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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Ardormort: To Live and To Die

May 29, 2019

Ardormort: To Live and to Die

Taking ques from black metal, doom, synth, ambient and more, Ardormort offers up a surreal atmospheric and ambient sound that is easy to get pulled in to. To Live and To Die is the title of Ardormort’s sophomore full length in which you will find six total tracks of nothing but ever enchanting and enveloping instrumental atmospheric metal. From their debut EP to their full length to this release, Ardormort really shows a lot of growth and focus within this offering that may not have been present within the first full length. With a cohesive, well rounded and focused sound, Ardormort offers up their best yet with To Live and To Die.

To Live and To Die is an easy release to fall in to and get drawn in by. Through each of the six tracks that are present here you are treated to soft ambiance and atmosphere that does a great job of enveloping you never letting you escape until the final track has concluded. As the seconds tick off of the run time, you become more and more enchanted and hypnotized, forever sinking further and further in to the vast ocean of atmosphere that is provided.

Through the wave of hypnotizing atmosphere you of course are greeted by serene riffs that are to be coupled with a great drum performance as well. From the riffs to the drumming to the synths and everything in between, each track is a well constructed offering that provides you with a surreal and sound that makes your float among the dense ambient laden clouds. Never wavering or breaking stride, Ardormort rolls from track to track with fluidity providing you with an overall cohesive and mind wandering sound that will keep you coming back for more.

Overall, To Live and To Die is a great effort. As mentioned, this release really displays a great maturity from the first full length as each element incorporated in to each track is implemented well to gift you with a memorable and engaging listen. Ardormort has found their stride here with this release and really hit the nail on the head with providing us with a pure atmospheric and ambiance filled release that makes you mind melt among the fluid soundscapes that are provided. Each offering is very solid making this entire release to be very good and one that will surely please fans of atmospheric metal and music in general.

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Chasmdweller: S/T

March 27, 2019

Chasmdweller: S/T

Culminating filth and destruction by bringing together doom, death, dungeon synth and power electronics is Chasmdweller. As unique as their sound is, Chasmdweller’s sound is just as punishing and foreboding. The two vile tracks that are present within their self titled release combine all of the above genres to create something unholy and entirely unique. Through this twenty minute release, you become subject to an overall bone shaking, disparaging sound that aims to grind your bones to dust. This self titled release is a monster. It is one that is multi headed and multi faceted as it comes accosts you from all sides with each genre that it employs with pure malevolence.

With as many genres and unique sounds as Chasmdweller stitches together here, you may think that the overall sound would be muddled, but the opposite is quite true. Chasmdweller sews everything together seamlessly to create a cohesive and comprehensive sound that is gripping and down right deadly. From the abyssal doom to the skull shattering death metal and foreboding ambiance and atmosphere that the electronic elements provide, you come to listen to a well balanced and filthy sound. Both tracks are constructed in such a way that each aspect of each genre has their time to shine making this self titled release as a whole very well rounded and put together.

From the very beginning, Chasmdweller has a great ability to pull you in to the murk and filth as their tracks are ever gripping and compelling. With great malevolence, Chasmdweller lumbers forth through each minute gifting you with something that you have not heard before in the minute previous. Both of the tracks that are harbored within the title are filthy and twisted offerings, ones that bring death and wield plagues. As they rumble forth, each track burns life to ashes and darkens where light dwells. These are sinister and malevolent offerings that march forth leaving destruction and disease in their wake.

Chasmdweller offers something new here with their self titled release that is very welcomed. Their sinister and murky sound is inviting and devilish to the point where you have to press play again and again. Within only two tracks, Chasmdweller offers something that is compelling and unique that is hard to ignore. This is a very solid debut offering from these dungeon lurkers.

This self titled release will be unleashed April 18 through Static Void Records.

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Bather: S/T

March 15, 2019

Bather: S/T

Meshing the likes of hardcore with elements of death metal, d-beat, some sludge and punk to create an overall pissed off and ultimately neck bending heavy sound is Bather. With their self titled release, Bather unleashes six tracks that are all just as heavy and skull smashing as the last. Never to cease and never to relent in their aural assault, Bather trudges from one track to the next to offer up an incredibly dark and destructive sound that is hard to deny. Each of the six offerings that are harbored within the title are equally savage and bone breaking, never gifting you with a moment of solace.

