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Grevia: Misophonic

August 25, 2019

Grevia: Misophonic

Blending death metal and grind together to create an unholy, brain splattering and entirely ferocious sound is Grevia with their debut EP titled Misophonic. This six track EP is an explosive and volatile offering that will rip your head from your shoulders without so much as a pause. Unforgiving, unyielding and unrelenting, Grevia usher forth a savage and destructive display of potent death grind that will melt your flesh from your bones. As short as this release is with most tracks topping just over the two minute mark, it more than makes up for in violence and pure savagery. Misophonic packs more than a punch as you feel as though you have been hit repeatedly with a lead pipe once all is said and done.

Each of the six tracks present here are pure outbursts of terrorizing noise and destruction, never for them to relent as they each leave nothing but devastation in their wake. There is no compromise here and there is no slowing Grevia down as they push the pedal through the floor from the very beginning until the final note crosses your speakers. Through and through you come face to face with six twisted, blood boiling and skin peeling death riddled grinding offerings that are entirely ceaseless. Rampaging from track to track, Grevia disregards human life completely to provide you with a neck twisting and life threatening sound.

In utter life dismantling fashion, Grevia ushers forth flesh slicing riffs that cut deep only pair them with machine gun fire drum work that barrels straight through your chest. Among the wall of grinding noise come bloodied and furious vocals that seem to be cropping up from the under belly of hell itself. As a whole, Misophonic is a grisly gnashing of death riddled grind that aims to pulverize you until you are nothing more than unidentifiable pulp. Each cut is a savage earth scorching effort that traps you within its fire laden vortex never for you to come out the other side unscathed. Misophonic is a terrorizing juggernaut of death and explosive destruction that you cannot simply turn away from.

In great sonic brain mashing violence, incendiary flesh melting savagery and neck twisting death, Grevia offers up something here with Misophonic that is truly devastating. Each track is a well constructed blitzkrieg of explosive violence that removes your head nearly immediately only to continue dismantling you until you are no more. The only grip that I have regarding this release is that it is criminally short. You will sit here and press play over and over again to bear witness to true and pure destruction. Overall, Misophonic is a great release and with this being the debut EP from these absolute monsters, it will be great to see what other life dismantling sounds they come up with in the future. For now however, we are graced with this monster of an EP and god damn it’s great.

Misophonic will be unleashed September 20 through Lethal Scissor.

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