great release; one that mashes together numerous genres to create something all together head splitting and ear drum destroying. There isn’t a track within this metallic onslaught that doesn’t leave you bruised and battered as each one is as volatile and anvil heavy as the last. Yet with that said, you still will come back for more and more spine rupturing heaviness.

Links To Follow:

Hair Puller Bandcamp

Coffin Apartment: S/T

November 30, 2019

Coffin Apartment: S/T

Utilizing blunt force trauma with hardcore, the flesh ripping aspects of death metal, the anger and spite of punk, and an overall textured and multilayered sound by way of the progressive elements, Coffin Apartment provide you with an entirely unique and head spinning sound. Ever pressing the envelope and pushing their sound to new frenetic heights, this band from Portland provides you with something entirely skin shredding and mind flaying. Forever twisting and careening from one genre to the next, Coffin Apartment treat you to a labyrinth of skull and ear splitting sound that is not to be denied.

With their whiplash inducing brand of metal, Coffin Apartment offer up a sharp and slicing sound that cleaves through you. At every twist and turn you are greeted by yet another wrinkle in the overall chaos filled fold. Forever moving and morphing from one sound to the next, Coffin Apartment keeps you on your toes as they switch gears so frequently and quickly that it leaves your head spinning. Frenetic, frantic when needed, yet down right heavy and spine shattering all the same, each of the five tracks trapped within this self titled release are all intense and brain bruising.

The genre gymnastics throughout this five track release is quite something to behold. Coffin Apartment hits you from many different and from all angles leaving you properly bruised and battered at the end of it all. With your mind forever shifted from the ever warping style of metal that Coffin Apartment plays, you still reach for the play button over and over again to get a dose of the madness that these guys provide. Each track throughout this offering is just as unique as one another, just as heavy and bone crunching and face melting making to be a unique and down right heavy release.

Overall, this self titled gem from Coffin Apartment is a sharp, blistering, brain mashing and heavy affair that you will have a tough time not listening to. With so much going on all at one time yet being seamlessly constructed in to an amalgamation of sonic destruction, you should not pass this up. If you are a fan of controlled chaos and metal that will melt your brain, you don’t have to look a whole lot further than Portland’s own Coffin Apartment.

Chasmdweller: Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle

November 10, 2019

Chasmdweller: Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle

Emerging from their sunken tomb comes Chasmdweller, and up from their stagnant dwelling they bring along with them their upcoming full length titled Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle. Fleshing out all things evil, sinister, soul crushing and flesh piercing, Chasmdweller offers up seven total tracks that runs forty-five minutes total. Each of the seven offerings that are harbored within the rotted walls of this release are as savage, soul peeling and destructive as the last. Chasmdweller sews together numerous genres to create such a disturbing and wicked sound. Melting death metal, doom, black metal and others together, these crypt stalkers create a sound that is purely menacing and terrorizing.

From beginning to end you become under siege by a complete barrage of flesh peeling and vein flaying metal that cannot and will not be denied. Invoking the Wrath Of The Seventh Circle is a truly monstrous and monolithic effort, one that stands tall, one that will crush you without a second thought. Flaying your flesh and draining your veins of its crimson liquid by way of blackened metal and disease ridden death, Chasmdweller also drags you asunder and has you crack under the sheer weight and pressure of the doom metal that is knit in with the other genres. Bone rattling and spine snapping, each of the seven tracks here are gnarled hymns of destruction, despair and death.

Chasmdweller summons something purely evil and sinister here with Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle. Not only is this release bone splintering heavy, but it has an atmosphere to it that is chilling and makes your skin crawl the entire time that you are listening. The atmosphere and ambiance haunts you, making you feel as though the reaper has come to drag your tortured soul asunder to a realm where eternal darkness reigns. Chasmdweller submerges you under each offering, smothering you in the swirling miasmal atmosphere that is very much present and potent all throughout.

Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle is a monster of a record, and for forty-five total minutes you are subject to some of the heaviest sounds to grace your gnarled and chewed up ear drums. This is an impressive debut full length record and stands tall as one of the heaviest releases this year in my opinion. Each track within this title is just as heavy, barbaric and wraith like as the last making this entire release something to truly behold. Chasmdweller nails it here with this release as they have summoned something truly impressive and down right impressive. Keep your eyes peeled for this wicked release.

Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle will be unleashed December 13.

You can pre-order Invoking The Wrath Of The Seventh Circle here.

