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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Gravestone: Sickening

January 7, 2018

sickening cover.jpg

Emerging from the eighties to graces us with their deadly presence is Gravestone and digging up from the stagnant crypt they bring with them Sickening. Sickening is the debut full length from these coffin huffers, and within this release you will be sure to find ten wonderfully grim, twisted and murderous tracks that you are sure to snap your collective necks to. The sound that Gravestone emits is that of old-school Swedish death metal, and without sounding like a mimic, they present an old-school sound with their own styling. Every trademark for the Swedish death metal sound is there within Sickening, but the way in which Gravestone plays you never feel as though they are just another band regurgitating that old-school feel.

Gravestone bursts right out of your speakers from the very get go with their hellish in your face brand of death metal. From the very beginning on, Gravestone pours their brand of Swedish death on thick never to stop pouring as they ultimately cover you in pustules, stagnant remains and mold covered innards. From beginning to end, Gravestone buries you alive underneath an avalanche of buzzing gargantuan gut ripping riffs that are only to be supplemented by bone rattling bass lines and vocals that are spewed forth from your speakers. Throughout this release, you are not entitled to breaks or breathers as Gravestone keeps on mashing that hatchet through your skull.

Sickening as a whole sounds grimy and unfiltered making it out to have that old-school unkempt kind of sound that is incredibly pleasing to your gnarled ear drums. This effort is a monster as you become under siege from the very beginning only to succumb to the ruthlessness sooner rather than later. Sickening is a bloody, entrails filled listen that gets you coming back for more and more no matter how beyond deceased you feel. This is the kind of record that you get hooked on nearly immediately and wear it out before the month is up. Each track on this release is solid, filled with plenty of stagnant blood and innards, and most importantly, no matter what number listen you are on, you can’t help but to head bang yourself in to oblivion.

For their debut full length, you couldn’t ask for a more strong outing than this. Each of the ten tracks on this release are just as solid and brain mashing as the others. Sickening really is sickening, grotesque, grim and morbid and that just keeps you coming back for more death metal punishment. As a whole, Sickening is an in your face, blood thirsty and gut ripping record that seems as though it was tailor made for all death metal fans. Sickening is some great face ripping death metal to kick the year off.

Sickening will be released January 31, 2018 through Raw Skull Recordz.

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