Nearly from the get go, Bather unleashes hell as they supply you with sickeningly heavy riffs that are backed by equally bone shaking bass lines and jarring drumming that are all complimented by unearthly monstrous vocals. All of these elements come together within each of the six tracks that are present to provide you with a non stop metallic assault that aims to tear you apart. As a whole, this self titled release is a savage and bone breaking offering that gets you smashing your brain against your skull against your better judgement. Each track is a non stop neck bending and head banging affair.

With each genre that Bather employs to create their overall nasty sound, they all come together in sickening harmony to provide you with a cohesive and wicked overall sound. Never once do your bones stop rattling as Bather ushers forth track after track of ceaseless violence and mayhem. Bather does a great job through each track switching tempos and sounds as they offer up a slower trudging sound that is akin to sludge then promptly switch gears to a more up tempo romp more akin to death metal and back again. These tempo and style changes are utilized effectively throughout each cut, gifting you with a varied and diverse listen. Never are you to hear the same thing twice throughout this self titled offering as Bather does a great job balancing each genre they employ as well as the great tempo shifts.

This release is a monster, one that deploys a menacing and destructive sound that is not to be ignored. Each offering is a force of metallic reckoning that aims to claim your life before the final second ticks off the clock. These tracks are well constructed hymns of destruction and mayhem that never slow their roll until the final note rings through. Overall, this is a very solid release. One that is pissed off, heavy as an anvil and filled with enough variety to keep you coming back for more foundation shaking madness. As short as this release is, it packs quite a punch and packs enough great brain rattling content within it to keep you entertained and engaged. Bather aims for the jugular here and they hit their mark.

This self titled release will be unleashed April 12 through Appalachian Noise Records.

Check out the official single All Dark Rooms from the upcoming release below!

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Disconnect: Tragic Doom

December 30, 2018

Disconnect: Tragic Doom

In a wicked culmination of numerous genres, Disconnect presents their newest five track offering Tragic Doom. Sewing together the likes of death metal, black metal, doom and some elements of sludge, Disconnect offers up an eclectic and unique sound. Through each of the five tracks that are present here you are greeted by every genre; not just one, not two, but every genre that Disconnect utilizes. As chaotic as that may sound, Disconnect sew each genre together wonderfully to create a cohesive and multi layered sound.

Once you feel as though you have a track figured out, Disconnect switches gears guiding you down a completely different path. These heathens switch seamlessly from genre to genre, forever contorting them to how they see fit. From pushing you forth toward the throes of death to dragging you asunder to the darkened abyss with doom and striking all the way back to venomous black metal, Disconnect deploys it all to create a sonic assault that is undeniable. Disconnect molds and shapes each track in such a way where each genre that they dabble in has a place in their cacophony of metallic noise.

Tragic Doom is a multi layered and multifaceted release, never to greet you with the same sounds twice as it ushers you through a complete labyrinth of sounds one minute after the next. This EP guides your mind through ever winding and twisting darkened corridors through each track and through each minute. Never once does Disconnect give you time to reflect on what you just heard as they are already ushering forth a new and unique sound.

It is easy to get wrapped up within this offering as it takes you on quite the sonic journey. From beginning to end you get wrapped up in the ever mesmerizing maze of sounds. Disconnect weaves in and out of genres with ease as they take you on break neck journeys with black and death metal, only to slow things down to a murky devilish crawl with their doom and sludge elements. Every now and then they break to present you with clean vocals and near serene sounds only to drag you back in to their ever punishing and wicked tone.

Tragic Doom is a cynical and dark EP, one that doesn’t take too much time to get you acquainted with its overall unique and forever shape shifting tone. Each track is a dark enchantment of black metal, doom, death, sludge and more to provide you with something truly striking and different. Overall, Tragic Doom is a very solid release through and through. Disconnect plays around and experiments with things that may not have been heard in their previous releases, and it all works so well.