Casket Huffer: Filth Ouroboros

October 27, 2019

Casket Huffer: Filth Ouroboros

In a wicked amalgamation of flesh tearing war metal, bone severing blackened death, murky sludge, and drowning doom, Casket Huffer arises from the horrifying depths after three long years to unleash Filth Ouroboros. This eight track monster is just that, a monster. Filth Ouroboros is an unsettling and flesh gnashing release right from the drop of the first gnarled note onward, never to relent as you become buried under some of the most devastating and sickening metal. This is pure sonic chaos and mayhem as Casket Huffer ushers forth a truly terrorizing and life devouring sound that will surely leave your bones picked clean and your skull scooped clean of its brain.

Filth Ouroboros is over forty total minutes of pure terror and neck breaking metal. This release has an unparalleled intensity to it and an unrivaled depravity as it unleashes hell and pure aural wreckage upon you from beginning to end. There is no reprieve and there is no light at the end of this release as you are left as nothing more than chunks of carnage among an ever growing mass of destruction and strewn bodies. Forever ripping and life expunging, Casket Huffer are at your throats only to stop the neck twisting and throat slashing once the final note leaves your speakers.

Ever accosting and entirely flesh melting, Casket Huffer show that they are not here to play around. Each minute and each second of this release is filled with bone eating and flesh decaying metal that tears you apart relentlessly without remorse and without thought for human life. Filth Ouroboros is unparalleled in brutality, savagery and sheer skull splitting metal as one track after the next is ushered forth forever squeezing the life from your very existence. With the sewing together of the aforementioned genres, Casket Huffer creates a sound all their own, and one that is truly damning and entirely punishing. You will not leave this listen unscathed and intact you will be chewed up.

Filth Ouroboros has to be one of the most punishing if not the most punishing record to grace our unfortunate ears this year. Through and through this release is sonic mayhem and pure aural warfare. Filth Ouroboros is an excellent release as it is unapologetic, unfiltered, damning, spine severing and so much more. Filth Ouroboros will stand atop as one of the most devastating records this year and rightfully so. You don’t have to look much further than Filth Ouroboros to find excellence as that is exactly what this release is, excellent.

Filth Ouroboros will be unleashed to the masses November 15 through Hibernation Release Records.

Links To Follow:

Hibernation Release Records Official Site

Hammerhands: Model Citizen

July 10, 2019

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Hammerhands: Model Citizen

Blurring the lines between doom, sludge, stoner rock, noise rock and even more, Hammerhands offers up a truly eclectic, unique and incredibly heavy sound. Within their new upcoming record Model Citizen, you are treated to nine total tracks of unrelenting, fuzzed out, monstrous offerings one right after the next. Never does Hammerhands slow their roll as they march onward from offering to offering burying you under the sheer weight of the wall of noise that they produce. With their overall monstrous sound comes bone rattling and the shaking of foundations and the more that you listen the more that your brain rattles in its skeletal domain.

From the very beginning Hammerhands captivates as they offer up a truly unrelenting and pummeling sound immediately. No intros are to be heard here as Hammerhands gets you acquainted with their brand of punishing noisy metal from the get go. Each of the nine tracks within this release are massively heavy and spine bending as they never cease in their murky, fuzz drenched assault. Each offering is a true wall of punishing noise that aims to bury you underneath their sheer weight, and they succeed. You are gifted no real reprieve or solace from the skull numbing noise that Hammerhands produces as they lumber from one bone shattering effort to the next submerging you in a murky sludge filled sound.

The amalgamation of numerous genres here works wonderfully as each genre has its place. One would imagine that incorporating so many unique genres would sound like a mess, but that is quite far from the truth here. Each of the nine tracks harbored within Model Citizen is a cohesive and comprehensive effort that is well written and constructed to provide you with a unique and overall crushing sound. Hammerhands has worked out a formula that works oh so well ultimately providing you with a gripping and all consuming sound that is truly undeniable.

Throughout, Hammerhands consistently switches tempos and tones forever shifting soundscapes and bending them to their mighty will. Never are you to hear the same sound come from Hammerhands as they constantly change gears to keep you on your toes and guessing as to what you are to hear next. Each track is holds a different sound, different soundscape and different tempo ultimately providing you with something unique through each second and each minute that passes.

With fuzz drenched riffs, thunderous bass lines, pounding drumming, a wide range of vocals and more, Hammerhands offers up a highly entertaining, well constructed and entirely spine snapping heavy effort. Through and through, Model Citizen is something to behold as it is monolithic and monstrous. With this being their third release, Hammerhands continues to push the envelope to create music that is refreshing to listen to as it is always something that has not yet been heard. Overall, Model Citizen is a fantastic record.

Model Citizen will be unleashed July 19.