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Gridfailure: When The Lights Go Out Vol.II

October 31, 2018

when the lights go out.jpg

Not as in your face, yet still nightmarish, Gridfailure presents When the Lights Go Out Vol. II. This release from the noise outfit isn’t as in your face noisy as its previous efforts have been, but with that being said this offering is an atmospheric mind bender none the less. Through each record, Gridfailure paints nightmarish soundscapes and atmospheres that cloud your mind and take it through darkened corridors until it has shrunk back in to the darkest of recesses. When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is sinister and haunting through and through as Gridfailure once again creates spectral ambiance and industrial noise that captivates yet horrifies.

Gridfailure begins their new offering with a slow burning offering that sets the overall skin crawling tone. The four plus minute opener floods your speakers with haunting sounds right off the bat, infecting your mind with darkened reveries and visions of horror creeping out of the shadows. The opener sets the tone for what is to come, and what is to come is even more sinister noise offerings that contort your mind and raise the hair on the back of your neck. Gridfailure does a great job of captivating you from the very beginning never to let your mind wander too far from the labyrinth of noise in which they create.

This noise monger paces this release very well as they start you off slowly, burning away at a four minute track before delving deeper in to the ever quickening darkness. From the opener onward, Gridfailure provides you with atmospheric blasphemy that stretches your imagination and brings you in to a world devoid of light. From beginning to end, Gridfailure paints grim and sinister paintings with a wide brush of industrial noise, haunting atmospherics and spectral voices among other elements to create an overall darkened and chilling sound.

Through the five eight tracks that are present within this release, Gridfailure leads you down darkened corridors never to be able to escape until the final spectral voice has called out through the void. Each track flows nicely together creating a cohesive mesh of nightmares. Overall, When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is a solid release through and through as Gridfailure provides you with eight solid tracks of nothing but haunting noise.

When the Lights Go Out Vol. II  will be released tomorrow October 31.

Jyotisavedanga: Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum

May 31, 2018


Keeping war metal the foundation, Jyotisavedanga splice the genes of numerous genres to sew them together to create something that is entirely unsettling, depraved and unique. Jyotisavedanga ignore genre boundaries within their debut full length Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum as they usher forth six tracks of mind warping and ear drum destroying tracks upon you. Jyotisavedanga make their presence very well known throughout this release as each track is a chaotic and forceful sonic endeavor that is life endangering and incredibly explosive. Jyotisavedanga mix their metallic juggernauts with light devouring atmosphere to make their release that much more dangerous and foreboding.

Jyotisavedanga begin their release with Distress Signal_Source Unknown, a static filled distress call that is as eerie and discomforting as you could possibly imagine. Right from the get go this track sets the foreboding and ominous tone that will follow throughout the remainder of the record. Immediately Jyotisavedanga make you feel uncomfortable and unwelcome and right then you know that you are in for something that is sinister. After the distress call you are treated to an all out aural assault by the name of Quantum Integers Systematic Deduc. This track rampages forth from the onset providing you with a grinding madhouse of a track that accosts you on all sides until you are beaten in to a bloody pulp.

The tracks that follow Distress Signal_Source Unknown follow the pattern of Quantum Integers Systematic Deduc as each one presents you with a raw and completely monstrous sound. Each track is unrelenting and dehumanizing as each one stampedes forth with murderous and malevolent intent. Never can you escape the blistering chaos that Jyotisavedanga dishes out as they roll from one track to the next never giving you a moments reprieve. Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum is a blitzkrieg of a record as it lasts for only a half hour, but that half hour can seem like an eternity once you become sucked in to the life consuming vortex that Jyotisavedanga has created.

While each track is a flesh tearing offering, each track is steeped in malevolent and blackened atmosphere as well. The atmosphere that Jyotisavedanga creates is soul stealing and incredibly venomous. It consumes light and submerges you in pure bitter darkness for the entirety of Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum’s run time. On all fronts, Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum is a vicious and monstrous record. Once you press play you become trapped within the ever expanding vortex that these heathens have created. This is an unsettling, harsh, punishing and warped release that you just won’t be able to stop listening to.

The unique blend of numerous genres here works so well. This record is cohesive, well crafted and well  written providing you with one hell of a unique, heavy and incredibly intoxicating listen. This debut for Jyotisavedanga couldn’t have come out any better than it did as this is one excellent record.

Thermogravimetry Warp Continuum will be released June 6, 2018 through Larval Productions.

Check out the track Bilateral Indexing Theory below!

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