Saturno: Live Session

June 29, 2019

Saturno: Death on Hold

Shifting and shaping numerous genres in to a spine bending heavy mold is Saturno. By combining the likes of death metal, doom and elements of black metal you can come to expect a sound that is murky yet flesh tearing all the same. The track is titled Death on Hold and it is down right monstrous. Through this track, Saturno does a great job of mixing up tempos as they trudge forth with their foundation of murky sludge filled doom only to change gears and tear in to you with their devastating death metal assault. Through this eight minute offering you will hear Saturno shape shift their sound at numerous times presenting you with plenty of variety and an overall bone shattering sound.

Never to lurch from one sound to the next, Saturno is seamless in their transitions between murky doom and their all out aural death metal barrage. With riffs steeped in sludge, they drag you through soundscapes that are dense and all consuming only to switch to rampaging, ripping riffs through the death metal pieces. Combined with the ever caustic riffing are pounding drums and bone shaking bass lines only to be complimented by unearthly vocals. The musicianship through Death on Hold is great as are the vocals that rip through your ear drums. As each second ticks off of the run time, you get drawn further and further in to the dark and murky soundscape that Saturno unfolds right before you.

Each element to this offering is done so well never to make anything feel out of place. Death on Hold is a well constructed wall of bulldozing metal that is sure to bury you underneath cold soil before all is said and done. The mixture of death metal, doom and elements of black metal here work so well in cohesion to provide you with an entirely varied and diverse sound that is hard to deny. The second track on this live demo starts off differently as it is a complete barbaric death metal offering that comes complete with flesh tearing riffs, tumultuous drumming and vocals that are just as savage as they were on the track Death on Hold.

This second offering is an uptempo rampage through fields of murky death for the majority of the eight and a half minute run time. A little over half way through this track titled Fire in the Sky, Saturno switches gears to provide you with even more sludge filled, captivating doom. From the second half of the track onward, Saturno marches forth with their brand of darkened yet entirely gripping style of doom metal that captivates your mind and has it wander through passages of near ethereal doom. Near the end of Fire in the Sky, Saturno once again changes gears offering up another minute of blistering death metal to end the track, leaving you buried.

Through both tracks, Saturno shows off what they truly are capable of. Each offering utilizes each genre to its fullest extent never to have any of the genres feel out of place or in the way of the overall tone. Each track is a well done and well constructed offering that is to surely please the fans of death, doom and black metal. No matter if you are a fan of just one of the genres in which they employ, you will find something here for you. Saturno hit the nail on the head with each of these tracks, making them to be incredibly memorable as you will continue to play them on repeat.

hell bent: Apocalyptic Lamentations

June 10, 2019

hell bent: Apocalyptic Lamentations

Thrashing mad and melting the skin straight off your face is thrash, hardcore, speed metal entity hell bent. Titled Apocalyptic Lamentations, it offers up nine purely shredding and head spinning tracks that gets you mashing your brain against your skull in no time at all. Without so much as a warning, hell bent hits you immediately with a destructive and ever ripping sound that sets its claws in you from the get go. hell bent rampage through each track, mashing the proverbial pedal through the floor to provide you with a wickedly fast and neck twisting offering.

Never to back down or cease their caustic brand of metal, hell bent keep it cranked to eleven the entire time. You are given no moment of solace from the fiery maelstrom of scalding metal that is Apocalyptic Lamentations. Each track is a blitzkrieg of weaponized thrashing metal that comes at you from all sides never to quit until you are left beaten and bruised. Ear drum shredding riffs pair with ever tumultuous drumming and screeching vocals that soar through the sonic wall of destruction. Of all nine tracks, all nine are as heavy and shredding as the last.

As short as each track is, they still hit hard and fast. Not only that, but you are given no time to breathe in between tracks as one ends the next immediately picks right back up. Apocalyptic Lamentations is a tornado of a release as it comes in and leaves nothing but wreckage and carnage in its wake. This entire release is a tour de force as you are treated to nine incredibly furious and face melting tracks. With incredible amounts of energy and fury, hell bent offers up an incredibly entertaining and head spinning album.

Apocalyptic Lamentations is a great record from beginning to end. Taking ques from thrash, speed metal, hardcore and more, hell bent makes it all work here in a cohesive storm of destruction. Through and through Apocalyptic Lamentations is entertaining, heavy and head spinning making it memorable as you reach back to press play again and again.

Apocalyptic Lamentations will be unleashed June 14 through: Horror Pain Gore Death for the CD release, Armageddon Label and Atomic Action! for vinyl and Metal Swarm for the cassette release.

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